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The Book

Warnings: Violence
Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Request: The Reader is Tony’s niece, Civil War never happened and everyone is alive and living in the tower. The team goes on a mission and something happens to Bucky, where he is triggered into the Winter Soldier mode. So he fights everyone and all that and the Reader is the last person he comes up to. But, instead of fighting her he protects her. He’s still The Winter Soldier, Bucky just somehow made it that his mission is to protect the Reader. He’s still Bucky, but he’s the Winter Soldier too and after they all escape the reader and the Winter Soldier have a cute moment. Thanks Dearie! - @iamwarrenspeace

Author’s Notes: This took longer than I estimated, though I’m happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

There was a certain atmosphere that hung about in the hours leading up to a mission. It was laden with the inherent professionalism that came with being on a team of super heroes, and was thick with apprehension of a fight that could easily twist into a disaster.

It was especially tense during travel time. That was when strategies were discussed and plans were determined.

You were still an official-unofficial member of the team. Until recent months, you had little involvement with the initiative at all, and had only known them after being invited to live in New York by your uncle, Tony.

Just prior to the Battle of New York, he had contacted you about a position at Stark Industries’ NY branch. After careful consideration, you accepted, and only days before you were set to move, the invasion happened. You postponed your trip until debris had been cleared, but still only arrived after the tower had been refurbished to accommodate an entire team of superheroes.

The tower subsequently became the team’s headquarters, and you were able to do your work for the company from the comfort of your own lab.

You trained with the team, helped provide upgrades to their tech and their armor (and wholeheartedly agreed that anything Shield issued was prehistoric in comparison), and soon started discussing missions and field work.

There was an AIM outpost upstate, struggling still after the organization’s first defeat three years prior. While the team provided a large enough distraction, you would wait for an opportune moment to go in, find the data banks, and extract everything you could.

As you sat in the quinjet, trying to calm your nerves, you listened to Cap reiterate the plan to everyone and begin to discuss what they knew about AIM and their motives.

Movement in your peripheral vision shifted your focus, and you looked over your shoulder to see Bucky giving you a strange look that you couldn’t discern. When you made eye contact, he looked away again, leaving you confused.

He was a recent addition to the team as well, and had not yet become well acquainted with the others. In fact, once Cap and Sam tracked him down after the DC incident, it had taken weeks to convince him that the tower, and in turn, the team, were safe. He was distant, for sure, and was rarely seen outside of team functions.

Steve was the one who told both you and Tony about the Winter Soldier’s part in Howard and Maria’s deaths. He had offered to leave the tower altogether if having Bucky there would be an issue. But he refused to step away from his friend, and had been determined to help him recover. It was Tony’s decision to let Bucky stay, but it was you who told him why.

‘If you trust him, then so do I.’

When the quinjet landed under stealth mode, the others, sans Bruce, departed and you set up your comm to wait for your signal. There were at least fifty known operatives on site, possibly more unaccounted for, and you watched from a holoscreen when one by one, the numbers diminished.

Through your comm, you could hear orders being relayed and the muffled sounds of fighting. One line remained near silent, though, and every word that AIM’s thugs spoke, every sound they made could be heard clearly. Bucky only spoke when directly addressed, and had single handedly taken down at least a dozen operatives on his own so far. The east wing of the building was clear now, but that wasn’t enough.

You switched on your mic. “East side’s clear.”

Copy that, (L/N). Outside’s clear.” Clint offered. “They’ve got backup coming in from the north.

“Friday, jam their signals so they can’t call more aid.” You noted, and the AI chimed an answer.

Falcon, take care of the ones coming in.” You heard Cap say. “Hawkeye, make sure no one else gets close to the building.

Guys,” Tony piped in. “We got a problem. Barnes is going berserk.

Elaborate, Stark.” Cap demanded.

No time, he’s headed our way…

Static replaced words, and then total silence.

“Friday, talk to me.”

“Communications are non functional.”

“For everyone?!”

“Falcon and Hawkeye are currently preoccupied, but have otherwise functional comm links.”

“Shit,” You muttered, jumping from your seat.

“Is this a Code Green?” Bruce questioned, looking like he was already dreading the answer.

“Not yet.” You said. “Looks like I’m going in early. Are the sedatives still on board?”

“Hold on,” Bruce said, crossing to where the medical supplies were kept. He opened a case and removed what looked like a compact tranquilizer gun, and brought it back to you.

“I don’t want to use this on him.” You said, holstering the gun.

“I know.” Bruce placated. “But if you can’t talk him out of it, you may have to.”

You nodded, took a deep breath, and opened the jet’s bay door. It closed behind you as you made your way toward the small facility, armed only with a pistol, a tranquilizer, and your combat lessons from Nat. You came up to the main doors, and saw Sam in the distance, still occupied with the newcomers. Clint was nowhere to be seen, but that was usually the case on missions like this.

You pushed through the doors, stepping over an unconscious AIM agent who was sprawled in the threshold. You maneuvered through the corridors, only slightly unnerved by the stillness. You managed only a few corners before nearly stumbling over something in the dark. You looked down and let your eyes adjust to the change in light.

No, you almost stumbled over someone.

“Tony? What the hell?” The arc reactor that powered the suit was completely dark.

“He disabled the suit, and it’s too heavy to move.” Tony said, proving his point by trying to lift his upper body.

“I’ll be back.” You said, starting to walk away.

“Hey, wait! No, you can’t go after him!” Tony called after you.

Without looking back, you said: “What are you going to do to stop me?”

“This kid never listens to me.” Tony muttered, exasperated. “I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll revoke your lab privileges is what I’ll do.”

“I’m an adult.” You countered, disappearing into another corridor.

The next teammate who you crossed paths with was Cap. And he obviously hadn’t made it out of that confrontation without a scratch. He was bleeding from a nasty gash on his forehead, and was sitting against a wall.

“Just need a minute.” He said. “You need to fall back.”

“Bruce gave me the tranquilizer from the jet. I’m not going to fight him, Cap, just going to calm him down. You need to fall back.”

He tried to protest, but you interrupted him. “If you’re worried, then get back to the jet and get back on comms. And help Tony when you pass him!”

That was four teammates accounted for, and three still missing. You ventured deeper into the facility, on edge and ready to fight with every step you took. Most rooms you passed were either empty or had been vacated once the fighting began, and there wasn’t much for you to recover.

In the center of the building, you found a large room behind a reinforced door. Inside it was pitch black, and all you could see was only highlighted by the dim glow from the corridors behind you. You retrieved a small light from your belt and switched it on, scanning the room.

From what you could see, it was the exact room you were meant to look for, had the mission gone as planned. Data banks lined one wall, silent, as they were all off. Monitors adorned various desks in front of them, each sporting black screens. You set the light down on one of the desks and searched for a button or a switch, anything to turn the machines on so you could finish your part. Nothing was labelled or marked, but as luck would have it, the button that you did find was connected to each machine.

One by one, each monitor lit up, and a quiet, electrical hum filled the room. You stepped back to wait, but became aware of a human shaped shadow cast on the wall from the door way. You turned around, you saw who it was.

It was Bucky, blank faced and battle ready, obscuring the only escape route you had. Momentarily forgetting your secondary task, you sidestepped the desk and relayed your position over the comms. As you moved, and as you spoke, Bucky stepped into the room in intimidating strides, heading straight for you.

