wanda to kyozou

And here be another quick(?) fanart sketch requested by none other than…..myself 8D

This one right here is the main character of PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus  Apparently, his name is Wander in Japan…..like hell I’m going with “Wanda”. No. I also failed at drawing his horse, Agro. *dead* I seriously thought that he runs so fucking funny was a girl…until he spoke. LOL

Now allow for me to spazz about this apparent classic. Why would it be a game that I would squee in utter joy and shove it into your face saying “PLAY THE FUCKING GAME. I SAY SO!!”

This game……is just……ART. The ATMOSPHERE, the MUSIC, the EVERYTHING. That’s all I can say. If you want to know some more, get the damn game if you haven’t.


I managed to get it at the flea market for 14 dollars LOL

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go play the game now. =3=

NICO: Roar of the Earth, Prologue - To The Ancient Land [wip]

The wind skirled down the mountain pass like a wail. It whipped at the dark cloak about his shoulders, at the black mane of his horse, at the grey shroud covering the limp form cradled in his arms. It howled against the sheer cliff to his right, and threatened to tug Wander off his mount and the narrow path they trod—to pluck him from the rock face and cast him, helpless, down into the void yawning at his left.

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