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Ilvermorny Aesthetics: Wampus // Pukwudgie // Thunderbird // Horned Serpent

Hogwarts Aesthetics: Slytherin // Ravenclaw // Hufflepuff // Gryffindor

dark eyes, coy smiles, knowing looks, drumming manicured nails on a desk, heels clicking down an empty hallway, bared necks, biting your bottom lip, head held high, wild hair, false pride, clenched fists, witty one-liners, throwing the first punch, bared teeth, being the last to break eye contact, harsh laughter, hollow threats, bloody lips, bruised knuckles, walking alone in the rain while laughing, thunder and lightning filling the sky, cold water, burning alcohol, half-finished cigarettes, sharp teeth and sharper wit, morbid fascination, calculated looks, playing innocent, curled toes, arched backs,  breaking a guy’s nose when he goes too far, worn out boots, black ink, cursive scrawl, shattered mirrors, bitter winters, broken glass, flirty banter, stinging insults, silk sheets, fogged windows, black coffee, drinking things too strong, holding back a grimace, cocky attitudes, dark lipstick, the engine of a motorcycle coming to life, neon lights, crowded clubs, wanting to be anywhere else, having a reputation for a reason, shoving someone up against the wall and pulling them up by their collar when they get on your nerves, pulling yourself away slowly, playing with someone’s tie just to get underneath their skin, calculated risks, doing something stupid just because you can, letting your curiosity go too far, a voice like velvet, soothing and dark, flickering lights, leather jackets, mocking looks, hiked up skirts, making the first move in a chess game, cruel laughter, pounding headaches, checkmate, sore muscles, a cheshire grin

Ilvermorny House Aesthetics

Wampus: having a crush, skinned elbows and knees, licking your lips, sore muscles, thunder, chunky jewelry, bold lipstick, the sharpening of kitchen knives, paper cuts, staring someone down, the taste of juice as you bite into a fruit, collarbones, neon signs, carbonated drinks, the click of your fingernails against a hard surface, sweat trickling down your spine, biting the inside of your cheek, hail storms, tattoos, listening to your favorite song, pasta sauce, cicadas, cracking your knuckles, spilling your drink, laughing so hard your stomach hurts, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the drop in your stomach as you go down a hill.

Thunderbird: seeing your reflection in metal, the snow on top of mountains, feeling breathless, backpacks, trying a new recipe, melted ice cream cones, old bridges, passports, flea markets, tapestries, dart boards, the cold sensation of an ice cube on your tongue, road signs, goosebumps, lightning, the sting of salt water in your eyes, speaking a new language, denim jackets, heterochromia, city graffiti, french kissing, seeing your breath as the air gets colder, drive-in movie theaters, push pins, walking along the pier, sand between your toes, driving with all the windows down, maps, and messy buns.

Horned Serpent: old libraries, scented candles, winding staircases, marble statues, quiet forests, long eyelashes, dusty shelves, forgotten love notes, bell towers, opera houses, velvet between your fingers, condensation on the side of your glass, Polaroid pictures, obscure coffee shops, icicles, the moon, an owl hooting at night, bags under your eyes, post-it notes, old journals, browsing through a bookstore or record shop, clean sheets, long showers, pressing flowers between book pages, to-do lists, heavy sighs, combing wet hair, the feeling that someone is watching you, looking at the stars, plucking a guitar string, symphonies, skimming water with your fingers, and the ribbons of steam off a hot drink.

Pukwudgie: band-aids, holding hands, hair tickling your skin, fairy lights, willow trees, flower crowns, old pictures with creases at the edges, trying not to smile but failing, the softness of grass after it rains, cottages covered in ivy, coming home after a long day, the smell baked goods in the oven, doing anything for a loved one, bath bombs, rose petals, perfect eyebrows, record players, big windows, potted plants, cool glass beneath your palms, furry blankets, humming, stroking a pet, wishing on eyelashes, opening curtains, the first snow of the winter, silky ribbons, gardens, and laying next to a loved one.

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The House of Wampus is located directly in plain sight; the very front entrance of Ilvermony. 

On either side of the very front entrance of the school, there are two sets of suits of armor positioned on either side. These enchanted armors are typically used to guide First Year around the mind-boggling castle. However, if one were to go to set on the left hand side of the door, the armors that constantly bicker night and day, and be a Wampus student, the suits will drag their longswords and cut along the castle’s outer wall (to the utter infuriation of the professors, who’d reminded the suits time and time against that they need only to trace the wall to get the door open) to open the Wampus Common Room entrance. At one time, there use to be a silly password or ID to get into the room, however, that had long since been forgotten as only Wampus students have been found to out-yell the enchanted suits.

The common room, itself, is something very reflective of the actual wampus house; it’s warm and cozy, with plush furniture and wooden walls and frames like a hunting lodge. There are magical weapons decorated along the walls, along with various trinkets that students had nicked from the confiscated drawers of the teachers. Books and notes on hexes and Dark Magic are scattered about for students to learn from.