Panic gripped your heart, and you backed away, grasping for the tranquilizer gun holstered protectively on your belt. He was in front of you in seconds, and had his right hand on your shoulder as soon as your hand found the grip on the gun. His grip tightened, almost painfully, but before you could act further, he…moved you?

Surprised, you tripped over your own feet and stopped abruptly behind him. A soft shifting sounded from a darkened peninsula of tall filing cabinets and a support pillar. Bucky effortlessly tossed aside one of the cabinets, and the sound of the metal crashing to the floor was accompanied by a startled yelp.

A struggling figure was dragged out of the crawlspace by a metal hand, feet inches above the ground and kicking uselessly. In a split second, the would-be assailant raised his weapon, and then was thrown against the wall.

The room fell silent, and you watched the crumpled form of the AIM operative for a few moments before your focus once again fell upon Bucky.

He was watching you intently, arms at his side’s and unmoving. You thought for a moment and decided that there was no sense in using the tranquilizer if there was no immediate danger.

Silently, he crossed the room and stopped in the doorway again, this time facing out.

Your comm came to life once it was back online with the voices of your teammates speaking over one another.

“One at a time, please.” You stressed.

Did you find him?” Cap questioned.

And more importantly, is he sedated?” Tony added.

“Yes and no,” You said. “I found the data banks, and he’s guarding the door. Do you know what happened?”

One of AIM’s thugs used to work for Hydra.” Cap said. “He had a book -it was basically a manual- and tried to trigger Bucky’s programming.

“Tried?” You looked over your shoulder at Bucky, then went back to work on the computers.

We think Bucky tried to fight it.

“Did you find Nat and Wanda?”

“Currently en route from a security bunker at the edge of the parameter. There was a dozen other people waiting for us inside.” Tony replied, and you sighed with relief.

Once you were done downloading and then wiping the computers, you shut them down and approached Bucky, who was still faced away from you. You tentatively reached over to him, and retracted immediately when he turned sharply to face you.

“The mission is over, it’s time to go.” You said.

“Negative. Only mission objective B is complete.” Bucky answered.

Shit. “What’s mission objective A?”

“To protect you, (L/N).”

“Did Tony put you up to this?” You scoffed. His expression didn’t change. “Right. You’re still the Soldier. Well, you can protect me on the way out.”

You slipped past him and started navigating back the way you came with the Winter Soldier practically on your heels, eyeing each unconscious (or dead) figure with scrutiny. You made it outside in considerably less time than it took to get in, and saw the rest of the team hovering around the jet. Natasha was closest to you, and once again, you found your path blocked by Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious.

“You can uh…stand down. They’re friends.” You pointed out. “We know them.”

“They have weapons.”

“Did they use them on you? Is that why you fought them?” He nodded sharply.

“Don’t worry about it anymore. I need you to do something for me.” He turned to you. “I need you to fight the programming. Steve has the book and we’re going to help you, but I can’t promise they won’t sedate you until it wears off.”

He nodded again, and attempted to do just so, but you could tell he was struggling.

“I don’t want to be him anymore.” He finally said.

“You don’t have to be…” You started, but he shook his head.

“But I am. I am the Winter Soldier.”

“No one will ever control you like that again. Not if we can help it, okay?”

The others were waiting now, and in the distance you could see a caravan of SHIELD emergency response.

“C'mon. Let’s get home.”

Please, Professor

Summary: There´s a new professor at Y/N´s university. She decides to have a little fun.

Word Count: 1,872

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings: None that I can think of right now (maybe some hints to eventual smut? i don´t even know)

A/N: okay so if anyone of you have read eleanor & park, i´m trying to divide the chapters like it´s done in that book, even though i´m failing miserably :))))) please tell me if you want to be on the tag list! :)

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Chthon: No, you old fool! For, at last, I’ve purged this vessel of its last taint of humanity, its last wisp of soul! There is no Ana Maximoff! There is no Wanda Frank! Now, there is only… CHTHON!

Avengers Vol. 1 #186 by David Michelinie, Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, & John Byrne

It’s #ChthonDay. Why is it Chthon Day, you ask.

Reason 1: Chthon is coming back to the Earth formerly known as 616. The recent Carnage comic has been all about yet another scheme to bring Chthon to Earth, and it looks like this time, it’s gonna work. Temporarily, of course. I’m sure he’ll be defeated by Eddie Brock or someone who doesn’t have powers, but getting thwarted by randoms is what Chthon does. He’s a threat so all-consuming that he can’t be allowed to succeed at all.

Reason 2: Agents of Shield just introduced the Darkhold, which is the book of black magic Chthon wrote before fleeing the Earth. The Darkhold wasn’t always connected to Chthon, and it may well not be on Agents of Shield. There’s a pretty good chance though, and I find this frustrating, to say the least.

Here’s the thing: Chthon was created to be part of Wanda’s backstory.* The entire elder god mythos of the Marvel Universe began in Wanda’s origin story, Nights of Wundagore. You can have her without him or him without her, but they’re both better if they’re tied to each other. The hypothetical MCU Chthon can’t have anything to do with Wanda though because 1) barring some one-sided references, the TV and movie landscapes are separate, this is not going to suddenly bridge the gap and 2) Wanda already has a backstory in the MCU that does not involve demons. They made her the product of experiments by Actual Nazi Baron Von Strucker™ and now they’re giving her real mythology to a tv show.

Now is the winter of my discontent.

I always knew there was a possibility that Chthon would show up in the MCU (because he is the best) and that, if he did, he wouldn’t be connected to Wanda (because Joss Whedon is the worst), but I didn’t think it would happen so soon. And I’m kinda bummed.

Even though Chthon was created to be part of Wanda’s backstory, there’s plenty of comics with him that don’t have her. There’s a whole Darkhold comic that she only cameos in. But her connection to him is one of my favorite things about her, and it justs rubs salt in that wound to have him there and be reminded she’s a Hydra experiment. And, in response to that, they’re acting like she’s just a High Evolutionary experiment in the comics. I can never win.

*Technically, he existed in the form of The Other in Marvel Chillers prior to NoW, but like the Darkhold, that was an old piece of mythology that was tweaked in order to fit the elder gods mythology. Chthon wasn’t Chthon until he was tied to Wanda.


(Not My Gif)

“So let me get this straight… you’re not”.

“You’re taking this better then I thought” you blinked in surprise.

Pietro chuckled.
“If I’m being completely honest with you I already knew. It was obvious by the way you drool over her”.

“Shut up!… do I really do that?”.

The Gift of Life {Part 2}

A/N: My last part got so many notes so I am making a new part to it.

Bucky x Female!Reader (super slow build. Be patient.)

Summary: Bringing back the dead and healing the injured is what Y/N does. She is recruited by the avengers, which is a group full of ass-kicking heroes, to heal the avengers after the civil war.

Trigger Warnings: Fluff???? Adorable Steve x Reader moment. 1 swear word.

Part 1

Walking into the room, you had a nasty feeling in your gut. You ignored the feeling and slowly walked into the labratory, which kept Bucky. 

You stopped when you saw Steve sitting on the ground, who was also holding a book. You stared at the man. He didn’t look like the Captain America, you would see fighting enemies. He looked so vulnerable. He had puffy red eyes and very messy hair. The cryo chamber, where bucky was kept in, luminated the dark room. 

