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You need Protecting

Request: Can I request a tony stark x daughter where she’s a lesbian but and she gets bullied and harassed at school because of it? She arrives at the tower in tears and begs tony to take her out of that school. Wanda over hears and decides to show up at the school with the reader to intimidate the bullies. They end up dating and since then no one would mess with scarlet witch’s girl

Warnings: bullying, swearing, people are awful humans 

Originally posted by hollaforholland

  It was no secret that Tony Stark’s daughter was a lesbian. It wasn’t something you were ashamed of and neither was your father but the media had a fucking party when it came to trying to make you feel bad. ‘How does it feel to be one of the most popular women in the world? Does being a lesbian affect that at all? Do you ever feel like a disgrace? Does Tony ever feel bad because you can’t have kids?’ You always ignored them though, merely smiling and brushing the insults away. You could handle the media just fine, after all, you had Tony Stark, the most expensive man in the world, on your side. He could make news companies crumble to the ground, he could wipe any reporter off the face of the earth but the one thing Tony couldn’t handle was your school. 

  You went to a small public school just out of New Jersey, somewhere a little more reserved. He didn’t ever get involved in your school life, or public life really, he was too busy to do such things, so you had to deal with school all alone. At first it had been fine, no one had even looked your way out of sheer fear but as soon as they realized your father wasn’t there to protect you they had a great time terrorizing you. It’d been mild at first but now, nearing the end of the year, it was getting horrible.

   "What a little bitch,“ Some girl chuckles as she kicks your side, sending sharpshooting pain up your entire body.

   "Disgusting whore,” Another one says and more pain spreads through your body, your entire body going rigid as she kicks you in the back. Previously they’d been beating on your face but when they managed to get you to the ground they had began kicking you, stepping on you, abusing you in anyway possible. Your eye had swollen shut, your mouth tasted of iron, and your nose was so sore you could barely breathe. You couldn’t take much more of this, you may end up dying if you endured anymore pain.

   Suddenly a loud blaring noise overcame the speakers, causing the girls to quiet immediately.

   "Saved by the bell,“ One sneers as she grabs your bag, dumping its contents on the floor before trowing the bag away. "Next time you won’t be so lucky Stark,” And with that the group of girls headed out, leaving you to shudder and cry on the bathroom floor. 

  God knows how long you laid there, sobbing and crying out in pain, much too long you theorized, someone would be sent to find you soon enough and you didn’t want to be around for that so instead of sulking you rose to your feet, albeit with some difficulty, and began to collect your things. Your body screamed with every movement but you pushed through, not stopping until you had placed up all your things and retrieved your backpack from the thankfully empty trashcan. 

  You cradled some of your fingers in one hand, the bones twisted in odd angels. You’d most likely have Bruce look at it when you got back to the tower, back home. 

  You groan as you make your way to the parking lot, wincing as you limped towards your car. With some further difficulty you got in, pushed the keys in, and started the car up. Tears still burned at your eyes but you paid them no mind, not when you were already on the road back home, back to your bed, back to the stale, regulated air of the tower, back to Tony’s constant supply of Chinese food, back to your family. 

  You stumble onto the main floor where Tony was hosting some gala, every patron with their glasses raised in the air as you waked in. The tears were flowing down your cheeks as Tony looked at you, his smile immediately falling. 

  “(Y/N)?” Tony questions as he sets his drink down, instead coming over to your side, to gently cup your cheeks and look at your wounds. “(Y/N), what happened?”

   "Please take me out of that school,“ You cry, wiping at your bloody, runny nose. "Please dad, I can’t handle it anymore,”

   "Okay, okay, I’ll take you out of that school just tell me what happened babygirl,“ 

  "There were some girls,” You sob causing your ribs to ache in further pain. “They beat me until I nearly passed out and then I drove here and-and-”

   "Oh (Y/N),“ Tony reaches out to hug you, his arms wrapping around you gently. "I’m so sorry buttercup. I’ll call the school tomorrow to tell them you’re quitting. You can come to school with Peter,” “I only have four weeks left, why don’t you just get me my stupid useless diploma?” Tony bites his lip, feeling completely and utterly horrible.

