Warnings: AU

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Imagine Obi-Wan is a Sith and keeps you as his pet.

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The Dark Side had a way of changing people. Making them lose interest in things they’d previously enjoyed. Making them take pleasure in things they wouldn’t have considered without it.

Obi-Wan now took pleasure in you.

“Come and greet me properly, now,” he smirks as you jump, having not heard his entrance into your room. The dark cloak that draped his shoulders drops to the floor in a messy heap that Obi-Wan couldn’t care less about, for his eyes were set exclusively on you. “Aren’t you glad at your Master’s return?”

Pulsion - Chapter One
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Obi-Wan must go undercover to foil a kidnapping plot against the Chancellor.

Complications unsurprisingly ensue.

(Because there’s nothing like a Sith Lord who thinks the Jedi he shares a Life Bond with has been murdered.)

It begins!

I’d like to thank @sanerontheinside and @jacyyi for beta-reading (and being delightful humans in general), and I’d also like to give an extra special, big-ole shoutout to @ideordinal, whose encouragement is about 90 percent of the reason why this fic is ever getting to see the light of day. Thanks, you guys.

Why Rey Is Obi Wan Kenobi's Granddaughter
Warning: Major spoilers ahead -- but really the movie's been out for more than 10 days. Why are you reading Star Wars analysis if you haven't see...

I’ve been arguing from day one that if Rey is related to a well-known character in the SW-verse, it’s Obi-Wan. But admittedly I’m a bit conflicted on this. I mean, I kind of hope I’m wrong. For one thing, I’ve always seen old Kenobe as being asexual/aromantic, but that’s just my preference. I’ve just never enjoyed a single “romantic interest” story where Obi-Wan’s involved, so my hopes for an interesting one aren’t high. For another I’m a bit sick of the “everyone’s related” shtick. And as much as I love the idea of getting more on Obi-Wan’s backstory (I grew up reading all the Jedi Apprentice/Quest books, comics and literally anything Kenobi related I could get my greedy hands on), a fully fleshed out backstory doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shoehorn romance in somewhere. And please SW writers, if you’re going down that route don’t make it another forbidden romance. So sick of romangsting Jedi - just uch, fucking get laid already! I wouldn’t even mind a forbidden romance story if it were from the perspective of a female Jedi, but in the majority of SW tales I’ve read it tends to be from the perspective of male Jedi wangsting after women, which kind of rubs me up the wrong way. Feels like women are projected as temptresses or objects of distraction or desire. honestly the whole jedi being anti-attachment is bullshit.

tbh, if we ever do get an official Obi-Wan romance onscreen, I hope he winds up with someone utterly ridiculous. like, I dunno, a SW version of Tank Girl who grunts and swears and is mostly tattooed, and the bits of her that aren’t are pierced and pimply. and she drinks too much, swears too much, has a mohawk, and calls Obi-Wan “Ben” because he reminds her of this one guy on Corellia she shagged on the grotty floor of a pub loo.

That’s my kind of romance.

Well, fuck

Prompt by: Anonymous.

A/N: I don’t know what hits… but it’s shit… what have i created????? i’m sorry anon please forgive me. it started out so well.

Imagine: Cinderella AU.

Warnings: Swearing.

You can’t help  but admire yourself in the dirty, grim mirror that stands in front of you. The reflective glass doesn’t seem to capture the entirety of your beauty. The floor length gown is a shocking purple and seems to brighten the whole room. And the diamond necklace that comes with it sparkles as the lamplight hits it.

“Beautiful, you look.” A voice sounds from behind you, old and wise. Your fairy-godmother appears and smiles at you through the mirror. Well, he says he’s your fairy-god father, you’re not sure if you believe in that stuff quite yet.

Though, to be honest, when he made this fancy dress appear out of nowhere, you couldn’t help but believe him.

He himself was dressed in a rather dashing green suit and equally dashing green shoes. The cane in his left hand was a testament to how old he was, as if the white hair on the top of his head wasn’t enough.

“So…” you trail off, looking at his reflection in the mirror. “How does this whole thing work?” You raise your arms, watching as the sleeves fall nearly as far as the dress.

“Go to the ball, you must. Dance, you will,” he says, looking at you with mischief in his eyes.

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Obi-wan doesn’t really get mad. Like, Anakin gets mad all the time (lol), Padmé just gets irritated with a few things, but Obi is just this beacon of light that both of them grab onto when they need to.

The first (and only) time they only see Obi-Wan truly mad, both of them are captured by low-grade Seppies or stupid bounty hunters (Anakin given a force inhibitor, Padmé knocked out to keep her from causing any more trouble) and Obi literally leaves a trail of bodies behind him as he goes to save his darlings. He purposefully forgets what mercy is when this happens, and only stops himself from killing the ones that surrender just BARELY. The council will ask him about this later, but he knows how to release his emotions into the force. Yoda and Mace won’t have a thing on him.

When he finally gets to them, Padmé thinks she sees yellow for a split second instead of the warm blue/green/grey she’s used to, and Anakin can’t feel the waves of hate rolling off of his master until later on.

Later, he’ll understand why that hate feels so familiar when he recalls Qui-Gon Jinn’s burning pyre.