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The Coffin-Maker’s Torch Song


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She gives a nod. Names a time.

She’s an autopsy to do, she tells him, and then the next of kin to speak with; she won’t be ready for a while.

Sherlock nods, outwardly pleased and inwardly terrified at the thought of having a whole forty minutes to wait for her.

But he nods. Agrees. He has tissue samples to look over, he’ll do that.

He tries to catch up on his experiments but nerves mean he can’t keep his hands steady enough to make it worth his while.


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I think older men are attractive but if one of them ever gave me the green light I’d just

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They Are For You

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Pairings: Ezra Miller x Reader

Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 1,322

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You hadn’t wanted to date him. You told yourself that it was ridiculous, that there was no way that it was going to happen, and even if some miracle happened and he noticed you, nothing was going to happen.

And then he dazzled you with his smile and made you laugh, and you realized that he was a normal person, just like you. And then he left.

So, you pushed thoughts of Ezra Miller out of your head, because even though he waltzed into your flower shop one afternoon, if your experience had anything to say about it, he wasn’t buying that bouquet of flowers for his grandmother. It was unlikely that someone as amazing as him was single, or looking for a partner who owned a flower shop. He was going to be the Flash, and you just tied some flowers together for a living.

It wasn’t that you didn’t love your job, you just knew that it was irrational to think that you were living in a cheesy rom com. And then he came back.

Ezra Miller was in your flower shop on a weekly basis, and you were acting like a total fool. Not only did you blush every time that he would so much as glance at you, but you dropped things more often than usual when he was around, which was saying something, as you were and extreme klutz.

But eventually, you knew that you didn’t have a chance of not falling for him. You had been teetering on the edge for so long, and that day, you fell.

You were in the back room, putting together a bouquet that someone had ordered for their mother, when you heard the bell chime out front. Your heart leapt when you glanced at the clock and realized that it might be him.

You smoothed your hair, glancing in a mirror quickly before hurrying out to the front. You could admit that you were a little sad to see that it was only Lucy, here for her mother’s flowers. You informed her that it would just be a second before everything was all finished up.

You rushed around, placing flowers here and there before tying a ribbon around the center. You hurried back out with the finished product, only to find two people in your storefront.

Ezra was chatting to Lucy while he leaned on the counter, acting as if nothing unusual was happening. You felt a slight twinge of jealousy at the sight of how natural the two looked together, but you shook it off.

“Here it is!” you announced, wincing at the little crack in your voice. However, the pair didn’t seem to notice.

“That looks wonderful!” Lucy said, taking the bouquet from your hands and sliding you her payment across the counter. “Keep the change.” She said with a wink, turning to leave. Before she walked out of the door, you saw her mouth ‘he’s cute’, gesturing to Ezra. You sighed at her and waved her out the door. You knew that she meant well, but sometimes your customers got a little too involved.

You held back the urge to roll your eyes, figuring that Ezra would be asking what you were looking at, and you did not want to think about trying to explain that your customer was trying to set you up with the probably-already-dating-someone-movie-star.

“Hello,” you said to Ezra, taking care of slipping the money into the cash register’s drawer. “do you need another bouquet?”

“Yeah,” he said cheerily, flashing you another blinding smile. “What would you recommend?” he asked, glancing around the shop.

“Well, what’s the occasion?”

“I’m trying to ask this girl out on a date.” He explained, and you tried to ignore the feeling of your heart sinking down into your stomach. You knew that he was probably dating someone anyways, so why did the confirmation hurt even more?

“Oh, really?” you said, turning to fix a display behind you, hoping that a few moments to gather your thoughts would help you make it through the rest of this interaction. ‘Of course they are for a girl.’ You chided yourself. ‘Aren’t flowers always for some beautiful girl?’

“Mm-hmm, I have been trying to find a way to ask her for a while, but I just haven’t been able to work up the courage.” He said, pushing a few of the decorations that sat on the counter around.

“That doesn’t seem like you,” you laughed.

“What do you mean?” he asked, looking up from the counter.

“Well, I just mean, you-you are so confident and I would thing that any girl would want to go out with you so I- guess I just thought that-” you paused, trying to stop both your ramblings and the blush that was rising up onto your cheeks. “Ill whip something up and be right back.

