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Very excited to finally complete my latest series, “Avatar Locations” featuring my favorite locations from Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.



Avatar Spirits and other Avatar universe headcanons (Possible Spoiler Alert)

So after watching Book 4: Episode 3 of Legend of Korra, my spouse and I were discussing the show and came to some startling conclusions (and possibly some new headcanons).

We realized spirits don’t have the blended forms of the mortal animals in the Avatar Universe in their “regular” or “passive” forms when they are feeling calm. They look like animals in our world.

Tui and La look like regualr koi fish.

Hei Bai looks like your standard panda.

The Knowledge Seekers look like your standard foxes.

Wan Shi Tong, keeper of the spirit library looks like a barn owl with unusual coloring when he ISN’T trying to kill you.

He even FLIES like an owl from our world.

A standard panda, foxes, owls, koi fish, monkeys etc.. have ALL been spirits.

Based on this evidence, spirits can NOT assume the animal forms of the occupants of the Avatar universe.They can’t seem to hold the ‘blended’ forms of animals like badger moles, platypus bears, elephant koi (which if you look closely are quite different than your standard koi fish in ways other than size), the unagi, the serpent of Serpent’s Pass, cat deer… you get the idea.

That brings me to this little guy:

What did he turn into to get Korra to follow him?

This thing:

A dog. Not a polar bear dog or a bat dog, or anything like that. A tiny fluffy DOG that could easily be taken as something like a maltese or a bijon frise. 

THIS is where the epiphany came in. Which leads me to a character from Books 2 and 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Bosco.

He’s not a platypus bear, or a skunk bear.. just a BEAR.

Which leads one to the conclusion… that Bosco, beloved companion of King Kuei since presumably childhood, was not a mortal animal at all.


More specifically he was one of the Earth Kingdom’s guardian spirits that may have lived in Ba Sing Se to help guide the royal family.

Some evidence for this would be the fact that King Kuei seems to have had Bosco around for most of his life, and Kuei was in his mid to late 20s during the events of A:TLA, making Bosco around 15 to 20 years old at the time. The maximum lifespan of most bear species is around 25-35 years. The longest lived of any bear when cared for by humans was 41. Bosco presumably was alive when either Kuei abdicated the throne to his daughter Hou-Ting when he was probably in his 60’s or 70’s, or died in his 70’s or 80’s and his daughter inherited the throne upon his death.

According to the Sky Bison poacher, Hou-Ting killed and ate Bosco at some point during her rule after her father died, making Bosco at least in his SIXTIES when he met his demise.

Freakishly long lifespan and his appearance all lead to the conclusion that BOSCO WAS ONE OF THE EARTH KINGDOM’S GUARDIANS AND HOU-TING KILLED AND ATE HIM!!!

No wonder the Earth Kingdom went to hell and a hand basket!

( I think I remember seeing a shot of a bearskin rug in her meeting chamber, but I’m not sure, if anyone can find it, please do).

Avatar/ Legend of Korra Locations Ask Meme!
  • Ba Sing Se: Are you good at keeping secrets?
  • Boiling Rock: Do you ever feel like a prisoner?
  • Fire Nation: How much honor do you have?
  • Fog of Lost Souls: When do you feel most like yourself?
  • Foggy Swamp: Do you ever have déjà vu?
  • Forgetful Valley: Are you a forgetful person?
  • Laghima's Peak: Do you have an 'earthly tether'?
  • Misty Palms Oasis: Do you like taking vacations?
  • Northern Air Temple: Do you like animals?
  • Northern Water Tribe: Do you tend to stick to old traditions?
  • Omashu: Do you like roller coasters?
  • Pro-Bending Arena: Do you like sports?
  • Republic City: What's your favorite piece of technology?
  • Si Wong Desert: Have you ever been drunk?
  • Southern Water Tribe: Do you have a special talent?
  • The Cave of Two Lovers: Have you ever loved someone?
  • The Jasmine Dragon: Do you like tea?
  • The Spirit World: Do you consider yourself spiritual?
  • Wan Shi Tong's Library: Do you consider yourself wise?
  • Zaofu: Can you lie well?
Rewriting the Story

Zutara Week 2016 Day 2: Reincarnation

“We know everything!  Past, present, and future…indoor plumbing, it’s gonna be big!”

The Fates from Disney’s Hercules

“This can’t be right!”  Aang yelled as he looked through the final chapter of the book he was currently reading.  After making sure the world was at peace, Aang had spent a lot of time in the Spirit World, where he happened upon Wan Shi Tong’s library once more.

Won Shi Tong looked over Aang’s shoulder to see what had got him upset.  “Ahh, I see you’ve managed to find the never ending story of the two lovers.”

