waltz of the damned



Let’s be honest though, I probably was going to pull an all nighter anyway. But thanks to Max, now I’m spending it trying to make sure he doesn’t kill off any more people in this AU.

For a lil info guys why im not around~~

My mom didn’t have enough money to pay our internet connection (cuz we’re poor … nha just kiddin’)

But guys im BACK!!!! lels

But im gonna go for a practice in a moment i’ll be back~~ imma gonna post all my drawings on my paper for the 10 days im out~~ toodles~~


This castle belongs to me. Xaldin will never be welcome here.

sherlock’s best catty gay antics revolving around john:

  • making the John and Sarah Date the John and Sherlock Date
  • “””forgetting””” john’s girlfriend’s name as if he doesn’t keep a diary in which he complains “UGH john is out with jeanette again. dull”
  • carrying around a literal list of people who hate mary???
  • playing john and mary’s waltz in his own damn mind palace while mary and john argue
The signs during exam week

Aries: “ugh society shouldn’t measure us based on our knowledge of algebra equations, or our knowledge of chemical formulas, we are all our own person” [gets test back] “what the FUCK do you mean I got a C??????????”

Taurus: doesn’t speak to anyone until their hardest class’s final is done

Gemini: “can everyone chill the hell out we do this shit every year- wait what do you mean we have to write two essays?? um i didn’t read that damn book”

Cancer: probably crying somewhere

Leo: waltzes into exam room with Starbucks in hand and an encyclopedia of knowledge in their brain

Virgo: is somehow magically smart and barely studies but nails every damn exam

Libra: does anyone even realize that summer is a week away tho

Scorpio: is the only one that handles the stress well tbh

Sagittarius: cryin on the inside while saying they understand the material

Capricorn: buried deep in their study guides and 5000 extra notecards they made because they mUST PASS!!!!!!

Aquarius: so scatterbrained they lowkey forget to study till the night before each exam and dies

Pisces: mother fucking fuxk fuck im gonna fucking die fuck ficking fucks flying with fucks


of elegance & class:
         a gentleman’s number one rule…
                                    …stay classy

Now that Sehun thought about it, seems like he has acquired quite a habit of running to Seolhyun for help ever since he’s become interested in modeling. It started out with the practice shoots and poses, then they had taken time to fix his bad posture, and now they had given quite a lot of time into practicing ballroom. Their rehearsals weren’t meant for them to master a specific routine. It’s more of trying to recall the proper etiquette for this particular genre, and how he’s supposed to lead and support his partner as they waltzed around - he’d be damned if he let her slip off his hands or trip on the floor.

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31 Flavors

Summary: I just wanted my damn paycheck. But in waltzes this Princely life ruiner with his penchant for ordering 31 flavors and guess who wants to guess them all?


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