You had to admit, a few tears might have spilled out when you got to the back room, but you simply wiped them away and proceeded with you work. After all, dating him wasn’t something that was actually going to happen. It was a pipe dream that you liked to entertain yourself with when the shop was slow.

“Alright, here they are!” you announced, trying to sound chipper while handing him the bouquet.

“Actually, they are for you.” he said, pushing your hand that held the flowers out back into your chest. “I was hoping that you were free sometime soon?”

“Well, next time maybe don’t have me make the flowers then, it’s a bit of work.” You said, before you could really process the situation that was happening. Then, your eyes grew big as the realization of what was happening dawned on you. You didn’t know what to say. You had been thinking about this from the first time that you met him, and then you went and blew it all because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

Luckily, before you could spiral any further down into your misery, Ezra laughed. And not an uncomfortable laugh, meant to lighten the tension. A gut bursting, hiccup inducing, full body laugh. You thought that his face was going to spilt on either side from his smile, and you could honestly say that you had never felt more relieved in your life. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking,” you said, trying to keep the laugh that you felt bubbling up inside.

“No,” he said in between laughs, “the thing is that you are absolutely right. But I have been coming in here for weeks just to see you, and I didn’t even think about you having to make your own bouquet.”

You couldn’t hold your laugh down anymore. It bubbled up from your toes and trickled out of your mouth, slowly at first, but after a few moments, it was roaring. The two of you stood in the middle of your shop, laughing like idiots. “I can’t believe that you have been coming in here all of these weeks just to ask me on a date. I have been hoping that you would ask from the first time that you came in.”

At that, Ezra’s laughter trickled off, a spark of something that you couldn’t identify lit up his eyes. “Really?” he asked, leaning into the counter. All you could do was nod. “Are you free this evening, by any chance?”

You nodded, unsure that this was really happening to you. you were almost certain that your alarm clock was going to wake you up at any moment from this wonderful, perfect dream.

“Could I pick you up around seven?” he asked, sliding a piece of paper across the counter, his phone number scribbled across it in a messy scrawl.

You simply nodded as you watched him leave the shop. Honestly, you were thinking about closing early after the wink he threw over his shoulder on the way out.


cs winter hiatus memeCaptain Swan in s3: CS Movie Edition pt. 1

Wait. Are you saying you know how to do whatever this is?
It’s called a waltz. There’s only one rule: Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.

y’ever think about how Victor’s whole life was going in one direction for 27 years and some drunk ass kid just waltzed in one day and pulled the lever on his train tracks and everything changed and he didn’t even look back or think about what his life would’ve looked like without Yuuri in it because dropping everything and changing the basis of his entire identity was the only course of action that made sense to him? I think about that literally every single day. 

Waltz Op. 69, No. 2 was composed by Frédéric Chopin for solo piano in the year 1829, although published posthumously. The main theme is in the key of B minor and is marked with an overall tempo of Moderato. It is one of several works that the composer hoped would be burnt upon his death.

The piece is largely melancholic and changes to B major and again reverts to the original theme. It is not technically demanding and is one of Chopin’s better known pieces.

Performer:Vladimir Ashkenazy, he performs this Chopin waltz the best i think.

This waltz is one of my favorites.Elegant and Beautiful.


Hi Creampuffs!
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I decided to compose a musical opera based on Carmilla season 1!
Here is the first song I wanted ti share!


Let me know if you liked and stay tuned for more!

Thanks to @carmillaseries who always inspires me!


kimiuso week » DAY 3 — RONDO: Favorite musical moment
Emi Igawa - Chopin’s “Etude in A minor, Op. 25, No. 11 (Winter Wind)”

Let it ring, let it ring, let it ring!

I want Pidge to waltz up to breakfast one day wearing a legit nightgown and watch as Lance falls out of his chair, completely forgetting the fact that she’s a girl.

And she just does that every day. Like wears a dress and walks by casually and is just like “Hey Lance” and he has like a complete breakdown for a second, shouting after her, “Damn it! I keep forgetting!” and Pidge is just enjoying messing with him so much.