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Bucky x Reader

❄️ Christmas Shopping ❄️

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It’s December and that meant Christmas is just around the corner. I loved this time of year. It was cold so that meant I got to cuddle with Bucky and wear comfy sweaters and drink tons of hot chocolate. I could even watch an unhealthy amount of Christmas movies and not be judged for it.

My favorite part about Winter was Christmas shopping. I loved buying my friends and family gifts. Though, I’m stuck with mostly friends now. It was sad for me at times during Christmas, considering my family didn’t associate with me anymore.

I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying myself and the company of wonderful people, though.

I was currently Christmas shopping with Bucky, which is hard because I want to buy him gifts, as well. That would ruin the surprise if he saw me putting things in the cart that are meant for him.

Bucky was busy looking at a leather jacket, a small smile on his face. He proceeded to run his fingers down the material, before his hand grasped the hanging price tag with festive ribbon tying it to the zipper. Bucky’s eyes widened and his mouth formed a frown as he read the price.

I laughed softly, shaking my head. I definitely had to get that jacket for him. Price was no matter for me. Tony pays me well beyond imaginable and Bucky is the love of my life. I’ll have to come back later to claim it. There’s no way he’d let me buy this in front of him. It’ll be my little secret.

I turned back to mass amounts of ties. Tony had mentioned he needed a whole new set. I opted for a solid black one, two different blues, and a bright red one. Bucky walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He swayed back and forth, leaning some of his weight on me.

I giggled, setting Tony’s ties in the shopping cart along with a bunch of other gifts for my teammates. “Doll, you’ve gotten so much!” Bucky said, surprise on his face. I hummed, moving my way over to the men’s sweater area. Steve was in need of a few sweaters and I knew it was crazy to buy clothing items, but the sentimental gifts were next.

Bucky followed behind me like a little puppy. “I like to give, Bucky. You know that.” I said with a smile. My eyes fell on a navy blue sweater and I gasped. “Do you think he’d like this?” I asked Bucky, my fingers sliding down the material.

I looked at the price tag, almost squealing when I saw that it was on sale. “This is a steal!” I giggled, gently placing it in the cart. “He’ll love it.” Bucky said, kissing my temple. I slightly blushed and rolled my eyes. “Your kisses make me giddy, stop that.” I said, smiling.

Bucky pulled me closer and kissed my lips now, holding my waist. I was taken by surprise and those are his favorite kisses to give. I gently held Bucky’s cheeks, my cold hands rubbing against his stubble. We pulled away, our lips red from the blood rushing into them.

I blushed harder and turned away, clearing my throat. “Aw, Doll, look at you! You could lead Santa’s sleigh this year with those red cheeks!” Bucky chuckled, rubbing my back. I groaned playfully and walked to the women’s section. I skimmed my eyes over the lingerie and Bucky cleared his throat to get my attention.

I turned to Bucky and he was holding up a lingerie set. It was red lace and had white faux fur around the edges. Hanging off of it was a small Santa hat. I covered my mouth to hold in my laugh. “You’ve gotta get this.” Bucky said, searching for my size. He found it and smiled, bringing it over to me.

Shaking my head, I grabbed it from him. “Absolutely not, Bucky.” I laughed softly, hanging it back up. I heard Bucky groan and turned to see him holding up a green lace one with an elf hat attached. “What about this one then? You can be Santa’s little helper.” Bucky muttered lowly, biting his lips.

I sighed and got them both, tossing them in the shopping cart, quickly leaving this section. Bucky smiled proudly and gave me a light tap on my butt, smirking.

It was finally Christmas and everyone had opened their gifts from me, absolutely loving them. Steve quickly slipped his shirt off, tossing it onto Tony’s head. We all laughed and Tony groaned, tugging Steve’s shirt off of his face, quickly fixing his hair.

I snorted as Steve quickly pulled on his new sweater and watched as he ran his hands over the soft and warm material. “I love it, Y/N! Thank you!” Steve said, engulfing me in a tight hug. I hugged him back, giggling. “It’s no problem, Steve.” I said softly.

It was Bucky’s turn to open his gifts. I had gotten him a knife, a case for it, a new gun holster, a few sweaters, and now it was time for the biggest gift of all. The one his eyes lit up at seeing, the one he became sad over because the price was all too much for him to ever spend on himself or anyone to buy for him.

I waited nervously after he got done happily freaking out over the gun holster. He opened his last bag, a wide smile on his face. The smile that makes his eyes wrinkle half closed, his cheeks glow with blush, and his teeth shine brightly.

He gasped upon holding up the leather jacket he had wanted. “Y/N, you didn’t.” He whispered, a smile tugging at his plump lips. I nodded slowly, happiness and excitement bubbling in my stomach. “I did.” I squealed, bouncing in place with the growing butterflies in my stomach.

Bucky quickly stood up and slipped off his thin jacket and put on the leather jacket he loved so much. It was a perfect fit and I knew he’d look sexy with it when he went riding on his motorcycle. “It looks great, Buck!” Steve said, smiling like Bucky and I were. Everyone complimented Bucky and thanked me again for their gifts.

I shyly walked over to Bucky, pulling up the zipper for him, leaving some space open near his neck. “You look so handsome in this.” I said, a light blush creeping onto my cheeks. Bucky pulled me in for a kiss and tangled his hand in my hair, holding me tightly. “Thank you so much, Doll. For everything.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Merry Christmas, Bucky.”

Note: this was so cute. aw. I hope you guys enjoyed this little treat! .c

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I'm totally up for some Winter Soldier training lil Black Widows or something, but I honestly don't see them ever becoming romantic, especially with the whole Hulk thing. I never thought this was an issue in mcu? I like comics relationship alright, but mcu is mcu. On the sidenote, I'd actually love to have Bucky and Wanda having bro thing :'D

LISTEN I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS ON BUCKY AND WANDA BECOMING LIKE, SURROGATE SIBLINGS. Bc like, Wanda just lost her twin brother, (which like, they never even gave her time to mourn, if your twin brother was killed, you’d at least mention him??) and Bucky had younger siblings and he went away to war and he never came back and he lost them too. And I think Bucky has always been someone that likes to protect and he’d see Wanda and immediately want to look out for her. And Wanda would see that he’s kind of lost and she’d probably identify with him in that way. And they’d sorta give each other that missing sibling dynamic that Wanda knows she’s missing, and Bucky probably didn’t realise he was.


