codaking  asked:

I was listening to Plumbing the Death Star (in the latest podcast they discuss what nintendo character would be the best hero of gotham) and they were saying they think Danny Devito would make a good live action Wario. So, who do you think would make a good live action Waluigi?

Oh man that’s such a good question! I love it

For some reason Adrien Brody came into my head first? He’s very lanky, has a long face that you could add to w/ make-up and prothetics if needed, and generally could do well as he’s a super talented guy

But if you wanted to go full hog? Doug jones. He is towering, skinny af, a former contortionist (he could do all the weird gymnastic poses Waluigi does!) and is a specialist in acting with full effects makeup. Just look at this dude and tell me in costume he wouldn’t be rad:

A bunch of Waluigi facts:

  • Waluigi is canonically the same age as Luigi, as stated in smash bros melee 
  • Despite looking alike he is not related to Wario, as hinted by multiple sources and stated on Nintendo Japan’s site
  • He is almost always a skill type character in games, and is known for his flexibility as well as his gymnastic ability. The move he does where he lifts one leg over his head and spins is apparently an exceptionally hard move for males to typically pull off.
  • He prepared for years ‘honing his antagonizing abilities’ before confronting Luigi in Mario tennis and ‘trains quite hard behind the scenes’ 
  • Waluigi is smart, being called ‘cunning and quick’ and ‘the brain to Wario’s brawn’ in many bios and descriptions
  • He fought Bowser in Mario Party 3 and beat him with a single kick. His powerful foot stomp is his main attack in smash, too.
  • He’s appeared in over 50 games and not one year has gone by that Waluigi hasn’t appeared in a game since his creation