Four large corridors are located on each face of the common room. Two are for the boy and girls’ bedrooms (which are notoriously messy to the point of humor) whilst the other two lead to a large set of catacombs that lead to multiple spots hidden around the grounds. Upperclassmen Wampuses are responsible for nightly patrols to make sure that students and/or intruders are wandering about.


Sitting high above the hills of Mount Greylock sits the nets of the Thunderbirds.

To actual reach the impossibly high treehouses, Thunderbird students must venture to an enchanted tapestry on the highest floor of the castle. Hanging on one of the walls is a rather large tapestry that, daily, will change its overall design to reflect a different area of the world. Students must correctly name the location in order to have the tapestry scoop them up, and fling them up from the castle to a landing station connected to the treehouses,.

The treehouses, themselves, hang on the innermost trees of Ilvermorny’s forest. A series of rope bridge and magical trees which move their branches for platforms are the modes of movement between the houses and the common room, which is located right beside the landing station for the house, underneath a small gazebo-type roofing. 

Not many pieces of furniture are located in the common room; only a small set of chairs and a large cabinet piece filled with items and supplies for every good Thunderbird’s newest exploration. It it restocked every morning by the school’s helpers, so there will never be a day where one goes without a compass or a set of rations. A helpful thing when it comes for upperclassmen when it comes to their school duties.


It’s a common joke at Ilvermorny that Pukwudgie students live in the school’s vibrant greenhouse. 

And, really, it isn’t far at all from the truth.

There are countless pieces of plant life in the glassy classroom, but behind one, a large shrub tucked between two more interesting herb trees, lays the Pukwudgie common room. Getting in changes by the daily, just as the Thunderbird’s common room. Pukwudgie students are given the task of identifying a new herb or flower that grows on their shrub. Naming it will make the shrub part to allow access into the room. However, if one were to attempt to cheat and tell their fellow classmates what is blooming that day, they will be blasted by a rotten stench by the shrub before being let in.

Inside the common room, there is a small, yet lush relaxation/break room for Pukwudgies to unwind after stressful classes. A large hearth and velvety armchairs are there for every students’ disposal, as well as a vast collection of textbooks and drinks that are constantly being restocked. Students tend to love to curl up with one of each beside the towering windows during the evenings.

There are two non-dormitory doors are located in the common room. The first being a door leading to a staircase that is connected to the Nurse’s Office. The second is a small, fully-stocked, private workroom that students had use for personal research. Great discoveries have been made there, and they are continued to be made there every year.


There is only one appropriate location for the house of the mind; the library.

Entrance is located on the top story of the library. Behind a small maze of bookshelves, there is a portrait, hanging within a golden frame, that has a different scholar within it every week. This scholar can range from the minds of Merlin to Harry Houdini, to whomever has a mind special enough to guard the Horned Serpent common room. 

To gain entrance, each student must engage in a light debate with that of the scholar. The topic is random, mostly based on whatever that scholar is pondering in that moment, and ranges far. Some debates can only take a few moments whilst others have ended in students falling asleep from exhaustion outside the door. It all depends on the mind, really.

The Horned Serpent’s common room is very similar in the aspect of the Pukwudgie common room; very lush and soft, and perfect for late night studying. A monstrous bookcase is located on the side of the common room, filled to the brim with books of every sort. It’s a tradition for graduating Horned Serpents to leave their favorite book on the shelf for the younger students. It’s in order to have students vary their minds and discover things in a collection that one couldn’t always find in the library.

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What the Ilvermorny Houses study in college

Thunderbird: Biology, Ethnic Studies, International Relations, Music, Global Studies, Archeology, Photography

Pukwudgie: Nursing, Non-Profit Management, Peace/Conflict Studies, Social Science, Human Resources, Psychiatry, Social Work

Wampus: Journalism, Political Science, Gender Studies, Military Technologies, Strategic Intelligence, Physics, Athletic Training

Horned Serpent: Chemistry, Education, Philosophy, Mathematics, Classical and Ancient Studies, Medicine, Astrophysics


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ILVERMORNY HEADCANON [Course Professors & Descriptions]


Professor Ortwin Aurelio

    This class teaches that stars are much more than twinkling lights in the sky.  Offered as an elective class to those in year 4 and above, Professor Aurelio takes his students on a rigorous adventure to the stars.  This course is not for those who need their full 8 hours of sleep as classes have the possibility of being held between midnight and 3AM (when study subjects are at their peak).  

     Those who do take this class will experience and learn the wonders of the night sky.  If you so choose to further your education in this area and go to level 2, you will have the opportunity to participate in an annual quest.  A friendly competition between classmates where they must use what they have learned on Star Navigation to find an item hidden by Professor Aurelio himself.  This course is nothing short of enlightening.


Professor Virginia Leon

    Come learn about the magnificent world around you!  As in the literal blade of grass that you are stepping on.  In this course you will learn about the most mundane plants as well as the most complex and mystical ones our world has to offer.  Professor Leon, a world renowned Wizarding Botanist before joining us at Ilvermorny, has been teaching this course for over 50 years.  