SCARLET WITCH, lucky #13 is new this week!

In search of answers about her mother and her own past, Wanda (and Agatha Harkness) once more set foot on the Witches’ Road for a perilous journey to the very end of it and the heart and soul of witchcraft itself. Along the way Wanda must face friends and foes from her bizarre life – all of whom conspire to stop her in her quest!

Chapter 6 (Part 3): Through the Looking Glass

~Part 5~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: Being the Chosen One is literal hell. (Y/N) is, apparently, the savior of the universe against the oncoming threat of an unknown god. After her coma (induced by Tony in a punch aimed at a much different target), (Y/N) remembered what she must do to regain her magic by the legendary Orb.

Warnings: cursing

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  Green shadows tossed themselves before (Y/N)’s vision as she ran, only the ghostly fog that leaked from between the gargantuan leaves of the forest’s canopy, and the occasional relief of white moonlight disrupted the inescapable darkness that cast Wakanda in a poisonous prison, capturing (Y/N)’s fear that she buried deep inside her chest, hidden from, not only the world, but herself. Steve was sprinting right behind her, promising that he knew exactly where they were going. Exactly.

  But, after what seemed like hours of running to nowhere, he finally admitted defeat as the birds laughed at him in echoing calls throughout the treetops. Men…

  “Fucking hell, Steve,” (Y/N) huffed breathlessly as she perched herself atop a large boulder that was slippery from the shower that fell through the cracks in the green ceiling miles above her head. “If I had known that you would be this clueless, I would’ve stayed in the coma. At least there I could have dreamt up a way out of here.“

  “Please, don’t say things like that,” Steve begged, referring to her coma, as he walked in circles around (Y/N) and her luxurious boulder. “I swear it was around here…we couldn’t have passed it…could we?” Steve berated himself, terror lacing the increased pace of his hurried whispers as more than rain drops poured down his chiseled face.

  “I don’t know, Steve, let me consult with Jungle Siri for a moment,” (Y/N) teased him as he continued to walk in circles, muttering harshly at himself. (Y/N) sighed, rolling her eyes as she stood up on her two wobbly legs, like Bambi first learning to walk. She stopped Steve, placing her small hands on his firm chest as her eyes met his. “I know it’s been hard for you these last few days. I can’t imagine how you must’ve been feeling when I was…asleep,” (Y/N) chose the word carefully. “But, I’m fine now. We’re fine now. We’ll find our team, well most of them anyway, and we’ll all be together again. So, just relax. You know where you’re going…I know you do. I trust you, so just…” (Y/N) took a deep breath, motioning for Steve to follow her lead. Reluctantly, he took a breath as well, his chest loosening up a bit as the knot in his stomach unraveled under (Y/N)’s gentle touch. His right cheek lifted in a small, crooked smile.

  “Thank you,” Steve whispered to (Y/N) as he leaned down to meet her blue lips, then took another look around the clearing, his eyes scrutinizing each and every detail of the treeline, the ground, searching for…something. (Y/N) wasn’t exactly sure, but a few minutes later, he motioned for her to come near him as he pointed through the shadows towards a trail of leaves that were piled up in a strange fashion, seeming to form an extremely large ring, not much unlike a crop circle, around a clearing about a quarter of a mile down the slope of the hill they were atop.

  “Where’s the elevator to the first floor?” (Y/N) jested, half-way seriously due to the pain in her head, her legs, her chest, and…well, everywhere, really.

  “Come on,” Steve laughed quietly as he began his trek down the steep slope before (Y/N), his careful arms extended like a net in case she fell as (Y/N) followed in his silent footsteps. 

  The forest was dark with mysterious sounds that neither Steve, nor (Y/N), could place, cold with the feeling of an approaching storm as the hairs on the back of (Y/N)’s neck stood on end, signaling a shift in the atmosphere. Steve felt it, too. His super soldier qualities kicking in as he felt his mind and body peak into high-alert.

  “Just a bit farther, (Y/N),” Steve encouraged again, offering his arm to hold as she stepped over a fallen tree. “You’re doing great.”

  “Thanks for the play-by-play, Captain Obvious,” (Y/N) huffed miserably, then smiled up to Steve after a moment of being an asshole. “I love you,” (Y/N) added sheepishly as Steve nudged her lower back.

  “Just keep moving, love,” Steve sighed, shaking his head at her with a smirk on his face. Slowly, they approached the clearing with perked ears and wide eyes, both always prepared for a fight as they crouched behind a row of low-sitting palm trees, the larger-than-life leaves offering some relief from the rain that seemed to be pounding harder and harder by the minute. Steve and (Y/N) peered out from their cover into the clearing, just beyond the strange circular pattern of leaves. Nothing was there, but Steve’s eyes seemed clearer. He recognized the location. “I’ll go first. You stay here,” Steve commanded (Y/N) as he rose from their hiding place before (Y/N) could even open her mouth. His lithe, confident steps brought him into the weaning moonlight, his muscular body exposed to the jungle and whatever creatures lay deep in it’s twisted heart. “Wilson? Barton?” Steve called out after a moment of long, cold silence. 

  Suddenly, the Quinjet appeared from nowhere, as if the veil of night had been pulled away to reveal the comfort and warmth of daylight. Relief. The feeling washed over (Y/N) like stepping into a warm, Lush bath after a long day, a ridiculously long day, as the door to the Quinjet slid open, welcoming (Y/N) and Steve into it’s familiar arms. And what could only make it better would be…

  Wanda. She was the first to step out of the jet, her long, brown hair as much of a mess as (Y/N) felt inside, tangling in the wicked wind as her eyes, wide with fear, swept the ground before her, only to find Steve.

  “Where’s (Y/N)?” Wanda demanded immediately before the door even opened all the way, but (Y/N) was quick, too. Out of the woods, she sprinted past Steve into the rain, almost knocking him over in the process as she launched herself into Wanda’s outstretched arms that met her with, somehow, even more intensity. Neither could believe that the other was there, alive and with all limbs attached. It was a miracle that brought tears to both of their eyes which freaked the hell out of Wanda. “I know why I am crying, but you’re (Y/N). You don’t cry, Twitch.”

  “I’m really fucked up right now, okay?” (Y/N) explained shakily through her tears as she pulled Wanda back into her arms, the rain pouring down on both of them, but neither really noticed. “Just forget about it, dude. I missed you too much for you to worry about dumb shit like that.”

