Drew BuckyNat wedding piece for life drawing assignment hahaha! I really had lots of fun for this piece. Oh man I really want to see this happen in comic!!

See who you can recognize hahah 

Being the Youngest Member of the Avengers Would Involve

 (youngest by a pretty large margin, maybe they’d be like 19)

Requested by @hotmessofafangirl

  • Steve getting mad when he first discovers you’re on the team because “You can’t just bring a kid into a war like this, Tony!”
  • Proving to Steve that you can handle yourself and he really needn’t worry (he still does of course)
  • To make Steve feel better, Bucky and Nat both specifically look out for you and make sure you’re in close range of them at all times - after all, who better to watch over you than some of the world’s best assassins?
  • Having to choose a side during Civil War but also being told to stay out of it because they don’t want you hurt - do you listen though?
  • Being teased by Tony, Steve and Clint about Peter who has a bit of a crush on you
  • Tony helping you with school work because there’s no way you’re falling behind. It turns into a regular thing where you sit down with one of the Avengers and they just give you a hand
  • Natasha and Clint basically adopting you as a younger sibling
  • Wanda also treats you like a sibling, always calming down when you get anxiety or just get a bit stressed
  • You’d occasionally get teased but it’s pretty light hearted especially since you start calling Tony and Steve “Dad”
  • Everyone always underestimating you but they soon learn that that’s a mistake.
  • The public would love you - there’d be loads of fan pages and it would get to the point that you’d make an instagram or tumblr or something and just interact with people
  • Becoming best friends with Peter but also Sam because you make each other laugh easily
  • Growing your powers and learning to control them better
  • Creating this sort of second family who supports you through everything and keeps you safe

“Look at how he’s staring at her.” You whispered to Sam as you both sat and watched the two flirt. 

“Fancy doing a bit of match maker?” Sam asked you with a slight smirk.

“What else would I do on a Friday night?”