Soul Mark: End

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Once Steve understands what is going on he excuses himself and as he’s walking he puts his phone to his ear.

“Why would he just take off?” You ask, dread filling your stomach. “Didn’t his hand change color? Can that happen? His not change when mine does?” You’re going into a panic spiral and it takes T’Challa grasping your shoulders to stop you.

“Breathe.” He reminds gently, Nakia watches you from over his shoulder, a concerned look on her face.

“Steve is calling him right now.” Peggy assures you.

“Maybe he was just embarrassed. He did just slap your ass.” Wanda points out causing both Vision and Clint to burst out laughing.

“Your soul mark is on your ass?” Clint clarifies and you glare at Wanda. You usually don’t announce where your soul mark is. Natasha socks him in the arm and he winces before rubbing where she punched him.

“Yes it’s on my butt.” You say calmly, “That’s why I didn’t realize who he was when it happened. I can’t just look at it right away like you assholes.” You see Steve out the window, putting the phone back to his ear. “Peg what’s going on?” She gives your hand a squeeze and goes outside. You see her talking to Steve who brushes her hair out of her face as he talks to her. She nods then makes her way back into the house where you’re anxiously waiting.

“Bucky isn’t answering his phone. Apparently he does that.” Your heart drops, he doesn’t want you. You weren’t what he was expecting.

“You know what, forget it Peg. I’m just gonna go home. Just tell Steve to leave it alone.” You grab your bag and head out of the party. Despite your friends and their soulmates telling you to stay. That he’s coming back as soon as he answers his damn phone.

You make your way to your car, and head home. You climb the stairs to your apartment two at a time. You’re barely holding it together, you’d found your soulmate and then instantly lost him again. You’ve got the worst luck.

You drop your purse onto the couch and get into the shower. You put a movie into the DVD player then curl up on the couch. You’re almost asleep when you’re startled by someone pounding on your door.

You can’t believe your eyes. Standing outside your door, hair a disheveled mess is Bucky. You yank the door open and stare up at him.

“I’m so sorry.” He says, his chest rising and falling like he’d just sprinted up the stairs, to be honest he probably had. “I’m so so sorry.”

“Would you like to come in?” You ask quietly. He nods and you step aside to let him in. “Why are you sorry?” You continue in that same quiet tone.

“You must’ve thought I didn’t want you. Or that I bailed because of our mark. But I didn’t. Sweetheart, I’ve been looking for you for ages.”

“Then why did you leave?” You still haven’t turned to look at him. You’re afraid if you do you’ll start crying.

“I was so embarrassed. Here was this beautiful woman that I’d mistaken for a friend and slapped in the ass. From what Peggy’s told me about you I’m lucky you didn’t punch me in the face.” You love the sound of his voice. Low and soft, it’s got one hell of a calming effect on you. “Sweetheart, will you please look at me?” He takes your hand in one of his and turns you around, you meet this expressive blue eyes and just as you feared tears well up in your eyes. “Oh Sweetheart.” He mutters as you wipe at the hot tears.

“No Bucky. That’s not good enough.”


“How didn’t you notice your soul mark change? It’s on your hand for crying out loud! I at least have an excuse for not knowing right away! I had to run to the bathroom to look.”

“Steve didn’t tell you.” He doesn’t ask the question. “Oh Doll, I thought he told you. The hand I slapped you with,” He let’s go of your hand and pulls the glove off of his other one. It’s made of metal. “It’s prosthetic. I don’t have a soul mark anymore so I had to rely on my soulmate’s to change. I assumed it would be a handshake or a high five that did it. Something I’d see. Not a slap on an ass.” He’s got a point. Most people that have theirs on their hand are a handshake or a high five. You take his metal hand in yours and examine it closely. It’s an incredible piece of machinery, looking as realistic as a metal hand can.

“Can you actually feel with this?”


“Who made it for you?”

“Friend of mine. Tony. He’s a robotics genius.”

