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One Last Goodbye (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengera

Warnings: Death, mourning. 

SUPER SAD!!!!!!!

Request: hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x avengers where the reader died during a mission. Fury give Tony a USB key and told him to watch the video with the rest of the avengers. on the video the reader is talking about how much she loved them and tells each avenger little facts that she loved about them and she thanks them for being her family. I don’t know if that make sense.. sorry I’m french :) thank you if you write my request. bye, I love you xx

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It had been a month.

You had gone on a mission alone. They didn’t have a specific time for you to come back, and you were undercover, so the avengers didn’t bat an eyelid when you didn’t call in and didn’t come back in over a month. But then they heard the news.

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Rebecca, Clint x Nat, Sam x Wanda

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Jealousy, Possessiveness, Stalking, Language, Smut ( later chapters )

A/N: I’m going to be a bit of an asshole to you in this chapter, Y/N. There’s going to be blood and you will most likely feel a lot of pain. No, get your mind out of the gutter, we’re not at that stage yet. Although I do believe you’d taste absolutely divine, in more ways than one.


A wave of panic set in when a deep growl rumbled through the water around her. It took a moment for Y/N to figure out which way was up and which was down. The sunlight helped guide her back up to the surface. When her head popped out of the water, Nat shouted her name. Both girls leaned forward and took hold of Y/N’s arm, pulling her up to the safety of the vessel. As soon as she was able to put her hands on the railing, something grabbed one of her legs. “NO!” She was yanked so forcefully that poor Wanda was pulled into the water as well. “Y/N! Wanda!” The younger girl came up quickly, scrambling to get back to the boat. Nat helped her in, but Y/N was still nowhere to be seen.

Y/N wanted to scream as it dragged her into deeper water, but she needed to hold onto whatever breath she had left. The murky water made it impossible for her to see who the assailant was. If she didn’t act soon she would be too far in to make it back up without drowning. Remembering that she still had a free leg, Y/N kicked out at whatever was trying to drown her. To her relief, it let go and she began swimming back to the shallows. A rush of water pushed against her side as the thing seemed to have darted past her. Y/N noticed something dark shadow in the direction she was heading. The closer it appeared, the more paranoid she got and unwanted images of shark teeth flashed in her mind.

Suddenly the face of a beautiful woman peered through the murkiness. Y/N stopped moving, terrified that she had just happened to come across a corpse, but the woman blinked and smiled at her. It was almost angelic. Her long blonde hair floated around her doll like face. Bright emerald eyes stared back. The woman’s hand came to rest against Y/N’s cheek, causing her to flinch at the coldness of it. As her lovely face inched forward, her eyes changed. The pupils nearly disappeared under a thick ring of gold. Her nose scrunched up and she released a high pitched scream, large fangs protruding from her gums, as she lunged forward.

This threw Y/N into a frenzy, throwing her hands forward, one grabbing the crazy woman by the neck to keep her at a distance. Whatever she was, the strength was greater. Y/N felt something scaly wrap around her body, holding her in place. She was unable to defend herself and felt the creature claw at her flesh. Red flooded the water around them and the pain was becoming unbearable, but nothing was worse then when the female latched her mouth over the location of Y/N’s heart and bit down, almost crushing the bone beneath it. Y/N lost her breath as a scream exploded from within her. A deep, guttural snarl seemed to respond to it and the creature that had attached itself to her was suddenly ripped off of her body. More screams and snarls echoed around her and a larger amount of blood polluted the water, but this time it didn’t come from Y/N.

Y/N didn’t linger to found out what the hell just happened. She used the last bit of energy she had to swim to the surface. The possibility of dying was much higher now with the constant bleeding from her wounds. God forbid she remains in the sea any longer with that thing and whatever the fuck took her. She gasped and inhaled much needed air upon resurfacing. The ship was still nearby and she thanked the heavens that the girls hadn’t given up and just taken off without her.

