waltz of the damned

PAUL: John used to say, ‘I’m the leader of this group!’ and we used to say, 'It’s only because you fucking shout louder than anyone else!’ It wasn’t as if we didn’t know how to do that, it was just nobody wanted to shout and be so uptight about it. Nobody cared as much as he did about being the leader. Actually I have always quite enjoyed being second. I realised why it was when I was out riding: whoever is first opens all the gates. If you’re second you just get to walk through. They’ve knocked down all the walls, they’ve taken all the stinging nettles, they take all the shit and whoever’s second, which is damn near to first, waltzes through and has an easy life. You’re still up with number one. Number one still needs you as his companion, so I think my relationship to John is something to do with this attitude.

            John was always very forward-thinking. That was often his greatest asset. If it was like, 'Should we say fifty swear words on this record, or shall we do the song we were meant to do?’ 'No, no, no, let’s do the fifty swear words. That’s a good idea, that’s certainly interesting.’ John would always, in my imagination anyway, push for that. So it was always very good having this prod, this battering-ram partner. It was something to do with our personalities and character, which doesn’t change a lot in life. John would always advise jumping off a cliff. It was one of his symbolic things. He’d say, 'So you come to edge of a cliff, and you don’t know what to do, so jump!’

John was always the jumper, the suicide man, the one off the cliff, he always had to be bigger and bolder and brighter, which was what excited people about John. We like those people, we like high-risk people, that’s how John was and that was the radical difference between us.
—  paul mccartney: many years from now, barry miles

Jealous Much?

Suga | Angst | 2500 words

[!] This is a repost of a scenario I posted on my old blog!

↳ He was spending way too much time with her, I mean how could you help feeling a little jealous?

You entered your small apartment that you shared with your boyfriend, Yoongi. It was a long day and you just wanted to curl up next to him and sleep.

“Yoongi?”, you called out for him. “I’m in the bedroom!”, you heard him reply, hearing chuckles in the echo of his voice.

You excitedly ran to the dim-litted room you shared. You felt a spring in your step just hearing his raspy voice, coated in giggles.

You approached the door, hurriedly turning the handle only to reveal him rolling around on the ground playfully with his old friend, Sunmi.

“Oh Sunmi, I didn’t know that you would be here tonight”, you stated in an uneasy tone.

“I guess I’ll just go start the dinner”, you mumble, sulking away from your bedroom into the kitchen.

Sunmi was an old friend of Yoongi’s from Daegu. They hadn’t seen each other since Yoongi moved to Seoul.

Ever since she moved to Seoul as well it turned out to be all about her now.

First, he was calling her when he was at the studio late at night and not you. Now, he wants to roll around on the carpet of your guys’ bedroom giggled along with her instead of comforting his girlfriend, in need of affection.

What you hated most was that Yoongi didn’t even pick up on the situation at hand, even when you kept dropping little hints that you didn’t particularly want to spend another movie night with Sunmi, feeling like you were the third wheel when you were the one with the boyfriend!

You didn’t care if you seemed selfish, he was your boyfriend, end of story.

You grumbled as you grabbed the ingredients for Yoongi’s favourite stew, a stew that you thought you were going to enjoy with him, but unfortunately, can’t.

But you still got to work, trying to distract yourself from the wild laughter that came from the next room.


“Guys! The dinner’s ready!”, you called the two friends from the kitchen as you laid out the bowls full of stew and utensils.

“Hey babe!”, Yoongi gleamed, stumbling into the kitchen with his arm over Sunmi’s shoulder, kissing you on the cheek, which you ignored, not in the mood for his affection anymore, too angered by the arm over Sunmi’s shoulder when it was supposed to be laying on your hip.

“Hi”, you sternly replied, pointing to Sunmi’s seat, that was set on the opposite side of the table, in hopes Yoongi would finally make a fucking conversation with you after two long weeks of watching them.

You and Sunmi calmly sat down and half smiled and half glared at each other, making it clear you weren’t exactly buddy-buddy.

“So Jagi, how was your day”, you gleamed at your boyfriend, who began picking up his utensils and bowl and quickly scooted over to beside Sunmi. You felt the veins in your wrists and temples tense.

You were straining the muscles in your jaw into a smile, trying to come unnoticed and keep the conversation going.