“Tony as in Tony Stark?” He nods as you trace a finger along the palm. You can feel his eyes on you as you look at his hand. You finally look up at him and he smiles this sweet, soft, slow smile that reaches his eyes. You cup his face in one of your hands and he tilts his head into it while closing his eyes.

“Am I forgiven?”

“You never needed to be forgiven.” He raises an eyebrow at you and you can’t help the laugh that passes your lips. “I’m serious! You didn’t do anything wrong. I just got all up in my own head, I’m more to blame than you are.” He brings a hand to cover yours on his face.

“Good.” He hums.

“Although, if you don’t kiss me soon that’ll change.” You tease and he chuckles softly before he leans down and presses his lips to yours. One of his arms wraps around your back so he can pull you flush against him.

No surprise, you’re a perfect fit.

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Fear // Peter Parker

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word count: 2,045

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader

warnings: hints of an eating disorder, swearing, sexual harassment, electrocution, angsty angst angst

summary: when the avengers are split after the scene at the airport, you’re beginning to realize there’s major consequences to your actions. 

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part one // part three

Fear wasn’t an unknown topic in the world. People had lots of fears, right? Spiders, clowns, the dark. There was a possibility to be scared of anything. Monophobia is known as the fear of being alone. You had done your fair share of research on it to know that you had it. Ever since you were a little kid, the fear of being alone was prominent in the back of your head. Now, more than ever, your fears were becoming reality.

Since you were torn from your friends at the airport, everything went downhill. You hadn’t spoken a word, not even when you were briefly reunited with your teammates. They had taken your group to the Raft Prison. You knew you were going to get in trouble but you didn’t think it would be this consequential.

Weapons were confiscated as you were taken in before you were forced to change clothes. The girl who was assigned to watch you was creeping you out, eyes scanning your body as you zipped up the blue outfit.

“If you weren’t a criminal, I’d definitely be taking you home with me.” She smirked as she walked towards you. You rolled your eyes, not interesting in her childish acts.

They had taken everything, including the clips that had once pinned your hair back. The one thing you had managed to hide was the necklace that Peter had given you. The locket stayed clipped around your neck, hidden by the blue uniform that you’d been forced into.

You folded your original outfit up before putting it in the box that held the rest of your stuff. Before you had a chance to turn around, something cold locked around your neck, making you jump. Your hands immediately went to the foreign object as the girl chuckled.

“Boss’ orders. Said we need to keep freaks like you and the witch in check. I happen to agree with him.” She traced your cheek with her pointer finger.

You grit your teeth, holding back the desire to smack her hand away. You didn’t need to make the situation any worse than it already was. You knew with everything that happened, you were on thin ice.

“Aw how cute. The little baby of the group doesn’t talk. She needs everyone else to defend her,” She teased, her bottom lip jutting out. “Arms out.”

You rolled your eyes and followed her directions. She lifted a heavy jacket on them before walking around you and securing the buckles on the back. You looked down, a sinking feeling in your chest as you realized what the jacket was.

“You know, when they said some of the Avengers were coming in, who would’ve thought that Tony Stark’s daughter was in the group. I have to admit, you’re just as psychotic as he is.”

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Spell Book (Bucky X Witch!Reader) *PLATONIC

Characters: Bucky X Witch!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, technically this universe?


Request: Hiiiiiiii :) so happy that requests are open ! So, would u write a Witch!Reader x Bucky (platonic) where she’s like 13-14 years old, from our world, and she’s sent into the Marvel World (MCU, see) into “Captain America : Civil War” to protect Bucky from Team Iron-Man ? And she adores him and she wants him to be with Wanda ? She’s funny, full of herself and extroverted ? (I don’t know where this idea comes from, but I would kill for that, but if you can’t it’s okay) TYSM I LOVE YOU

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You’d been practicing magic for as long as you could imagine. You were introduced to it at a birthday party, but you wanted the real deal, so after asking relatives, you eventually got took by your aunt to a little corner shop, where you were given several books. She hoped you’d just pretend. However, you quickly realised you could actually perform the spells in the books.

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deathofink  asked:

You think Wanda and Vision occasionally have to come in to see the Principal because Tommy gets in trouble?

