wanda x cosmo


Waiting. Thats all I ever did. Waiting for the next onslaught of pain. Waiting for the pain to pass. Waiting for the tears to stop. Waiting for the voices that spoke over me as if I wasn’t even there, strapped to the wooden bench with needles protruding from nearly every limb.
And there was nothing else that I could do.  I couldn’t fight back any longer, all my strength had been drained from my body and even keeping my eyelids open was a struggle now. Not even the energy to scream. I had lost any hope of being rescued from what life I was currently living. No, I wasn’t even living it, I was just existing at the moment and even that was exhausted.

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Definitely -- Wanda X Fem!Reader (NSFW)

Author’s Note: really dirty, holy crap! I hope you enjoy. And to clarify, I am not a member of the LGBTQ community and I’ve never been with a girl, so I have no idea how this has turned out. If anything offends you please let me know and I’ll try to fix the issue to the best of my ability. 

Request: Hi can I please request a wandaxfemale!reader one shot where the girls are roommates and the reader comes home early from a mission and catches wanda masturbating in their living room and they end up having sex. If you’re not okay with that its fine. Thanks
Could I please have a wandaXfem!reader where wanda and the reader are friends and wanda is massaging the reader and it gets super sexual and at one point wanda rides the reader’s face

Warnings: dirty smut

Words: 1,024

You dragged your exhausted body into the elevator and pressed the number to your and Wanda’s floor. Being an Avenger meant having to go on dangerous missions that left your body so sore that it sometimes hurt to walk. Luckily for you, this mission left you tired and just a little sore.

You walked into the living space of your floor, spotting Wanda on the couch watching some foreign soap opera.

“(Y/N), how was the mission?” she asked, smiling as you slumped on the couch next to her.

“Exhausting,” you said, trying to decipher what exactly was happening between Nina and Vladimir on the television screen.

“I’m sorry,” she responded, her accent bringing your attention back to her.

“It’s okay, Wanda. It’s not your fault,” you said, smiling at her and she smiled back.

“Turn around,” she said. You looked at her in confusion, but turned your back to her anyways. You felt her small soft hands land on your shoulder and she started kneading the knots in that area.

“Wanda,” you groaned, “that feels amazing.”

“Is it helping you?”

“Yeah,” you said. You blushed when you started thinking of her hands on other places on your body. You had developed an immediate crush on the Sokovian woman the moment you met her. Yes, she technically had been trying to kill you, but she looked damn gorgeous while doing so. Once she joined the Avengers and you actually had a chance to get to know her, you knew you were well on the way to falling in love with her.

She hit a particularly sensitive spot near you neck and you couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped from your lip. You felt yourself grow red and felt Wanda stiffen behind you. Her hands left your shoulders and you turned to see her walking to her room at a quick pace.

You hadn’t meant to make her uncomfortable. You couldn’t help it. You felt so embarrassed and thought for a few minutes of different ways to go apologize to her. You settled for a simple apology and made your way towards her room.

“Wanda?” you called out, but it seemed that she hadn’t heard. You softly opened her door and let out a gasp once you saw her laying naked on her bed, her fingers playing with her clit and you could see how wet she was from where you were standing.

“(Y/N)!” she exclaimed in shock and you turned quickly.

“I’m so sorry; I should’ve knocked!” You started making your way out when you herd her call out.

“You can stay if you want,” she said, and you turned around slowly.

“Um, if you’re sure,” you said, fighting hard to keep your eyes away from the beautiful sight that was in front of you.

“You can look,” she groaned and let out a breathy sigh as she inserted a finger into herself.

You’re mouth watered at the sight and she smirked at you.

“Are you enjoying this?” she asked and you nodded.

“I am, too. It helps me relax,” she said, her free hand cupping one of her breasts.

You cleared your throat. “Well…you helped me relax, the least I can do is help you,” you said. You hoped you didn’t sound as nervous as you felt.

You stepped towards her slowly, not wanting to startle her and giving her time to reject any advance you planned on making. Her smirk remained in place as you lowered the zipper on your suit and stepped out of it. You were going commando that particular day and she bit her lip at the sight of your perfect body.

