wan chai district


Hong Kong Prostitute Torture
Rurik Jutting

In October 2016, a British banker living in Hong Kong pled not guilty to two horrific murders in 2014.

On October the 25th 2014, Rurik Jutting lured Indonesian prostitute Sumarti Ningsih from Hong Kong’s notorious Wan Chai Red Light District. Over the next three days she was brutally tortured with belts, sex toys and Jutting’s fists, as well as being raped multiple times. After days of torture, Jutting told Sumarti to lick the toilet bowl whilst he slashed her neck until she died.

Days later Jutting found another victim from the same red light district, another Indonesian prostitute called Seneng Mujiasih. Once the unknown victim was lured back to his luxury apartment she noticed rope. Rurik threatened her to stay quiet but she didn’t, he instantly slashed her throat.

Rurik Jutting recorded the torture and videoed himself afterwards. At the time Jutting was high on cocaine.


Compressed Spaces by Peter Stewart
A late night view over the high rises and skyscrapers of Wan Chai and Causeway Bay districts, in Hong Kong.