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self-care is making billy tea under the shade of a coolabah, stealing a jumbuck, getting into a chase with 3 troopers, drowning yourself in the nearby billabong, haunting the site as a disembodied voice, and harassing strangers until they come waltzing matilda with you 

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Do you have some roadrat fics you recommend?

oh yea babey i do here are my top faves


waltzing matilda by avianatrocities

angst with insanely cool imagery

better by senkowakimarin

till death do us part by octonaut

REALLY, unbelievably good characterization

reversible by thorinsmut

favourite person by donskoi

AUs that have won my heart over

my kingdom for a pig by thefuckistevvs

burning souls by sassylassy

Americans (or anyone not Australian, really): A challenge.

If you’re bored and willing to provide entertainment, I challenge you to draw the scene depicted in the following lyrics without looking up what any of it is:

“Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong
Under the shade of a coolibah tree,
He sang as he watched and waited ‘til his billy boiled
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me”

Australians, please don’t ruin this. I’m genuinely curious!

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
The Pogues
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

The Pogues - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (1984)

A song for Veteran’s Day, originally known as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of WWI.  All sorts of people have recorded this Eric Bogle penned song, but I’m posting the Pogues version from the b-side of their first single Dark Streets of London. They recorded a much longer version for their second album but this recording is simpler and more direct, not to mention a good 3 minutes shorter.

Never knew there were worse things than dying

Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda” is Australia’s most widely known bush ballad. A folk song, the song has been referred to as “the unofficial national anthem of Australia”.[1]

The title is Australian slang for travelling by foot with one’s belongings (waltzing, derived from the German auf der Walz) in a “Matilda” (bag) slung over one’s back.[2] The song narrates the story of an itinerant worker, or “swagman”, making a drink of tea at a bush camp and capturing a sheep to eat. When the sheep’s owner arrives with three police officers to arrest the worker for the theft, the worker commits suicide by drowning himself in the nearby watering hole, after which his ghost haunts the site.

The original lyrics were written in 1895 by poet and nationalist Banjo Paterson. It was first published as sheet music in 1903. Extensive folklore surrounds the song and the process of its creation, to the extent that the song has its own museum, the Waltzing Matilda Centre inWinton, Queensland.[3] In 2012, to remind Australians of the song’s significance, Winton organised the inaugural Waltzing Matilda Day to be held on 6 April, the anniversary of its first performance.[4][5]

The song was first recorded in 1926 as performed by John Collinson and Russell Callow.[6] In 2008, this recording of “Waltzing Matilda” was added to the Sounds of Australia registry in the National Film and Sound Archive which says that there are more recordings of “Waltzing Matilda” than any other Australian song.

Atomic Era - Waltzing Matilda
Civilization 6 (2016)/Banjo Paterson (1895)
Atomic Era - Waltzing Matilda

Usually I do Waltzing Matilda to its medieval variant, which is definitely my favourite.

The Atomic variant however sounds absolutely fucking majestic and I cannot stress enough how much I love it. So I had to sing along to it as well. Might not be as good as I think but eh, I’m proud of it. Enjoy!

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Do you have any facts about Australia? I have to a school project on their school systems but Im not getting graded on it.

Australia and its school systems:

Australia was founded in 1901 by Jimmy “Crocodile” Austral, a deportee of England who was banished for cannibalism, having eaten 32 members of the House of Lords. In accordance with English colonial law, this entitled him to an entire already-inhabited continent.

Austral brought with him his pet rabbit, which was pregnant. Within three years, Australia was completely overrun by rabbits, which lead to Austral building a rabbit proof fence across the country, dividing it into West Australia and New South Wales, the directions North and East were only invented in 1909 and not introduced to Australia in 1921. Most of the rabbits west of the fence evolved into kangaroos, a species which contributed to the invention of the pocket. Most pockets in modern pants are harvested from live kangaroos to this day.

Austral’s son, Dundee Kidman Austral, founded the school system in 1924 as a means to separate native Australians from their children, so they could be more easily abused. About 70,000 hunter gatherers were collected and shipped to “Social Centers for Harrowing Offensive Outrageous Lugubriosity“ or “S.C.H.O.O.L.” where they were viciously broken down and tormented into acting like their insane English overlords. The practice proved so effective at beating children down that it soon caught on in England, then in the rest of Europe, and finally even in America, where schools exist to this day as centers where parents can dump their progeny to be abused in the most nauseating and insulting manners.