“Ah good, Sunmi told me she got the new job at the company she was trying to get into, isn’t that great?!”, he beamed at Sunmi in reply as he settled into his chair.

You felt yourself gripping onto the knife and fork in your hands, wanting to throw them at Sunmi so bad.

“Wonderful! Why don’t we give her a whole fucking award! because obviously I didn’t do anything at all this week and don’t deserve any of your attention!”, you snapped, beginning to lose your temper.

Yoongi just stared at you in shock, you weren’t one to speak in such a rude tone in front of the person you were talking about, usually being quite a calm minded person.

“Can I talk to you in the bathroom for a sec y/n?”, Yoongi awkwardly rose his voice with a hint of irritation, disturbing the silence that had just fell upon the once loud apartment.

“Wow, finally some alone time with my boyfriend”, you fakely smiled, following Yoongi to the bathroom at the opposite end of the apartment.

Yoongi dragged you into the tiny bathroom, locking the door behind him.

“What’s wrong with you?!”, Yoongi growled, his eyes fell dark, no longer possessing his once bright pupils.

“What’s wrong with you?!”, you snapped back, anger filling your mind. “You haven’t given me any attention these last two god damn weeks!”, you shouted at your oblivious boyfriend.

“I haven’t seen Sunmi in a long time y/n!”, he yelled in his defence. “You’ve been seeing her again for two weeks! You’re even putting off work!”, you complained, a hint of desperation in your voice.

“Fine! If that’s how much something so minor annoys you, we might as well take the pressure off your shoulders and just break up!”, he angrily growled at you, his eyes piercing into yours like knives to the heart.

You were at a loss for words, break up? After so long?

Yoongi grumpily stormed out of the bathroom, not looking back at your broken face.

“Come on Sunmi, let’s go to your place”, you heard him mumble, Sunmi happily skipping out of your apartment.


Rays of light shone past your closed curtains, lighting up the once dark room.

You noticed the absence of warmth beside your curled up form. Since when did Yoongi get up early? you thought.

You rolled out of your bed and strolled into the kitchen, expecting to see your boyfriend lazily scrolling through his phone and eating a bowl of cereal but no, you instead took in the sight of half-ate dinner.

The dark memories of last night’s events played in your mind.

Dread filled your system as you began searching your apartment for him, but he just wasn’t there.

Yoongi liked his personal space so you thought it was best to not interact until he decides he wants to.


You sat down on your couch whizzing through the channels on your tv, a bowl of soup in your hand.

Your life had become quite dull these last few weeks, you never realised how much Yoongi impacted your daily life until he was completely gone.

No texts.

No calls.

Not even a visit to collect his things, he was gone.

You thought maybe after the third day he would come back and apologise, make everything better again, but no he didn’t.

Your friends had arranged for you to go out with them to the clubs like you used to before you found Yoongi.

You accepted, hoping a drunk hook up would somehow erase your past.


You ran your lipstick over your lips once again until a knock on the door took you out of your nervous thoughts.

You knew you wouldn’t see Yoongi again but it didn’t feel right. You belonged to Yoongi, no other man should be allowed to touch you in such ways.

“Y/n!”, you heard the familiar voice of your friend call out from the other side of the door.

“Come in!”, you yelled back to your friend, fixing your edges with concealer.

“Are you ready to go?”, your friend hummed as she waltzed into your bedroom and took in your outfit for the tonight.

“Damn, you look so hot in that dress!”, her voice ringed in your ears as she gawked at the way your short dress hugged your waist and upper thigh.

You blushed at her kind words as she whizzed you out of your apartment and into her car, driving you into a night you were beginning to regret getting into.


The smell of alcohol filled your lungs, making your head feel slightly dizzy at the intensity.

You and your friend walked over to the bar as your eyes scanned over the crowd of bodies on the dance floor. Your eyes got captivated by one tall boy as his did the same.

His blonde locks shone as the light hit them, creating a mysterious aura.

Unfortunately, your friend had pulled you away too fast for your eyes to scan his features enough to grasp a proper memory of his face.

“Already gawking?”, you friend snorted at you, handing you a drink.

You knocked the drink back quickly, slamming the fragile glass cup down onto the bar counter.

“Refill please”, you mumbled to the bartender, who happily refilled it up right away.

“Damn, you knocked that back fast”, you friend commented on your act. “You aren’t usually this eager…”, her voice trailed off.