Being the most clumsiest person that you are, you accidently kicked the table in front of you. This moment startled Steve, you wanted to run out the room but was stopped by Steve’s voice calling your name.

“Y/N.” Steve called out. He quickly wiped the tears off his face and fixed his hair. He reached his hand out for you to shake it. You refused to shake it. Instead, you stepped forward and hugged him. At first, Steve didn’t know what to do but as the hug went on longer, he decided to hug back. He needed that. he can’t keep moping over Bucky. He neede to move on.

“Thank you, Y/N.” Steve said as a small tear fell down his face.

“No problem, Steve.” You finally said and you quickly left the room. 

As a person, who can control life and heal people. You could understand how a person felt. You could feel the aura of how a person was feeling. Whether, they were sad or angry, you could feel them.

Days had past. Days that turned into months.

Bucky was finally out of cryo. The first day he came out of that chamber, he began to turn back to himself. He was training again. He started going into therapy and many other things. You never really met the guy but he seemed like a genuine good person. You occasionally exchange some words with him but the conversation never went too far. However, you felt this feeling towards him. The way he smiled and his laugh would always catch you off guard.

Oh Shit. You were falling for him.

Hope you like it. Not the best but it’s mediocre. If you want to be tagged, please message or ask me. It’s always nice to see comments too.

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Darkhold #6 by Chris Cooper, Richard Case, & Al Bigley

You may be wondering why there’s a hair pulling catfight on my blog. That’s because I wanted an excuse to talk about the person Wanda is catfighting with: the love of my life, Victoria Montesi.

Victoria Montesi is the last descendant of a line of vampire-hunting priests. Except surprise! She’s actually the daughter of the ancient demon god Chthon, conceived via black magic. Victoria became pregnant with her own demon father, but everything turned out alright because Doctor Strange gave her a magic abortion.

She was also Marvel’s first lesbian lead character in a comic, if all that other stuff wasn’t noteworthy enough.

After a 20 year absence from comics, Victoria popped back up in Carnage recently where she is a boring character who delivers exposition. It breaks my heart. It really does. I’m afraid she’s going to end up being evil too, but I’m trying not to worry about that.

Victoria and Wanda know each other in a superhero acquaintance way. They fought because of a misunderstanding, ended up working together to defeat the real bad guy, and then Wanda promised Victoria and her friends that she would help them if they ever needed it. This is not some key relationship, but if you think about it, they have a lot of very uncommon shared experiences. They both exist as pawns in Chthon’s great master plan, and they both had a traumatic, demonic pregnancy experience. Maybe they can get together with Carol Danvers and start a Superhero Tokophobia Club.

Now that Polaris is sadly out of the picture (grumblegrumble), Victoria is the closest thing Wanda has to a sister. Except for her actual sister, Ana, who is dead. And I guess her brother, technically. Anyway, they’re kind of like sisters because they both come from Chthon, and I think they should be best friends.

Drabble Request - Unsafe

Ok, anon! Thank you for your patience! Here is the re-write after one long fucking day! I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach this at first but your excitement is adorable and infectious, I got real carried away with this prompt. This is not even a drabble anymore, I don’t know what the hell this is. I somehow found myself with an enhanced reader, which you totally didn’t ask for… I hope you like it anyway.


Warnings: All the violence, a lil swearing.

Word Count: 1261


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You stood off to the side leaning on the wall, watching Bucky carefully. He was pinching his eyes closed and gritting his teeth as if this was physically hurting him. Wanda was hovering just beside him as soft red wisps ghosted from her fingers, swirling around Bucky’s head and back to her. They had been poised this way for nearly 45 minutes. She must be exhausted.

You had been in on several of Bucky’s sessions with Wanda, watching intently while she pulled on his memories, trying to find a way to free him from the words that held him captive. A prisoner to anyone who knew them.  Steve had decided that you were best equipped to… handle Bucky if things went south while they were working together. You had both been hesitant at first, but you had agreed on a trial-basis. So far the sessions had been pretty mild, but Wanda was really pushing today.

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Yet Another Prequel: Girl’s Day {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

Prompt: Sent in by @1ndigoblu3! Thanks, love! xx   Hi, so I just saw your post bc I’m trash for ur blog haha ;) and I thought it would be really cute if u could a kinda girls day out thing with Nat and Wanda as well, and then like Tony and Sam and Clint gatecrash and kinda ruin it in a funny way?? Anyways so just an idea ;)

Warnings: cursing

Note: This is the last Prequel, I swear (fuck me). I promise not to burden y'all anymore xx

   “Oh, hell no! No! No! No!” (Y/N) screamed with Wanda, both their eyes wide as they stared at the TV that was displaying American Horror Story. They were both bundled up in enough blankets, puffy pillows, and fuzzy socks to make any teen, Tumblr chick cry their eyeballs out. They holed up in Wanda’s room at The Compound as Wanda clung to (Y/N)’s arm. They watched in over dramatic horror as the clown in Freak Show removed his mask to reveal his failed suicide attempt…and, okay, that was fucked the fuck up. Holy shit, no. Just, no!

  “Put it back on! Put it back on!” Wanda ordered as she threw popcorn at the clown, and held tighter to (Y/N).

  “That was some major Creepypasta shit! Oh, my God, stop!” (Y/N) yelled as she pulled the blanket over hers and Wanda’s heads.

  “What the hell are you both doing?” Sam roared as he sprinted into Wanda’s room from his room a few doors down.

  “Reenacting you, when you saw that spider the other day,” (Y/N) answered immediately, not a beat missed, while Wanda just giggled underneath the blanket, remembering the shriek of a little girl…it wasn’t a little girl.

  “That was a big-ass spider! Could’ve killed a man!” Sam yelled, then waved his hands before him, and crossed them again in consternation, taking a page out of Steve’s book: How to be Captain America and Never Lose an Ounce of Street Cred. “Never mind. Just, why are you screaming so much? This show should be nothing for you two,” Sam argued, remembering the time Steve and Tony showed him a video of (Y/N) taking down an entire disgustingly nightmarish legion of aliens…while dancing to ‘Fergalicious,’ by Fergie. Something he would always cherish, and never forget. “Are you even scared?” 

  Wanda and (Y/N) both turned to each other, staring deep into each other’s eyes as if they were staring into a camera from The Office, then burst out laughing, rolling around on the couch, pointing at Sam, then pointing at each other, while Sam just waited impatiently. Eventually, (Y/N) turned back to Sam.

  “That would be a fuck no,” (Y/N) emphasized and shook her head at Sam, then turned back to Wanda, her thumb over her shoulder towards Sam. “This guy,” (Y/N) huffed and rolled her eyes.

  “Then, why are you keeping me awake?” Sam sighed, his bloodshot eyes finding the ceiling in annoyance. “Sounds like a bag of rabid, alley cats in here. Why not just watch TV like normal people?”

  “Well, what’s the fun in that?” Wanda asked, narrowing her eyebrows at him.

  “Yeah, Chicken Wings? Got a problem?” (Y/N) pegged him. Sam just stared at her.

  “Yeah I have have a problem! It sounds like a bag of cats in here, and you just called me Chicken Wings,” Sam stated, then thought about it, “…again.” 