  “Yeah…okay,” Wanda agreed without really thinking about it too much. Instead, she simply relished the fact that she was hugging her best friend again. “I missed you, too. Prison was boring, and stupid, and nothing like Orange Is The New Black,” Wanda complained.

  “I know. Been there, done that,” (Y/N) agreed nonchalantly, nodding quickly with Wanda’s arms still glued to her body as she spotted Clint walking out into the rain towards her, an awed expression on his face. Slowly, (Y/N) pulled away from Wanda to meet Clint, a sad expression lacing her beautiful features as he kept his sunken eyes steady on her.

  “Wow…” Clint whispered once she stood right before him. “I never thought…”

  “That you would have the honor of meeting me, (Y/N) (Y/L/N),” (Y/N) announced, flipping her wet and wild hair dramatically. “I know, I’m just so infamous. I understand why you’re speechlessness. I have that effect on people, especially the cops.”

  “Dammit, kid,” Clint laughed. “I can’t even appreciate a serious moment with you. Christ!” Clint exclaimed as he pulled (Y/N) into his strong arms, like an older brother welcoming his sister home from a year away at college…smack dab in the middle of hell.

  “Oh, screw serious moments. Just laugh. I heard it’s the best medicine, or something stupid like that,” (Y/N) proposed happily as she hugged him back, enjoying the moment of silence between them as the rain continued to fall.

  “When Ross announced that you were…dead,” Clint choked out, shaking his head. “I thought the whole world was over. ‘To hell with everything,’ I said…”

  “Yeah, well…” (Y/N) sighed sadly, then smiled, “when the hell has that asshat ever been right about anything?”

  “Good point,” Clint agreed with a short laugh just as (Y/N) spotted Sam and Steve sharing a bro-hug. Obviously, she had to be an asshole. The situation not only called for it, it screamed for it.

  “Sam! Get your ass over here, you feathered fuck!” (Y/N) shouted at Sam, getting plenty of sass back from him before he finally pulled her into his arms.

  “My God, I missed that tongue of yours, baby,” Sam admitted with a laugh.

  “And I missed your Chicken Wings,” (Y/N) confessed sarcastically. “Did you ever get that side of biscuits? I’m fucking starving.”

  “We’ll pick up some drive-thru, then,” Sam joked as the last remnants of the team converged in the clearing, even Scott joining in.

  “Group hug?” Scott questioned, his eyes moving towards the sky, then back towards the team. “Don’t you think it’s a bit wet for that?”

  “Nah, this is beautiful,” (Y/N) contradicted sarcastically. “I can feel the raindrops from my nips to my tips. It’s fucking refreshing.”

  “Oh, my God,” Steve laughed. “Let’s just get in the jet and get the hell out of here.”

  “Yeah,” (Y/N) agreed. “Do you think there’s a KFC in this jungle, or should we head to the forest over?” (Y/N) quipped as everyone began to move back towards the Quinjet, but suddenly, the rain stopped.

  Everything went silent.

  Nobody moved, nobody breathed. It was as if the world had stopped, as if a vacuum had sucked all life from the Earth, as if nothing existed, not even time. (Y/N)’s body felt on the verge of breaking out of her own skin, raising the hairs on her arms as if she were being electrocuted in slow motion, yet the pain hadn’t reached her. The silence. It was overwhelming, so overbearing that it seemed to make a sound of it’s own. It seemed to screaming something, one word:


  “Does anyone else feel…wrong?” Sam inquired slowly, his body, along with the rest of the team’s, stock-still with fear and foreboding. Something was coming.

  Everyone turned their heads towards the sky, the sky that seemed to be growing darker and darker by the rapidly approaching clouds.

  “Yeah…but that’s kind of a constant feeling for me. Anybody else?” (Y/N) answered, but her joke was lost in translation when the sky exploded.

  Crash! Bang! The sky lit up with white flashes of insanely bright light, as if the sky had become the inside of an x-ray machine, searching beneath the flesh of night for the broken bones of the former Avengers, wielding scalpels to cut off the veins filled with bad blood. Crash! Boom! It was so close, almost over their heads. The storm had come, and it wasn’t going to stop until it found it’s prey.

  “Go, go, go!” Steve ordered, shoving his team towards their escape, but (Y/N) remained a statue, until someone dragged her towards the Quinjet, (Y/N)’s leaky boots full of mud in less time than it took her to blink. Once she reached the top of the ramp, (Y/N) pivoted her head one last time, and what she saw in the sky…well, she wished she hadn’t turned around. Two hands extended with malicious purpose from the sky, cracked and old, yet insanely powerful. They weren’t real, she told herself. It must have been a premonition, a warning. And just as she was about to faint, two eyes appeared beyond the hands, glowing orbs of yellow that stared straight at (Y/N), sizing her up through the chaotic rain that the creature of oblivion wielded to crash from the endless void in space. And in the face of that freak storm, (Y/N) was helpless. Just a broken doll against an otherworldly god.

  Suddenly, familiar strong arms wrapped around (Y/N)’s waist, making her gasp wildly as they protectively seized her back inside the Quinjet just as the door slammed shut before her, shielding her from the monster awaiting her in the darkness…somewhere. She knew it was out there, she knew it was looking for her, but what was it’s purpose? What did it want? Did it want her dead, or even worse, did it want her alive?

  (Y/N) felt the ground beneath her feet jolt awake as the Quinjet lifted from the Earth and into the sky that thundered rancorously around her. (Y/N) imagined the being swallowing the jet whole. It could. It was big enough. It was powerful enough. She could almost see it. The smoky hands reaching from nowhere, seizing the jet, then sending her team straight into the belly of hell.

  “(Y/N)? (Y/N), are you okay?” Wanda asked lightly once Steve sat her down, himself, Scott, and Sam just beyond Wanda with Clint at the helm of the jet. “(Y/N), can you hear me? (Y/N)?”

  “Did you see that?” (Y/N) whispered quickly, her voice was almost unrecognizable, for the fear that laced it…(Y/N) had never heard that in her voice before.

  “See what?” Steve questioned as he crouched next to Wanda, taking (Y/N)’s other hand, but (Y/N) didn’t feel it. She didn’t feel anything. She was a ghost to everything, except her own mind.

