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Hogwarts House: Gryffindor / Hufflepuff / Ravenclaw / Slytherin
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird / Wampus / Horned Serpent / Pukwudgie
Wand core: Unicorn hair / Dragon heartstring / Phoenix feather
Blood Status: Muggleborn / Half-Blood / Pure-Blood
Fav class: Potions / Transfiguration / Charms / Divination / Astronomy / DADA / Flying / Herbology / History of Magic / Muggle Studies / Arithmancy / Care of Magical Creatures / Ancient Runes
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thefangirlhasarrive  asked:

Please share more of your headcanons they are awesome. from a fellow pukwudgie.

Ask and you shall receive my fellow Puk :) It´s been a long time since my last Puk headcanons I´ve missed them! 

1/ The Black Market run by Pukwudgie students is a thing okay. Everyone knows. The teachers would do something but… 

2/ Pukwudgie’s pureblood prefect and wampus’ no-majeborn prefect are dating and they are most terrifying power couple in the whole school (although to be honest there is this Horned Serpent couple from 5th year that is really next on the list to be The Couple when the prefects graduate)

3/ Girl gangs are definitely a thing in Ilvermorny but only the one integrated entirely by Puk girls have matching jackets

4/ Actually, the most dangerous dark lord from the last century in America was a Pukwudgie boy called Adrian Koch. But he has no tragic background. He was pretty okay all the way through his education in Ilvermorny. The only problem was that “he thought he was sick in his heart if you could be sick in that place”. Because the most terrifying thing about the heart is that when sick, it wants and wants and wants, but it doesn’t care it doesn’t fill it just takes.

5/ Pukwudgies that love reading team up with Thunderbirds and Horned Serpents to go to muggle cities during mid-term to go get the latest book from their fave series

6/ Pukwudgie’s own ilvermorny’s debate club. It might have been officially founded by Horned Serpents but ask anyone and yup Puks own that club they are terrifying you can present actual facts while they get there with a pen and two pieces of paper and they will still win. Devil’s advocate those ones.

7/ Pukwudgies are known as the most… how should i say this… promiscuous house. It’s mostly a stereotype, of course, but rumor has it the heart does what it wants and Pukwudgies are not ashamed of feeling love or any kind of desire, and some of the most vocal house members have given the whole house a ‘reputation’ through the years. This does make a lot of freshmen uneasy, living up to weird expectations or plain disgusted for being seen as ‘easy’ or 'eager’ or even interested in sex by default.

7/ Sooner or later every Pukwudgie sees the little carved quote that its half hidden in the stairs of Pukwudgie’s common room and smile every time they remember it.

8/ In summer the school grounds are basically full of two houses: Thunderbirds and Pukwudgies.

9/ Pukwudgies curse. A lot. Remember that post “Look im mad, and just saying 'gosh’ is not gonna do it for me Susan”. That’s Pukwudgie.

10/ Pukwudgies have archery training fields.

11/ The actual Pukwudgies (the creatures) have been seen teaching Pukwudgie students little basic fire magic when they find out the student its afraid of the dark

12/ Every Pukwudgie ever will deny they actually bake. Even while they are baking in that very moment in fron of your eyes. They will go full Mariah Carey on you 

13/ Pukwudgies, just like the creatures they are named from are incredibly easy to annoy

14/ Salty Pukwudgies are a Thing okay. Mean Pukwudgies are something to be avoided. They will lash out to anyone and everyone and perks of the heart: they know how to cut deep.

15/ Some Pukwudgies are terrible in potions and that makes them feel so empty they can feel their eyes water when asked about that particular stereotype.

16/ The most romantic Pukwudgies, when in love, will literally make flower crowns to everyone who even looks in their general direction.

17/ Pukwudgies are the type of people who get strangers phone numbers in public cafeterias.

18/ Some Pukwudgie’s love parties. Capital L love even. Some Pukwudgies can’t stand them at all. Every Pukwudgie is obsessed with at least one blanket from the common room and there would be fights for the best spots to cuddle in winter when it rains.

19/ House movie marathons are a thing.

20/ Pukwudgies value eye contact and is their preferred go-to when flirting with someone they actually like.

21/ During exams, Pukwudgies are either the friend who brings enough snacks to the library to feed their entire year or the one who forgets to eat 3 days in a row. There is no in between.

22/ Pukwudgies do love plants. That stereotype is 110% true. Not the actual plants mind you, allergy is a thing, but the aesthetic of it. The common room is filled with them and *magically enough* once you enter Pukwudgie’s common room allergies stop being a thing entirely. People have had to be physically removed from the common room during spring because *No you can´t stay here Marcos this is not even your common room get. out.* 

anonymous asked:

slytherdor (slytherin and gryffindor because those are the only 2 houses im ever sorted into so now i just identify with both) /fox/wampus?

