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Hatch fever day 5

I have a headcanon that, since Hatchworth is retained as essentially Walter Manor’s robot butler, that he’s also baby Wanda and Mark’s robot nanny, and with Peter II and Peter III doing science all the time, I imagine the Walter Family is a bit like a american royals who meet with their young kids a couple hours a day. It doesn’t help that I have a weakness for parental figures in stories, especially adopted ones. I plan to further explore this headcanon over the next buncha days.

Anyway here’s Hatchy and Wanda. She’s 4. 

Touching  You (4/?)

Bucky x Reader
WC 1452
Summary You meet Bucky in a club and things progress. After a one night stand, you find him at your place of work the next day. After reading your texts, he shows up where you are at that evening where he eventually walks you home. What happens next?
Warnings Swearing, kissing
AN This is a series I started thanks to an idea @melconnor2007 helped me come up with. Not sure how long it’s going to be as it’s a WIP. There will be smut so 18+ only 
Also, I suck at summaries. Sorry Tags are open (I’m tagging my usual people but let me know if you want off)

The Tower was a popular cafe that was always busy. The pastry chef served desserts that were to die for and often there were line ups outside the door just to get a table. However, Bucky knew the him from way back so he was able to score a table last minute.

Walking into the cafe, he immediately headed back to the kitchen to greet his friend.

“Hey Clint! Working hard?”

Clint wiped his hands on a dishtowel and shook Bucky’s outstretched hand, “C’mon man, you know it. Coffee?”

“I’ll wait til I get to my table. Thanks for hooking me up, man.”

Fixing himself a coffee, he downed half of it in one gulp, “Yeah well, I figured it was something important for you to call in a favour on a Saturday night.”

Bucky had been eyeing the cafe patrons keeping an eye out for you and when he saw you walk in, he grinned.

Clint followed Bucky’s line of vision and smirked, “Really? Calling in a favour for a piece of tail? I’m surprised at you.”

Bucky shook his head so Clint continued, “Ah. I’m guessing something…work related?” When Bucky didn’t answer, Clint just clapped him on the back, “Be careful out there, man.”

Nodding as he walked out of the kitchen, Bucky took a seat at the empty table that Clint had procured for him; he sat down making sure he could see your face and then he proceeded to ignore you, only looking at you out of the corner of his eye as he played on his phone waiting for his friends’ arrival.

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