     Expect to brace yourself as you will be getting up close and personal with some of the most dangerous plants known to witch or wizard while also learning about healing properties as well as what herbs helps top off the school’s world famous roast!


Professor Filimena Godwine

    Learn to bring a whole new meaning to being charming as you come to throw charms without even mumbling a single sound.  Charms is an ever perfecting craft which must be constantly learned.  

     Students are required to take this course in their first four years of study, but if they so desire, they may take it for all their years at Ilvermorny.  No matter whether you decide to further your education in charms or not, all witches and wizards will leave this school knowing how to do basic charms without needing to speak their incantation.


Professor Newton Aureliana

    The stories that once made you quake in fear and wonder of the Loch Ness or maybe even the Chupacabra are not just folklore, they are the true tales of beasts that roam this earth still. In this course, you will travel from the past and back to learn about some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever been discovered while also coming to know how our community has kept them under wraps from No Mags since the beginning of time. 

     This year, we welcome first year Professor Newton Aureliana, as he has dedicated his life to follow in suit of Mr. Newt Scamander and help these magnificent creatures stay well.  All students are required to have a personal copy of Newt Scamander’s “Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them,” other texts will be assigned when deemed necessary as the course progresses.  


Professor Cicero Alister

    The Dark Forces of magic will have no hold over you once you complete this course.  Being under the instruction of the wondrous and very capable Professor Alister is both a gift and a great privilege, one which should never be taken for granted.  Our world has been under attack by dark magic more than one would like to admit and this class helps to assure that our students will know how to defend themselves and their loved one, should they ever need to rise to the occasion.  

     Professor Alister has a vast listing of past experiences which make him well over qualified for this position and you should rest well assured that you will be in good hands and learn more than you could ever possibly imagine.


Professor Angus Mordecai

    The art of witches and wizards standing over a bubbling cauldron goes far past any record books still intact today.  From concocting the simple remedy for the common cold to brewing the elixir of life, all will need true patience to succeed in this course.  Professor Mordecai comes from a long line of talent in this subject and Ilvermorny has had the honor of being his home for 23 years now.  He brings to the ingredients table a sense of wonder and intrigue that has captured the minds of students throughout his time here.  Know that in his class you will learn not only about this subject, but of yourself as well.


Professor Fida Jacmomina

    The sky is the limit, as the saying goes. But here, within Mount Graylock’s silvery skies, you will learn that there are always exceptions. Students of every year are required to take a class on the skill of broom flying. First years will learn the very basics whilst the upper years can take electives on the topic; ranging from long term flying to competitive broom maneuvers.


Professor Erika Weisz

    Odd creatures they are; those who live day in and out without the power of magic in their blood. Called No-Majs on this side of the waters, the relationship between they and the wizarding folk of America is full of sorrow and distrust. Students of every year are expected to learn about this messy history between the two, as well as a basic understanding of No-Maj lifestyles and culture in order to blend in between with their kind outside in the world.


Professor Berit Aphra

    As a result of the impressively rich and long history of the Magical World that is in the United States, students are expected to take six years of Magical History. Here, they will learn of their founder, Isolt Sayer and her journey from the clutches of Gormlaith Gaunt to the construction of what we now call Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They will learn of MACUSA’s rise to power, and those who sat as its head. They will learn of the Salem Witches who died within a blaze of fire. They will learn it all. That and so much more.


Professor Apisi Nero

    The ancient, Native way of transforming oneself into an animal is kept alive within Ilvermorny’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s hall. Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh years are required to learn this ancient magical techniques; beginning by identifying their chosen creature, then going forth in the next years in perfecting their transformations. 

     Classes are held within the campus’s adjacent forest, underneath the light of the moon during the midsts of the night. It is thought, only then, one can connect truly with their animalistic side.


Professor Eponine Avanti

    This class is often viewed on a scale of two very vast extremes, You’re either turning water into rum or turning yourself into a cat.  This course takes transfiguration to a whole new level of extreme and fun.  In your very first two years of education you will come to be able to turn simple objects into whichever your heart desires.  Once you round to your fourth year of instruction in this subject, you will come to participate in Professor Avanti’s game of Transfigure & Seek!  

     This is a final exam well loved by all elder years and many of them are known to offer their assistance to the Professor in helping set up, judge or even sit as spectators to cheer on the fourth years.  You will learn much in this class with no shortage of fun in doing so.


Professor Vernon Gwydion

    Often overlooked within the magical community as a ‘flawed’ version of Divination in other countries around the world, the American Wizarding curriculum has, actually, accepted the branch of future viewing as the main way. The uses of twigs within the natural, ancient forests of the United States, such as the pines of Virginia and the Redwoods of California, combined with the art of Xylomancy crafted by the ancient tribes of the past allow for a clearer way into predicting the outcome of the future; a way completely and utterly unique especially to America.

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