  “Then, stop ordering KFC every day of your life,” (Y/N) stated sarcastically.

  “I don’t,” Sam stated, his eyebrows drawn in confusion.

  “Oh, sorry,” (Y/N) laughed, mockingly putting her hand to her chest. “My bad. Then, I don’t know why I would ever call you Chicken Wings….a real head-scratcher that one is.”

  “Just, please, keep it down, and keep your pet names to yourself, (Y/N),” Sam slurred, then pivoted to exit Wanda’s room, his face almost making out with the doorway, but Wanda moved him a bit to the right as he slouched out into the hallway.

  “I think he’s tired,” (Y/N) pointed out after Sam was gone, and Wanda just shoved (Y/N)’s shoulder, then turned down the volume on the TV.

  Wanda and (Y/N) continued to watch the rest of the episode, only squeaking and squealing at the Big Bitch Baby’s (you know who I mean) stampede through the circus, until Natasha glided into the room, falling to Wanda’s bed beside (Y/N), resting her head on (Y/N)’s shoulder.

  “I think, possibly, Nat’s tired too,” (Y/N) stated, then brushed Natasha’s soft, red curls from her face as she took a deep breath.

  “More than possibly,” Nat huffed. “No, just…God, I need a day off. Don’t you both need a day off?” Natasha asked as Wanda nodded vehemently behind (Y/N). 

  “From what?” (Y/N) asked nonchalantly. 

  Nat just stared up at (Y/N) for a minute, her green eyes narrowed pointedly. “Weren’t you and Steve just on a mission to Botswana?” 


  “Don’t you feel like you need a vacation?” Nat emphasized, while Wanda almost gave herself whiplash from nodding so much, but (Y/N) just stared.

  “That was my vacation,” (Y/N) shook her head at Nat in disapproval, then decided to explain, once again. “Kicking assholes asses with my kick ass boyfriend in the butt-end of nowhere with nothing, but my magic, and my earbuds…sometimes, I swear, better than sex.”

  “Yeah…still, I want a girl’s day,” Nat concluded, because, yes. She understood (Y/N)’s passion in ruining the day of any bad guy stupid enough to fuck with her, but she didn’t understand at the same time. What else was new, though? So, she dropped it.

  “Oh, my gosh, yes!” Wanda exclaimed, jumping up from the couch. “I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but (Y/N) always says no, and…oh, my gosh! Where to first?”

  “My grave,” (Y/N) deadpanned. “Just throw me in there with a few bags of glitter, call that a Girl’s Day…oh, and a mini-fridge. Don’t forget the mini-fridge,” (Y/N) warned, but Nat ignored her.

  “I know,” Natasha rolled her eyes at (Y/N), speaking exclusively to Wanda. “I’ve been base-line begging her for almost four years for a girl’s day, but…”

  “I’d rather lick Clint’s big-toe, then Edward Fortyhands Tony’s organic bullshit,” (Y/N) proposed and Wanda made a face in memory of the kale juice….’what did I do to him?’

  “Don’t be so over dramatic, (Y/N),” Nat laughed. “It’s one day of your life. You’ll live.”

  (Y/N) looked like she had another sarcastic comment (which, obviously, she did), but Nat cut her off.

  “Please,” Nat stressed quietly. “I really, really need a good day. Just. One. Good. Day. Please…for me?”

  (Y/N) saw the real pain behind Natasha’s eyes, the pain (Y/N) wasn’t foreign to. This last mission must’ve really hit Natasha hard, because she was well-aware of (Y/N)’s aversion to shopping from the few trips they had been on, but (Y/N) wasn’t heartless. She loved Nat as much as Nat loved her, and if this *internal shudder* Girl’s Day would somehow tap Natasha’s soul with a unicorn dick-tip to send her on a rainbow into Happy Land, why the hell would (Y/N) stand in the way of that? She wouldn’t.

  “Aw, shit, Nat,” (Y/N) sighed in surrender, while Wanda squealed in excitement and began to plan the next day with Natasha, pulling out a notebook, and plenty of different colored pens to color coordinate. 

  (Y/N) just fell back onto Wanda’s bed and stared at the ceiling in horror at what she had just done. 

  ‘This is what it must feel like to be dead inside.’

  “Come on, we’ve been in this store for hours! I feel like I could’ve completed a whole Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, egotistical, masterpiece monologue in this time-frame!” (Y/N) yelled at Wanda and Nat from outside their dressing rooms of All Saints, one of the few stores (Y/N) would ever step foot in, despite her annoyance at the overpricing…seriously, what the fuck? Was this cardigan made from the Golden fucking Fleece, or something? I don’t get it.

  “Oh, quiet, (Y/N). It’s been eleven minutes,” Natasha laughed. “And you called Tony a baby for…”

  “I call Tony a baby for everything, because, if you haven’t noticed already, he is,” (Y/N) rushed. “Have either of you found anything yet, or do you just enjoy making my blood boil, and balls sweat?”

  “All three,” Wanda laughed as she stepped out of the dressing room in, yet another, leather jacket, to which her only response to (Y/N)’s, ‘bitch, really?’ face was…

  “But, this one has an extra pocket,” Wanda pointed out the third pocket, unzipping and zipping the silver zipper that, for the price that it was, had to be made from only the finest sterling silver pieces to have ever graced the planet. Only. Way.

  “Why do you need two red, leather jackets?” (Y/N) huffed at Wanda as Nat folded another dress into (Y/N)’s arms with a wink.

  “What?” Wanda asked with wide eyes. “You don’t think my other one gets lonely?”

  “The other five leather jackets can keep it company,” (Y/N) petitioned, then turned sharply to Nat. “I know you want me to look hot on our next date, but this is a bit forceful,” (Y/N) shook the dress in the air.

  “You only have to look good for yourself,” Nat responded, then lifted her eyebrow before she slipped into the dressing room. “But I bet Steve wouldn’t mind the new look.”

  “Who needs to spend money on a ‘new look,’ when the best look I’ve got is naked,” (Y/N) shrugged. “In the nude. Commando. Free willy.”

  “Just try on the damn dress,” Natasha called to her through a smirk, while Wanda checked the price tag of her jacket and winced.

  “Oh, no,” (Y/N) chided. “Will poor Timmy not be fed for another week?” (Y/N) asked her snidely, then crossed her arms. “How many banks will that unnecessary jacket break?”

  “Four and a half,” Wanda answered in devastation. “But for three pockets…”

  “No,” (Y/N) contended, swiftly sliding the jacket from Wanda’s hands. “For once, I’ll be the responsible one.”

  “That’s a first,” Natasha’s laugh echoed from the dressing room. “My boobs look weird in this dress.”

  “Well, your boobs look fan-fucking-tastic in the shirt that you already own, so what’s the point in wasting time looking for a new one?” (Y/N) argued.

  “To make your balls sweat,” Natasha quipped, then stepped out of the dressing room in her street clothes. “I’m so glad you’re enjoying our Girl’s Day.”

  “You might want to look up ‘enjoying’ in the dictionary,” (Y/N) retorted. “I mean, you had enough time. Seriously, did you both take the dressing rooms to Narnia, or something?” (Y/N) asked them severely, while Nat and Wanda just laughed. Their laughter was contagious, like laughing gas…or herpes. (Y/N) couldn’t help skipping out of the store, because now was her favorite part of any shopping trip Nat had forced her on. 

