Avengers Preferences: Swimming Together

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**No one’s done this yet! (As far as I know… d: please don’t hurt me if you did, and please tell me!)**

Tony: He’d usually be sunbathing by the pool rather than getting in it, which made you so frustrated. Wanting to spend some time with him, you would splash him while he was reading something on his tablet or speaking on his phone, which immediately made him drop whatever he was doing and get revenge. He’ll dive into the pool and try getting back at you by grabbing you from behind, tickling you, and not letting you go till you apologize.

*gets splashed a little* “Y/N! I swear to god…” 


Steve: Steve likes to be by you, hoping that you won’t drown because of how reckless you are. You literally like to go off to the deep end just for his reaction. After he’d freak out and swim to you, he’d lift your legs up onto his back as you hang onto him, and he’ll take you to “safety”, or the shallow end. If ever you wanted to go to the deeper end, he’d give you a piggy back ride or hold your hand to it, just to keep his mind at peace. 

*goes to the deep end* “Hey! No, wait! Y/N!”


Thor: He loves the cannonball. He loves jumping into the pool. Anything that creates a ginormous splash in the water, he loves it. You try to get away from him as fast as you can before he dives into the pool, but you always end up getting attacked by the water. When he sees you flinching when the water hits you, it makes him smile because he thinks it’s so adorable. He’ll come up to you and peck your nose before going back out of the pool and doing it all over again. 

*gets splashed* “Y/N, I’m sorry! It’s just so much fun! You amuse me!”


Natasha: Natasha will always be near you, no matter what. She loves to tangle her legs with yours, or look at your skin glistening in the water. She’ll put your hair back behind your ears because it shows more of your face, and she loves it when it’s shining in the sun. This will cause her to immediately lock lips with you, which usually catches you off guard. Natasha likes to hold you by the waist and just look in your eyes, while in the quiet waters. 



Clint: This one likes to sit on the ledge of the pool with his feet in the water. He likes watching you swim around and have fun, and once in a while you’ll pull him down just so you could be closer. He’ll usually pout for a bit, but once he’s in the pool, it’s all about the games. He likes to play tag in the pool, or chicken. Sometimes he’ll throw a penny in the pool just so they can race to see who will get it first. The night will usually result in some bickering and cute fighting until someone admits their defeat or gets kissed. 

“I got it first!” “No, you didn’t!” “Why is it in my hand then, huh?”


Bruce: He won’t admit it, but he doesn’t like the water unless you’re there with him. If he could be anywhere else, he would probably already be there if it weren’t for you. You knew he didn’t like the water, but you tried your best to convince him it was shallow and you’d be there if anything happened. You slowly lead him to the pool, holding his hand of course, and just sit in the shallow waters till he’s ready to go further. He’ll chicken out sometimes and go back quite a few feet, but you assure him he’s fine and hold his hand until he feels better. Everytime he looks at you, all he can do is mutter a thank you and looks back at his feet to see that they’re still in plain sight. 

*swims a couple of feet* “T-Thanks, Y/N. I think I got it now.”


Pietro: Pietro knew you were too shy to get into the pool with him, so you liked to sit on one of the pool chairs as you watched him race back and forth in the water. He wanted you to know he loved how you looked in your bathing suit and he wouldn’t say anything about how it looked if you just got in the pool with him, but you would decline. Fed up, Speedy would grab you as fast as he could and jump into the pool with you. As much as you hated that, all you could do was smile. He would kiss your shoulders and work his way up to your forehead, making you laugh. All he was trying to do was make you feel better, and he did. 

“Beautiful…Just beautiful.” 


Wanda: You liked to surprise Wanda with little splashes in the air, and she would try to chase you to get back. She wouldn’t get angry, but now she had a reason to get closer. Once she got to you, she would bury her face in your shoulder, and hold onto you from behind. She would always comment on how soft your skin was, and would place a light kiss on your shoulder. You would stay like that until she turned you around, and placed her lips onto yours. Afterwards, she would smile at you, and ruin the mood by splashing you back. 