“I’m not planning on making this a memorable night”, you sighed, chugging back your second round.

You couldn’t help but scan the room again for that handsome stranger your eyes fixed to like he was a drug.

“Hello there”, you heard a deep purr come from beside you. And there he was, the man from earlier.

You noticed your friends absence from beside you, obviously off to give you two space, or she either found her own interest for the night. Either way, you were alone.

“Did anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare”, he smirked lightly. You couldn’t reply as you were already baffled enough by his daringness.

Now that he was close enough, nearly too close, you could see his features better.

He had plump pink lips, large eyes and a jawline that cut a cake.

“My name’s Seokjin by the way”, he laughed at your bashfulness. “Y/n…”, you finally responded.

“Well y/n, might I say what pretty lips you have”, his eyes darkened, his eyes fixated on your lips.

“Same to you”, you smiled shyly at his slickness.

“I wonder how’d they’d feel against mine”, he smirked, biting his lip at the thought of your lips on his.

You turned to look at your empty glass, the effects of drinking taking over your right mind.

You peered back over to his lustful eyes and in a flash, his lips crashed onto yours lightly, him leaning off his chair slightly to deepen the kiss.

You gasped, giving him a chance to slip his tongue into your mouth.

You moaned softly as his tongue swiped over yours suggestively.

“I’d love to hear more of that, princess”, he groaned against your lips.

You felt a sensation in your core beginning to expand.

His lips weren’t like Yoongi’s, they weren’t rough and needy, they were more sensual with only a hint of lust. But Seokjin’s mind was obviously elsewhere.

“C’mon, my car’s outside, we can take this elsewhere”, he whispered, his lips trailing up to your ear, breathing his hot breath underneath your earlobe.

Without thinking twice, he had you walking out the door with his hand on your hip, guiding you to his vehicle.

It was wrong, so incredibly wrong, but it might replace your feelings for Yoongi.

He swiftly pulled the passenger seat door open, waiting for you to hop in.

Your foot was just hovering over the flooring of Seokjin’s tiny car when you heard a loud grunt come from behind you both.

“Take a step in that car, I fucking dare you”, the all too familiar voice growled.


Before you could turn your body to face him he had already grabbed your wrist pulling you away from Seokjin and his car.

You tried to release yourself from his grasp but it only made Yoongi tighten his grip.

“Hey! Leave the lady alone!”, Seokjin came to your rescue, trying to pull the enraged Yoongi from you, but that only made Yoongi more infuriated.

You don’t even fucking know her! But I do! She’s my girlfriend!”, Yoongi barked at him, now letting go of you and latching onto Seokjins collar bringing the tall boy down to his eye level.

Seokjin looked at you in confusion. “Girlfriend?”, he said in surprise trying to wrap his mind around the sudden out lash.

“No! Get your hands off of him Min Yoongi! I’m not your girlfriend! And you call me jealous, look at yourself you asshole!”, you screamed at your clearly drunken ex.

Yoongi snapped his head at you and immediately let go of Seokjin who began coughing at the lack of oxygen.

Yoongi’s eyes were no longer angry they almost looked sad now. He was hurt by your harsh words, he almost looked like he wanted to say something to you, but he couldn’t.

“Come on”, he mumbled, grabbing your hand and whizzing you away from Seokjin.

“Yoongi”, you kept calling to him but he wouldn’t reply, all he did was stare straight ahead.


He finally stopped at the entrance of a dark alleyway.

There weren’t any street lamps up that were turned on so you could barely see a thing.

“Y/n”, Yoongi mumbled softly as he whisked you away into the alley. You could only make out the lining of his face but somehow you knew his eyes were weary.

“Look, I’m so sorry I ever even doubting anything about us. I’m so sorry I said the awful stuff I did, I’m sorry for walking out and never calling you. I’m just sorry”, he poured out as his head dropped to rest on your shoulder.

You could feel a dampness growing onto your dress which told you he was crying silent tears.

“P-please forgive me, take me back. I can’t sleep at night without you near me. I miss the feeling of you playing with my hair, the warmth that radiates off of your body and warms me up”, he cried, clinging to you now.

“I’m sorry Sunmi came between us, I’m sorry I never realised how awful I was treating you”, he whimpered, tears trailing down his cheeks.

