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“WE COME FORM DIFFERENT HOUSES” Gryffindor/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw

After I posted the pic of slytherin girl (here’s the link if you don’t know), I decided to draw other 3 houses’ students to make it complete. :D

Ok but imagine this.

Harry Potter-themed laser tag. Everything is the same but instead of guns you get a wand attached to your vest and it shoots light and stuff and you can choose your spells at the beginning of the game.

Like, imagine it: Expelliarmus makes you unable to shoot spells for a few seconds; Lumos makes your wand shine enough for you to see; Stupefy turns off your opponent’s vest…

No but get this: it’s a maze and you’re not alone in there. No, there are monsters and creatures and fUCKING DEATH EATERS and your team has to find the Triwizard Cup first. Idk.


so in the new episode Zoro is wearing…..this and no one has pointed out that zoro seems to have…stuffed his overcoat in his pants?

like. What is that doing there, zoro.

Fashion AND function

Wacky Wizarding Wand Tutorial

So, some of you asked for a step-by-step of my wands, with pictures. I was hesitant at first, because the wands look terrible right up until the very last bit - but I figure, hey - the more people making amazing wands, the better. Makes me seem less weird if other people are doing it - amiright? Also,I didn’t use spell check, my bad!

Got that stuff? ….. I’ll wait. Just keep scrolling once you’re ready!

Woah man, I am allready so far ahead of you. Come on!
Top gem is optional - but if you want one, start with that. All sorts of things can be wand toppers. I once butchered an expensive chandelier to get a single, medium, tear-drop shaped piece of glass that I liked. Use a marble. Use a weird coin. I find a lot of good toppers at dollar stores, for super cheap. Anyways - hot glue that in place, and build up around it with more layers.

This part is important for even the non-gemmers (why are you even here, seriously…. get fancy). SO: the top of the wand is the largest part. You want your wand to end up shaped like an elongated carrot. Yeah, you read that right. Be careful with the glue - its damn hott. One little girl at a festival assumed I was attacked by a dragon while collecting wand supplies - because my hands were so blistered and shiny. Glue guns are serious business.

After you squeeze and plap the glue from the gun, onto the stick - it resembles molten lava. So slowly spin and move around the chopstick in your hand, so that it doesn’t just run everywhere and create new islands on your flesh.When you notice the glue stop moving and attempting to drip - or you can see it start to change from translucent to white - dip your fingers in water, shake them of, and than very lightly run the wand on your fingers. NOW MAD DASH PICK UP THAT PENCIL I MENTIONED. You have the pencil right? WHAT?! THE PENCIL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART - IT WAS LITERALLY SPECIFIED IN MY SECOND SLIDE UP THERE. Is that your long lost fathers pencil, the last thing he gave you before vanishing into the fog, never to be seen again? Wow - that’s really dramatic,  you should write a book but also - DO NOT USE THAT PENCIL. It’s about to get covered in glue, lunatic!

Or in theory you should. I don’t actually know I come from a long line of crafters. My grandma owned a craft shop. I worked there for years as a child - because my family also has a long history of ignoring child labor laws.But I digress; I’ve been painting and sculpting things to look like wood since before I could wipe my own hiney….. I have zero information on how long it’s going to take you to get the technique down. You bought a whole pack of chop sticks, right?

You’ll notice as you pull the pencil through, you drag some glue with you - this is cool. Some of my favorite wands are the super swirly ones. I find that making wood patterns helps if you also make sound effects, like ‘woooo OOOOoooooo aaaaaaahhhhhHHHHHHWwwooooooooo’ - I am sure you know exactly what I mean.

Personally, I always figured that the wands in HP were plain wood because the ministry of magic outlawed fun. I mean - here’s this amazing stick that you bond with for life, and it’s just a stick? Nah wizbro - nah. The wand reflects your personality - and unless you are a stick in the mud, throw some pizazz in there! Put on that ritz! Trip the light fantago! (?). Whatever. Make it nice. Make it you. This is a permanent accessory for a wizard - so you know, dress it up. Doesn’t even have to be beads. I once rolled a chopstick (covered in hot glue) in a patch of moss….. just to see what it would look like. Looked earthy. Sold it for 10$.I sometimes use string and twine - why? Because I can. I once covered a glitter from top to bottom in wand! Wait…. whatever….

Seriously, don’t panic. You’ll be using three colors. Your base should be a mid-tone. The picture up there looks darker than it was. Don’t judge me.Anyways - shlap that on. Depending on the quality of the glue you purchased, you might have to do multiple coats - not all paint likes to stick to all glue. So, either pony up for expensive supplies, or deal with the extra work. It’s cathartic anyhow. It doesn’t even have to be wood colored. I once made a wand that looked like a sunset. I make lots of blue, water looking wands. I have a wand called Mitus Touched Me - that’s pure pink. Nah, it’s gold - I am just messing with you.