I bet they get called in more than occasionally, not just because Tommy seems the type to really push the rules as far as they can go, but also because of him having powers. Since this created a really strong visual for me, here’s a little drabble of how it could go down. 

The right, left, left, right journey through the hallways has become quite automatic, her eyes no longer searching for helpful signs with arrows and room numbers, instead her feet just take them there. Part of this routine includes stopping just out of sight of the office, the large, impressively well-cleaned floor to ceiling windows offer no room for hiding, so they always devise a plan prior to Jody’s eagle eyes spotting them. “What’s the plan of attack, Maximoff?”

Vision shakes his head, not a dramatic gesture, but one he began using when the boys were two and refused to wear pants. It is a sign of his utter defeat in the face of obstinate and illogical foes. “Learn of the issue and if there is reason for punishment then we acquiesce with their recommendations?”

“And if there’s not reason for punishment?” An option that is far more likely given the last few times they’ve been called in included how Tommy shouldn’t have thrown his gum in the recycling bin, how he shouldn’t take his jacket off at school, and how he is breaking the dress code with his unnaturally colored hair.  Even the one time there might have been a legitimate reason for them to be in this position, the day Tommy punched another student hard enough to break his nose, the reason for the attack (a name volleyed at Billy that neither boy has ever willinging repeated to Vision or Wanda) made any punishment not just worthless, but counterintuitive.

“Then we begin with logic and if that fails, you may once again prove to me that humans are irrational and use some convoluted emotional appeal to get him out of trouble.” The words might be construed as harsh if not for the wistful, minuscule smirk grazing his lips as he winks at her, her own lips responding in kind as she squeezes his arm in agreement. “Shall we?”

Fifteen steps brings them into view of the Principal’s office, the windows clear enough, not even one fingerprint smudge to obscure any ounce of the inside of the office, to show Tommy nervously bouncing in a chair while Jody, the administrative assistant, glares at him. Wanda opens the door, holding it so Vision can walk through, not only because she enjoys the way he smiles at small actions like this, but because she knows how much Jody despises when Vision is not being chivalrous enough. “Jody,” Wanda nods towards the woman before pivoting on her heels to look at her son, “Tommy.”

Tommy bolts upright, eyes wide and a sheepish smile (one he definitely gets from his father) greeting her. “Hi.”

Vision’s signature move in these instances is to sit down, get on Tommy’s level as he purses his lips, attempting to exude a sense of seriousness yet keep the paternal comfort, “Thomas, what happened this time?”

“Excuse me,” the polite yet harsh syllables enrage Wanda, powers buzzing in her palms as the woman behind the desk speaks up, “the offense can only be talked about with the Principal. You,” the of all people is silent, but it exists, settling in the air with a judgmental superiority, “know the procedures.”

“Can I tell them what I didn’t do?” Wanda bites the inside of her lip to keep from grinning at the impishness of Tommy’s loophole, this one always a troublemaker, but the way he works around Vision’s logic, or really anyone elses, is so impressive, Wanda would even say endearing, though she does not have to face it near as much as Vision, so their opinions might differ.

What is even more entertaining is the way Jody fumbles, mouth opening and closing like a fish, her hand torn between smoothing the tight knot of her hair or taking off her tortoise shell glasses. “I,” Wanda can feel the woman’s thoughts as they run through the manual for appropriate behaviors, “suppose that is allowed.”

“Alright,” Tommy rubs his hands together, foot tapping along with the whipping of his thoughts as he strategizes his explanation, “let’s see I didn’t punch someone,” this is the biggest relief, “or kick someone, or bite someone,” that was an interesting meeting. “I didn’t steal food, I didn’t make food, I didn’t start a food fight.” He pauses for half a second to think of the next list, “I didn’t talk back in class, I didn’t blow up the chemistry lab,” this one Vision questioned the teacher for allowing teenagers access to such combustible materials, but then grounded Tommy when they arrived home because he should fully understand the consequences of messing with volatile substances. “I didn’t pants anyone, though really thought about it. Um I didn’t vaporize the entire soccer field.”