“I don’t understand.  Why are Zuko and Katara part of the last chapter?”  Aang was distressed.  Here he was just reading one of the oldest stories in existence and he happens upon the names of one of his best friends and the girl he was in love with.

“The last chapter of a story is always just the beginning of the next,”  the great librarian said without much change in tone.

“But Zuko…and Katara…”

Wan Shi Tong rolled his eyes.  “One would think the Avatar of all people would know a thing or two about reincarnation.”

“Reincarnation?”  Aang looked at the giant owl with an even more confused look.  “But that would mean…Zuko and Katara…”  Aang couldn’t bring himself to say it.  The thought of Zuko and Katara as reincarnated lovers?  He couldn’t wrap his head around it.  It couldn’t be true, especially not when Zuko had Mai and Katara loved Aang.  She did love him, right?  But then again, she never looked at him the way she looked at Zuko.  No!  He couldn’t think that way.

“You obviously haven’t been paying attention to what it was you’ve been reading”  Wan Shi Tong said in an even angrier tone.  He took the book from Aang and flipped it back to the beginning.  “This is the story of the two lovers.  Since the beginning of time, they have been destined to find each other and fall in love.”  He began flipping the pages.  “Their names, events, and details always change.  But the story always remains the same.”

“What do you mean ‘never ending story’?”  Aang asked as he chose to ignore the “falling in love” aspect of his two friends.

“Humans have a way of ruining anything pure.”  The librarian said in aggravated annoyance.  “If you paid any attention to what you read, you would’ve noticed that none of the stories ended well.  Something always comes between the two lovers: death, war…”  Wan Shi Tong looked Aang straight in the eyes.  “…another lover.  And every time they don’t end up together, the story ends and the cycle starts over once more.  Two lovers, always connected, always linked…never to be together,”  he said as he was turning away.

The thought of that actually hurt Aang’s heart.  As much as he loved Katara, no one deserved to go through heartbreak over thousands of lifetimes.  And he would know.  He had lived a thousand lifetimes himself.  He couldn’t imagining living all those lives constantly losing the one he held dear.

“So you’re saying, if Zuko and Katara don’t have their happy ending, they’ll just be reincarnated?”

Wan Shi Tong didn’t even turn around.  “Reincarnated to do the exact same thing in the next life.  Just like a wheel…on and on it’ll spin.  Constant and predictable.”

Aang looked at the book in front of him.  “But what if I could change that?”  He whispered mostly to himself.

The great owl let out a malicious laugh.  “Change a story that his been going on for thousands of years?  Look in front of you, Avatar.  Their story is already in the making.  A story they will be cursed with until the end of time.  And you think you can change that?”

Aang abruptly stood up.  “But I can!”  

In a blink of an eye, Wan Shi Tong turned and was an inch away from Aang’s face, his glare menacing.  “Don’t think yourself so high and mighty, Avatar.  You’re nothing but another detail, a problem, an obstacle.  It is you who contributes to this sad story of failed love, not I.”  He calmed down and backed up a bit.  “I can only see how this particular story will play out.”

Wan Shi Tong began to sound tired.  As if the burdens of his years as a spirit were finally weighing down on him.  “I know many things, Avatar.  The past, the present, even what will happen in years to come.  That’s because humans are such a predictable species.  So easy to read, as if you were your own book.”  He once again moved towards Aang.  “I can look into your eyes and see what will become of you.  I can tell you about the three children you will one day have and how you will neglect two of them for a reason as stupid as bending preferences.  Or how your wife, the woman you will so selfishly keep from her true love, will become nothing more than a trophy forever lost inside your shadow.  Tell me, Avatar, do you really believe you can change a story that’s already being written?”

Aang never wavered.  “Yes,”  he said with strength and confidence.

His answer actually surprised Wan Shi Tong.  Never in his years did he see such selflessness from a human.  “Interesting.  You would actually try and rewrite their story?  Even if it meant taking yourself out of the equation?”

Aang didn’t once hesitate.  “Of course.”

Wan Shi Tong eyed him again, this time with a curious eye.  “But why?”

Aang just shrugged, trademark smile back on his face.  “People always do crazy things when they’re in love.”  He closed the book and bowed to the great spirit.  “I hope the next time we meet, I’ll have rewritten the ending to the story.”  With that, he turned around and left the spirit library before exiting the Spirit World altogether.

This avatar had baffled the librarian.  Wan Shi Tong wouldn’t admit it, but of the 10,000 things he knew, the path of this avatar was not one of them anymore.  Perhaps, this avatar would actually prove him wrong.  He’d have to wait and see.

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Is it just me, or does the probending arena look a lot like the Spirit Library XD

Did Sokka design that? He does have a history.

Trufax: Sokka’s statue is in front of the library curb-stomping an owl, holding up a knot