   "Wanda,“ Tony hissed, ushering the mutant over.  Wanda complies, setting her drink down to come to Tony’s side. She takes one look at you before she’s growling, her eyes glowing red. 

  "Who the hell did this to you (Y/N)? Who do I have to murder-" 

  "Wanda,” Tony warns softly, his voice soft and quiet.

   "Wanda,“ You cry softly, walking into Wanda’s  chest, essentially forcing her to hug you. 

  "Shh, its okay (Y/N),” Wanda soothes, her hand running over your hair softly. “You’re okay now," 

  "It hurts so much Wanda,” You sob, burying your face into her neck. “It hurts so much," 

  "Come on, I’ll help you patch up,” Wanda directed you away from all the patrons, down a couple of floors, and to her bedroom. It was cozy, quaint, you’d know because you’d been here a million times. 

  While you were openly lesbian it was not openly known that you were in relationship, much less with one of your fathers teammates. 

  “They broke your fingers,” Wanda whispers as she wraps the broken fingers together, the bones crunching as they moved back into place. 

  “And my nose," 

  "And a couple of ribs,” Wanda adds in, her fingers ghosting along the swollen skin. You wince a bit but you don’t pull away, not from Wanda’s touch. “I swear to god I’m going to tear those assholes to shreds,” She growls as she pulls a wet rag out of her bathroom, the cloth warm as she raised it to your nose and lips. She gently scrubbed away, being mindful of your split lip and severely swollen nose.

   "I’ll take you to school with me tomorrow, you can tear them to shreds then,“ You smile softly, only entertaining the thought for Wanda’s sake.  Wanda smiles as she presses the cloth to your eye, the warmth soothing it slightly. 

  "Good .” Little did you know she actually meant business.

   "Hey, stop looking at her,“ Wanda growls at some girl as she walks by your lunch table where you were diligently working on you’re reason for needing your diploma early.  "Keep looking and I’ll rip your arms off,” Wanda flicks her wrist, conjuring up a bit of energy. The students who’d been previously staring at your shambled state quickly scurry, all of them whispering about the Scarlett witch.

   "You’re violent,“ You chuckle as you finish the report with a soft sigh of content. 

  "And you need protecting,” Wanda looks at you, her hard look immediately melting away. 

  “You’re the best Wanda,” You go to kiss her cheek but you stop, realizing no one could know about the relationship but before you could do anything Wanda pulled your face towards her and kissed you gently, being mindful of your lip and bandaged nose.

   "I’m just being a good girlfriend,“ You hum as you rest your head on her shoulders, sighing contently. 

  "Yeah,” you whisper, smiling softly. “Yeah you are,”

Well, That's Unfortunate (Pietro x Reader) Part 4

Summary: As the newest addition to the tower, Y/N has to deal with the process of fitting in with the others. Everyone seems to like her, though, apart from one person in particular. Shit is about to go down.

Chapter List


Part Four

“Right, let’s go over this one more time. Thor, Stark and Barton, you’re responsible for the roof. Wanda, you and I take the west side, and you take out the generator located here,” Steve said, pointing to the map. “Pietro and Y/L/N, you take the east side, and Y/L/N, you take out the eastern generator, located here. Once the generators are out, Romanoff can breach the system and get the hard-drive. Once we get that hard-drive, everyone make your way back to the quinjet as soon as possible.” You all nodded. Normally, you would object to being paired up with the bastard, but since this mission was vital, you decided to put it aside.

“Let’s go,” he said, and you all stepped outside. Steve pulled you, Wanda and Pietro aside, and gave you a stern look. “It’s vital that we take down those generators. Wanda, I’ll cover you, and Pietro, you have to cover Y/N.” Pietro scoffed.

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Title: The Five Times Pietro was a Jealous Idiot.
Ship: Pietro Maximoff x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Twincest? Not so much a warning, but yea. Also, this isn’t for people who like the whole Vision x Wanda thing going on (comics or MCU). Yea.
AN: For vintagelacerosette, and her prompt “Protective Pietro against Vision’s friendliness towards Wanda”. OHMYGOSH I LOVE YOUR PROMPT SO MUCH SO I REALLY HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. I’ve been waiting for a request of Maximoff jealousy, especially Pietro, SO YAY FOR YOU THANK YOU!!! As always, I apologize if there are grammatical and spelling errors. I really did enjoy writing this tho, I hope there aren’t any. :D Enjoy! (Fic under the cut).