  “On the other hand, lunch…lunch I’m down with,” (Y/N) conceded as they headed over to The Cheesecake Factory.

  “God, you’re insane,” Natasha laughed.

  “Let’s be real here, Nat,” (Y/N) disclosed. “Food, or overpriced clothes? Because, personally, I’d rather streak through NYC till the day I die, than give up pizza for eternity. Can’t just be me, can it?”

  After ordering lunch, eating plenty of complimentary bread, talking the Cheesecake clerk into free samples (’you know, we saved New York, so I think the Cheesecake’s name-sake should pay up…in my mouth’), splitting each of their appetizers evenly (more-or-less) between each other (they all got different things including the Eggroll Sampler, Factory Nachos, and your order)…then (Y/N) got some more bread to-go. Literally, just the bread (’I don’t even know what kind of bread this is, but the shit’s good…like bad guy’s egos, it melts in my mouth’).

  Yep, that was always (Y/N)’s favorite part of shopping…but then, they returned to reality. Dress after dress, shoe after shoe, sarcastic comment after sarcastic comment, the day dragged on, but (Y/N) had a smile on her face the whole damn time because, to be honest, the trip wasn’t that horrible. Despite her sarcasm (which both Nat and Wanda thoroughly enjoyed), she was happy. Happy to be happy with two of her best friends. No threats. No pain. Just happiness…and a lot of weird looks from the people around them.

  It wasn’t a secret that the world was getting more tense about the idea of the Avengers. There seemed to be a distinct divide beginning to form, separating person from person, morally and politically. Either the Avengers were believed to be their save in grace, or their path towards eternal demise.

  Tough choice, but someone’s gotta make the call

  Anyway, within the sea of painfully watchful eyes, there was always the brave few who spoke to Wanda, Nat, and (Y/N)…but mostly (Y/N).

  “So, are you and Steve going to get married and have kids? I don’t mean to pry, it’s just, seriously, you two are, like, perfect,” one woman, Katelyn, asked after (Y/N) complimented her jacket. “I’m babbling aren’t I? Overstepping…a lot?”

  “Dude,” (Y/N) assured her with a laugh, “that could be my life-story. I babbled like a two-year-old when I first met your favorite celebrity for my birthday last year.” Then, (Y/N) shook her head at the memory with a huge smile on her face. “Tony and Steve know me so damn well, so, yeah…maybe eventually, I could see Steve and I getting married, but sh…” (Y/N) whispered theatrically, “don’t tell Steve. I swear, he’ll start dress shopping with Tony and Sam for me.” 

  “My lips are sealed,” Katelyn whispered back just as Wanda rounded the corner, her magic-laced finger beckoning (Y/N) towards the dressing room, no doubt a room filled, yet again, by Wanda and Nat for (Y/N). Truth be told, they loved shopping for (Y/N), more than they loved shopping for themselves. It just enhanced the fact that the team continued to call (Y/N) ‘the baby of the family.’ It, simultaneously, made (Y/N) grind her teeth, while, also, bringing her extraordinary love. The team brought out the fucking worst in her.

  (Y/N) groaned, then whispered to Katelyn. “Actually, screw the guys, just don’t tell them,” (Y/N) motioned to Wanda and Nat who had entered their dressing rooms again. “Pinky swear?” (Y/N) asked Katelyn who interlocked her pinky with (Y/N)’s as (Y/N) straightened up, cracked her neck, then entered the belly of the beast as if she was entering Battle Royale

  “Wait, can I, um, just ask one last question, please?” Katelyn called (Y/N) back who was quick to oblige, keeping her distance from the monster locked behind that closet.


  “Please, just to ease my conscience, and my family’s…um, will The Avengers really be shut down?” Katelyn asked quietly. (Y/N) had heard the question before, been hounded through the streets at times by the press, whom had, luckily, not found out about Girl’s Day yet.

  “Would you want that?” (Y/N) asked back seriously, and Katelyn’s eyes went wide.

  “No! No, that’s why I was asking. My family believes in you all…I was in New York…a waitress at the time,” Katelyn explained. “When you and Captain America…um, is it okay if I call him, Steve?” she asked and (Y/N) nodded with a grin on her face. “Well, you and Steve saved my life. I wanted to thank you…again.”

  (Y/N) had no words, because this is where she stood. (Y/N) knew that she had done the right thing in New York, done good by those at SHIELD Headquarters, only had benevolent intentions when she attacked Ultron in Sokovia. Only good intentions. Just like Steve, and Bruce, and Clint, and Wanda, and Sam, and Rhodey, and Natasha…and Tony. It was clear as day, but why could no one else see that? Including Tony.

  “Yeah…yeah, um, anytime…or something else Steve would say…something superheroey…I’m not really good at this,” (Y/N) stuttered for the first time since…oh, my God…she didn’t even know.

  “I think you’re better than you think,” Katelyn laughed, then looked straight into (Y/N)’s eyes. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong when you know, for a fact, that you’re right. Please, for everyone, stay strong.” 

  The similarities between what Katelyn had just said, and the advice from Peggy that she had given (Y/N) back when Steve had first introduced them, was absolutely staggering, leaving (Y/N) speechless, but Katelyn smiled anyway.

  “I don’t mean to keep you from Black Widow and Scarlet Witch…I just wanted to tell you before somebody else told you otherwise,” Katelyn affirmed, then turned to leave the store, waving to (Y/N) as she reached just outside the glass doors.

  Okay, that was the fourth person, specifically that day, to either warn (Y/N) against ending the team, or for her to end the team. There was something going on…something brewing…but, what the hell was it?

  “(Y/N)!” Nat called, breaking (Y/N) from her thoughts. “There’s sixteen different pieces of Zara destined for, strictly, your body only. Answer the call, before I answer it for you,” Nat motioned into the dressing room.

  “I hung up,” (Y/N) answered coyly, but a smile played on her lips. Whatever was coming, indeed, was coming.

  ‘Eh, I’ll figure something out,’ (Y/N) shrugged to herself as she joined Wanda and Nat.

  Turns out, (Y/N) found something in Zara. A little, green dress picked out by Wanda.

  She didn’t like anything from Natasha’s pile for the first time in forever. It was a strange occurrence, and the situation didn’t pass for the rest of the day to Natasha’s devastation. But, no matter. The nail salon was next on Wanda’s list.

  “Wanda,” (Y/N) laughed. “I’ve never seen your nails painted any other color than My Chemical Romance.”

  “A girl can change,” Wanda shrugged as she sifted through the little jars with indecisive eyes. After a few minutes, Nat and (Y/N) already seated, toes dipped in warm water, preparing for their pedicures, Wanda joined them holding a jar of, shockingly, black.

  “I was waiting for a revelation, a changed girl, the peacock to arise,” (Y/N) joked.

  “I said a girl can change, (Y/N),” Wanda teased her back, “not that I would change.”

  “I feel cheated, like Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars,” (Y/N) fake cried, dramatically wiping a tear from her cheek. “The guy just wanted his miniature, naked man.”