You climbed on the bed and crawled your way up until you were hovering directly over her.

“Tell me if there’s something you don’t want,” you said and felt her hands grip your waist.

She hummed slightly and leaned upward to connect your lips together. You flattened your body against hers and you both moaned at the feeling of your nakedness pressing together. Your tongues fought for dominance as your hand reached to cup her breast. She breathed into your mouth in pleasure and you continued to fondle it.

You started to make your way downward, kissing her neck, her clavicle, and taking her erect, pink nipple into your mouth. She arched her back in pleasure and pulled on your hair.

“(Y/N),” she said, and suddenly flipped you over so that you were underneath her. She reciprocated the attention you gave her on your breast, sucking and nipping at your buds. You knew you were moaning loudly and were a mess underneath her but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. She continued making her way down and you felt yourself grow even more wet as she positioned her mouth on your pussy. She sucked and licked your clit for a few minutes, and you felt heat coil up inside of you. She inserted a finger into you, curving it so it hit your g-spot perfectly. She fingered you for a few moments, until you felt yourself come undone. She eagerly sucked your juices and smiled up at you once you finished.

“That was amazing,” you said, gasping softly for air.

“Is it my turn?” Wanda asked, her accent more pronounced.

“Get up here,” you said, your voice raspier than it usually was. She climbed up your body and your arms wrapped around her thighs, keeping her core aligned with your mouth. You gave her cunt a small lick and she shivered in delight.

“(Y/N), please,” she groaned and you obliged. Your tongue darted out and licked everywhere you could. You teased her entrance, flicked her clit, sucked on it. You were basically devouring her and she was loving every moment of her. You knew she was about to come, and your licks turned a bit frantic, desperate to taste her juices. She came hard and fast, squirting into your mouth and you licked up as much as you could.

Wanda climbed off of your face and pulled you closer to her body.

“We should do that more often,” she said and you nodded your heard, giggling.


Come here Cosmo... Part 1 Pietro X Reader
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(Credit for GIF goes to original owner)

Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff

Word Count: 758

Warning: Occasional cursing.


“Come on Cosmo!” an overly excited voice shouted.
Out of the doors to the SHIELD HQ was a girl of small frame and (H/C) hair , she was wearing a rookie uniform, as it was her first few weeks working in the Avengers. She looked new to this type of work, as she spent her life working in the offices of the HQ, not on the battlefield. 

Zooming past in a blur, came up a dashingly handsome man, with hair of bright silver. His body was perfectly toned, his muscles drawing attention to all the right areas.This was Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver, he was fairly new to the Avengers too, but he was still your senior.
“I’ve told you not to call me zat anymore” his accent was very thick.
His face was bright scarlet, as Cosmo was the one name he hated being called. He could take ‘Sonic’ or ‘That speedy bastard’, but ‘Cosmo’ was too much for him. 

“Awww come on, Cosmo is such a cute name” (Y/N) insisted, trying to coy the silver haired stallion into letting her win, she was very good at getting her way with the other Avengers, but Pietro was the stubborn one.
She was determined to win.This game of back and forth had been going on since the day she joined.
“Vine, but only you can call me zat, ve clear?” his face was bright crimson with embarrassment.(Y/N) found it adorable, but was also extremely shocked that she had broken him, she must have been special.

An assault of a thick accented laugh burst through the doors.
“Oh Cosmo, Cosmo,Cosmo” and out came a woman coated in a red uniform.
This was Pietro’s twin sister, Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, she was also incredibly attractive, (Y/N) figured it was in the genes. Whenever Wanda was in the area, (Y/N) felt rather self conscious, as Wanda, at least in your opinion was far more attractive than you, and she was stronger than you. “I thought I vould never zee the day zat my brother would be so submissive!” she was revelling in her brother’s pain.

“I’ll ztart calling you vitch if you carry on!” and a smug grin plastered Pietro’s face, knowing full well that his comment annoyed his sister.
Bouts of adorable accented laughter came from Pietro, finding his sister’s anguish hilarious too.(Y/N) found it incredibly awkward and decided to keep her distance from the arguing siblings, as both were her superior and friend, even though she did have a crush on Pietro. She also did not know if he called her ‘bitch’ or ‘witch’ due to his amazing accent.