“Oh,” Vision nods, quick to pick up on the implication of the list, “well at least it was not the entire field.”

Tommy nods, a hopeful grin parting his lips, “Exactly.”

The door to their left opens with a calm, but authoritative, “Mr. and Mrs. Maximoff.”

Vision stands, following Wanda as she walks into the Principal’s office, both of them taking their respective seats and staring at the sympathetic eyes of the woman across from them. Dr. Bennett, unlike the woman outside, is typically slow to blame the children, her carefully selected words and soothing voice a persuasive combination in guiding parents to agree with punishing problem behavior. This unassuming likeability, Wanda long ago decided, makes her an even more formidable foe. “So,” given the increased frequency of their meetings, there no longer seems a need for niceties or minced words, “what happened this time?”

The principal delicately opens a file on the desk, eyes skimming the unseen paper as her fingers follow along, nodding as the words force her lips to descend into a frown. “It appears,” Vision leans forward, waiting to hear the words, “Thomas vaporized one of the soccer goals during gym class.”

This is certainly a new offense. Wanda runs through all possible explanations for this happening, but comes up empty, which means she places the conversation back in the Principal’s hands. “How did he do that?”

There are very few people who can steeple their fingers in such a way as to be both casual and intimidating, typically it is reserved for the most dramatic and nefarious evil geniuses, but this woman has it down, elbows firmly planted on the desk while her fingertips partake of an innocent, gentle kiss. “From the eyewitness accounts, it seems as if he ran very very fast around it and it just,” her fingers part, hands traveling three inches from each other to mime a small explosion. “Now,” the folder is moved to the side as a much larger file is extracted from the abyss of her desk drawer, “we adore your sons and truly embrace the diversity they bring to the school.” This is the type of sentence that always proceeds a however and Wanda can feel Vision tensing beside her, these words, or some variant, having been used to describe both Wanda and Vision separately, but mostly together, a placation before condemnation. “But if they continue to be so foolhardy with their powers, we may have to discuss alternative options.”

Wanda immediately feels her body sliding into defensiveness, powers balling up deep within her chest as she tries to find the best words to suggest that perhaps the school is not nearly as inviting or understanding as they claim to be, just as the other three weren’t either. But then a quiet, deadly even question comes from her husband. “What was the impetus for his actions?”

“They were running the mile today, part of the yearly evaluation.”

The words are allowed to float down and settle into their minds before Vision continues, “Were there any peculiar instructions for the task?”

Dr. Bennett frowns, hands shuffling papers as she searches for an answer. “It seems some students said they were informed if they ran faster than their previous mile time they would win a prize.”

“Ah, that explains it, thank you.” Vision offers nothing more than that, shifting his weight so that he is leaned back in the chair, right leg coming up to cross over his left knee.

The principal sends an imploring glance to Wanda, but she can only manage a shrug. “Mr. Maximoff, I am not sure I follow.”

Wanda reaches gently into her husband’s mind and is met with an image of their old couch and suddenly it all makes sense, a wry smirk forming on her mouth as she remembers that day. “Dr. Bennett,” she does her best to match the friendly yet dismissive tone that is usually used on them when the school (or strangers, or reporters) feel they have the upper hand, “Tommy ran his first mile at his top speed and you all know how competitive he is.” The first time they were called into the office was because someone had bet Tommy he couldn’t eat the entire sheet pan of spaghetti being offered for lunch, not realizing that yes, he could, but two, it wasn’t even enough food for his increased metabolism. “So this time he went faster, it’s just, he hasn’t quite figured out how to balance speed with the consequences.”

“He once vaporized our couch trying to show us how fast he could run.”

Their joint explanation doesn’t seem to affect anything, the principal now staring at them with a detached sense of horror and curiosity. “I see. Well as I stated, he needs to control his powers and impulsivity better.”

“We agree,” Vision’s words stop the rest of the soliloquy they get each time an incident involves the boys’ powers, “but, as you have very astutely communicated in prior meetings, the school should not be held responsible for teaching this to them.”