“Help!” Her body was so weak after all the blood loss and she could barely raise her voice, but Y/N refused to give in. “Nat!” She noticed Wanda look over the side of the boat and watched as she darted into the cabin. A few seconds later, both of them emerged and Nat dove into the water. Oh god, Nat, no! Get back on the boat! Y/N feared that her friend was about to face the same horrors she did. Natasha noticed the blood and immediately panicked. “Lets get you out of here.” She wrapped an arm around her waist and started peddling back, inwarding praying that nothing attacked them in this vulnerable state. Wanda nearly jumped in as well when they got closer. She help Nat get Y/N back on deck. It wasn’t long before the tears came through at the realization of Y/N’s condition. “Oh my god, what the hell attacked you?” “Come on, lets get her inside and treat her injuries before we start bombarding her with questions. If we don’t go back to shore and get her real medical attention, she’s going to die.”

After the wounds were bandaged, the redhead brought up the anchor and turned the boat around, finally heading home. What the girls failed to notice was the figure in the water, watching the whole ordeal. Piercing eyes, blue as the sky, stared after the retreating boat. It had tasted her blood and found it intoxicating in the most delicious way. If he hadn’t been distracted with the trespasser, he would have most likely devoured her himself. It was a missed opportunity and he just couldn’t let it go. So he did what any predator would do…he tracked down his prey.

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Joining The Team Pt 2 (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warning: Vivid description of torture, blood, violence, mutilation and murder


Request: Joining The Team Part 2 

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“Who’s going in first?” Tony asked. No one raised their hand, not even Natasha or Steve. No one felt safe enough, especially when they felt you staring at them, even when tied up.

“Rock paper scissors?” Clint asked.

“Shortest straw?” Tony asked.

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will you call me to tell me you’re alright?

A/N: I really love James Arthur’s new song, Safe Inside and it reminded me of Steve worrying about Wanda. This is for @thecraftycracker who always lets me rant to her, without fail, about anything Stucky related. 

Will you call me to tell me you’re alright?

‘Cause I worry about you the whole night

Don’t repeat my mistakes, I won’t sleep 'til you’re safe inside

Steve worried about her, of course he did.

She was like a little sister to him and when she lost her brother, she broke. Not that she would let him see. She went out and didn’t come back ‘till late. Get drunk and go to parties to blow off steam, he never tried to stop her but he always worried about her. Tried to keep tabs on her to make sure she was save.

But if anyone could take care of themselves, it was Wanda. And when Bucky came back, they didn’t want to coddle her, make her feel like she wasn’t free. But Steve couldn’t help it. Some nights, he stayed up until he heard that she got in okay and only then would accept Bucky’s warm embrace and fall asleep.

Sometimes, it was the other way around and Bucky would go pick her up if she sounded particularly bad on the phone but she never wanted their help. Never asked them to hug her or listen. Never cried in front of them. She just hid. Behind her front. Behind her magic and the costume. Steve understood that all too well.

“Stevie,” Bucky said softly, cupping Steve’s face. Steve’s bottom lip trembled when he looked up at his husband, shaking apart in his arms.

“What if somethin’ has happened to her?” he said, voice broken as Bucky pulled him into his arms, prying the phone out of his lover’s hands, “she never comes back this late.”

Bucky was worried, he was frightened but if he showed it, it would just break Steve. “I know, I know sweetheart. She’ll come back, Tony sent out Natasha to look for her and we contacted Happy to get a team if it came to that. She knows you care, love. We’ve called and texted her. I went out lookin’ earlier, called her friends too. I’m sure she’s safe –

Just then, Steve’s phone rang and he scrambled to get it, hands shaking, “Wanda?”

“Steve,” her voice came through, slurring them, “I-I’m sorry.” And then she was crying.

Steve’s heart broke and he sat up, “Wanda, it’s okay. It’s okay. Where are you?”

They found her by the pier at Coney Island. Steve broke into a run when he saw her and she ran into his arms, sobbing into his chest as Steve wrapped her in his jacket, holding her close.

“It’s okay, you’re safe, you’re safe,” Steve whispered as they walked her back to the car. Bucky had his arm around Wanda’s shoulders and had wrapped a scarf around her neck.

“We’re here,” Bucky promised, “we’re here, Wanda. We’ve got you.”

She fell asleep, safe and sound, in the spare room of their small but homey Brooklyn house.

imagine … clint actually telling wanda where the location of his farm is, because he realizes she has no home, and he wants to take her in and help her, and one day, while she’s staying there, him and laura ask her to come talk to them in the living room, and they ask her if it’s okay to make nathaniel’s middle name pietro, and then wanda gets all emotional and clint and laura hug her …

aka clint took wanda in, that’s final