  “It’s already started…” (Y/N) whispered to herself, her horrified eyes focused on nothing. “The enemy…the warning…Eir was right.”

  “Who’s Eir?” Sam demanded. “What the hell is going on, here?”

  “I’m losing my mind, Sam,” (Y/N) whispered hollowly, then lifted her eyes to his stunned ones. “That’s what’s happening.” Obviously, he had nothing to say after that as (Y/N) laughed darkly, rubbing her eyes as she stood on her Bambi legs. Eventually, she faced her team with a wild smirk on her face. “You guys wanna hear a ghost story?”

  “Oh, God, (Y/N),” Steve moaned. “Don’t play games, just tell them what you told me.”

  “What fun is that?” (Y/N) countered, cocking her head to the side as the whole jet seemed to take a collectively deep breath, making (Y/N) smirk even more. Scott was the only one who seemed confused.

  “No, seriously, what fun is that?” Scott asked, his eyebrows pulled together.

  “Just, please, tell your damn story,” Sam encouraged (Y/N) as everyone sat down, feeling the Quinjet twist and turn from the storm that they had just barely evaded, the winds howling outside locked doors, banging it’s fists, threatening to rip it’s way inside, one way or another.

  Once everyone got comfortable (as much as that was possible), (Y/N) told her story start-to-finish, no lies, only a few adjustments necessary from Steve.

  “…and then, Bruce turned into the Hulk, threw me on the table, and we made out like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,” (Y/N) explained as Steve interjected again.

  “And, what she means is that Bruce stayed human, helped (Y/N) to lie down on the table, and-”

  “Eir and I made out,” (Y/N) interrupted.

  “Eir performed a ritual on (Y/N) to bring her powers back,” Steve corrected.

  “Same difference,” (Y/N) shrugged at him as she nonchalantly scratched her nose with her middle finger.

  The jet went quiet. 

  Wanda bit her lip as her eyes stared out the window into the night, Sam contemplated the ceiling, and Clint pretended not to have heard anything while he continued to pilot the jet out of the storm.

  “So…you were in a coma,” Scott stated, breaking the awkward silence.

  “You don’t believe me?” (Y/N) demanded after a moment, her eyebrow raised at Scott as he gulped.

  “Well, I mean, well, um…well, it’s just that, um…no,” Scott stuttered sheepishly.

   “Have you remembered anything else since then?” Wanda asked, attempting desperately to believe (Y/N), but…it did sound a bit ridiculous.

  “Well, I do remember singing the theme song to, ‘That’s So Raven,’ but…I’m not entirely sure why…?” (Y/N) pondered seriously.

  “Anything else more…rational?” Sam questioned, making (Y/N) stand straight up.

  “I’m not crazy! I know what I saw!” (Y/N) screamed at her team, standing up in the middle of the silence, then quieted once she realized what she was doing. Slowly, she lowered herself back into her chair, crossing her right leg over her left, folding her hands delicately in her lap. “I know what I saw,” (Y/N) promised evenly, her voice strong, not a crack in it. “I am not crazy. I haven’t remembered everything, yet. The doctors said my full memory will come back with a bit of time, so…just give me some time. I’ll figure it out, but until then…”

  “We take cover,” Steve announced, concluding (Y/N)’s statement. He knew she never wanted to admit those words, but it’s what was needed to be done. “Until we know where we’re headed, until we know where the fight is, until there’s a sign that we can’t, or don’t have to take cover any longer, hiding out is our only option. You have all agreed to be outside the law…it’s time to truly accept it.”

  “Done,” Scott proposed not even a second later.

  “So, you really believe that there’s some psycho out there…in space, just plotting to destroy the universe?” Wanda asked quietly, her attempt at keeping a straight face was almost comical as her eyebrows pulled together.

  “It’s not like I want to believe it!” (Y/N) huffed, lowering herself further into her chair. “I would much rather go home, get my dog back from Maria, and call it a day, but that sure as shit ain’t gonna happen….so, you all really didn’t see that thing in the sky?”

  “You mean…the storm?” Steve asked slowly, but (Y/N) shook her head.

  “Forget it,” (Y/N) muttered.

  “I’m sorry, (Y/N),” Wanda apologized as (Y/N) sighed, taking her hand.

  “You’re not plotting to destroy the Earth, so you have nothing to apologize for,” (Y/N) professed, then looked towards the ceiling. “But someone else is, and they’ll have plenty to apologize for when their on their knees in front of me, begging for goddamn mercy before I shove their ugly-ass head up their own anus…anyhoo, the point is that I need the stone back.”

  Nobody agreed with her, but who was going to argue with her in that moment. She looked closer to death than the Grimm Reaper himself.

  “But, you don’t know where it is? Banner, Thor, and the psychic didn’t tell you anything?” Sam questioned, trying desperately to clarify the unclear.

  “Or, they did, and my memory just sucks for the time being,” (Y/N) explained, slumping deeper into her chair. “God, I missed my chair. I’ve farted so many times in this thing.”

  “When have you farted in here?” Clint called from the helm.

  “Oh, so you can hear me?” (Y/N) called up to him. “And, you wouldn’t know. They were all silent…but wonderfully deadly.” Everyone laughed as (Y/N) threw her wet jacket in the corner of the jet, then cozied up as well as she could before closing her tired eyes. She felt blankets pile up on her and heard plenty of whispers filled with worried and incredulous tones, but she was too close to unconsciousness to care. She would deal with it in a few minutes…or a few hours…or days. Whatever, leave her the fuck alone.

  (Y/N) awoke four hours later with…oh, my God…

  “What the hell is that?” (Y/N) moaned sleepily as Steve laughed beside her, directing his gaze to where (Y/N)’s eyes traced through the windows of their motel room before she threw the comforter over her head. 

  “You mean the sun?” Steve asked happily, kissing (Y/N)’s forehead that was wrinkled with confusion.

  “I’ve never heard of her,” (Y/N) jested as she sniffed her nose, then began to stretch her sore muscles out. “So, where have we decided to take cover?” (Y/N) asked Steve.

  “Kirkcudbright ,” Scott announced, startling the hell out of (Y/N), making her gasp before his head popped up from Steve’s side of the bed. (Y/N) sat up further to find a small, green cot that he was laying on, herself breathing a sigh of relief.

  “Where?” (Y/N) demanded again, slowly restarting her heart.

  “Scotland,” Steve answered, amusement clear on his face. 