Cunning, strategy, passion, intensity, wisdom, adaptability -mod vi

anonymous asked:

Where the houses would travel/vacation?

Thunderbird: Milford Sound, New Zealand. 

Pukwudgie: Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

WampusBatu Caves, Malaysia

Horned Serpent: Rome, Italy.

🌙 {Mod Horned-Serpent} 🌙

Ilvermorny/Hogwarts Combos

I’ve seen a couple of these posts, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Go through the potential combinations of Ilvermorny and Hogwarts houses and write a bit about what they represent to me. Not based on any data or polling, just on what seems to make sense to me:

Thunderbird Gryffindor: Thunderbird house is said to favour adventurers, and this is perhaps the most literal interpretation. Thundergryffins tend to be explorers and thrill seekers. Their bravery is not necessarily geared to some righteous cause (though this combo does not preclude that) they simply want their life filled with excitement. As such they can be easily bored which can make them irascible if they are deprived of stimulation. But they are bound to make interesting the lives of any who calls them friend.

Thunderbird Hufflepuff: Thunderpuffs focus on is on experiencing things with friends. These people are not ones for solitude, they will go stir crazy left on their own for a couple of days. It seems they’re always on lunches out, at parties, on trips. It’s not so much the activity that matters so much as the company. They just love people and want to experience as much of mankind as possible.

Thunderbird Ravenclaw: This is my house combination. Thunderclaws are the creatives and innovators. Luna and her parents would all find themselves in this category. If Thunderbirds are adventurers, Thunderclaws prefer to adventure via stories - sitting curled up with a good book as their mind takes them to far off worlds beyond anything that can be experienced in reality. They are dreamers and idealists and can often get their heads lost in the clouds. It can be painful for them when their dreams do not match up with reality and perhaps the oft-found obsession with fiction is an escape.

Thunderbird Slytherin: Thunderins are definitely more on the ambitious side of Slytherin house. They aspire to achieve greatness. For them their adventure is the road to success, and the luxuries that success brings. They definitely appreciate the finer things in life and their ambition tends to be towards living the high life rather than being some lofty goal. Nonetheless Thunderins are often some of the most driven and passionate folk you will ever meet.

Wumpus Gryffindor:  Unshakeable in their convictions and unmatched in their tenacity, Wumpindors are soldiers through and through. Their causes may be righteous or not, but like the beast from which House Wumpus gets its name, Wumpindors are nigh unstoppable. This combo has a dark reputation and Wumpindors may tend towards anger and aggression. They can be quick to see force as the best option in a crisis. They are ultimately fighters - Not merely people who will fight, but people for whom fighting is their way of life and their first resort.

Wumpus Hufflepuff: If you think of the quintessential social justice warrior, that is a Wumpuff. I do not use the term SJW in an inherently negative term as many do. Rather, Hufflepuffs are concerned with honour and fairplay and as such Wumpuffs cannot stand seeing injustice in the world and seek to eradicate it. They will fight fiercely to protect their friends, but their protective instincts apply to the whole world. This can result in them lashing out at people who they see as part of the problem but at their hearts they simply wish to fight for a better world.

Wumpus Ravenclaw: Wumpenclaws are the practical Ravenclaws. These people have ideas and they want them implemented damn it! They are excellent planners and incredibly organised. This combo favours strategists, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Wumpus Slytherin: Ruthlessness incarnate, Wumperins have lofty ambitions and will do absolutely anything to achieve them. This is probably the combo with the darkest reputation. I would put Voldemort himself in this category. But do not let you think this is an inherently bad combo, any more than Slytherin itself is. If a Wumperin’s ambition is a benign one their passion for achieving their goals is bound to result in success. And if their cause is righteous, a Wumperin can spark a revolution.

Pukwudgie Gryffindor: Anyone would be fortunate to call a Pukindor a friend, for they are perhaps the fiercest allies one could have. Their loyalty and the bonds of friendship that they form are unbreakable. When their friends are down and out they will be the ones to light a fire beneath them, and then rain hell down on whoever did their friend wrong.

Pukwudgie Hufflepuff: In my mind Puffs and Puks have a lot of similarities, so a Puklepuff represents the idea of the quintessential Hufflepuff. These people are the gentlest souls you will ever meet, kind, nurturing and supportive. The Cinammon Rolls of the world. They may well be great cooks or simply have a great love of food - or indeed of anything which brings people together.