Having evolved since those days, presumably with the help of Darwin city, Australia is now a more peaceful land where only 87% of the wildlife is deadly, only 92% of native descendants are subjected to atrocious non-stop abuse, and a mere 99.8% of the English descended population are still cannibals. The school system has also changed over the years to feature more Catholicism.

Australia’s national anthem is “Waltzing Matilda,” a traditional ballad about a homeless man drowning in a puddle. It is currently ruled by Reichskanzler Abbott, a descendant of the Austral family who like his ancestors, lives on a strict diet of human flesh and whole raw onions.

Australia is divided into eight districts:

  1. The Capitol
  2. New South Wales
  3. Tasmanian South Wales
  4. Queen’s South Wales
  5. South South Wales
  6. North South Wales
  7. Victorian South Wales
  8. The West

Australia today thrives on its tourist industry, its pocket industry, and on funds siphoned from “New Zealand,” a set of subsidiary islands to its east where Hobbits are farmed for food and pets. Australia is best known across the world for its didgeridoos, which go like “Oowowowoeowoowowoeow.”

Good luck with your project!

Sniper Headcanons

filled-with-bees submitted

Sniper loves to be in the water and is an expert swimmer. He spent a lot of time splashing around creeks and billabongs when he was a boy, and he was even on a swim team for a while when he was in school. On one of his days off, he found a secluded swimming hole where he likes to spend time by himself just relaxing in the water. Also, while he does own a pair of swim trunks, Sniper prefers to swim naked because wet clothes are uncomfortable.

On a related note, he also rarely wears the one pair of pajamas he owns. Usually he’s either under the sheets and naked, or passed out on top of the sheets still in his clothes.

Sniper has selective hearing when he sleeps. Typical shouting and laughing and crashing around from the other mercs will not wake him up, but any suspicious or out of place sound, no mater how small, has him sitting bolt upright with a weapon in his hand.

Sometimes on warm clear nights, Sniper will fall asleep on the roof of his van while watching the stars.

Sniper is an introvert. He loves hanging out drinking and having fun with he other mercs, but after a few hours he needs to get away somewhere quiet and recharge. He really does love people, it’s just that he can only stand interacting with them for so long before he starts to feel drained and grouchy. Sniper also hates crowds, as they make him feel vulnerable and unsafe.

Don’t sneak up on him or unexpectedly touch his back. The reaction will not be pleasant.

If you need to vent to someone, Sniper’s there. He won’t judge you or try to give advice, he’ll just sit there and listen to whatever you have to say. If you do need advice, well, he’s probably not the best option, but he’ll do his best if you ask.

He caught a fish with his bare hands once. Nobody will believe him.

While Sniper likes to be alone, he doesn’t want to be alone. He wishes he had someone to be close to and spend his nights with. One of his greatest fears is dying alone. If ever a relationship were to fall apart, he’d be torn to shreds. He just wants to be wanted.

Sniper tried to learn to navigate by the stars, but he was never really able to get the hang of it. He knows, like, five constellations. That’s about the extent of his knowledge.

Sniper loves music and has quite a music collection. He likes to initiate jam sessions with the other mercs who can play instruments.

He says he hates the song Waltzing Matilda, but if someone starts singing it he’ll eventually join in after grumbling and demanding they stop.

Sniper might be self conscious of his own body around potential love interests, but cares very little about other people’s physical traits. He doesn’t judge people based on their bodies. If he enjoys being with them, that’s good enough for him. He just hopes they feel the same way.

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I majored in history and focused in WWI - so I'm excited and surprised to see this pop up on tumblr! I've always loved WWI aviation in particular, as well as the popular marching songs of the war. Do you have a favorite WWI-era song? (I like La Chanson de Craonne the most!)

A relatively recent version of “And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda,” by Eric Bogle.

