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Damsel In Distress - Peter Parker x Reader x Tony Stark

Requested by anonymous: Hi! I saw that you what happened about your list of requests and I’m sorry to hear about that. If it makes you feel better I was the anon that requested 2 Spider-Man imagines. Both of them with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man: one was where the reader gets tired of him thinking/treating her as the damsel in distress and the other was where the reader was Tony Stark’s daughter and she started getting interested in Spidey and Tony didn’t like it. I hoped that helped out.

Since I have so many requests, I merged these two. I hope you don’t mind!

Side note: the reader is a mutant - imagine whatever ability you want her to have :-) continue 

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You could feel his eyes watching you from across the room but you chose to ignore him. Whenever he came to meet with the team to plan a mission, he always stared at you until the meeting was over and once it was, he would flirt with you. In a really awkward way, you thought.

You definitely thought Peter was cute and sweet, but he always fought off your enemies because he didn’t want you to get hurt. His intentions were good, but you were just as much a part of this team as he was and you could prove it if he’d let you.

Of course he wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Your father, Tony Stark, acted the same exact way. He was always coming to your aid or saying “Hey kiddo, why don’t you sit this one out.” That phrase really got your blood boiling. Sure you were only sixteen and it’s definitely a dangerous job for a teenage girl, but you just wanted a chance to be somebody.

You shook the thoughts from your brain and focused on the rest of Cap’s lecture. The mission sounded more dangerous than anything you’ve ever encountered, but you were ready to take it on.

Once he finished, your dad stood up and patted Steve on the back. “Alright everyone, suit up. And (Y/N) I need to talk to you.”

Everyone exited the room but you remained in the chair at the conference table. 

He sighed and looked at you for a moment. “I really don’t know how I feel about you joining us on this one.”

You rolled your eyes and folded your arms across your chest. “Dad, you know I’m just as powerful as the others. Heck I’m more powerful than half of them! Wanda’s been training me.” You smirked.

“Hon, I know you’re talented…” He trailed off and you smiled. “…But you’re also young. Young girls shouldn’t have to put their lives on the line.”

Your smile faded. “I want to fight for humanity, dad. The world needs us. And if I’m able to help, then I want to. Even if I die trying.”

Disappointment crossed his face. “That’s what every father wants to hear.” 

“Sorry.” You bit your lip nervously and awaited his answer. 

He stared at you seriously for a minute before nodding. “Fine. Promise me you’ll be careful and remember everything I’ve taught you.”

You jumped up and hugged him. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” You held onto him for a little while longer. “I love you, dad.”

He gave you a tight squeeze and ruffled your hair. “Love you too, kid.”

You groaned and gave him an annoyed look as you smoothed your hair back to normal. 

“Hey you’re still my little girl.” He joked. “Go get ready.”

The others were loading up the Quinjet as you finished getting ready. You zipped your boots up and headed towards the ramp, tying your long hair into a braid as you walked.  

“Hey (Y/N)!” Someone called after you. You turned around to see Peter jogging towards you, completely in his red and blue suit except for the mask. He stopped in front of you and combed his fingers through his messy hair. “You ready for this?”

“Hell yes.” You smiled up at him.

“It’s gonna be a tough one so stay close to me, alright?” 

You scoffed. “I am so sick of that!”

His eyes widened. “Sick of what?”

“You and my dad acting like I’m useless! I will not stay close to you because I can handle myself.” You fumed.

“Whoa I’m sorry (Y/N) I didn’t mean to upset you.” He put his hands up in defense. “We just care about you.”

“I care about you guys too but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna baby you. I just want some respect.” 

“You’re right, I’m sorry. I just want you to be safe because…well I kind of like you.” He laughed and looked down at his feet as he rubbed the back of his neck.

You sighed. “I’m sorry I got so worked up. I know you’re just trying to help. But Peter?”

He looked back up to you with his soft brown eyes. 

“I’ll be safe, okay? I promise. I’ve been training for two years now and nothing has taken me down yet.” You laughed and he joined in with you.

“C’mon you two.” Nat called from the top of the ramp. 

He turned around and headed towards the jet but you grabbed his hand. “Oh come here.” You pulled him back towards you and didn’t hesitate to press a soft kiss to his lips. 

When you pulled away he had the biggest smile on his face accompanied by tinted red cheeks. 

