wanda crybaby

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Can you draw Olly, Trish and Ruca in Cry baby since Ruca is inspire by Wanda. It will be funny seeing Olly as Crybaby too.

UH YESSSSS ! * o * I redrew some screen caps from the opening of Crybaby here is goblinqueenbluebie ‘s Trish as Allison and Olly as Crybaby  then, My characters Roxy and Ruca as Pepper and Wanda <3 short hair Olly is weeeeird

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Do you have any irl people that you base characters on or draw inspiration from?

Oh yes ! When I first made Olly he was heavily based on  1990′s Peter Steele
haha he still has Pete’s pointy sideburns!  

Trish was made by goblinqueenbluebie and she never knew who Dita was but she looks just like Trish so I base my drawings on Dita Von Teese 

Ruca is inspired by a ton of people heres her inspo chart but Wanda in Crybaby really started it lol