Wanda jumps in, hand descending lovingly on Vision’s forearm and giving it a light squeeze, “That’s our job.”

Dr. Bennett’s eyes narrow as her lips tighten into a thin line, “I concur, but there should still be punishment at school for such behaviors.”

“How about he gets a warning this time and if it happens again then you can determine what’s best?” Which has been their go-to resolution for every behavior, and it works, sort of, Tommy rarely is called to the office for a repeat offense, though he is very good at finding new offenses. “And we will pay for a new soccer goal.”

Her acceptance is slow and drawn out, the three syllables occupying the same space as a full, meandering sentence, “Very well.”

Before they leave the room, the principal shakes their hands with a flurry of politely strained have a good days. On their way out of the main office, Wanda wraps Tommy’s wrist in a tendril of scarlet, pulling him out of the chair and into the hallway, just out of view of the glass windows. “You do that again and we won’t save you.”

The cheeky, pseudo-innocent smile erupting on his face reminds her so much of Pietro, which only solidifies what she suspected, Tommy knew exactly what he was doing. “Won’t vaporize a soccer goal again, promise.”

Vision remains a stoic statue, but Wanda can feel the slightly annoyed sigh of his mind as he speaks, “Perhaps we should rephrase that.”

“I won’t vaporize anything at school again?”

“Much better.”

Witch Way Is Right? Part 8

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AN: Ok, so this basically shows how the team is still a little bit split up after Civil War… Reader thought everything was fine but later finds out the horrible dark truth. I’m gonna change it up a little here. When I use Y/N, I won’t use parenthesis, so be on the lookout for that. Also, btw if you don’t know who Baron Mordo is, he’s this guy from Doctor Strange:

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Summary: (Y/N) is a male witch and also comes from a family of witches. When (Y/N) is backed up in a corner by his brother, who chose the dark path, he is forced to choose his own fate, choosing the light path. This causes an Ecliptic War between Light and Dark Witches. During this war, an eclipse (both solar and lunar) is happening, and won’t end until one brother is left standing. With the help of the Avengers and other helpful heroes, will (Y/N) be able to defeat his brother, or will the world be forever secluded in darkness?

Subject: Avengers x Male!Reader/Steve Rogers x Male!Reader

Characters: Y/N, Avengers, Alex (Brother), Doctor Strange, Wong, Mom OC, Dad OC, Baron Mordo

Tags: @uselessace @avengersohyeah @lzzywinchester @thegreatficmaster @writeyouin

Word Count: 1.8k



Later The Night:

Alex’s POV:

“Éna máti gia éna máti!” (An eye for an eye!) I say, as I conjour up a spell to spy on Y/N. Baron taught me this a few months ago and I have to admit this isn’t the first time I’ve used it on him, but it IS the first time I’ve done it against him. Usually, I’d use the spell just to check up on him and my parents. See how they were doing, if they needed any help, or if there was someone messing with Y/N that I had to privately take care of.

Even after I chose the dark path, I still wanted to be apart of the family, but I knew my parents wouldn’t want me to after Dad’s huge fight with Baron. I chose the dark path because Baron told me all the things I’d be able to do with it compared to if I chose the light path like my parents wanted me to. But now that I have, I don’t regret a single thing. Well, maybe a couple things.

“Alex, did you see anything while using that spell I told you about?” Baron asked, walking into our study to check up on me.

“Yeah.” I answered, “I guess Tony Stark is gonna be throwing a party for Y/N somewhere in the UK. I think that gives us the perfect opportunity to try out that true feelings spell, seeing as how Stark and Rogers are still on bad terms. What I just saw through Y/N’s eyes basically confirms it.”

“You’re right. All of them in the same room together. Something is bound to erupt.” Baron says. Although we do have some powerful dark witches on our side for the war, we still want to make sure that Y/N’s side will be easy to dominate. “I want you to cast that spell whenever you think it’s the right time, but make sure its during the party. If we play our cards right, we can cause the team disband again and Y/N won’t have the help he needs to win the war!”

