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Favorite Civil War Things (spoilers)

I’ll do an updated version of this when I watch it for the second time but :

~Bucky buying Plums
~Steve saying “c'mon” when Bucky almost killed that dude
~“he said Bucky and suddenly I was 16 year old boy from Brooklyn again.”
~How much t'challa loves his father
~Black Panther’s existence
~The Bike scene
~“bird costume?”
~“can you move your seat up” “no”
~The look Bucky and Sam gave Steve after he kissed Sharon (I 178% don’t ship it though)
~“I can’t go to Germany” “why not” “I have homework”
~“spider-ling… crime-fighting-spider…Spider-boy..?” “Spider-man” (and his face when he said it)
~Spider-man and talking during the airport scene
~Ant-Man fanboying and asking for orange slices
~How much Tony wanted the team to stay together
~“we haven’t met, I’m clint” “I don’t care”
~“give me back my Rhodey”
~The whole airport scene
~Bucky and Steve staring at each other intensely in the elevator
~Bucky and Steve talking about how old they are
~Black Widow fighting
~Vision cooking for Wanda
~Sam and Bucky interactions
~“do you like cats”
~Steve and Bucky fighting tony with the shield ( as sad as it was it was great action)
~Steve dropping the shield when Tony said it didn’t belong to him
~T'challa doing the logical thing and not let his emotions cloud his judgement + seeing that Bucky was the victim and helping him when all he wanted to do before was kill him
~Ant man + Tony interaction in prison
~Tony Stank
~How much Tony cares for Rhodes
~the letter from Steve
~“no matter what, I promise, if you need us - if you need me, we’ll be there” (AAAAAWWW)
~Steve’s face in the end when he went to break out his squad from prison