   Wanda and Nat laughed their asses off as (Y/N) sighed in disappointment, then leaned back against the recliner and allowed Lisa, her nail artist, to massage her tired feet, closing her eyes in bliss. Eventually, Wanda and Nat joined her, all three worn from endless missions, the deafening roar of avenging fading into the soft, piano background music of the salon as they drifted to nowhere, minds wandering the clouds…ding! The front door bell rang out quietly, only to be drowned out by…

  “I call pink! Bright pink! Like cotton candy, but…pinkier, the pinkest you’ve got in this joint!”

  It was Tony’s goddamn voice.

  “Pink? I say glitter nails,” Sam retorted sarcastically. “I’m headin’ up to Vegas this weekend, and these babies gotta roll some dice. Go big, or go home, amiright?!”

  “What the hell are you guys talking about? I thought we had all settled for a matching set of french tips?” Clint complained jokingly. Automatically, Natasha was glaring at all three of them, seething behind her green eyes. Clint was the only one who seemed immune as Tony and Sam took an involuntary step back. “I see Nat went for red. I’m shocked.”

  “You should see Wanda’s nails,” (Y/N) teased. “She’s a changed woman. She decided to go Morticia Addams, rather than her usual Bellatrix LeStrange. For me, it was a real toss up, so I opted for Darth Vader.”

  “That tears it,” Tony threw his hand down on the table before a stunned nail artist. “I’m going Edward Scissorhands.”

  “Why are you idiots here?” Natasha asked, rubbing her temples as the nail artist finished the last coat of red on her toes.

  “We were heading out for drinks a few blocks down, and came to see if (Y/N) would join us,” Tony answered, but Sam elbowed him in the side. “And, of course, only in the company of her fellow Charlie’s Angels to complete the trio,” Tony continued as he drifted over to (Y/N) and whispered in her ear. “I came to rescue you, thank me later.”

  “How the hell did you find us?” Wanda spit at Sam who just grinned.

  “Twitter blew up after this girl met (Y/N) who, apparently, helped her pick out a new outfit for her upcoming date,” Sam explained, shaking his head at (Y/N), because, this girl…

  “How about I no thank you now, and save myself the trouble?” (Y/N) retorted at Tony with a smirk as she read his befuddled expression.

  “Wh…what? I’m sorry, I think the nail polish fumes are effecting your brain,” Tony whispered conspicuously back, moving his pointer finger from side-to-side before (Y/N)’s bright eyes, making Nat smirk.

  “No, she’s just grown out of you, Tony,” Natasha announced confidently. Tony looked taken aback, then turned quickly back to (Y/N).

  “…come back to the Dark Side,” Tony pleaded with (Y/N) as she laughed.

  “Dude, it’s one day. Nat was right, I feel relaxed as hell right now,” (Y/N) explained to a shocked Tony as she waved over to her artist. “Thanks, Lisa! You’re the real MVP!” (Y/N) finger-gunned at the woman who just giggled. Then, (Y/N) took in all three of the guy’s shocked expressions. “And the plot thickens,” (Y/N) whispered dramatically, while Nat and Wanda laughed, knowing they won her over.

  “This can’t be happening,” Clint whispered, then sprinted over to (Y/N)’s side and kneeled beside her, resting his chin on the recliner armrest. “What have they done to you?!“

  “After a ten minute foot massage, and almost half an hour on this chair sent straight from the hands of God…dude, I could die in peace here, retire here, grow old, and eat applesauce here…I’m so relaxed right now, man,” (Y/N) whispered.

  “I don’t understand this,” Sam deadpanned, and shook his head. “I watched you and Clint have a burping contest the other day, then you wrestled Steve…and almost won.”

  “He actually did cheat,” (Y/N) grumbled to Wanda, the referee at the time, who rolled her eyes. Then, (Y/N) shook her head at the guys, and leaned back against her recliner again. “Little lesson on women, boys. Girls can do anything they want, like whatever the fuck they want. They can do stereotypical guy things, and still enjoy the luxuries of being a girl. Deal with it.”

  “Not a problem, Tom Girl,” Clint nodded to her. “So, are you coming, or not?”

  “No, I can’t even get drunk for another few weeks, because of the serum…but you guys can stay if you want,” (Y/N) shrugged.

  “What?!” Wanda exclaimed. “No they can’t! Go be idiots somewhere else! This is a Girl’s Day!”

  “That’s fine, we’re gone,” Sam answered immediately as himself and Clint turned to leave, but Tony just stared at the ground, taking in the sweet scents of rosebud and vanilla, despite the stench of nail polish that was slowly melting away into the aroma of the flickering candles. Then, his eyes followed the trail to the massage chairs, soft, black leather that could make anyone melt all the way to the Earth’s core. It was maddening.

  “Are you going to sit down, or continue to look stupid?” (Y/N) asked as Tony fell into one of the massage chairs, letting the hum take his back to church. “Was it the rosebuds, or the candles?”

  “It’s all very good,” Tony muttered through the vibrations, while Nat and Wanda stood up together…if looks could kill…

  “No! This isn’t…no!” Wanda complained while the guys looked in the verge of heart attacks. “Get out, Stark!”

  “It’s so funny that when people get pissed at me, they tend to use my last name,” Tony hypothesized to (Y/N) who laughed with him.

  “You have a first name?” (Y/N) asked, because, seriously. Someone was always pissed at Tony.

  “Right,” Tony laughed back.

  “You can’t steal (Y/N) away again!” Wanda yelled at him as she attempted to drag him off the chair, but Tony held firm to the armrests with a smirk on his face. 

  “I’m not stealing her,” Tony retorted. “I’m staying right here. The place where the knots in my backs have become silk. Fucking silk.”

  “Tony, man. Get your ass up,” Sam demanded, hand firmly on the door while Clint stared at the floor, the aroma of flowers playing with his mind as he swore the armrest of the massage chair next to Tony beckoned to him with open arms, whispering his name. “This isn’t a game. I’ve got a mission tomorrow, and I need a beer.”

  “Then, go get one,” Tony contended smoothly, “nobody’s stopping you.”

  “Well, I’m stopping you from staying,” Wanda yelled. “It’s just supposed to be just the girls today. We finally got (Y/N) away from you, so pick your ass us, and please, leave,” Wanda protested, while Nat gazed over to the hot wax on the table a few feet in front of Tony.

  “In case it’s slipped your attention, Wanda, but America is a free country,” Tony answered snidely, sinking further into his massage chair. “You can order me around all you want in Sokovia, but I have all the rights in the world to be right here in this blessed chair. Seriously, did Jesus kiss this seat before I sat in it?”

  “No,” (Y/N) deadpanned, shaking her head ferociously at him. “These were handcrafted by God. Get your facts straight.”

  “Got it,” Tony finger gunned at (Y/N). “Now, I’m caught up. Who even needs to read the Bible when (Y/N) has his whole agenda figured out.”

  “Ah, fuck it!” Clint exclaimed, then slipped into the chair beside Tony, his hand glued to the remote as he switched the chair on. “Oh, yeahhhhh….”

 “Oh, no! No! No!” Wanda shouted at Clint, then pulled him off the chair with her red magic, sliding his ass across the floor, almost crashing into the nail polish cart, but he rolled out of the way.

  Then, he crashed into the second nail polish cart, sending about twenty little pots of paint to smash onto the floor in a frenzy of splatter paint as Tony laughed his ass off, pointing at Clint who looked in shock.