  “Thanks,” (Y/N) muttered, nodding to Steve as she rubbed her eyes, then stood from their bed, walking over to the window to overlook the small, sleepy town. She’d never been to this part of Scotland, so she supposed exile from society wasn’t a complete loss if she could travel the world with her closest allies, her best friends, her family…even if they weren’t allowed outside the strict confines of their motel, and a few blocks around due to them being “criminals.” Not bad at all…right? Right?

  “You have to explain yourself,” Scott proposed after having snuck up behind (Y/N), scaring the hell out of her again.

  “Dammit! You have to stop doing that,” (Y/N) huffed.

  “Doing what?” Scott questioned innocently.

  “Being here,” (Y/N) deadpanned, making Scott gasp dramatically, then pivot on one foot, but (Y/N) grabbed his arm. “No, wait…” (Y/N) took a deep breath. “What do you mean?”

  “Well, I don’t know if you remember, or not, but you were going on and on about fortune tellers, and legendary quests, and Angelina Jolie, and I was just wondering if there’s an end to this…this, uh…joke…”

  (Y/N) just stared at Scott for a moment, no expression crossing her face. “If it’s a joke, then believe me…you don’t want to find out the punchline,” (Y/N) threatened darkly, then turned back to stare out her window again as Scott took, not one, but three steps back…and then, another one.

  “I warned you not to question her, and then…” Steve moaned, shaking his head as he passed Scott, then wrapped his arms around (Y/N)’s waist from behind, kissing her forehead. “It’s not a joke to me, (Y/N),” Steve whispered to (Y/N). “I love you.”

  “I love you, too,” (Y/N) whispered back, low enough to where only Steve could hear, only Steve could see her weakness. Suddenly, (Y/N) took a deep breath as a smile leaped onto her face, playing beautifully on her lips as she spun around to face Steve and Scott. “There’s gotta be some continental breakfast in this joint, eh? Who’s up for some waffles?”

  “The better question is, who’s not up for waffles?,” Scott added animatedly as (Y/N) offered him her arm which he gladly took, but Steve stood before them rolling his eyes.

  “What part of ‘taking cover’ did you not understand?” Steve demanded firmly, while Scott and (Y/N) just stared at him.

  “The part where we can’t get waffles,” (Y/N) deadpanned nonchalantly, then laughed at Steve’s annoyed face, the face she always strived to get him to make. “I’m kidding, geez!” (Y/N) jested, releasing Scott’s arm who pouted quietly, but (Y/N) didn’t notice. “I know how to hide in plain sight, Steve. Just act like a background extra in a movie. Nobody ever notices those assholes.”

 “Seriously, how did you survive the streets before the Avengers?” Steve questioned as (Y/N) shrugged.

  “Alcohol?” (Y/N) guessed, making Scott laugh as (Y/N) waved her hands before Steve’s rolled eyes. “What I meant was to be nonchalant. Act normal.”

  “You know how to act normal?” Steve jested, cracking a smile from (Y/N).

  “Just barely,” (Y/N) joked back, then sighed. “Or, I guess, we could order room service and tell them to leave it by the door.”

  “Much better,” Steve nodded satisfactorily, then kissed (Y/N)’s forehead.

  “Despite it being the less James Bond way,” (Y/N) muttered solemnly as she went to lay back down on hers and Steve’s bed, her eyes up towards the cheap, popcorn ceiling, waiting for the terrible thunder to begin again, causing the ceiling to snowflake across her nose, and the end of the world to begin. But that never happened.

  At least, not yet.

  Later in the day, Wanda and Clint crept into the motel room after concealing the Quinjet in an abandoned hangar half a mile out from the team’s hiding place. Everyone agreed for the strategy to be nomads, homeless travelers from country to country, never to stay in one city for longer than four days. And, according to (Y/N), their theme song to be “Welcome to the Black Parade,” by My Chemical Romance, which Wanda was more than happy to accept.

  When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band,

  He said, ‘son when you grow up, will you be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned?’

  Every once in a while, (Y/N) or Wanda would simply whisper, ‘We’ll carry on…” with no context whatsoever. It would just happen.

  But, despite (Y/N)’s, Wanda’s, and Scott’s nonchalance about the situation, all of them having been on-the-run for most of their lives, (Y/N) could clearly see the pain in Clint’s eyes. He put on a happy face for her, but his family was obviously eating away at him.

  He had them. He was home. But, ring-a-damn-ding, the Avengers called for another suicide mission. Yeah, he knew he did the right thing, but at the same time, he couldn’t help the loss that left an empty hole in his heart where his wife and kids had made their home. It was maddening.

  And despite his efforts, (Y/N) wasn’t fooled. So, after four days in Scotland, (Y/N) decided it was her turn to choose the next destination. With Steve at the wheel, she whispered the coordinates into his ear.

  “Are you sure? That could be dangerous for him, and his family,” Steve argued under his breath, but (Y/N) smiled and shook her head.

  “Trust me, Steve, he needs to go home,” (Y/N) insisted. “It’s about goddamn time…”

  “A surprise?” Clint scoffed at (Y/N), but shut his eyes anyway as she eagerly pushed him towards the back door of the Quinjet, his body rippling in laughter the entire way. “Don’t tell me we’re at the World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball, or a penis museum, or something like that. Since it’s you, none of those things would be a, quote-on-quote, surprise.”

  “Oh, hush, and wait for it,” (Y/N) laughed as the door the the Quinjet lowered, revealing Clint’s farm, the warmth of the summer breeze filtering beautifully into the jet, filling Clint with relief, happiness, joy, love, but most of all…fear. His eyes popped open to find the wheat fields he had missed so much, split by a path leading up to a wooden home he had built himself, and just beyond the door, his family waited for him with open arms, dreaming of the day he would return.

  But, today would not be that day. Clint wouldn’t allow it. Not until the world accepted him back into society as more than a criminal. Not until he could be a real father, someone his family could truly look up to without questioning the crap that was vomited at them by Fox News every night. 

  Clint stared in open-mouthed horror at his farm, then up to (Y/N) who stood with her arms wide open towards his home, a beautiful smile lit upon her innocent face as the breeze played with her wild hair.

  “You’re home! Ta-da!” (Y/N) exclaimed happily, then tossed her hair to the side with a smirk. “How’s that for a surprise?”