 Wanda was not amused by her brother’s ‘jokes’ and at the flick of the wrist Pietro was enveloped in a scarlet mist, Wanda had hit him with one of her spells. Pietro collapsed to the ground.
“Wanda, that’s enough!” (Y/N) yelled, furious at the visual pain of her crush. “What did you do to him?” (Y/N) asked, hoping for a painful answer.”I’ve only brought out his zinnermost desires” and as she said that she strided away, back into HQ.

Everything was pitch black, but light slowly faded back, and Pietro could see the face in front of him. The face in front of him had not noticed his eyes open. Pietro pretended to not be fully aware, so he could admire the girl watching over him. He admired the way her hair flowed down her face, and he gazed into her (E/C) eyes. After at least a full minute of staring her realised that his eyes were wide open, and (Y/N) noticed this too.
“ If you really want to stare, I could get you a pic-” and by the time she could finish her sentence, Pietro flew towards her, landing a perfect kiss, sealing her joke.It happened so fast, (Y/N) didn’t even realise what had happened, neither did he.
 "Pietro", she said, her voice filled with surprise.
“It’s Cosmo, vemember?” and he leaned closer to whisper, “Only you get to call me zat”
The whisper sent shivers down (Y/N) spine, Cosmos’ breath was hot, and his smell was ecstasy and it lingered around after he moved back, she wanted more, but as she leaned closer…

A whirl went straight out of the room, sending papers flying up in the air around the hospital room.

 "Such a tease" 

Come here Cosmo... Part 10 Pietro X Reader

(Credit goes to GIFS original owner.)

suggested by  dear-daddy-stars

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff,Tony Stark,Wanda Maximoff,Clint Barton,Bruce Banner,Vision,Natasha Romanoff,Thor,Steve Rogers

Word Count:758


(Y/N) sat alone in her room,finalizing the packing of her bags.She had everything she needed for a vacation,a few uniforms,toiletries and  the ‘Maximoff’ pistols.This was her first ever vacation,so (Y/N) made sure that nothing important was forgotten.Her suitcase seemed a bit empty,considering it’s size,which confused (Y/N) as she packed all the essentials,at least in her mind.

“Nat!” (Y/N) called,needing a second opinion on the matter.

“Yes?” She answered,peering her head around the corner.

“I’ve finished packing,but there’s still so much room left in the case.” (Y/N) said,puzzled.

Natasha burst out into laughter upon seeing the near empty case.

“What’s so funny?” (Y/N) asked,even more puzzled than before.

“Where are the rest of your clothes? No dresses,no tank-tops no bikinis…” Natasha railed off.

“I can make do with a couple of uniforms.They are what I work best in” (Y/N) insisted.

“That’s the entire point,we’re not working.Hence it being a vacation.” Natasha patted (Y/N) on the back,making her point all the more clear.

Natasha picked up the suitcase and emptied it onto the bed.

“Give me twenty minutes and I’ll have everything sorted out.

Natasha completely reorganised (Y/N)’s suitcase,filling it with an array of summery clothes.Bikinis,dresses and other clothes (Y/N) didn’t even know she owned were packed into the case.Much to (Y/N)’s protest,the ‘Maximoffs’ were taken out of the packing,as Natasha thought that “There would be too much of those twins anyway”.Once Natasha was finished,the suitcase was filled to the brim,being especially heavy compared to before.

Then the two girls went down to the lobby,with their suitcases,to meet up with the rest of the team.They took the elevator,which had an usually long time to travel.

Ding! The elevator doors opened.

“About time…” Cosmo sounded incredibly annoyed.

“Now,Now Sonic,we have plenty of time.” Tony said.

The other members were sat down near the lobby TV,watching a football game and all were drinking various beverages. Many looked like tropical cocktails,especially with all the garnishing they had decorated the glasses with. An assortment of tropical juices and alcohols were blended together to match with the theme of the next couple of weeks.

“Now come on everyone,or we’ll be late for the flight!” Tony boomed up,gathering everyone’s attention.