“I like you too.” You could feel your face slightly heat up as you heard clanking footsteps coming your way.

I really hope he didn’t see that.

You turned around a hurried onto the jet as you heard your father call out, “Peter, stay the hell away from my daughter!”

You giggled and then took a seat, strapping yourself in and preparing for a fight.

I Loved You Today, You Loved Me Yesterday

Pairings: You X Whoever
Warnings: Angst

They say that sometimes the person you love doesn’t deserve your love. And that may be true with some people but I never thought that it would be true with you. I always thought, no believed that you deserved my love if not more. But you took my love I held for you and ran over it like it was nothing, treating me like crap and laughing in my face like I was a nobody. But through it all, I still loved you. I stuck by your side, watching in the sidelines as you met up with other girls, laughing and getting to know them over me. I watched you come running back to me, your heart broken while mine was already in shreds. I let you weasel your way back into my tattered heart and seek refuge there like it was a place to keep you warm at night. Overtime, I started to re-embrace my feelings, letting you see how I truly felt. You told me you felt the same way, my hope getting up, the sky not even a limit this time. But just like that, you crushed my heart, breaking me into a million pieces like it was a game, and I was your consolation prize. My ego was bruised, my pride shattered, and my heart no more. In a matter of two days, you managed to rebuild me only to break me down again. And what’s worse is that I’m still there, on the sidelines, watching with deep never-ending sadness. Every time I see you, I remember the little reasons why I love you, the little details about you that makes you, YOU. I break everyday and you used to notice it but then you met HER and it was like I no longer existed. And what’s worse is that you’re both my friends. You both run around me like I’m nothing, only coming to me when you need something or want something. I feel like I’m just a tool to you. My love is going to waste on you while you love somebody else. My friends tell me to move on, but I lie saying I don’t know what they’re talking about. And it used to be, where I didn’t know what they were talking about. It wasn’t until I embraced me feelings for the first time that I came to terms with what I really felt. But I would still lie to them. I watch you and her be happy together and it breaks my heart. I want to be the one to make you happy, be your first kiss, your first love, your first everything, but I know deep down I won’t be. I need someone else to make ME happy like how I want to make YOU happy. It’s not fair to me to hold myself back when you’ve clearly moved on. I need another version of me, just so I can love myself as I love you. I always knew that I would love you like there was no tomorrow and you would love me like there was no yesterday.

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•You wearing his sweatshirt
•Him not wearing a shirt
•"I’m cold now"
•You finding a fuzzy blanket to snuggle underneath
•Fighting over what to watch on Netflix
•"Arm wrestle, winner gets to choose.“
•"You’re on”
•You winning.
•Him tickling you until you give up the remote
•"Mission Impossible it is!“
•Neck kisses
•Him wrapping his arms around you
•Resting his chin against your shoulder
•Tickling your ear with his minty breath
•"So am I officially the big spoon in this relationship?”
•"Well I could try if you want me to Peter"
•"Yes please"
•You being the big spoon
•"Don’t tell anyone I said this y/n, but this is actually really comforting"
•"I’m gonna tell everyone"
•Getting your legs tangled together
•"You smell like lilacs y/n"
•"What the hell does a lilac smell like?“
•Holding hands just so you can steal back the remote
•Peter webbing the remote to the ceiling
•"Oh so we’re going superhero now?”
•Him trying out cute nicknames for you
•"Sweet potato? Pancake? Honey marshmallow?
•"You’re naming foods Peter.“
•"I like food…almost as much as I like you”

Captain America: Civil War, Asian fancast edition

Part 8 (I previously did a fancast for Stranger Things, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Walking Dead, The Flash, and Mad Max: Fury Road)

Note: I’m doing this since Hollywood and mainstream media in general love reducing Asian representation. So fuck it, I’m doing this fancast as a form of protest because Asians need to be seen in the media. Also, I’m avoiding the already-set characters of color.