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Forget About The Stupid Little Things || Bucky Barnes

Requested: Yes.

If you’re ok writing something angsty, how about a one shot where after the reader and Bucky break up, the reader asks Wanda to help take away the pain, but she accidentally removes memories of Bucky entirely?

A/N: I hope I did the plot justice. ☺️💖 I’m thinking about making a part two, so if you’d like that make sure to request it’s.❤️🎉

Listen to Amnesia by 5 seconds of summer for this.

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Originally posted by catsiel

Bucky had issues, anyone would if they went through what he did. He was tortured and brainwashed for years on end, they made him kill people and he remembered every death he was responsible for.

Those horrific memories haunted him whenever he closed his eyes. Sometimes, he’d slip into Winter Soldier mode during the night and attack anything in sight, which was haplessly Y/N most of the time.

He felt awful. He would attack the only person he ever loved and leave bruises on her body. He felt like he was supposed to protect her, but all he did was put her in more danger.

So he decided, he knew it would hurt like hell - maybe even worse - but he had to do it; he couldn’t continue to put her at risk.

I wish that I could wake up with Amnesia and forget about the stupid little things, like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you and the memories I never can escape

Y/N tried to process his words, but she couldn’t. She felt numb and completely heart broken at the same time. Her eyes glossy with warm tears, her fingers trembling. She could feel her heart shattering into a thousand pieces.

“What?” She squeaked, finally meeting his cobalt blue eyes, her voice breaking slightly.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, I never meant to hurt you or for it to end like this, but I don’t feel the same anymore.” Bucky lied, but Y/N was too blinded by heartbreak to notice.

“Get out.” Y/N rasped, her sadness quickly turning into anger.


“Get out, Bucky, I never want to see you again!” She screamed, causing Bucky to visibly flinch.

He lowered his head and hesitantly left their joint apartment. He whimpered when he heard her broken sobs. He had broke her.

It hurts to know you’re happy, yeah, it hurts that you’ve moved on It’s hard to hear your name when I haven’t seen you in so long

Y/N was guided into the kitchen of the Avenger Facility by Wanda, the two planned to get ice cream and watch some films; key word - planned.

Y/N’s bloodshot eyes flickered up from the floor and over to where she could hear two familiar laughs.

She furrowed her eyebrows at the sight; Bucky and Natasha laughing. Natasha’s hand was firmly planted on Bucky’s human bicep and she was leaning over the counter, cleavage in display.

Y/N audibly whimpered, the pair snapped their attention over to the source of the sound and regret simultaneously swept over their features.

“Y/N…” Natasha started, but Wanda intercepted.

“Save it, Nat.”

Wanda then proceeded to guide Y/N to her room in the facility and send Y/N to the shower room. She asked FRIDAY to ask Steve to go into the kitchen and get the pair ice cream.

Y/N sniffled, blowing her nose on the tissue that Wanda handed her.

“Wanda, never fall in love.” Y/N advised, Wanda cracked a small smile.

“It’s inevitable, Y/N. Bucky is stupid. I’m sure Cap is scolding him right now.” Wanda quipped, trying to lighten the mood.

“Caps going to scold Bucky because Bucky stopped having feelings for me?” Y/N queried.

“Well, no, but I was trying to make you laugh; clearly that didn’t go as planned.” Wanda mumbled.

“Wanda, I know this is a lot to ask, but can you take away my pain? Please, it’s unbearable and I don’t know how long I’m going to have to avoid him, I don’t want to let the team down… Please.” Y/N pleaded.

“Y/N…” Wanda sympathised, but shook her head.

“I know you don’t trust yourself to meddle with my mind, but I can’t live like this, Wanda, it hurts so much.” She whimpered, laying her head on Wanda’s shoulder.


It’s like we never happened, was it just a lie?

If what we had was real, how could you be fine?

