Relationship Headcanons - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Requests: “Hello :) could you do relationship headcanons for obi wan kenobi please? Thank you <3″ and “I LOVE YOUR STAR WARS HEAD CANNONS! Can you do an Anakin and Obi Wan Kenobi like from the 2nd movie Attack of the Clones?”

- Obi-Wan strictly follows the Jedi Code, so getting him to actually admit his feelings would be a tough feat. 

- He would most likely try to be close to you, whether it was subtly taking your hand or running his hands down your arms, it was a lot of light touching that he tried to play off as nothing more than just a closeness between friends. 

- Everyone would be able to tell there was something between you two, especially seeing how you two looked at each other. 

- He would be extremely protective of you and would always make sure you were safe and alright, and he would always be by your side so he could be there whenever you needed him. 

- You’d get to know his Padawan, Anakin, and he would have most likely offered to train you himself after Anakin had become a Jedi Knight. 

- You’d always confront him about his feelings, but he’d deny them, even though you and everyone else could tell that he had them for you. 

- The first time he told you he loved you would be a shock, but it would relieve a load of tension, and your heart would flutter even more seeing him after that. 

- After Anakin’s betrayal, you were there to comfort him, and as much as he tried to say he didn’t need it, he would give in and just let you hold him. 

- You’d rarely ever kiss, as the Jedi Code really wasn’t keen on relationships, but when you did, there would be a surprising amount of passion behind it, despite what the code says. 

- Sex would only happen for the first time once he was in exile, he’d be quite slow, soft, and gentle with you, never too rough. 

- If anything ever happened to you, he’d never leave your side, and he wouldn’t rest until you were completely alright, he’d do whatever he could until you were well again and knew that the person who did this would get what was coming to them. 

- When he had to go into exile on Tatooine, he knew he couldn’t take you with him, so he explained to you that he was leaving and that you couldn’t go with him so that you would be safe. 

- You weren’t happy with this, so after what seemed like a lifetime apart, which was probably only a few months, you found him and you didn’t say anything, you both just embraced and kissed each other, he then allowed you to stay with him so that you could live out the rest of your days together. 

- When he died, you’d feel it, no matter if you were a Force user or not, you’d have such a strong connection with him that you’d be able to feel it, and it would hit you like a ton of bricks. 

- When Luke changes the Jedi Code, you’ll be happy, seeing as now people like you and Obi-Wan can be together instead of having to hide it or never be together because of it. 

- Overall, a relationship with Obi-Wan would be such a pure love, one of the truest kinds, and it would be a love story for years to come. 


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