Pukwudgie Ravenclaws: Pukenclaws are people who use their ideas and intellect to help others. Pukwudgies are known for being healers and it is in this combination that that becomes most literal - Pukenclaws are often Doctors, nurses, vets or surgeons. In their day to day life they are adept at finding the easiest solutions to problems - the masters of “lifehacks”.

Pukwudgie Slytherin: I’ve often said that Slytherins are the type of people to low-key ruin the lives of anyone who wrongs their friends. People often overlook that Slytherins are incredibly loyal to one another and it is in the Pukerin combo that this quality shines through. The focus here is less on ambition and more on cunning and ruthlessness - more specifically the cunning and ruthlessness required for the Pukerins family (be that literal and/or metaphorical) to survive. And when they or their loved ones are wronged, they are not above enacting a terrible, yet subtle vengeance.

Horned Serpent Gryffindors: Serpendors are people with an area (or areas) of expertise and they know it. They are self-assured in what they are good at (and know what they are bad at) and this surety results in unmatched confidence and competence in that area. That classic Gryffindor bravery comes through in their ideas and their execution. They are independent and efficient. Hermione would be a proud Serpendor, as would McGonagall.

Horned Serpent Hufflepuffs: An unusual combination, as the warmth and heart of Hufflepuff may seem at odds with the detached analysis of Horned Serpent. However funnily enough I think that Isolt Sayre herself falls into this combo. Serpenpuffs know people. They are excellent judges of character and know what makes people tick. They may find promising careers in psychology. They are well meaning but they may feel the need to coddle their friends and family (just as Isolt refused to tell her children of Gormlaith even into their teenage years) and they can at times be aloof and irascible. If you are friends with a Serpenpuff you can probably expect a couple of fallings out (just as Isolt did with William), but in the end they care for their loved ones deeply.

Horned Serpent Ravenclaws: These two houses share many similarities, and of the four Ilvermorny Houses, Horned Serpent is the one with the most direct Hogwarts counterpart here. As such Serpentclaws represent the “stereotypical” Ravenclaw. Aloof, cool and analytical, these are the academics. Their work is done in papers and in the lab, but the implications can be world changing. They need to be mentally stimulated at all times and as such prefer the company of other intellectuals.

Horned Serpent Slytherins: Slytherserpents have a focus on the cunning aspect of Slytherin house. They are always the ones with the plan and that plan is more often than not at least a little underhanded. While other Slytherins may let their ambitions outmatch their abilities, Slytherserpents never have this problem. They do not achieve their ends through brute force and ruthlessness (as Wumperins do) but through subtle tricks and manipulations.

anonymous asked:

Houses as names

(if you want me to be smug and funny I’d just give you the names of the Ilvermorny houses)

Thunderbird- Chadwick

Wampus- Webster

Pukwudgie- James

Horned-Serpent- Isolt


🏹Mod Pukwudgie
Ilvermorny Sorting

So everyone’s been busy comparing the houses of Ilvermorny to Hogwarts houses, but I’d like to propose an alternative. I think Ilvermorny sorting requires asking a slightly different type of question. 

Hogwarts houses are chosen based on traits you consider important and value beyond yourself, e.g. Hermione thinks bravery is more important than “books and cleverness.” That’s because the founders wanted to see those values in others (i.e. the students they chose).

On the other hand, the characters of the Ilvermorny founders “leaked into the houses,” so it seems to divide along the lines of how you define yourself and what tools you prefer to use in your approach to life.

  • Horned Serpent: “I’m defined by what I think.” (Scholars, mind.)
  • Wampus: “I’m defined by what I do.” (Warriors, body.)
  • Thunderbird: “I’m defined by my experiences.” (Adventurer, soul.)
  • Pukwudgie: “I’m defined by what I feel (or maybe love).” (Healers, heart.) 

This could apply to a variety of Hogwarts houses. So, for example, a Wampus is defined by action, but why they fight (to defend the weak, to promote themselves or those they consider family, because it’s wise, or because it’s right) defines their Hogwarts house. Meanwhile, a Horned Serpent in Ravenclaw might think, “My mind defines me, because knowledge and/or creativity is important.” The Slytherin counterpart might think, “My mind defines me, because that is how I can achieve what I want out of life.”


Horned Serpent (Represents the mind; Favours scholars)
Named by Isolt Sayre, after the great horned river serpent that has a jewel set into its forehead. 

Wampus (Represents the body; Favours warriors)
Named by argumentative but fiercely loyal Webster Boot, after his favourite magical beast, the Wampus; a magical panther-like creature that was fast, strong and almost impossible to kill.

Pukwudgie (Represents the heart; Favours healers)
Named by James Steward, after the fiercely independent magical creature, the Pukwudgie.