  Clint just stared at her, then back at his home, then back at (Y/N). Suddenly, he turned and marched up to Steve. “What the hell is this? What the hell is this, Rogers?” Clint yelled, shoving Steve against the wall as (Y/N) pulled at his arm.

  “It was my idea!” (Y/N) confessed quickly as Clint turned on her.

  “What?” Clint demanded, slowly laying off of Steve who watched Clint carefully, concern and understanding lacing his hard features. Steve couldn’t imagine the hell Clint had been through, having to leave his family in the face of war. Steve would never be able to leave (Y/N)…never.

  “You deserve to be happy,” (Y/N) insisted. “You took one for the team, a team that you were retired from. You fought a war that you never needed to be a part of. It was brave and awesome as hell, but you’re not a criminal. You don’t need to be on the run. You have a home, a family….Tony knows this. He knows what it’s like to lose a family…he would never come after you. You’re safe here.”

  “Well, he’s not the only one that’s after me now, is he, (Y/N)?” Clint spit bitterly.

  “Nobody else knows about this place except for Natasha, which who in the hell could ever get information out of her, and Fury, but who the fuck knows where he is? More than likely, he’s already burning in hell, so he’s not a threat. The point is that this is a safe house. You can have a life here with Laura, Cooper and my favorite little person ever, Lila,” (Y/N) argued, making Clint chuckle slightly, but his moment of weakness for her was short-lived.

  “I don’t want to screw them up,” Clint admitted solemnly. “If the authorities were to find out about this place, to take me away from my family in handcuffs, for my children to see me…like that…I want to be a good father, but right now…”

  “Right now, they’re looking for Steve and I,” (Y/N) huffed. “We’re the ring leaders, the instigators, the Bonnie and Clyde of superheroes gone bad. You’re not what they’re looking for, and even if they were, they could never find you here. Tony wouldn’t let them.”

  Clint looked out the back door towards his farm. God, he was so close. He could almost taste the warm, apple pie that Laura would place in the oven to be enjoyed due to his homecoming. Feel the hugs from his children that had left him cold in their absence. Smell the lavender perfume on the soft skin of Laura’s neck as he kissed her over and over again.

  “Clint…” (Y/N) whispered among his wonderful daydreams, “go home. Have a life. Be a father.”

  Clint pivoted his eyes over to hers and in that moment, he couldn’t take it anymore. His feet led him to the door before his mind could justify a reason for him to do so, but once he spotted Laura in her white nightgown drifting onto the porch in the bright, afternoon light, his fight was over. He couldn’t possibly stay away. He was finally home.

  (Y/N) smiled as she walked beside Clint, standing in the doorway with him as he took her hands in his.

  “I will never be able to thank you enough for…just being yourself,” Clint professed. “Please, for the love of God, stay safe until this all blows over. Please, for me?” Clint asked as (Y/N) nodded, tears filling her eyes. “Good. That’s good…are you…are you crying?”

  “…allergies,” (Y/N) answered awkwardly, wiping the tears away. “Bad allergies.”

  “(Y/N), you don’t have allergies,” Clint stated.

  “Well, now I do!” (Y/N) yelled, making Clint laugh, (Y/N) following afterwards. “You stay safe, too. Be happy with your family…you all deserve a bit of happiness…” (Y/N) promised as she took a long look at Clint’s farm, imagining the team there just a year ago. Thor, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Steve, Tony…and the Grimm Reaper. God, how close they all were despite the hell they were going through at the time. (Y/N) remembered sharing her magic with Cooper and Lila, the absolute wonder that came over that little girl’s face. How innocent and happy she was just to be alive.

  “Please, come inside for a while. Have a home cooked meal. Lila’s been dying to see you for months. She would probably keel over with excitement,” Clint offered, but (Y/N) shook her head with a sad smile.

  “No…no, they’re your family,” (Y/N) whispered, pulling her eyes away from the safe house.

  “But you’re my family too,” Clint stated, a half-smile lighting up his dopey face as (Y/N) sighed.

  “God, Clint. Why don’t you just shove the pollen up my ass?” (Y/N) exclaimed as she hugged the hell out of him, which he happily accepted. It was true. (Y/N) was his family and he would do anything in the world to protect her, even if that meant protecting her from herself.

  “Don’t do it,” Clint whispered into (Y/N)’s hair. “Don’t go off on this mission. It’s a fight not worth fighting for, and believe me. I would know.”

  “I can’t…” (Y/N) whispered back, tears stinging her sore eyes from trying to hold them all back. Never had she been more emotional than the last month. It would drive her crazy, but she was already crazy, so…

  “I was afraid of that,” Clint chuckled slightly, but his hug tightened slightly. “Luckily, you’re the baddest ass I’ve seen since Natasha. Stay that way, kid. Go with your gut. But please, for my sanity, and for Steve’s, stay safe. We couldn’t make it by without you.”

  “All I’m gonna say is that I am so happy that I’m faced away from the team right now,” (Y/N) laughed quietly as the tears finally escaped, Clint pulling back to wipe them away.

  “I’m gonna miss you, (Y/N),” Clint avowed, a sad smile on his fatherly face. 

  “This isn’t goodbye,” (Y/N) promised. “There’s still plenty of time to be idiots, but for now, be with your wife and kids. You deserve this. Consider this an honorable discharge…an extremely honorable discharge…I would give you a medal, or something, but…I don’t have one,” (Y/N) shrugged.

  “That’s fine. I think reuniting me with my family should suffice,” Clint pointed out, nodding to (Y/N) who laughed with him.

  “Hopefully,” (Y/N) sighed, then nodded towards Clint’s farm with a smile on her sunlit face. “Now go be a superhero.”

  And with a final squeeze of her hand, a nod to Steve and Sam, and a kiss on Wanda’s cheek, Clint was off to be a father. 

  It was, simultaneously, the most happy, most sad, and most relieved time of his life. How could he leave his family to live the lives of criminals when he committed the same act? Yet, how could he leave his other family to fend for themselves on a farm, for his kids to grow up without a father?

  All he could think, was thank God (Y/N) made the choice for him.

  It was a brisk, December morning in Oslo, Norway after (Y/N)’s shower that everything fell into place. In just her towel, (Y/N) walked over to the drawers that kept Steve’s sweatpants and her favorite sports bra, but something stopped her. (Y/N) turned to her right to find the television switched on to the news, yet nobody was in the room. Dark besides the monotonous flashing of the light from the screen, so tempting as voices blared rancorously from the news program. For some reason, (Y/N) felt a sudden need to watch the news story, so she perched herself on the edge of her bed, and listened until she heard his name: Tony Stark.