“Oh, you thought I forgot?”



Mission: Protecting You (Pietro x Reader)            

Note: Based on a request from my lovely portable-imouto <3

Summary : (y/n) is an Avenger, a spy and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent like Black Widow to be exactly. In her past she joined a mission involving a Russian mafia.
She has outsmarted them and now several years later they want revenge. The other Avengers worry about her so they decide to give her a protector.
Pietro is chosen. And the fun begins…

Warnings: cursing, fighting

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Tattoo Me

Tattoo Me

Request: Can you do an imagine where Bucky is crushing hard after a new agent/or assistant to the Avengers, who’s unconventional looking (tattoos, purple hair side cut, small gauges, and curvier with a little bit of extra weight) and is into metal/punk music? I thought it would be interesting, if she’s a bit different and would intrigue him.  

A/N:  Thank you so much for the request! I hope this is what you were talking about.  This was actually really fun to write (◠△◠✿)  Sorry if there’s any mistakes, I didn’t really have any time to proof read.  

I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing and updating as much, but I’m hoping to get a few things up within the next couple of days. Gif is not mine. If you guys have any requests, feel free to send them in! Xx

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Never in your life, had you been described as “usual.”  It was something you took great pride in; the fact that you were unlike any other.  No one would ever be able to replicate the way your face lit up whenever “Second and Sebring,” by Of Mice and Men came on, or the colorful ink that graced your shoulders and hands,  or your half purple, half black hair that was constantly tied in a bun with a bandana.  Of course, being this different had it’s drawbacks, due to society’s view upon tattoos, seeing your artwork as “ wastes of time and money,”  making it incredibly hard to get a job.  But the infamous Tony Stark could care less about the tiny gauges in your ears, looking past your physical appearance.  

Tony’s eyes skimmed your resume shortly before shooting up to your own Y/E/C, not hesitating at any feature you had.  To say you were nervous, would be the understatement of the century.  Although he’s made no comment about your appearance, you could feel his curiosity it.  This would be the fifth time in a row you would be denied a job, and as much as you loved your tattoos and hair, you were beginning to dislike them.   

“Tell me, where have you been all my life?” Smiling, he shook your hand with such force,  it would put the Hulk’s death grip to shame.  You immediately melted into the handshake, all previous thoughts of worry and insecurities out the door, giggling as he continued to shake your hand.  “Um.. thank you, sir?”  The billionaire scoffed at the title, “What are you, my butler?  Call me Tony.”  You were taken aback by the casualness of your new boss, but nodded with a small smile toying at your lips.  “You may start working as my assistant tommorow. I’ll give you a tour then.”  Tony led you to the door, his hundred watt smile never dimming, matching your own.  

The job had become something you treasured more than anything, a place without any judgment as you worked/goofed off with the best people.  The first day you had come in, you immediately met with Dr. Banner, who complimented your hair, gaining your admiration right then and there.  Tony would poke harmless fun at your tattoos, but always  stared at your arms in awe when he thought you weren’t looking.  

Eventually, you met with the rest of the avengers, all of them holding positive reactions towards your appearance, never making any comment about how you “looked like a sailor,” or anything like that.  

Pietro would play with your brightly colored hair, making you promise to one day dye his hair with Wanda in tow, who would braid the two colors together with a small smile on her face, hearing her brother plead to you.  “Stop complaining like a child, brother.”  Wanda teased her older brother, looking over her shoulder to see Pietro stick his tongue out at her, both of your chuckling at his immature behavior.    Your favorite reaction, however was from the former Winter Soldier.  

In every free moment, the two of you would find somewhere quiet to talk about things.  At first, it was more of a one sided conversation; you explained each story behind each tattoo while he would lean back against a wall, and listen to your voice got an octave higher when you told him about how your favorite punk band helped you through hard times, his eyes was locked onto your face, admiring the gleam of humor in your eyes when you told him how terrible the first time you dyed your hair turned out, vowing to never again allow your sister near hair dye. His answers evolved from nods, to short answers accompanied by a tiny smile, to his own stories about his own first haircut after being brought to the tower and questions about your tattoos, soon developing into a complicated relationship.  