You had never seen him like this before. He was vulnerable, sad, he had never poured out his feelings like that to you before.

He never liked bothering you, thinking he was a nuisance and he should be manlier and never cry about his worries.

You were glad you finally felt a connection you never felt between him before. You felt like you really meant something to him, like he relied on you and that you were needed.

You chuckled, placing your hand on his head, running your fingers through his straw-like hair after all the hair dye.

He looked up at you through his lashes. He looked so innocent with his dazed and damp eyes.

You placed a soft kiss on his lips, him reciprocating it immediately. You could feel the desperation in the kiss.

He pulled away for air, looking at you with only care in his mind.

“I love you too much”, he sniffled, pulling you closer to him.

jimin scenario | make me blush

Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that. >> Jimin 
requested by anon
drabble // fluff // 600 words 

You’ll survive if you can remembered these three things:

1)      Keep hydrated.

2)      Stay in the director’s good books.

3)      Do not fall in love with Park Jimin.

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I'm sorry if this is rude but it's just pathetic on Eleanor's part to agree to any of this. She can't call herself a fashion blogger anymore because she can't even show up to a show she's invited to or type up a blog post. It's an insult to fashion bloggers out there who constantly have to hustle and put out content every damn day and this girl just waltzes through life putting no effort into her job she identifies as. I'm just sick of all her obsessive fans looking up to someone so uninspiring


Burning Love (NSFW)
  • Title: Burning Love (NSFW)
  • Pairing: Maxwell x MC
  • Summary: This is one of my favourite songs from Lilo & Stitch and I thought about making something a bit new for me, which is a fic in which Maxwell is the love interest @hollyashton @mermaidwarriorqueen

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Lord Almighty,
I feel my temperature rising
Higher higher
It’s burning through to my soul
Girl, girl, girl, girl
You gonna set me on fire
My brain is flaming
I don’t know which way to go

He rested his head against the pink wall of the boutique as he waited for the woman in the changing room. Hands in his pocket, his gaze was staring at the door though it was unfocused, his mind lost in his memories.

A cleared throat made him blink and returned him to reality, making him shift his gaze towards the lady that had reappeared. His eyes widened and his mouth felt dry as it fell open, his eyes travelling from her head to her feet several times.

The aquamarine cover-up reached her mid-thigh, the soft almost translucent fabric flowing as it fell down her skin. It was tied rather loosely around her waist, just above where her white bikini bottom started. At his eyes went upwards, he noticed some silver embroidery around her low cleavage.

“That… Looks good on you”. Maxwell finally choked out, his heart quickening the longer he stared at the breath-taking girl waiting for his opinion. Is that really the best I could come up with? He asked himself as he cursed internally.

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cover art credit: hobermen.tumblr.com


Dark Arts - Man Man // Viva Discordia - That Handsome Devil // The Headless Waltz - Voltaire // Damn Door - That Handsome Devil // Get the Money - Goran Bregovic // Blood - My Chemical Romance // Death is the Poor Man’s Doctor - The Venetia Fair // Underground - Tom Waits // Zydrate Anatomy - Repo! The Genetic Opera

Edit: now (more conveniently) up on YouTube

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Hi! Your headcanons for STARISH waltzing with their s/o are super adorable! I was wondering if maybe I could request the same thing for Quartet Night? Thank you so much and I hope you're having a good day! ^_^

Course you can! Tell me what you think~



  • This waltzer here is a little on the clumsy side
  • Reiji kinda nearly got onto his knees to worship his s/o because she looked stunning in her dress. His s/o had to peel him off the floor
  • For some reason he cannot seem to stop looking at his s/o with a goofy grin
  • Lame jokes about the couples waltzing around just to crack his s/o up
  • He had this dangerous glint to his eyes when you were dancing in his arms and would smooch his s/o on the dance floor. No regrets.
  • He enjoyed himself immensely. He even wore his hat (with a complimentary green feather) to the event


  • You deserve a medal if you were able to drag him onto the dance floor
  • Him in a suit though. A++++
  • Was lowkey jealous if he caught men staring at you. As you were twirling around together, he couldn’t do anything
  • Ranmaru did kiss you though. Very passionately. He even muttered a “You look beautiful.” with a grunt but he was smiling.
  • He was a little on the rough (he had too wild a look in his eyes) but he did pretty alright.
  • He had fun because he was with you but wouldn’t admit it 8)