“Wait how can we be late for a flight in the quinjet?” (Y/N) asked,incredibly confused for the third time that day.

“Who said we’re taking the quinjet?” Steve joined in,wearing a Hawaiian styled blue shirt.

“Wait what?” Natasha burst out.

“We’re going to be like normal people and have a normal flight” Tony mocked.

“Let me guess,in a normal destination?” Natasha asked, mimicking Tony’s voice.

“No,the destination is my private island,as if you had to ask.” Tony chuckled.

The group grabbed their luggage and headed towards the airport in a large,but still overly-crowded taxi,where they all made little small talk with the driver.The traffic was quite heavy,which panicked Banner,resulting in more of those tropical cocktails being made (and chugged) quite quickly.(Y/N) and Cosmo were forced to sit in the front of the mini van,which resulted in them making the most conversation with the taxi driver,who only discussed his failing relationship with his wife.After an hour of excruciating torture,the group finally made it to the airport.

“Come one,let’s go!” (Y/N) was incredibly cheery,it was obvious it was her first time at an airport.She grabbed Cosmo by the hand and pulled him ahead of the group,resulting in some crude comment by Tony.

The two love birds speed ahead,leaving the rest of the group to slowly move towards the airport,in no rush due to the queues in place.

“Vaaaaaaaat!” Cosmo shouted upon entering the airport doors,finding the massive queues.

“This.Is.Bullshit.” (Y/N) exclaimed in protest at the sight.

The two proceeded to rant to each other about the situation at hand,and how the queues are the worst thing ever.This resulted in the rest of the group catching up with them.

Tony put his hands on the shoulder of both (Y/N) and Cosmo before he said,grinning.

“And now is the really fun bit”

Come here Cosmo... Part 3 Pietro X Reader

(Credit for Image goes to original owner) 

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, OC (Mien Riches).

Word Count: 840

Warnings: Death,Cursing


An explosion sounded off in the distance, (Y/N) glanced back at the distraction her comrades were making. Explosions and lasers blasted all around, and she knew that the enemy forces would be on their way soon.
(Y/N) ran through the frozen forest, gliding over tree branches and slumps of snow, she knew she did not have time to delay. Oddly enough, the further away she got from the fighting, the louder it sounded.
This worried (Y/N), so she contacted Cosmo on the transceiver. “Ves my angel?”
Cosmo answered to the call, astonishing (Y/N) and himself, a small silence filled the air as the two came to terms with what was just said.
”How’s things?” (Y/N) asked, cutting through the silence.
 An accented chuckle was heard from the other end of the transceiver, Wanda was clearly enjoying the fight way more than she should have. 
“ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, Iz there anyvon who can vest us?”, she was having the time of her life.
“Zat answer your question?” The two laughed, and said their goodbye’s. The call lasted long enough for (Y/N) to reach the entrance to the HYDRA base.

In front of (Y/N) there was a gigantic network of highly guarded buildings and tunnels, coated with HYDRA workers and security mechs. (Y/N) knew this would be one of her biggest challenges yet.
She clutched the ‘Maximoffs’ in her hands and prepared to infiltrate the building. Escalating the HQ’s fence was an easy job for (Y/N), as she had no issue finding the weak points of the electric fence.
 Following her entry, (Y/N) dispatched various guards in the vicinity with the ‘Maximoffs’ and proceeded to delve further into the HYDRA maze. Using her telecom, she gathered her coordinates to the main tower, straight in the centre of the maze,  (Y/N) decided it would be best to get to higher ground.
Using a combination of gadgets, she ascended up to one of the higher buildings and assessed her situation further.
She was quite close to her objective, but the problem was that there was more guards around than she had expected. She was concerned that HYDRA had caught on to their plans. 