Today was like every other day, after working in the lab, you made your way to Bucky’s room, practically skipping down the hall as your heart hammered in your chest.  Unknowingly to you,  Bucky sat on his bed, his heart doing the same flips and somersaults yours was doing.  His eyes were glued to the clock that stood next to his bed, becoming more and more impatient for your arrival with each passing minute.  When you did knock, Bucky practically jumped off his bed, his heart now erratically beating.

“You can come in!”  

Your breath caught in your throat when you opened the door, your eyes meeting with the sight of Bucky in all black clothes, scratching his neck nervously as your eyes raked over him. Not able to stand  being apart any longer, Bucky strode towards your form, capturing your lips in a kiss, his human hand grasping the back of your neck, while his metal one circled your waist, both bringing you closer to him.  

Bucky pulled away after a few seconds, pressing his forehead against yours, whispering a, “Hello, darling,” before kissing you while he led you to the bed.  This time, you broke away from the embrace,  choosing to snuggle today.  “Let’s just relax today, okay?”  Nodding, Bucky sat up and pulled you into his lap.     

Bucky held your arm in his human one cautiously, as if one wrong move and your inked arm would shatter and break right before his eyes, destroying the artwork adorned onto your skin that both of you loved.  He traced the swirling lines with his metal fingers, pressing a chaste kiss onto each image after he was done tracing, looking up with a small smile.   

An idea suddenly found it’s way into your mind, as you scurried out Bucky’s lap, much to his protest, searching his room for the needed object in order to execute your plan.  “Just one minute,” you promised, not even bothering to look over your shoulder at Bucky’s pout while you were in pursuit.  

“Are you okay, darling?”  Bucky chuckled at your excited expression that held a bit of trouble in your eyes if one was to look closely, but Bucky wasn’t.  He didn’t know what he was expecting when you did turn around, but Bucky certainly wasn’t expecting you to pounce on him, sharpie gripped tightly in your hand.  The mischievous gleam had taken over your entire face as you menacing spoke, “Time to get a tattoo, love.”  Ending it with a sinister giggled that made the joker’s signature laugh pale in comparison as you started drawing all over the former winter soldier, despite his constant attempt to grab the sharpie out of your hands.  

After many failed attempts by Bucky to stop your creative process, you finally finished. You climbed off his torso, a proud grin on your face as you sat and enjoyed the multiple images that were now on Bucky.  On his neck was a poorly drawn Captain America, whose one eye was much larger than the other, thanks to Bucky’s struggling, along with a misshapen cat with unicorn wings and a horn.  His arms had tribal prints all over, some not as neat as others, and more of the classic tattoos, like anchors and hearts with the word ‘mom’ written beneath them.  His cheek adorned hearts and peace signs all over, all to be topped off with a cartoony picture of yourself on his forehead.  

“You are rocking those tattoos, love.” You snickered, before breaking out into a laughing fit at the sight of a very unamused, tattooed  Bucky.   While you basked in the glory of his new tattoos (and rolling on the floor with tears in your eyes), Bucky was less pleased, sticking his tongue out at your statement and reaction. “Oh please, darling.  I could never look as good as you.”  Standing up from the floor, you proudly smiled. “Damn right.” You giggled, before pulling down on his t shirt, connecting your lips together.  


So I got my Sokovian Avenger jacket today. Convinced myself it’ll make me run faster, somehow I doubt it’ll work. Comfy though! 

Still working on all my Wanda costumes (including the dress in this photo ^) but aim to finish by the end of the month


Part one of my Boston comic con pictures. Everyone I met was so sweet and looked amazing. I had an amazing time. If you see yourself in any of these, please tell me so I can tag you or if it makes you uncomfortable, I can remove the picture.
Thanks to @buckysleftarm for telling me that Capable is the user @imagineeri . And Wanda maximoff is @beleggs .