‘Temae’ For Gallery Nucleus’ Legend of Korra Tribute Exhibition

As many already correctly guessed, this is an illustration of Raava in Wan’s teapot. I got the inspiration for this after seeing cleared and stained specimens. Especially the illuminated ones. I couldn’t help thinking Raava and Vaatu both look like skeletons and what a glowing skeleton inside a clear body made of light would look like. So here it is, a very elaborate tea ceremony.

If you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow Saturday, March 7th stop by for the opening of the Korra/Last Airbender show in Gallery Nucleus at 210 E. Main St. Alhamabra, CA. I’ll be there for the opening so feel free to say hi!


Some of the amazing ATLA & LOK fan artwork that will be debuting at the Gallery Nucleus event in Los Angeles on March 7th!

Yes There Is Egg Custard In These Tarts by Sarah Arakaki
Yangchen by Abigail Dela Cruz
Leafie by Amy Thomas
Dancing Dragon by Charlene Kelley
Heroes Of The Nations by Erik Ly
Legacy by Ishmaiah Dado
Avatar Wan by Leslie Strock
Welcome To Republic City by Leslie Strock

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