  “Oh, shit…” Clint sighed as he looked up to Lisa and the other three nail artists who just shrugged. They knew the team were going to have to pay for it. The nail salon owner was the one to cause hell, but luckily, she wasn’t there at the time.

  “Just pay for the damages. It’s not a big deal,” Lisa promised as she helped Wanda and Clint wipe up the paint.

  “See! This!” Natasha growled at the guys. “It was so quiet and peaceful, then you assholes showed up! Get! Out!” 

  “Okay! I don’t know about them, but I’ll be quiet! Sheesh!” Tony promised, throwing his hands up in surrender as he leaned back into his chair. “Sam, you can either join Girl’s Day, or you can walk out with your wings between your legs. Your choice, buddy.”

  “Yeah, Chicken Wings,” (Y/N) added sarcastically. “Embrace your feminine side. Let the lavender take you on a spiritual journey to your inner-soul.”

  “Open up your mind, and blossom your butt hole like a flower to the soothing comfort of rosebud,” Tony continued.

  “Find your true yogi with us-” (Y/N) started.

  “This is a spa session, not a yoga session,” Natasha interrupted, muttering ‘dumb asses,’ as she stepped closer to the hot wax.

  “Whatever, stay or go, we’ll be here relaxing,” Tony stated to Sam, eyes closed as his body turned to putty.

  “I-I…I’m gonna go…Clint?” Sam asked as Clint straightened up from the floor, his pant-legged knees drenched in paint.

  “I need a fucking spa session,” Clint sighed as he returned to the massage chair he attempted to sit in before, keeping his eyes locked with Wanda’s flashing red ones as she paid for the smashed nail polishes.

  “Join the Dark Side!” (Y/N) beckoned to Sam, reeling him in with an imaginary rope.

  “May the force be with your ass and that massage chair over there,” Tony added, his voice vibrating from his own massage chair.

  Sam looked long and hard at that chair, then threw his arms up like Clint.

  “If you can’t fight ‘em, join ‘em,” Sam replied in surrender as he tossed his body into the soothing arms of salvation.

  “Have your butt cheeks blossomed yet?” (Y/N) called over to Sam who just laughed with Tony and Clint.

  “It’s winter, (Y/N),” Sam retorted. “There’s still four more months until spring.”

  “What are you gonna do until then?” Clint asked.

  “Fertilize,” Sam answered.

  “You guys are disgusting,” Natasha groaned. “Including you, (Y/N).”

  “Don’t hate the player, hate the fact that you dragged me into Girl’s Day,” (Y/N) responded with a cheeky smile on her face.

  “Did you call them?!” Wanda howled as she slipped back into her massage chair, two of her toe nails completely ruined by her excursion.

  “Oh, yeah, totally,” (Y/N) admitted sarcastically. “I also invited Batman and Robin, but it looks like they’re running late. The pricks…”

  “Oh, God! Would everyone shut up!” Tony yelled with his eyes still closed. “You’re ruining Girl’s Day for me!”

  “Fuck you, Tony,” Natasha muttered, but her voice got lost in the piano music that danced among the sweet scents of the salon. Then, like a whisper, the team was absorbed into Happy Land.

  After twenty minutes of rare (rare like red Starburst, rare) silence, Lisa glided over from (Y/N)’s completed toenails to the guys who were all napping in their massage chairs. 

  “Excuse me,” Lisa tapped Clint who snorted as he woke up.

  “What?!” Clint called out. “Oh, you. Nail…artist…lady-person. Hi.”

  “Hello, Mr. Barton,” Lisa smiled. “One of my co-workers called our boss to explain the nail-polish situation and, somehow, it slipped out that you and your three friends are here…here, just sleeping. So, I don’t mean to sound crass, but my boss told me to tell you, that you need to purchase some form of service, or I must ask you to leave.”

  “No…” Clint sighed in his half-sleep. “I’m so comfortable. Don’t make me go! I saved New York!!”

  “You shot, like, thirteen arrows,” Sam denounced Clint who just nodded.

  “Yeah, but I sure as hell made them count,” Clint pouted as he rolled to face away from Sam. “Anyway, I’ll take it. Whatever you’re selling, I don’t care. I’ll take it.”

  “You’re gonna get your nails done?” (Y/N) asked Clint with her eyebrow raised, the biggest smile lifting her dimpled cheeks.

  “If it keeps my ass in this chair, I would get my hair dyed into a goddamn rainbow,” Clint proposed, then cut (Y/N) off. “But no. I’ll just get my nails painted today,” Clint grinned at (Y/N)’s befallen face as Tony comforted her with, ‘that could be arranged,’ whispered in her ear.

  “What has this night out turned into?” Sam grumbled, but remained in his massage chair as he glared over to Tony who already had his left foot half-way covered in red nail polish. Yeah, bright red.

  “Now we’re matching, Nat!” Tony exclaimed over to Natasha who just glared at the bowl of hot wax as her nail artist began to repaint Nat’s nails to a light grey. “I feel like Pretty Woman right now.”

  “And I feel like this is the best day of my life,” (Y/N) smiled over at Tony’s toenails, then up to his beaming face.

  “Why don’t more men do this?” Tony asked. “Tiffany is making me into a work of art!”

  “A true Picasso,” (Y/N) added.

  “A perfect Monet replica,” Tony swore as he kissed his fingers in an Italian gesture.

  “Monet was French,” (Y/N) countered to which Tony who gasped, then brought in (Y/N)’s face to his, theatrically kissing both of her cheeks.

  “La beauté et le cerveau (the beauty and the brains),” Tony proposed animatedly making (Y/N) laugh, because she was the one who taught him the small bit of French he knew to impress Pepper on their Date Night.

  “And don’t you forget it,” (Y/N) laughed with him. 

  The rest of the night went like that. Just happy bantering, warm candlelight, massage chairs, the three men getting pedicures (Clint and Sam clear-gel, but Tony was unashamed), Clint sleeping through everything, plenty of sarcasm, plenty of laughing, but the highlight of the day was, by far, the design Tony and (Y/N) decided for Clint while he was sleeping, obviously, him having no choice in the matter. A classy, elegant, devastatingly handsome design for a man of such grace was suggested for Clint’s toenails. The poor, unfortunate souls of his toenails.

  “The devil possessed my feet!” Clint shouted when he woke up. “Holy shit!”

  “There’s nothing holy about those toes, bruh,” (Y/N) teased him as he revealed his and (Y/N)’s matching tattoos on the bottom of his foot that read, ‘bruh.’ 

  “Are you all serious! Get these off of me! I can’t even look directly at them! I feel like the ground will open up, and Satan will swallow me fucking whole!” Clint complained while everyone laughed their asses off. “Come on! How do I get rid of them! I have kids at home!”

  “Then, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them to never fall asleep around (Y/N) and Tony,” Sam smirked, then burst out laughing when he glanced at Clint’s toes again. 

  “By the way,” (Y/N) interjected Clint’s ranting, “the style is called, ‘El Diablo,’ in the shade, ‘Ravish Me Red.’”

  “Get. This. Shit. Off. Of. Me!’ Clint yelled. Then, turned to Lisa. “I said, ‘do what you want with my toes,’ but this! This was not part of that!”