RIGHT. So if you didn’t horrendously mess up the glue part - look closely at your wand and you will notice that it’s bumpy as all heck. Immagine it as a landscape - and then paint the rivers and valleys BLACK!!! Or, whatever color is roughly 3 shades darker than your base color. Immediately blend that out with a dry paintbrush. What do you mean ‘how do blend?;- I know you watch those contouring videos on youtube. It’s like your face - apply, blend, repeat. Your brush should be so dry, that the act of blending nearly dry’s the paint. Right?It should be drier than a nuns hat thing on a hot day when it’s not raining.

No, it doesn’t look like wood yet. Please don’t have a panic attack - I can’t be responsible for that. Like, emotionally. Or legally. Don’t sue me.

Unless you did it wrong than I don’t know what to tell you. You probably have to paint the whole thing in your base color and try again. That’s another half hour of your life wasted on this stuff. Do you really need a wand that badly? I sell them for like 10$ - how much is your time worth, REALLY?!


It’s just a good idea all around, okay?

Now just do that 174 times, and you’ll be as good as me! I mean, I have invested hundreds of dollars into this hobby…. not including the cost of vendor booths at festivals and fairs all summer….. and I technically only charge enough to cover the cost of supplies plus like, 4$ an hour for my time. I mean, if I were actually charging what these cost to make at minimum wage, they’d be a minimum of 25$ each - and since my target market is 11 year olds who saved up their allowance….. I don’t think that price would fly!

I mean….

This is what I do for fun…..

move further, and further, in the descent of madness….

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you craft a wacky wizarding wand,  submit some pictures and I’ll post them! <3 Thanks folks!

If you hate Snape for mistreating a teenager, you should also hate: A) Hagrid for attacking a innocent muggle child; B) McGonnagal for forcing a teenager to sleep outside of his room while there’s a supposed mass murder around; C) Dumbledore for letting Harry stay in a abusive household; D) Any of the teachers who allowed a impoverished student to use a broken wand that was clearly harming him.

1982. Muggleborns using their wands for laser tag through the dark hallways at night before curfew. Teams are by houses, and they enchant their clothes before hand to glow with their house colors (that go out for a minute when shot). The game runs until everyone is chased out of the hallways at curfew. Extra points for hitting their home bases (entrances to the common rooms).

exfury  asked:

You can’t win at sports, you wear yellow shorts, all the other Houses feel sorry for you~♪

  “Oh, you don’t have to feel sorry for us just because we didn’t win. The other houses can get validation from winning, and that’s fine, but we’re quite happy where we are. We lost the game, but we did our best and did so having fun.“

  “You ought to be careful not to get too lax, though. For all you know we could just be biding our time to take everyone by surprise next year. And yellow is quite the delightful color! You ought to try it on sometimes.”

Okay but can we talk about how in the Wizarding World wands would be such an important part of life and like a serious thing. Then can you imagine all these little magical kids on their way to Hogwarts. So the first few years (like two because lets be honest kids are like 0% mature) would be fine but then the muggle born students would start making wand dick jokes or saying pick up lines about wands. How confused do you think the non muggle borns would be? or offended because to them wands would be important and they don’t get what the muggle borns are talking about and ‘no my wand is not in my pocket and no i am not glad to see you. what are you talking about?’  or ‘what does raising my wand have to do with anything? i’m not casting a spell.”

 Idk what do you guys think???

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I was tagged by @ravenclairee, thanks love - to post a picture of my Pottermore identities! 

My house is hufflepuff which couldnt be a better fit. Hufflepuffs value hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play which really discribes me. My ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie which represents the heart. Favours healers. My patronus is a polecat. Cats dont really seem to like me so it was a suprise to see this as my patronus. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands.

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I’ve never been sure of my hogwarts house caz I’m always 50% slytherin 50% ravenclaw. Some days I take the test and i get slytherin and other times I get ravenclaw.(I remember I got slytherin the fist time I took the test but that was ages ago) but never for once have I got gryffindor or hufflepuff. and my patronus is a nebelung cat lol. I don’t like cats but at least it’s not swan/heron/any kind of bird. It’d be so ironic if the thing that’s supposed to protect me scares me to death (Yes i have a phobia of birds I’m weird) But tbh??? I’d be so happy if my patronus was a unicorn! that being said… I REALLY LOVE MY WAND!

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