Cause I’m not fine at all

Red began to form around Wanda’s fingertips as she extracted the pain of Y/N and Bucky’s breakup from Y/N. All was going fine, until…

Steve bursted into the room, two large cartoons of ice cream in hjs arms along with Y/N’s favourite Disney movies. This caused Wanda to get distracted and her wrist jolted slightly.

Y/N let out a small shriek before placing her hands on her temples, scrunching her eyes up. The scarlet instantly vanished and Wanda’s eyes widened.

“Shit.” She cursed, placing a hand on Y/N’s shaking shoulders. “Y/N?”

“Wanda?” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, slightly confused.

“I’ll get Bucky.” Steve informed, dropping the items in his arms into the chair and bolting towards the kitchen where he last saw Bucky.

“Who is Bucky?” Y/N asked, turning to Wanda.

“Oh god…”

Bucky and Steve darted into the room. Bucky’s eyes wide, chest heaving and heart racing.


“Is that Bucky?” Y/N questioned Wanda.

“Wanda, oh my god. How could you?” Bucky hissed, hatred evident in his voice. He felt like screaming, falling to his knees and crying.

“It was a mistake.”

“You wiped her memory of me! She was my girlfriend and you wiped every memory of me.” Tears filled Bucky’s eyes as he continued to rant.

He couldn’t take it, it felt like his chest was caving in and his ears were ringing; he felt like he was drowning.

He stormed out of the room, tears freely falling onto his tinted cheeks.

Wanda flinched, looking at Steve for assistance.

“Go after him, explain it to him.” Steve whispered. “I’ll look after Y/N.”

Bucky heaved, hunched over, hands on knees and back rigid. He felt physically sick. Another wave of nausea crashed over him and he swallowed thickly. He felt weak.

Y/N had been his anchor, his tether, and now she didn’t even remember his name. She didn’t remember the memories they made together.

“Bucky, I understand if you hate my guts, but she pleaded me. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to control my powers.”

“Wanda, you’re unstable. You cannot control your powers. How could you have been so reckless, so stupid as to try and do something so - ugh!” Bucky let out a infuriated groan, tugging on the tendrils of brunette hair that covered his flushed face.

“It was an accident!” Wanda defended, feeling intimidated. She hadn’t seen Bucky like this since before he met Y/N.

“An accident that could’ve killed her. You can’t control your powers. What if you wiped something else or accidentally killed her?! Do you not think before you do things?” Bucky yelled, snapping towards the smaller girl. He shoved her shoulder and she staggered back, whimpering inwardly. “Get out.”

Bucky leaned his head against the wall, his ears ringing, he could hear his heart breaking into millions of pieces. He knew he shouldn’t have reacted that way towards Wanda, after all Y/N was awfully persuading and Wanda didn’t know what would happen.

A minuscule cough interrupted Bucky from his thoughts. He squeezed his eyes shut. Tears cascading down his swollen cheeks.

“Bucky…” Y/N whispered, hesitantly stepping towards the vaguely familiar man who was distressed. She placed a hand on his shoulder, her fingertips scraping against the metal. “Do you want me to leave?”

“No.” Bucky croaked, his throat sore and itchy.

“I brought you some water and some biscuits. You’ve been locked out here for awhile, I thought you’d be hungry and slightly dehydrated.” Y/N smiled sweetly, picking up the chilled glass of water. Bucky hesitantly turned around, revealing his red, puffy eyes, inflamed cheeks and chapped lips. “Oh, Bucky…”

Y/N handed him the water and sat down on the steps next to him. He cautiously sat next to her, their knees occasionally brushing as they stared at the graffiti littered walls.

“I have blank spaces in my mind, like someone spilt water on the pictures and they’re all blurry from the ink. I’m assuming - well not really, I heard you talking to Wanda - that those grey patches are memories we shared. Did you break my heart? Is that why I wanted to forget you?” Y/N queried, watching as Bucky’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he graciously gulped down the water.

He placed the glass next to the biscuits and turned to Y/N, taking in her appearance. Bags under her eyes from lack of sleep, eyes slightly bloodshot, hair tattered, she looked like she hadn’t slept for days and Bucky was responsible.