She used her transceiver to call Cosmo again. “Vow, you veally vant to speak with me, don’t you?” his voice was brimming with charm, this put a smile on (Y/N)’s face and eased her mind a little.
”Totally, but can you turn up the volume a little bit? I have too much company down at my end.” Cosmo giggled at the request, obviously happy at the thought of causing more trouble for HYDRA.
“Wanda, fuck sve ove momke!” He was using his own language, so (Y/N) did not understand what he was saying to his sister, but after that she turned towards the battleground to see a swarm of scarlet hexes rain down from the sky, exploding into even bigger amounts of rouge fury.
The guards were alerted to this bigger threat and proceeded to march towards it, leaving the tower exposed. “Tell Wanda I said thanks” said (Y/N) hanging up, not wanting to waste any time. 
“Let’s do this”

(Y/N) fired a zipline hook towards the tower, and proceeded to descend into the empty building.
She was aware that she was on borrowed time, so she sped towards the top, avoiding camera’s and laser traps.
 Then she reached the top. And in front of her was her final hurdle, an intricate locked door, at the end of a laser infested hallway. (Y/N) skillfully cleared the laser traps, easily done for anyone with at least a shred of flexibility, or so she thought.
The door needed eye and finger print verification, both of which (Y/N) used a gadget to clear. Then the door opened, and inside there was a tiny room with two monitors on. (Y/N) knew her primary objective was to gather intel off the main terminal, so she inserted her hacking device into the main computer and watched it work it’s magic, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw the other screen, and on it was a profile for another experiment.

Experiment 471.

Name: Mien Riches.

Gender: Male.

Age: 20

Powers: Classified.

Bio: Son of British aristocrat Jeffers Riches, a main contributor to HYDRA’s funding. Offered son at the age of 10, whom of which was subjugated to extreme exposure to testing. After a break through from our scientists, Mien gained immense powers, rivalling the Maximoff twins, despite having less exposure to treatment. This has caused him to have a very high opinion of himself. Also proven to be sadistic and enjoys the pain of others.

After examining the contents of the file, (Y/N) turned to see that the hacking device was complete, so she gathered her belongings, and a few spare files lying around and proceeded to head for the exit.

“Cosmo, hope you’ve got your dancing shoes ready”

Come here Cosmo... Part 2 Pietro X Reader

(Credit for image goes to original owner) 

Fandom: Marvel, Avengers

Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rodgers, Clint Barton. Natasha Romanoff

Word Count: 412

After that experience (Y/N) just wanted to find her Cosmo and tell him about her feelings, but there was trouble with a HYDRA camp, so she needed to be on duty.
 She had her briefing with Clint and Steve, she didn’t address them by their last names, neither did they her.
The mission was in a remote location somewhere in Eastern Europe, and it involved infiltrating the HYDRA base. (Y/N) loved infiltration, due to her finding it so easy, mainly because her life before SHIELD she would spend her time breaking and entering just for fun.
 The operation needed quite a big group of fighters for the job; Natasha, Clint,Steve,Wanda and Cosmo, whilst (Y/N) was tasked with infiltrating the base.

So (Y/N) gathered her gear, consisting of a cold-proof jumpsuit, that was extremely tight and made her blush when checking in the mirror.
 She also included her two silenced pistols, called the ‘Maximoffs’ due to their first targets. The twins hated that name, but that made it all the more fun for (Y/N).
 She also gathered up her trusty ‘Miracle Killer’ hunting rifle, because she did not have powers, nor was she genetically advanced, but (Y/N) had the best shot around, (second best according to Clint).
Once her tools were ready she set towards the transport. 

And proceeded was the most awkward, yet oddly charming, flight of (Y/N)’s entire life.
 It started with Clint announcing her and Cosmo’s ‘little secret’, Natasha even had a video of it.
Wanda joked about her brother finally hitting puberty and how she would have never thought she’d see it happen, (turns out she LOVED that phrase, which made (Y/N) and Cosmo giggle.
Both (Y/N) and Cosmo sat in complete silence, but exchanged embarrassed looks to each other, and Cosmo occasionally gave the cheeky smirk that (Y/N) found so attractive.
 But to top off the awkward cake, Steve decided it was the best time to announce the after mission ball that was scheduled if the mission was a success. Not only did everyone turn their heads to Cosmo and (Y/N), but the entirety of the ball rested on (Y/N) shoulders.
And she really wanted to go to the ball with Cosmo. Dispatch time arrived.

“Cosmo, make sure to save me a dance!” and with that (Y/N) bolted towards the HYDRA base.

“Of courze, iv you can keep up!”