  “After the chaos that occurred at the Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany almost three weeks ago,” the brunette CNN newswoman reported, “and the break-out of the former Avengers members, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, and Scott Lang, from the Raft a week previous, not a trace of the war criminals have been found. Former member, Tony Stark, has refused comment to the UN for weeks, until this morning. Here’s the footage from that interview.”

  Suddenly, the image on the screen revealed Tony’s face dabbed genuinely with a bit of powder to add color to his face, but (Y/N) knew him. To her, he looked like Satan had taken a baseball bat to his face. His panicked fingers tapped on the corners of the podium he stood behind as he bent his head low enough for the microphones to partially hide his face from the cameras. Anyone who didn’t know him could guess that he looked pissed about his former team members, but it was a mask. Tony was terrified.

  “I’ve been asked by, well, everyone to explain my thoughts on the recent incidents with my, uh…’team,’ Tony air-quoted. “But all I have to say is that the authorities are coming after them. The dogs are on their trail, tracking their scent, and so am I. The hunt is on. So, let this be my warning to my fellow, former team members, once and for all…run.”

  And with that “threat,” a fake smile, some peace signs, and a huge round of applause, Tony left the podium as a photo of himself flashed across the screen, the newswoman’s voice background noise to the slideshow, until one photo caught (Y/N)’s eye. It was from Wanda’s Instagram. A photo of Tony and (Y/N) passed out on the floor of his lab after a night of drinking down at the pub on West 10th, her head cozied on his stomach as his arm curled lazily around her shoulder. However, what really caught her eye was Bruce squatted just behind them feigning drinking an empty bottle from the ground. 

  Suddenly, (Y/N) was back in the cabin in Calcutta, India, Bruce’s lips at her ear. 

  When the time comes, Tony has the key to the stone. Just tell him about the Collector. Until then, you can’t remember that you were here. You will eventually, but for now, protect the team. They may fall apart, but Siberia is not where it all ends. Not even close.

  Why are you even telling me this? (Y/N) inquired, but before Bruce could say anything more, Eir was in (Y/N)’s other ear.

  In two months time, you will understand, my child, she cooed. But it’s time now for you to become the goddess you were born to become. The goddess to end all the evil threatening Asgard and it’s counterparts. You will be my greatest creation. You will be my God.

  (Y/N)’s eyes found the wooden ceiling as Eir gracefully laid her down with Bruce’s help, the stars growing brighter and brighter by the second, seeming to explode in x-ray lighting by the end of the vision into the past.

  Make me proud, my lovely, little doll.

  (Y/N)’s eyes shot open through the white, blinding stars into the light of the television screen with a scream she felt, but couldn’t hear herself let go of. Her throat went raw as she shielded her eyes from the brightness and the pain, but the answers finally revealed themselves. She wasn’t sure why they hurt so bad. She was supposed to feel relieved, but all she felt was the weight fall on her shoulders. Literally the crushing weight of all nine realms on her shoulders, yet she couldn’t grasp something in her chest. A small flittering, something knocking silently against her rib cage. A gnawing at her heart. But before she could figure it out, she felt a large hand against her mouth, hushing her terrified screams, begging her to be quiet.

  “(Y/N), stop. Please. Someone will hear you,” Steve pleaded. “It’s just me, okay? It’s just me….” Steve said as he removed his hand from her mouth. The seconds ticked by as himself, Wanda, and Sam all waited patiently for her to make a sarcastic comment, to push away the situation, but what came out of her mouth shocked all of them to their cores.

  “I know where it is,” (Y/N) whispered, then smiled up at her team members. “I know how to find the stone. I can get my powers back! Isn’t that great…? Guys…? Why aren’t you all celebrating?”

  Nobody knew how to phrase it, but Wanda decided to be brave.

  “(Y/N)…we can’t let you do this,” Wanda stated, trying to be strong, but (Y/N) could see her falter.

  “What?” (Y/N) asked, cocking her head to the side. “Why not? This is it! I can stop-”

  “The unknown terrorist in space?” Sam finished, his disbelieving tone not as masked as he intended it to be.

  “Oh, come on! We already talked about this!” (Y/N) exclaimed, laughing innocently, hoping for Steve to join in. He didn’t. “Steve? You said that you believed me. That we were in this together. Don’t tell me that that was all bullshit.”

  “…I didn’t think you would actually remember anything…the doctors said it could take years for you to remember…or never,” Steve explained sheepishly, attempting to take (Y/N)’s hand, but she took a step back instead, eyeing her team with mistrust. It broke everyone’s hearts, but it was the truth. They had to convince her.

  “So, you thought playing into my ‘fantasies’ would be better? To lie about supporting me?” (Y/N) cornered him. “What the hell, Steve? I thought we weren’t supposed to lie to each other!”

  “Oh, so I guess when you were being attacked by Hydra and didn’t tell me, then that, that wasn’t considered lying. Just, um, withholding the truth, then?” Steve shot back.

  “I’ve never lied to you since then!”

  “Then, I suppose we’re even now!”

  “Even?” (Y/N) scoffed. “This isn’t about getting even. This was about you ‘protecting’ me. Well, I’ve never needed your precious, white-horsed, knight-in-shining-fucking-armor protection before this war, and I sure as hell don’t need it now, so do me one final favor, and stay out of this. Let the big girls handle this,” (Y/N) proposed, offering her elbow to Wanda who hesitated. 

  “I mean it, (Y/N). It’s not safe for you to go,” Wanda restated as (Y/N) lowered her arm.

  “Okay, Steve was one thing, but your betrayal runs deep, Twitch,” (Y/N) huffed as she walked towards the door, but Wanda caught her in crimson light as Steve circled to face (Y/N), her eyes wide with horror.

  “This isn’t right, (Y/N),” Steve explained calmly. “These are hallucinations. I didn’t want to tell you, but they’re common among people who’ve experienced comas. Please, rationalize this for a second, love. We haven’t seen Bruce, or Thor in months and you’ve lost your powers again. It makes sense that you would create this story in your mind. Your best friends calling out to you, to give you your powers back. None of that happened, though. The serum was, simply, delayed. But, like it did back then, it will work again, so…” Steve sighed, then carefully reached into his pocket to pull out a bottle of blue liquid, then a small syringe from his bag. (Y/N)’s eyes almost popped out of her head as she shook, attempting to free herself from Wanda’s curse, but the spell held firm. There was no escaping. 

