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The Glamour & The Grit

Photos from the 1960s taken by Observer photo-journalist, David Newell-Smith, who passed away in June 2017, aged 80. 

1. Mick Jagger, 1964. 
2. Artist Bridget Riley, May 1964.
3. The Cavern Club, Liverpool, October 1964. 
4. Commuter at Charring Cross railway station, London c. 1965 during a ‘go-slow’ by Southern Region railwaymen demanding a £3 3s per week bonus. 
5. Abandoned cars on Walworth Road in London, May 1966.
6. Rescuers at The Aberfan Disaster, 22 October 1966.
7. A man on a bench in George Square, Glasgow on New Year’s Eve, 1966. 
8. Twiggy, early 1967.
9. Anti-Vietnam war demonstrators on Downing Street, London, 27th October 1968.
10. Jean-Luc Goddard with the Rolling Stones on 17th November, 1968, after or during the filming of Sympathy For The Devil, Goddard’s documentary film on the Stones. This is a cutting of this photo, the original is now lost. 
11. Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind the Great Train Robbery, is lead from Linslade Magistrates Court in Bedfordshire on 9th November 1968.
12. The Gorbals, Glasgow, 18th May 1968.
13. Judy Garland with her fiance Mickey Deans arriving from New York into London’s Heathrow airport, 28th December 1968. The couple married on 15th March 1969, then on 22nd June 1969, Deans discovered Garland dead in their rented Chelsea mews house.
14. The Rolling Stones perform a free concert in Hyde Park on 5th July 1969, a couple of days after the death of Brian Jones.
15. The Monty Python team, first published in the Observer magazine on the 12th October 1969.

Photos: David Newell-Smith. 

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educate me on michael foot

Michael Foot was sort of what would happen if you asked a class of 5-year-olds to paint Roy Jenkins.

Here he is pictured with a small ball of fluff in 1982:

And feeling uncomfortable being stared down by the young Gordon Brown some years previously:

Other important things:

- Daddy Foot was a Liberal MP. The little Feet all variously went on to become Liberal MPs, UN representatives, Governors of British Consulates, Knights of the Realm and Barons. 

- Our boy Mikey started out ok in Oxford (he was at Wadham lol why am I not surprised) but then fell tragically in love with Nye Bevan and the Labour Party ruined his life ever after

- Collected too many books and his wife kept having to secretly throw them out what a relatable guy, also wrote about Jonathan Swift and why Stanley Baldwin was a traitor and why Nye Bevan was a saint

- Kept a little portrait of Nye Bevan on his desk very relatable what a weirdo

- Spike Milligan thought he was like Jesus

- They elected him leader of the opposition to try and keep everyone happy but a) when are the left ever sodding happy and b) the right are only happy in power and c) he was pretty shit as leader bless him

- Sometimes his driver would come in and join meetings about policy wtf. wtf.

- He wore a donkey jacket to the fucking cenotaph and Margaret Thatcher had to kind of manhandle him into place and brush him down it was bad

- It was all bad tbh the election of 1983 was bad and everything stayed bad for quite a while

- ‘On the day Peter Mandelson arrived at Walworth Road, in October 1985, an employee in the post room tried to feed a colleague rat poison. It was symptomatic of the state of the party: completely demoralised and riven from top to bottom by hatred’ (Philip Gould, The Unfinished Revolution)

- “Nobody who joined the Labour Party whilst I was leader could be accused of being a careerist” ~ Michael Foot refuses to be your anti-Blair idol

- If you compare him to Corbyn I will hit you Corbyn doesn’t deserve to lick his Foots