All think planning, and I remember that Stark told Y/N that he was gonna have a mystery teacher to help him with his powers. I walk to the couch and sit down with an exasperated sigh that doesn’t go unnoticed by Baron, who takes a seat next to me. “What is it, my apprentice? Is something troubling you?” he asks.

“It’s just what Stark told my brother the other time I spied on him. He told him something about a mystery sorcerer coming to teach Y/N about his new advanced powers.” Baron nods at me to continue. “You wouldn’t happen to know who this mystery sorcerer is, would you?”

“I have an idea of who it might be. But if it is who I think it is, then we have to be careful about our next move.” He explains as I nod in understanding. “Let’s go. We need to prepare our selves for the spell.”



Reader’s POV:

I look at the clock and it reads 3:25 p.m. I look in the mirror to check myself out. Never thought I’d be wearing a tux again after Homecoming except for prom. I have to admit though, I look pretty neat. My ‘Welcome to the Team’ party starts at tomorrow at 12 p.m. there (which is 4 a.m. here), so that means we’ll have time to relax and Tony will have time to get everything set up. At least, thats what he told me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the knock on my room door. “Who is it?” I ask, but didn’t hear anything. I go back to grooming myself until I hear another knock on the door. Annoyed, I start walking to the door and ask whl it is again but still no answer. I open the door and see none other than my parents!

“Surprise, kiddo!” My dad says to me and I jolt to them in a bone crushing embrace. I know its only been a day, but with whats been going on, I really needed to see them right now. The sound of my mom sobbing while hugging me is powerful enough to even cause me to shed tears of my own. I really want to tell them the things Alex put me through while I was gone, but I think the last thing they need is to know that. For now I just want to spend time with them as much as I can.

After what felt like half an hour of hugging and crying with my parents, we finally let go and I let them in my room to talk. They catch me up on almost everything, like how everyone back home is doing, and how people are reacting to the solar and lunar eclipses, saying that they’re lucky to experience such an astronomical phenomenon. I thought people would be freaked about the eclipses but according to my parents, everyone is loving it and saying they’re glad they’re alive to see something so beautiful. That makes me feel a little better.

Two hours pass and I finally get a text from Tony telling us to head to the airport to fly to London. We enter the vehicle thats waiting for my parents and I in front of the Avengers HQ building. Tony told me that our driver was happy but when I saw him, he didn’t look all that happy to me. On our way to the airport, I get another text this time from Steve.


Steve: Hey Y/N! It’s Steve.

Y/N: Oh hey Steve. How’d you get my number?? lol

Steve: Friday told me. Anyways, are you guys almost to the airport?

Y/N: Yea actually we should be there in like… 30 mins?

Steve: Awesome! Also, when we’re at the party, can you do me a favor?

Y/N: Uhh sure… What is it tho?

Steve: Don’t drink a DROP of alcohol… I know you’re 18 and you really wanna celebrate, but you can do that without drinking and I really wouldn’t feel comfortable with an 18 year old drinking… Just promise me you won’t 😕

Y/N: Ok. I won’t 😉

Steve: Great! I really appreciate it! See ya soon! 😇

Y/N: Yea see ya! 😈


Welp, I’m gonna get fucking hammered at this party. I mean who does Steve think he is trying to tell me what not to do just because he’s not comfortable with it? It’s not like he’s boyfriend or my dad or anything. My parents pick up on my frustration a few minutes after. “Hey, sweetie. Is everything alright?” my mom asks.

I turn to her and give her a half smile as an idea pops in my head. “I just need to know something.” I say as my parents nod for me to continue speaking. “Since I’m at the legal age to drink in the UK, how much am I allowed to drink exactly?”

They both share glances towards each other, a smile writen on their faces before my dad turns back to me. “Your mother and I were talking about this when we heard from Mr. Stark about the party. We think its a great idea that he’s decided to have the party in the UK so you can properly celebrate your recruitment to the Avengers.” He explains.