  “I can get them off for you, Mr. Barton,” Lisa laughed quietly as she sat him back down, Clint pulling many obscene gestures towards Tony and (Y/N) that just spurred on the hyenas.

  “They got me…again,” Tony muttered the next morning in The Compound as he stiffly walked into the kitchen, hanging on to the edge of (Y/N)’s chair for support.

  “Then, stop being a dick,” (Y/N) laughed into her coffee.

  “What did I do to them this time, though? They already got me from when I told The Press about Natasha’s tattoo of a butterfly on her left butt cheek.”

  “It’s the right, dumb ass,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

  “Whatever, they got me,” Tony mumbled, then turned, and shouted up towards Wanda’s room. “You got me, okay?! Now, we’re even…for whatever I did!”

  “We’ll never be even,” Wanda spoke in Tony’s mind as she entered the kitchen, a new trick her and (Y/N) had been working on for the last few weeks.

  “How the…well, I’ll be damned. You really did it!” Tony exclaimed in excitement, despite the pain on his ass and arms, the mad scientist in him raising a test tube to the heavens like the Holy Bible.

  “Are you going to apologize for ruining Girl’s Day, or will I have to get even more wax strips?” Wanda threatened, her arms crossed as she watched Tony’s face drop, while (Y/N) took another sip of coffee.

  “That’s why I was de-haired!? Because you and Nat were jealous?” Tony laughed his ass off, while Wanda just glowered at him, fingertips slightly burning in red, but she reeled herself in.

  “Stark, I suggest you apologize before you are more than waxed,” Wanda continued as Tony straightened up.

  “I won’t apologize for showing up in a public venue that Girl’s Day just happened to be held in,” Tony argued. “Plus, I don’t see Sam or Clint complaining. The hell did you do to them?”

  “You and (Y/N) already got Clint last night with the devil claws, and Sam wasn’t going to stay until you and Clint stayed, so he’s off the hook,” Wanda contended fiercely just as (Y/N) reached the door frame, but Natasha pushed her back inside.

  “Oh, you’re a part of this too,” Natasha gunned at (Y/N) who fell back into her chair, Tony in the chair beside her, wincing at the pain on his ass.

  “Ha, ha!” (Y/N) laughed at him. “Karma’s a bitch, right? Remember when you made fun of me for my sunburned ass in Malibu.”

  “Shut up, Dairy Queen,” Tony muttered to her as Wanda and Natasha rounded on Dumb and Dumber.

  “You two need to separate,” Wanda announced.

  “You want us to get divorced?” (Y/N) gasped mockingly, pulling her hand up to her chest.

  “Oh, my God,” Natasha moaned. “No, you idiots need to stop spending so much time together! We never get to be with just (Y/N). It’s always (Y/N) and Tony.”

  “Can’t you just not follow each other around all the time?” Wanda huffed.

  (Y/N) and Tony stared at each other, then burst out laughing.

  “Uh, no!” Tony shouted. “I don’t do well with long-distance relationships.”

  “I fucking hate calling people,” (Y/N) stated bluntly, then shrugged, while Nat buried her face in her hands and Wanda threw her hands up as she left the kitchen.

  “I can’t deal with you two right now,” Natasha groaned as she rubbed her temples. “I have to be somewhere in an hour, so…God, just lecture yourselves,” Natasha sighed as she left the kitchen to do her makeup, then get far, far away from them.

  “Oh, my God, Tony,” (Y/N) mimicked Natasha’s voice, standing up to put her hands on her hips. “Stop playing AC/DC whenever you do something you deem, ‘awesome.’”

  “Oh, my God, (Y/N),” Tony mimicked Wanda’s voice as he picked up two tomatoes from the refrigerator, twisting his hands like when Wanda uses her magic. “Why do you always let Bennie sleep on my bed when I’m away on a mission?”

  “Welp, that outta do it,” (Y/N) smiled at Tony as he juggled the tomatoes.

  “So, what do you wanna do now?” Tony asked as a mischievous look creeped across (Y/N)’s face. “Oh, shit. Whatcha’ got for me?” Tony mirrored (Y/N)’s sly look.

  “I might’ve passed through Walmart last night when I went out for cookie dough after we got home from the salon,” (Y/N) explained with her elbows on the counter, her eyebrow raised. “And I found some hair dye….”

  “What colored hair dye?” Tony encouraged her.

  “Leprechaun asshole,” (Y/N) whispered loudly as Tony fell across the counter. “Yeah, I just grabbed every color they had. So, you wanna help me?”

  “Wish I could, punk, but I have to go to a meeting soon,” Tony laughed, but the light left his eyes pretty quick. The meeting was with a UN representative to discuss a new document to bring The Avengers to order. Tony thought about telling (Y/N), but he didn’t know how to start. Telling (Y/N) to listen to a government organization would be like telling her to give up pizza. It wasn’t gonna happen. But, he had to make her see, to understand, to protect her, to protect the team, to make up for everything he had done to the world, burdened them with Ultron…to get Pepper back. There was so much riding on this one document, on the team signing it. 

  He just didn’t know how to break it to (Y/N).

  “Guess I’ll have to do it without you,” (Y/N) taunted Tony as he tried to put a happy smile on his face. (Y/N) saw right through it. “What’s wrong? What’s up with this meeting?” Tony froze, then forced a laugh. 

  “Not the meeting, kid,” Tony hesitated, then smiled. “Old MacDonalds’ already gone. Left early this morning.”

  “Dammit,” (Y/N) whispered, making Tony laugh, but then her stunning eyes grew serious, piercing right through him. “You’d tell me if something was wrong, wouldn’t you? I know I’ve never been the most…honest at times, but I’ve grown out of that…honestly, so…you’d tell me if something was going on, right?”

  It was on the tip of his tongue, but ‘it’ were words that were too hard to tell, so he just half-smiled.

  “When you need to know, the truth will always come out,” Tony answered coyly as he slipped out of the kitchen, leaving (Y/N) with furrowed eyebrows.

  “The fuck is that supposed to mean?” (Y/N) called after him as Tony pivoted, walking backwards with his hands up.

  “How am I supposed to know? Listen to your heart. Let that be the judge, or something like that…” Tony answered by not answering as (Y/N) just shook her head, but dropped it. Obviously, there was something going on, but she trusted that Tony would tell her, as he said, when she needed to know.

  He would. Right?

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67 and 68 with Wanda

67. This will be a piece of cake! | 68. Aaand you just jinxed it. Prompt idea list here

You’d only be out in the field a couple of times, but this time was a code red. You and Wanda, both your partner and mentor, were called in to handle the uprising AI personal robots.

You stood at the top of a hill to survey the number of enemies below. You couldn’t help but smile at how easy this would be. Next to you, Wanda didn’t look so excited.

“We got this, Wand!” You tried to sound upbeat. You grinned reassuringly and slapped her heartily on the back. “This will be a piece of cake! There’s not many of them.”

Wanda directed your attention back to the horizon. “Aaand you just jinxed it. Look again, (y/n).”

You did a double take, and what used to be a small army of robots seemed to multiply into a large army of robot enemies. More and more kept coming over the hill, making it look endless.

“Oh,” you said, your voice small. “Oops. My bad.”

She simply sighed and raised her fists, both hands surrounded in a glowing field of energy. “Let’s just get on with the fighting.”