“I’m a bad person, Y/N, and I admit that when I am - was - with you, I felt somewhat free from my mind, from the images that haunted me every time I shut my eyes. But not even you couldn’t protect me from my nightmares, they’d sometimes send me into winter soldier mode and I’d attack the nearest thing in sight; which was often you. And everyday, I’d wake up and see you touching the bruises that decorated your neck and arms, inspecting them with a pained expression in your face; you’d notice that I was awake and quickly hide them. even after everything i did to you, you still tried to protect me from myself. I felt that it was my time to protect you from me, so I broke up with you.” Bucky explained, not daring to meet Y/N’s intense gaze.

The pair remained in silence for a few moments before Y/N spoke up, tears in her eyes from Bucky’s story.

“From your expression when you came in the room, I could tell that I meant a great lot to you and although I have - well - forgotten, I feel it in my heart, Bucky. You meant a lot to me too, even if I can’t remember it, I know deep down you did.”

part two

“You always take good care of us.”

IMAGINE: Being the one who takes care of the Avengers’ bumps and bruises.

The door opened suddenly, and you took in your patient’s disheveled states. “Oh my,” you said, standing up with a hand pressed against your mouth. Clint and Thor were holding a barely conscious Steve between them, while Bruce helped the limping Tony with Natasha holding a towel to her head. The twins were behind them, with several bruises and scrapes on their faces.

“We have much injuries, Lady Healer,” Thor’s tone was solemn, and you quickly took charge of the situation, grouping them from seriousness in your head.

“Get Steve over here,” you barked, washing your hands quickly in the sink. “Bruce help Tony if you not to injured, and Wanda if you could patch Natasha up.” you ordered, no one questioning you. It always filled you with pride that your friends trusted you with their lives.

Clint and Thor helped Steve over to you, and you motioned for them to lay him down on the table. They set him down with a grunt, as you prepared to help the blonde man.

Blood poured out of the bullet hole on his stomach, and you pressed your hands against it. Warmth raised down your arms as you started to use your healing abilities. After a few tense minutes, the blood had stopped. Where the wound once was, there was only a faint scar.

“You always take such good care of us,” Steve whispered, taking in your pale completion. Every time you healed someone, it took a lot out of you, but you did it regardless. “No matter the cost.” his eyes were filled with so much admiration, that you blushed.

“It’s my job- and I love it.” you said softly, smiling as he closed his eyes. No matter what, you’d be there to heal them.

Orange is the New Black Characters

A while back I kept seeing this post go around. I have been meaning to address it for some time. 

First of all I want to point out that most characters in Orange is the New Black are bad people, men and women alike. It’s a women’s prison so most criminals we see are women and in seeing their back stories we can see that some of them have done some pretty bad things to get in there. Even the women who are not inmates are pretty bad people (Piper’s mom, Polly, Figeroa and the female cops). I wont get too into how and why these people could be considered “horrible” (or at least, as “horrible” as the male characters) because that’s not what this post is about. 

What my contention is with this post is where it says: “They’re not all horrible. Bennett’s nice. What more do you want?”. 

Bennet is not nice, he’s as horrible as the rest, if not more. He has acted from the beginning in the least professional way of any correctional officer. He has acted out of selfishness and stupidity throughout and has not been treating Diaz as if she was a real person at all, more like treating her like some object of love interest while he’s on the job. This has been shown many times where she talks to him and tries to come to an agreement with him but he just does what he wants anyway. He has framed Mendez seemingly without remorse when Mendez thought he and Bennet were friends regardless of what Diaz wanted, in fact going directly and immediately against her wishes. 

But this post isn’t really to bring down Officer Bennet. If you watch the show, you can clearly see that he is a very flawed person and in no way a shining example of what it is to be a good human being. 

In this post, I want to bring to light a male character from Orange is the New Black that is one of my favourite characters in general and who hardly gets any recognition at all: 

External image

Officer Scott O'Neill

I really came to appreciate Joel Garland’s character when I watched the first two seasons of this TV show a second time. He is not a main character so his story is easy to be overlooked. 

External image

Officer O'Neill treats the inmates decently enough from what I could see. He acts as professionally as he can anyway. 

External image

When Chapman got furlough he escorted her out and managed to give her the whole spiel like a good employee and appreciated she noticing the effort he made for that.

External image

His interactions with the inmates don’t seem cruel or dehumanizing at any point. 