“And as an Avenger, we expect you to make your own decisions not just for yourself, but for your team as well.” My mom adds. “So, we’re allowing you to drink as much as you want. Just don’t get too drunk.”

My eyes widened as I’m surprised by my parents decision. Not only are they allowing me to drink, but they’re trusting me to be responsible on how much I drink too. I’m so excited now for this party, that I don’t think the smile on my face could get any bigger.

As we finally arrive at the plane, which is called Stark Airlines of course, I see Nat and Clint sitting together, Bucky and Sam sitting together across from them, and Steve sitting alone behind Bucky and Sam. I wonder if he caught on to that d evil emoji I sent him. I try walking past him, but he grabs my wrist gently enough for me to stop and glance at him.

“Hey, when we were texting earlier, I think you sent me the wrong emoji.” He says.

“No, it was the smiling devil emoji, right?” I say and he nods his head. “Yeah, I meant to send that.”

“Ok, but what do you mean by that? I’m a little new to the whole emoji thing, but I know that usually means something else.” He tells me.

A smirk is plastered on my face as I tell him, “Don’t worry about it. Just know that I’m an adult, and I can be responsible for my own actions.” And with that, I walk three seats behind him next to where my parent are sitting. I look towards them and they give me a reassuring smile as I give one back to them. This is gonna be fun! Later on Wanda, Vision, and Scott get on the jet and we’re ready for take-off.


House of M:

Third Person POV:

“Strange! Did you ever figure out whats causing these solar and lunar eclipses?” Wong asks, as he enters the study, finding Doctor Strange with his nose buried in a book like he’s been doing for the past couple of days. Strange knows that these eclipses aren’t “astronomical phenomenons” like the scientists want everyone to believe. He’s too smart to fall for something like that.

“Apparently, some idiot and his little brother started the Ecliptic War. Which explains the eclipses. An Ecliptic War can only be started when two witch born sibling choose two different paths, one light and the other dark.” Strange explains as he closes the book he was just reading and summons his cape to fly to him and wrap around his collar. “According to this book, if they don’t hurry up and have this war, then Earth could be at risk of going into complete darkness. That means no moon, no sun, nothing. Just darkness and chaos.”

Wong has a worried look on his face. He knows that they need to hurry up and do something before things get catastrophic. “How long do they have to start the war?” He asks in completely understanding of how serious this is.

Strange turns towards Wong, whose determined to make sure the Earth is back to normal. “Don’t worry. We have 3 months after the eclipse has started, which means we’re gonna have to start Y/N’s training a lot sooner than we thought. Get everything ready. We’re gonna have to pay Y/N a visit.”


Hey, so not really proud of this chapter that much, Could’ve made it longer but I want to leave the initial party for the next chapter, plus some extra stuff I’m planning. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you in the next chapter.
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Characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Maximoff, Anya Lehnsherr, Lorna Dane, Edie Lehnsherr
Additional Tags: Family Fluff, Erik’s kids are his siblings, Kid Fic, Tattoos, Alternate Universe - No Powers, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Domestic
Series: Part 1 of Family Verse

In which Charles and Erik host the twins for two weeks, and Charles sees a vision of their future.

Because apparently I’m posting fics again, here’s another new one! This time starting new ‘verse (I know - another one!). 

i’m calling it right now that Marvel is going to ‘Breaking Dawn’ us and we’re gonna get a scene with at least 50% of the characters dead and then Dr. Stephen Strange is gonna bring that time back real quick and restart the fight

What the Signs Want
  • Aries: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Taurus: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Gemini: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Cancer: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Leo: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Virgo: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Libra: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Scorpio: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Sagittarius: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Capricorn: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Aquarius: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War
  • Pisces: The safety of every Avenger in Infinity War

dear marvel fandom

lets all say thank you to chris evans and robert downey jr. for potraying our beloved captain america and iron man for about 10 years.

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it may be different without them but we will always remain to remember that chris and robert have changed our lives in many ways.

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thankyou for the ten years, steve and tony💕

T’Challa: Get this man a shield.

Me: Get me my inhaler.