waltzing matildas

self-care is making billy tea under the shade of a coolabah, stealing a jumbuck, getting into a chase with 3 troopers, drowning yourself in the nearby billabong, haunting the site as a disembodied voice, and harassing strangers until they come waltzing matilda with you 

Fic 449: To Stay Or Go

A very old prompt for a very patient Anon.

“Bloody hell, yer amazin’.”

Miss Pauling smiled as she lay her head on Sniper’s shoulder, and sighed contentedly as she felt his rough fingertips trace the length of her spine before coming to rest at the small of her back. Beneath her she could feel the steady rise and fall of his chest as it lifted her ever so slightly as they lay there in a sweaty afterglow that was just as much from the residual heat of the day as from the climax of their lovemaking just moments before.

“Thanks.” She finally murmured back as another hand slowly started to thread itself through her hair. Loosened from its prim and proper bun, it lay plastered against her skin until Sniper’s fingers lifted it away, idly twirling it between them as they lay there in near silence. In the distance she could hear the howl of a lone coyote and the last calls of the songbirds that would soon be bedding down for the night. It was a sentiment that she was feeling quite inclined towards herself, but she would only let herself linger here a bit longer. This wasn’t the first time she’d found herself in Sniper’s camper, or specifically in his bunk, but it was certainly the most comfortable she’d ever felt. Still, they were both professionals, and even now there were lines that they both seemed hesitant to cross. A quick proverbial roll in the hay was a way to let off some steam, that was all, no matter how frequent it might have become of late.

Her glasses were right next to his on the small shelf just to the side of the bunk. All she needed to do was reach out and grab them, and she’d be back to Miss Pauling, the Administrator’s Right-Hand Woman, and he’d be back to Sniper, Professional Assassin. Just reach out and put them back on. Easy. But right now her arms felt so heavy, and Sniper’s hand was rubbing small circles on her back.

She turned her head up to look at him and saw him looking back at her. His eyes were clear and still held the same heat that had burned in them as they’d stumbled into the camper an hour ago. His hair was disheveled, sticking out every which way and she couldn’t help but smile as she reached up to smooth it back down.

“You’re a mess.” She kissed the edge of his jaw as her hand slipped back down, coming to rest against his cheek and feeling the rough stubble that covered his leathered skin.

“You’re gorgeous.” He replied, his gravelly voice rumbling into her through his chest as much as she heard him with her own two ears. As tired as she was, her heart still skipped a beat at the sound, bringing her one step closer to that line she knew she shouldn’t cross. All she needed to do was reach out and grab her glasses. He wouldn’t stop her. He’d even walk her back to base if she asked him to. She’d almost convinced herself to reach for them when the low rumble of thunder echoed across the desert.

“Gonna rain.” Sniper’s arm wrapped around her back as he sat up. The hand that had been running through her hair reached down to grab the edge of the sheets that had been kicked away when they were both burning hot, and tugged them back up as he lay them both back down. “No sense in gettin’ wet.”

Beneath the blankets, his legs wound themselves around hers as his arms held her loosely within their grasp. She could still leave. Her scooter was just outside. She could make it back to base before the storm broke.

But the blanket was warm, and his body warmer.

By the time the first drops of rain started to fall against the camper’s roof, they were asleep in each other’s arms.