“Photo shows ‘Banjo’ Joe Wallace, well known vaudeville artist, teaching a contingent of U.S. Army nurses to play the eukelelie…”

More photos of WWI-era musicians and bands in the National Archives Catalog

Waltzing Matilda (1895)
Banjo Paterson (Sung by me. I'm a shitlord.)
Waltzing Matilda (1895)

hi so I’m a nervous idiot and in my spare time I like to sing. I don’t think I sing well, people I’ve sung for privately tell me I sing well, so I figured I’ll take a chance.

I was feeling down, and the dude in CBT said a good way to try and keep me from sliding down was to do something I enjoy to drive a wedge in there. I was feeling down, so I sang my favourite song. Thanks to @dorkydelphox and @rainingautumn. This is dedicated to you two and you know bloody well why.

As for everyone else, sorry to curse your ears with my singing voice. I know its garbage.


When I was a young man I carried my pack
And I lived the free life of a rover
From the Murrays green basin to the dusty outback
I waltzed my Matilda all over
Then in nineteen fifteen my country said Son
It’s time to stop rambling ‘cause there’s work to be done
So they gave me a tin hat and they gave me a gun
And they sent me away to the war
And the band played Waltzing Matilda
As we sailed away from the quay
And amidst all the tears and the shouts and the cheers
We sailed off to Gallipoli

How well I remember that terrible day
How the blood stained the sand and the water
And how in that hell that they called Suvla Bay
We were butchered like lambs at the slaughter
Johnny Turk he was ready, he primed himself well
He chased us with bullets, he rained us with shells
And in five minutes flat he’d blown us all to hell
Nearly blew us right back to Australia
But the band played Waltzing Matilda
As we stopped to bury our slain
We buried ours and the Turks buried theirs
Then we started all over again

Now those that were left, well we tried to survive
In a mad world of blood, death and fire
And for ten weary weeks I kept myself alive
But around me the corpses piled higher
Then a big Turkish shell knocked me arse over tit
And when I woke up in my hospital bed
And saw what it had done, I wished I was dead
Never knew there were worse things than dying
For no more I’ll go waltzing Matilda
All around the green bush far and near
For to hump tent and pegs, a man needs two legs
No more waltzing Matilda for me

So they collected the cripples, the wounded, the maimed
And they shipped us back home to Australia
The armless, the legless, the blind, the insane
Those proud wounded heroes of Suvla
And as our ship pulled into Circular Quay
I looked at the place where my legs used to be
And thank Christ there was nobody waiting for me
To grieve and to mourn and to pity
And the band played Waltzing Matilda
As they carried us down the gangway
But nobody cheered, they just stood and stared
Then turned all their faces away

And now every April I sit on my porch
And I watch the parade pass before me
And I watch my old comrades, how proudly they march
Reliving old dreams of past glory
And the old men march slowly, all bent, stiff and sore
The forgotten heroes from a forgotten war
And the young people ask, “What are they marching for?”
And I ask myself the same question
And the band plays Waltzing Matilda
And the old men answer to the call
But year after year their numbers get fewer
Some day no one will march there at all

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
Who’ll come a waltzing Matilda with me
And their ghosts may be heard as you pass the Billabong
Who’ll come-a-waltzing Matilda with me?



And then the Lost Boys walked in.  Another gang, a lot better dressed than the Surf Nazis, but still a gang.  Their leader, a tall, blond fellow named David, walked up and got right on the slowly moving carousel.  The ride was almost over.  The other Lost Boys followed him on.  And as they spun around, Shelly managed to smile in David’s direction.  

David smiled back and nodded his head slightly in greeting, a polite gesture, the sort of friendly nod you might see a hundred times in the course of a day.

Greg didn’t think so.  He scowled at his girlfriend and jumped up from his seat.  He took a couple steps in the Boys’ direction, but the other gang was moving too.  No, not to face Greg.  He realized they were going to go by him as if he weren’t even there.

Greg stood up and said something that wasn’t exactly flattering.  He shoved the Lost Boy out of the way.

But now David was there.  The calliope played on.  Waltzing Matilda.  The Surf Nazis joined Greg.  Waltzing Matilda.  The Lost Boys closed ranks as well.  If the Surf Nazis wanted a fight, they were ready.  Won’t you go a-waltzing, Matilda, with me.

The Lost Boys novelization by Craig Shaw Gardner