wamuhu waweru


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(Photograph of Wamuhu Waweru, 2013.)

Female artists have been greatly ignored throughout history and the statistics are nothing short of depressing. A woman’s perspective has always been looked at as something lesser than a man’s, regardless of her ability to influence and inspire others. Through my photographs I hope to portray women (and men) as more than just a muse or object. Perhaps because I am a woman and because I’ve been photographing myself since the tender (and very awkward) age of ten, I have learned that women don’t need to appear blatantly sexy/cute/pretty to be interesting. If we continue to stay trapped in this narrow fantasy world of android like women and terrifyingly macho men then we wont ever get to experience the subtle yet remarkably beautiful differences from person to person. Everyone has a story to tell, and the complexities of their realities are far more compelling than the gross simplification of what art has traditionally expressed. Some stories are deeper, darker, more obvious, more fictional or more secret than others.

From Photoworks #8, Girls.