  • “You look beautiful.” The sincere tone in his voice was what made you blush that evening. He looked very handsome in a tux too.
  • His steps were the most precise albeit a little stiff
  • Perfect rhythm though
  • Was smiling softly at you the entire time
  • You tripped and Ai leaned forward and caught you safely. The closeness between you two made him flush
  • Loved every minute of it. He’d even suggest that you do this more often :D


  • from how he escorted you to the dance and till the finish. It was gracefully perfect
  • Camus picked your dress and damn, his choice was just amazing
  • His waltzing skills are something to envy because they are smooth, elegant and graceful altogether
  • His firm but gentle hand on your back as he expertly guided you across the floor. You looked like you were gliding through the sky
  • He was the perfect gentleman. He kissed the back of your palm at the end of it, promising that this wasn’t your last waltz


Let’s be honest though, I probably was going to pull an all nighter anyway. But thanks to Max, now I’m spending it trying to make sure he doesn’t kill off any more people in this AU.

Okay so time for the most important thing after a SPN episode..


Ohhh boy this was a big one, literally. Woooo.  So stuff happened and things blowed up (including legs) people died others cried and I was drunk.  

Now first thing I have to get off my chest is that OMFG these assholes created one of the most epic of plot possibilities for season 13 and I am about 87% sure they won’t grab it by the dick and use it.  

A Got Damned Space Vagina that goes to AT LEAST one alternate reality.  A reality that has Mad Max Bobby with a machine gun named Rufus and now (another?) Lucifer and a new Mary?  I know they can’t just…leave that plot thread hanging, but the POSSIBILITIES. 

 Just think of Mad Max Castiel, soldier of the lord in a world-shattering battle against hell.  No Sam, no Dean.  Is he even alive? Is he still a broken chassis who has a soft spot for humanity?  Will alternate Bobby show up to help Mary? Will Gabriel show up? Again THE STORIES.

Okay and that’s not even touching on the whole Nephilim finally being here and THANKFULLY fully grown (IMDB credit is Alexander Calvert from Arrow, who I swear was perfectly cast visually).

So the lad is born (lets not go into the specifics of how THAT happened) and he runs to a dark corner of the house.  How much does he know? And what the flying fishsticks is with that creepy ass smirk he gives Sam? 

I really hope that was a “I know I can beat you so don’t try shit” look and not a “I’m here and Im ready to fuck this shit up, you die first” look.

Now what about the most important person?  Our trenchcoat of the lord went out with barely a whimper. He didn’t get to take out Luci, he didn’t get his “win” for him and Dean, going back through the space vagina was actually a fuck up it seems.  But Cas is the energizer bunny of throwing your head against a door to open it.  

TBH his actions, to waltz into the damn mad max world and try to stab Luci with what was apparently a normal angel blade (?), seemed utterly brainless to me on the surface.  Did Cas pull a fast one somehow?  Was he trying to be a distraction?  Either way, got him killed in the face.  

Destiel?  Lots of Dean screaming for Cas of course cause his baby just won’t sit the fuck down and not get stabbed for 10 minutes.  But then that final shot, Dean falls and stares upward like “Well Chuck? Do your thing. MAKE HIM MOVE AGAIN.”  Chucks gone, and he might be thinking about Billie, no more coming back for the Winchesters.  

I don’t think this has to do with these “cosmic consequences” so much, except maybe Cas ends up somewhere he “can’t come back from”, although that was the deal from the very beginning of 11?  

I’m gonna pull the grenade launcher (bi canon) out from ep 22 because we wild and crazy people who analyze things to death saw it as a Destiel/ bi!Dean parallel.  Well he finally got to use it (and it was beautiful), so what does that mean?  I want more bi!Dean in s13, I want Dean to (for as long as Cas isn’t around cause the fuckers coming back don’t even start) let go of all that crap he pushes deep down inside, to just finally let himself not perform for anyone.  

Now tying the grenade launcher to Cas?  I will just make the small note here that when Dean used said launcher he nearly blew his damn leg in half and there were a few moments when Sam was positive Dean was severely injured or worse.  A downfall and a fake out?  Just a bit of my mind wandering.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed it.  I have about a  million other thoughts about it but thats all for now.

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