We see a bit of his relationship with Officer Bell. They clearly make a great effort as to not let their personal lives affect their professional lives too much (though the two overlap). 

His relationship with Wanda Bell has rough patches that are discussed but they are mostly based in insecurities and not because either of them is particularly horrible. 

He takes pleasure in small things. Finds things to smile about and tries to be light-hearted in the face of bleak situations.

 From his “Steps” program to try and get in shape to his shift to healthier eating habits with his yogurt, O'Neill is apparently a decent human being (regardless of his position as a correctional officer). 

External image

And I think we can all agree that the most glorious Scott O'Neill moments were in the Season 2 finale: 

When he’s told to take care of the nuns

His impromptu song

Even with nuns which he severely dislikes he doesn’t wish them death or anything like that he “kinda” wishes them with some unpleasantness. In fact he even helps get them out of harm’s way

Officer Scott O'Neill is a way better example of a “good” male character in Orange is the New Black than Bennett could ever hope to be. In fact, he’s even more “good” than most female characters on the show. He really doesn’t get the recognition I think he deserves, probably because he’s not eye candy. Talking about representation I think O'Neill deserves a mention… 

hardboiledmeggs  asked:

Steve/Wanda, ♟: Patching up a wound

Love this prompt, thank you! :)

Wanda bites out a Sokovian curse, the kitchen knife in her hand falling to the countertop with a clatter.

Steve looks up from his book to see beads of crimson blood dripping from Wanda’s finger onto the orange halves still rocking from side to side on the chopping board.

He leaps off his stool, barely registering the way it tumbles backwards onto the floor in his wake. He whips a clean dishtowel off its hook and presses it to the cut on her finger, applying pressure to the wound by wrapping her small hand in both of his.

“Steve, it is hardly more than a scratch,” she chides.

He meets her eyes then looks back down at their joined hands, his brain catching up to his instinctive response.

He smiles sheepishly. There’s just something about seeing his girl hurt that—

But she’s not his girl. They’re colleagues, friends—close friends, even—but that’s all, no matter how spellbound he is by her beautiful eyes or her bone-deep resilience…or the way her short skirt swishes around her thighs.

Wanda is watching him, lips quirked in amusement. “You know I heard all of that, right? I can’t avoid your thoughts if we’re touching.”

Steve freezes, because apparently that’s all his finely tuned instincts have to offer him right now.

He starts to release her, but she keeps him close by securing a handful of his shirt in her uninjured hand.

She grins. “Just kiss me, you idiot.”

Steve lets out the breath he was holding, and does as he’s told.

headcanon: in which Pietro just freakin’ won’t hold still every time Wanda tries to patch him up after a battle so she has no choice but to sit on his lap while doing it which, obviously, Pietro doesn’t deny that he enjoys

Prove It

Request: Mind-control reader saves Quicksilver, fluff or smut?? 

Rating: T

Warnings/Triggers: none

Watch it, thinks Pietro, shoving a silver-colored robot away from you.  You roll your eyes and flash a thumbs up at the blue blur zipping from bot to bot.  He’s moving too quickly for you to say anything, or, for that matter, understand anything he’s saying, so you project a thought to him.  


You can thank me later.  Clenching your hands into fists, the bot in front of you breaks apart, what’s left of its head and mind sizzling.  

I’ll think about it.  Picturing a Victoria’s Secret bag, you feel him smirk.  

When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to think your own name.

God, I’m swooning, Pietro.

I like to think I’m pretty hot.

You can tell the bot behind you is aiming for you without having to turn around.  Its mind, or consciousness, or whatever was controlling it, was planning to run at you, jump onto your back, and shoot you through your skull.  Not very clever, but effective.  

There wouldn’t be enough time to run.  Nope.  You start to rotate your body to face it, its bright, metallic body already airborne.  

Well, shit.

Closing your eyes, you wait for a hit that doesn’t come.  

After a few seconds, you blink, looking around and attempting to reach your mind out to the absent robot.  Nothing.  What, or who, had killed it, was-

Holy crap.  

It’s Pietro.  It’s Pietro, who’s lying on the ground instead of you.  It’s Pietro, with his shirt stained red and lips moving feebly as he attempts to talk and pretend there isn’t a bullet in his chest.  