Thunderbird (Represents the soul; Favours adventurers)
Named by an intelligent but often temperamental boy Chadwick Boot, after his favourite magical beast, the Thunderbird, a beast that can create storms as it flies.


Ilvermorny School Uniforms

More information on Ilvermorny (the North American School of Magic) was announced this week via Pottermore. I decided to draw their summer and winter robes, since Ilvermorny is located in a place with cold winters (Massachusetts). Rowling has released that students are sorted into houses at this school, and that their robes are blue and cranberry! Also that they have a gordian knot pin on their robes. From left to right, in all images the order is Horned Serpent, Wampus, Pukwudgie, and Thunder Bird. They have a short summer robe, and long winter. I wanted something to identify the different houses so their robes have designs on their sleeves to show which house they are in. Also, Quidditch would be way more confusing without house colours on the pitch so I went with silver, black, gold, and white!

If you haven’t yet. take the sorting quiz for Ilvermorny! It is available on Pottermore. I was sorted into Horned Serpent. Check out the robe designs I posted before the uniform colours were released. 


Ilvermorny Houses

“The boys’ ideas of what a magical school ought to be like were based almost entirely on Hogwarts, so they insisted that it ought to have four houses. The idea of naming the houses after themselves was swiftly abandoned and instead, each chose their favourite magical beast. For Chadwick, an intelligent but often temperamental boy, it was the Thunderbird that can create storms as it flies. For argumentative but fiercely loyal Webster, it was the Wampus, a magical panther-like creature that was fast, strong and almost impossible to kill. For Isolt, it was, of course, the Horned Serpent that she still visited and with which she felt a strange sense of kinship. When asked what his favourite creature was, James was at a loss. The only No-Maj in the family was unable to consort with the magical creatures the others had begun to know well. Finally, he named the Pukwudgie, because the stories his wife told of curmudgeonly William always made him laugh.”

Okay but I just want everyone to understand

the best thing about Ilvermorny being in Massachusetts is that this brings up a bunch of stupid fucking Massachusetts headcanons about wizardry: 

-Professors with disgusting Boston accents 

-The platform for Ilvermorny HAS to be at North station

-enchanted MBTA commuter rail 

-the division between NY and Mass wizards going deeper than house rivalry 

-the Red Sox curse being ACTUAL dark magic 

-confirmed wand fights over Sox vs Yankees and Patriots vs literally everyone not from new England

-a Dunkin Donuts suspiciously close to the school that is always looking for workers because people are terrified of working the nightshift there. 

-Magical Dunkin Donuts 

-There’s an underground passage at the school (a la Whomping Willow and One Eyed Witch) that exits at the old Harvard station.

-On the train ride to Ilvermorny, students like to fire off spells. The stray magic wreaks havoc on cars between the station and the school, making them nearly impossible to drive and making the drivers seem exceedingly reckless. MASSHOLES EXPLAINED 

-The real reason the Pumpkinfest riots happened at Keane State was because Ilvermorny wizards decided to crash and cast some drunk spells without realizing the consequences, once something caught fire, people rioted. Student wizards are not well liked in New Hampshire

-There’s a reason why Boston is “the hub of the universe”: wizarding folk powerful in astrology and divination gather there for readings more accurate and powerful than anywhere else.

-There was a gang of dark wizard students, who caused an unbelievable amount of mayhem and panic one day. The local magical authorities realized it would be almost impossible to totally wipe the memory from everyone’s minds. One wizard joked, saying that they’re going to come up with some ridiculous excuse like a family of ducks trying to walk through the city.



Hey dolls. I just wanted to make this post, because I find it important. 

After taking the Pottermore quiz multiple times. I got different results every time, just because the test gave me different questions each time. 

I feel like that makes your true house very inaccurate just by taking that quiz. That’s why I started questioning my own results, and Pukwudgie just didn’t feel right to me.

I had a deep conversation with my boyfriend, and he also felt the same about his results. We felt like our true houses (Me - Wampus, Him - Horned Serpent) weren’t getting picked because of the change of questions. We felt an affinity towards those houses in our guts, and for a good reason.

Someone made a test with ALL the questions the Pottermore test has to offer, and you answer them all at once. When we both took the test that way, we both got the houses we felt an affinity towards. It is much more accurate when you answer all the questions at once rather than when she switches up which questions she decides to ask you.

Some of you might get the same result, but some of you might not. I know the way they have the test set up, it is accurate. If you don’t feel like you fit your Ilvermorny sorting from Pottermore, I recommend you take this test. It is all the same questions, but ALL the questions at once, rather than just ones they pick and choose when you decided to take the test at a particular moment.

I’m now sorted where I should be, and so is my boyfriend. It is much more consistent and accurate. 

Have fun!  x