1) Daniel Henney as Steve Rogers / Captain America 

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2) Naveen Andrews as Tony Stark / Iron Man 

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3) Priyanka Chopra as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

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4) Steven Yeun as Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier

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5) Randall Park as Clint Barton / Hawkeye

(I mean…Clint IS supposed to be funny. And MCU Clint is a dad, which Randall already plays for a living) 

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6) John Cho as Vision 

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7) Elodie Yung as Wanda Maximoff / The Scarlet Witch

(yes I know she’s Elektra. I chose her specifically since I wanted Sokovia to be somewhere in Southeast Asia)

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8) Aasif Mandvi as Scott Lang / Ant-Man

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9) Rinko Kikuchi as Sharon Carter 

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10) Ryan Potter as Peter Parker / Spider-Man

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11) Iko Uwais as Colonel Helmut Zemo

(see, that’s why I wanted Sokovia to be in Southeast Asia)

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updated & improved character list for you all. this time there is a key so please be sure you paid attention, all characters can have platonic & romantic imagines unless stated otherwise by key. female, male, & gender neutral readers are welcome, just state what you want reader to be in the imagine.


* - this character only can have platonic imagines

+ - this character only can have male reader for romance imagines since character is gay ( ex: hartley rathaway )


alex danvers

kara danvers

winn schott


grant gustin

barry allen ( this includes his earth-2 & savitar versions )

carlos valdes

cisco ramon

caitlin snow ( this includes her earth-2 version )

harrison wells ( this only includes his earth-2 & earth-19 versions ) *

eddie thawne

hartley rathaway +

julian albert

iris west

music meister

the flash cast ( this includes everyone )

wally west


natasha romanoff *

tom holland

peter parker

steve rogers

tony stark *

the mcu cast ( this incudes everyone )

wanda maximoff


archie andrews

kj apa

betty cooper

cheryl blossom 

josie mccoy

kevin keller +

veronica lodge


oliver queen

roy harper

thea queen


alfred pennyworth *

bruce wayne *

edward nygma ( this includes his before becoming riddler & after riddler verisons )

james ‘jim’ gordan 

ivy pepper

oswald cobblepot

selina kyle

the gotham cast ( this includes everyone )


credence barebone

draco malfoy *

harry potter

heromine granger

newt scamander

oliver wood

tom riddle ( AU ONLY )

( possible more in the future if requested )


•Him dressing up all nice
•Showing up at your place and giving you a single rose
•"I’m taking you on a surprise date y/n!“
•Peter jumping up and down in excitement
•"That was really lame. I won’t do that again”
•"It was cute Peter"
•Him tickling you as he picks you up bridal style
•Putting you in his bike basket
•Biking you to the brooklyn bridge while blasting your favorite song
•Him lifting you onto the ledge of the bridge and holding you steady by your waist
•"Do you trust me y/n?“
•"I don’t trust anyone Peter”
•"As a good agent does"
•Him holding you in his arms and jumping off the bridge
•"This is why I don’t trust anyone Peter!“
•Him shooting webs to swing you guys under the bridge
•You clinging to him, your head on his shoulder, eyes shut tight
•"Just look y/n! You’ll miss the view!”
•You tilting your head back to see the city upside down
•Him whispering in your ear
•"Don’t be scared y/n"
•"Be scared of what-“
•Him letting you go
•Flying down at the last second to catch you
•Landing right on a picnic blanket
•You hitting him with a paper plate for scaring you
•"It was fun y/n! You know it was.”
•"Maybe a little…“
•Peter opening a picnic basket and setting out your favorite foods
•Feeding each other
•Feeding yourselves instead because it’s taking too much time and you’re both starving
•Peter giving you a small silver box with a teal ribbon
•"Is this half of a…friendship necklace?”
•"I mean it’s got a peanut butter charm and I have one with the jelly charm on it so I thought it could be like, boyfriend and girlfriend"
•You laughing as he clasps it around your neck
•Him taking both your hands in his
•"Y/n…I was wondering…I mean I don’t know if I’m supposed to ask…or if it just happens…but I did this whole thing…because I mean I like you a lot and I mean…“
•"You can kiss me you idiot”
•Him slowly and carefully stroking your hair back
•And finally kissing you


Sherlock - The DOCTOR WHO Connection

There is a long-standing theory that there are really only 10 British actors, who consequently are in everything. To (kind of) prove this, I’m starting a new series: Sherlock - The X Connection.

First installment: Sherlock and Doctor Who

Art History Books

Recently I was asked if I could recommend some art history books. I’m always collecting and looking for interesting books, especially art history. I get most of my books from used bookstores, thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and sometimes online if I have a specific book in mind. I started my list with general art books that are great if you want to learn about the overview or specific periods, and continued with more specific categories. So, here is the list of some of my favorites, and if you want, let me know what your favorite art history books are! 


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