“Oh my God, Pietro, holy fuck,” you mutter, attempting to staunch the red that’s crawling across his shirt.  


Holy shit, you’re gonna be fine.  I promise.  I promise.

Calm down.  You inhale deeply, one hand pressed on top of the hole in his chest, the other clasped tightly around his.  

Just breathe with me.  I’m gonna force it out.  He nods imperceptibly, jaw feathering as you reach into his head and seek out the part of his mind that controls movement.  

His breathing speeds up as his flesh begins to knit back together, pushing the bullet back up through his skin and out of his chest, where it rolls off his skin and down onto the ground with a metallic clink.  

He looks fine from the outside, but you’re no Bruce, and you don’t know if he’s bleeding internally, or if one of his organs has been hit.  

“Does it still hurt?”

Like a little bitch.  Or a big bitch. 

Shit.  Probing around you for signs of intelligence, you close your eyes.  Bruce is Hulked-out; he can’t help you.  Tony probably knows basic biology, but you aren’t sure of his medical skills.  Natasha-  Natasha could work.  

Tasha?  It takes a moment for her to respond.  


I need your help.

I’m just a bit stuck.  You can practically see her rolling her eyes.  

Pietro’s bleeding internally.  I need you to tell me how to fix it.


Right side of his chest.  Upper right.  

Probably a lung.  He’ll need a doctor.

I can’t fuck this up.  Anything I need to know about structure of a lung?

You don’t need to know it.  Just tell his brain what to do.

If you’re wrong?

Have I ever been wrong?


You pull away, refocusing on Pietro.  

You’re okay?

As soon as you’re fixed, yep.  This is gonna hurt.   He blinks twice, too weak to nod.  Focusing, you reach into his consciousness and probe at different parts of his mind.  His leg randomly twitches, and he shoots you a glare.  

“My bad.”  

After a minute, he begins to breathe more evenly.  

“I’m going to get you out of here.”

Oh, do we have a car?

“Don’t sass me, mister.”

Y/N, I love you, but you can’t pull me out without getting both of us killed.

“It’s not both of us.”  He raises an eyebrow, but catches sight of Tony hurtling towards him.  

I’m not leaving you behind-

“I’ll be fine,” you soothe, watching Tony land and lift Pietro up.  “Anywhere safe.  And thanks.”

“You owe me, Y/N,” snarks his slightly-robotic voice.  “He stinks.”  Pressing a tiny kiss to the side of his helmet, you step back as he lifts off, holding a limp Pietro.  

I’m coming back down there.

Oh, you can fly and run really fast, now?

If I don’t see you in an hour, I’m coming to get you.

I’ll try.  

Do me a favor: don’t die.

Oh, gee, are you saying you’d miss your back massager?

I’d miss my girlfriend.  You shoot him a mental image of your bed, a laptop with Netflix lying on top of it.  

Think about this, with us in it.  And don’t you dare watch Game of Thrones without me.

Got it, boss.  

One hour?

One hour.

When you get back to Stark Tower and clean yourself up, it’s been three hours, and as soon as you walk in the door to your bedroom, you can’t tell if Pietro’s pissed or not that you’ve come back late.  

“You look better,” you mention casually, towelling off your dry hair.

“I’d look better with you next to me.”  Since he’s shirtless and wearing only a pair of boxer briefs, you doubt you could do anything to further add to his looks.  

“Tell me you held off on Netflix.”  He gestures at the closed laptop on your nightstand as you flop down next to him.  “Ah.  Wanda patch you up?”

“Good as new.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear,” you purr, rolling on top of him.  You blink, and he’s holding a pink striped bag.  

“I thought about seeing you in this,” he smirks, “but I think I’d rather you wear nothing at all.”  

“That was $80!”

“Stark’s money.”

“Not the point!”

“You kissed him today,” he frowns, slipping his hands beneath your shirt and rubbing circles on your back.  Shifting your hips, you feel his breath catch and kiss the top of his nose.  

“I also kissed you.  And Stark’s just a friend.”  He rolls on top of you, nipping at the base of your neck.  

“Prove it, beautiful.”