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grand-duc  asked:

1/2 Regarding Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and the Trials, I personally tended to view it as (and it ties to my headcanon of padawan apprenticeships) Obi-Wan was a senior Padawan at a stage where he was technically ready for the Trials but since both Master and Padawan are working well together, they were taking some extra time to tie off loose ends and make sure Obi-Wan felt really ready before they moved on to the next stage. Before the Clones Wars I think it was common.

2/3 They didn’t have any reason to rush, after all. In human developmental years, the average Padawan would be ready for knighthood somewhere between early to mid 20s, and if a pair wanted to take it slow rather than rush to the Trials the moment it looked like the Padawan could pass them, then sure why not? So Knighthood was something both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan knew was in the near future, Obi-Wan just did not expect it to be Right Then, or appreciate it coming about because of Anakin.     

3/3 (as an aside, for extra feels, I think the loss of that buffer time was traumatic to a lot of Clone Wars padawans who, unlike Anakin, did not experience early knighthood (or impending early knighthood, as a welcome freedom.)    

I agree that both Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were taking their sweet time with the apprenticeship. I would say that Obi-Wan was ready for knighthood, but, at the start of the film, they were both too comfortable in their established roles to really want to move on. Unlike Anakin who was chaffing under Obi-Wan’s rule, Obi-Wan seemed quite comfortable under Qui-Gon’s. I think the big deal with Qui-Gon’s announcement in the Council Chamber came from the fact that they hadn’t discussed it and that, from Obi-Wan’s perspective, he was being given the bum’s rush to be replaced by the younger, cuter model. He knew he was expected to move on eventually, he just thought he’d have more time with Qui-Gon and some input.

So, when Ahsoka was introduced, Yoda wanted to give her to Anakin as a test to see if he was able to let her go. I think it was Obi-Wan who had the most trouble letting go. He clung to Qui-Gon’s apron strings as long as possible and was pretty pissed to be suddenly cut loose. When Anakin strained against his padawan bond, Obi-Wan just got more controlling. Even after Anakin was knighted, Obi-Wan continued to act as his immediate supervisor and push in on his life. In contrast, Kit Fisto skipped his padawan’s graduation ceremony, let him run around the galaxy unsupervised, and basically shrugged when the guy got killed in front of him. Anakin often struggled with it, but, in the end, he respected Ahoska’s ability to make her own choices about how she wanted to live her life in a way that Obi-Wan wasn’t. Anakin passed Yoda’s test. Obi-Wan consistently failed.

Honour Among Men

i blame @norcumi and @thefreelancerdivision  and *this post*.  Bloody plot bunny grew fangs and bit on.  Rex/Obi-Wan, this is take 2 after the first one got eaten.

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