  “You promised that you would never force me to do anything,” (Y/N) attested through gritted teeth as Steve dipped the syringe in the tainted liquid, the guilty look on his face so tragic. He could already fell the regret seeping into his own veins, but he knew that he was doing the right thing. She was about to embark on a suicide mission. He would rather her hate him for the rest of their lives, than for himself to just allow her to die. 

  “Well, you haven’t given us much of a choice,” Steve sighed, squeezing his eyes shut as he placed the empty bottle on the nightstand, taking a deep breath before he turned back to (Y/N). “So, you can hate me, but I can’t let you go back for the stone…I just can’t…”

  “Steve…Steve, stop,” (Y/N) pleaded, but it was over. He had made up his mind. “Wanda, you have to believe me. I need the stone, now. It’s the only way-”

  “No, (Y/N),” Wanda whispered. “This is the only way.”

  (Y/N)’s veins burned. Her team was wrong about a lot of things, but one thing really stuck out in her mind.

  “No…” (Y/N) whispered, “you haven’t given me much of a choice.”

  Suddenly, (Y/N) screamed, even louder than she had a few minutes ago as an avalanche exploded from her body, red and silver sparks damning the motel room to endless winter as Steve, Wanda, and Sam were all forced frozen to the walls in a fury so horrible, it even scared (Y/N) herself as her knees buckled below her. (Y/N) looked around at what she had done, her hand over her mouth as she stared in horror at her team, reaching her fingertips towards Steve, tears coming to her eyes.

  “Steve?” (Y/N) whispered, but her magic was already beginning to wear off as his face became free.

  “Don’t do this, (Y/N),” Steve begged, making (Y/N)’s face go from guilt, back to anger. “Already, look at what you’ve done. You’ve turned against your own team. The people who love you, who are only trying to protect you. And, if by some chance this is all true, just remember what I told Tony, you can’t end a war before it begins. People will get hurt, people like you. I’m only trying to protect you, (Y/N).”

  “Well, protect this, Romeo,” (Y/N) demanded as she shoved her middle finger in his face. “You always used to tell me to go with my gut. To do what’s right. This is right, Steve. I know it is. I’m going to fight, love, because guess what?” (Y/N) leaned in close to him, her pink lips dancing in his ear. “I can do this all day.”

  And with those words, a final kiss on his frozen lips, (Y/N) was gone. Out the door to the motel room with her name being shouted mercilessly through the hallways, but she didn’t care. To be honest, the situation worked out more in her favor. At least this way, she was only putting herself in immediate danger, which was one of her favorite places to put herself in besides in a Lush bath, bungee jumping off of anywhere, or on top of Steve’s naked body. But for now, she ran towards the danger, towards the fight, towards New York to catch up with her former best friend.

  Through the murky hallways, past the peeling wallpaper and curious onlookers who peered outside their doors as (Y/N) sprinted by, and into the creaky, old elevator (Y/N) ran, stopping inside the doors just as they closed around her, Scott, and two kids who stared in awe at (Y/N), obviously recognizing her. She waved at them as they dreamily waved back

  “Why are you going back down if you already have your food?” (Y/N) asked Scott who looked annoyed that he wasn’t recognized, despite himself being a fugitive.

  “Um…I forgot syrup for my waffles,” Scott drawled, his forehead crumpling in confusion. “Hey, why were you running?”

  “I’m playing tag with the Power Rangers,” (Y/N) answered nonchalantly as she stole one of Scott’s waffles from his plate, then stepped out of the elevator. “And I think I just won,” (Y/N) disclosed with one eyebrow raised as she pivoted towards the lobby, holding the waffle above her head. “Thanks for the waffle, Bug Boy!” (Y/N) called, leaving Scott and the kids in simultaneous states of awe as the elevator doors closed around them, crappy elevator music playing as all of their mouths hung open. Eventually, they stopped on the floor they came from to reveal the Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and Captain America staring at them.

  “Did you see (Y/N)?” Steve demanded Scott who just stared for a seconds, until he closed his mouth and gulped, staring dejectedly at the ground. 

  “Aw, crap…”

  (Y/N) climbed into the pilot’s seat, starting up the jet the way Tony, Steve, and Clint had all separately taught her to do in case of an emergency. Well, call 911, because bitch, (Y/N) had some problems.

  Wait, actually, scratch that. She’s a fugitive. Don’t call the cops…

  Anyhoo, she pulled the levers she needed to, pushed the right buttons, then lifted the Quinjet up and out of the abandoned garage herself and Steve hid it inside of, leaving the plates up to continue flying incognito. But, as she hovered, she spotted her team dodge from alleyway to alleyway in the early morning light.

  What will they do now without the jet? What if I really am crazy? I mean, am I being over dramatic? Am I overreacting? Am I being hypocritical? Am I being Steve when he crashed the plane in World War II? Am I going to now overthink the fact that my boyfriend was alive during World War II…? No! I’ve been down that road before, and no…so…am I overreacting like Bruce after Sokovia, hopping in my little jet, and floating off to Neverland? No. No, I’m not. I’m going to war. But, my team could help me, really they could…but they’ve already made up their minds. They want me to stay, to hide forever with them. Well, I can’t do that, because I’m not crazy. The stone is waiting for me, and so is that asshole in Asgard. This is my chance to end it all. This is my chance to be somebody. This is my second chance at saving my family.

  But, have I really thought this all the way through?

  Just then, (Y/N) caught a glimpse of red magic caressing the Quinjet, preparing to take it the fuck down.

  Yep, it’s done. 

  (Y/N) pushed down the lever, the sweat gleaming on her forehead, eyes set to kill as she whispered her final words of goodbye to her loved ones below before she destined herself for New York.

  “No fear, no goddamn weakness…”

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Let’s Be Honest-- Clint/Hawkeye is Totally Underated

He’s totally badass– with no real “super” human abilities like Captain America and Thor or “super gear” like Falcon and Iron Man

And his sass is undeniablly one of the most entertaining parts of the films.  Its such simple humor but that is what makes it so fantastic

And he is arguably one of the most relatable, loyal, and moral of the characters.