waltz dancing

Bit by bit, I’ve gotten Link to open up to me…I wish to talk with him more and to see what lies beneath those calm waters, to hear him speak freely and openly.”


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

Well well well. Here’s my piece for the Letsdrawsherlock challenge of this month, focused on the missing scenes. 

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Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

Love Like you - Rebecca Sugar (x)

I swear I do draw things other than AVAC, they’re just so fun and dorky and I’m on a dancing kick. I also spent a long time the other day thinking about dancing across different multiverses, but that’s a post for another time.

I’m always 100% here for Tony teaching Steve to dance.

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Harry Potter Universe: One subject/job One new (fan)casting for a New Magic Era ½ || Kristin Scott Thomas, Kyle MacLachlan, Michelle Fairley, Ian McShane, Charles Dance, Caitriona Balfe, Ben Kingsley, Geoffrey Rush, Robin Wright, Diane Keaton, Annabelle Wallis, Christoph Waltz.

imagine hoseok as your dance instructor.

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  • most popular dance teacher at the studio.
  • teaches hiphop and street dance to all ages.
  • also leads a dance crew.
  • often drops in on other classes just to generally spread cheer and shout encouragement.
  • because imagine hobi doing ballet with toddlers in his hiphop gear.
  • or dancing waltz with seniors in his sneakers.
  • he lights up the room always, everyone loves him he’s so much fun.
  • he’s pretty good at literally all the dances too he’s just amazing.
  • sadly you’re not in any of his classes, but you’ve seen him around.
  • he’s dropped in on your zumba class twice maybe and he’s magnificent, he learns the choreo so fast and completely outshines everyone even the instructor like it’s not the least bit fair to anyone he’s so good.
  • so naturally, when your instructor calls in sick, he’s asked to step in and lead you in zumba.
  • and like, he doesn’t even hesitate.
  • sure, he doesn’t know the first thing about zumba and he doesn’t know the choreo and the class is in ten minutes but he’s down.
  • and when he’s watched the choreo video a few times he’s ready to go.
  • you might expect him to be a little awkward but nope
  • if anyone had any doubts, j-hope erases them all within the first few minutes.
  • he’s not entirely confident in the choreo, so he just freestyles some parts and encourages you all to just feel the music and go with it if you fall out of step.
  • and honestly you’ve been so motivated to give it your all, and never have you felt so free to move, and never have you had so much fun dancing.
  • he even dances around the room and with you all individually.
  • and you might get all flustered and trip over yourself a little before he gets to you but you know hobi, he’s all smiles and positivity and encouragement and you don’t feel the least bit embarrassed.
  • and when he announces class is over you’re all like what??? no :(
  • because it only felt like five minutes and you never wanted it to end.
  • and yeah you’re exhausted but you could still go on for hours and how ?? is he so ?? handsome ?? all sweaty and out of breath he still glows like a damn ray of sunshine you just wanna bask in his warmth for all eternity amirite
  • someone asks if he can be your instructor forever and he’s like haha sorry you’ll just have to take my classes.
  • and someone else heard he had a competition coming up and he’s like “yeah !!!!! please attend it’s gonna be so much fun and maybe we’ll even win idk but we go out for chicken afterwards you should all come!”
  • and somehow they wrestle him into giving you a preview and ohhh boy does he.
  • holy hell you’ve never seen someone move like that up close and if you weren’t already so breathless he’d have taken your breath away for sure.
  • ur like ???? to hell with zumba i wanna do that!!!
  • and you have to talk to this sunshine he’s so lovely you just gravitate towards him and as people start to leave you’re like “how??? do you do that.”
  • “what.”
  • “that thing when you’re like bam and it’s like dak
  • “ohhh the popping?”
  • “yes omg can you show me”
  • and he does and you don’t really get it on the first twelve tries but he’s so helpful and encouraging you’re like wow! i need this person in my life.
  • so next week, guess who shows up at his hiphop beginners class? it you.
  • and he’s so happy to see you he’s like hEY we have a new person
  • and of course you’re not the only one there’s like three other people from your zumba class attending and one of them is like welp yeah i guess we fell for your charms aha
  • and he blUSHES and goes all giggly but then glances over at you kinda sneakily to check your reaction and you’re like gULP
  • your eyes meet for just a split second and you could swear the whole world stopped turning because the moment felt infinite.
  • and then it’s over and you realise you have a big stupid crush on your dance teacher.
  • so you turn up to support him at their competition and of course they win but when you go to congratulate him you end up getting kinda squished together in a group hug.
  • you’re both out of breath and it’s intimate and a little awkward, but afterwards when you’re let go and you’re still trying hard not to think about how he feels so nice so close to you, how you could just about feel his heartbeat against you, how incredibly good he smells, how warm and firm he felt, how–
  • ok anyway he smiles sheepishly and apologises for his friends, wondering if you’re okay.
  • honestly he’s so sweet it melts your heart.
  • after that tbh you two are always making eyes at each other and it’s so painfully obvious to everyone they’re just waiting for it to dawn on you two.
  • people are always dropping hints like when you’re chatting with hobi before class and someone walks by like “oohhhhh hope i’m not interrupting somethiiiiing”
  • or when you stay after class to ask about a particular move and jimin and taehyung are up against the glass making kissy faces at him when you’re not looking.
  • eventually you just end up having dinner together after class and you don’t even know who asked who to dinner, it just happened.
  • and you’re both so eager to spend time with one another that before either of you knows it it’s become A Thing and i guess ?? you’re sort of ?? seeing each other ????
  • you just hadn’t realised it until you discover everyone thinks you’re finally together oops
  • and you’re lowkey hella excited and kinda nervous when you confront hobi with this like “omg did you know ???? people think we’re a couple lol hilarious”
  • and he’s like “yeah,,,,,,,,listen,,,,,,,,, i kinda just ran with it.”
  • turns out he knew for like two weeks and he didn’t know what to say or do about it.
  • and you’re like “wait, are we dating?? but we,,, haven’t even,,,, kissed??”
  • and he mumbles something about “well,,,yanno,,,,if you wanna,,,”
  • but you both get shy and can’t even look at each other it’s v cute.
  • and next time you stay after class yoongi comes to fetch hobi because he promised to help with something.
  • and yoongi bursts in like “okok enough of that we gotta go.”
  • hobi’s like “ok wait we were just gonna–”
  • “i said enough just kiss them already we gotta go!”
  • you and hoseok just look at each other kinda wide eyed and then he does, hobi kisses you and it’s quick and soft and perfect, and then yoongi drags him away.
  • and then hoseok comes running back for another kiss.
  • and another.
  • and a total of four probably until yoongi recruits jungkook to carry hobi the hell out of there.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Clever things in Be More Chill that make that me smile

  • Jeremy’s theme and the Squip’s theme are very similar to one another, following deep tech-y undertones with high pitched slow almost 8-bit melodies
  • Jeremy’s theme has the melody of “It helps you to beee cooooooool” that’s sung in The Squip Song, immediately providing foreshadowing without question that Jeremy will take the squip because the melody for its function is literally inside of Jeremy(‘s theme)
  • All songs focused on Jeremy or Michael (Michael in the Bathroom, More Than Survive, Two Player Game, etc) begin with 8bit/piano single note melodies
  • “Come on” is always used in the context of the erotic, including sex, overt happiness, and romance
  • “If this were an apocalypse, I would not need any tips, in how to stay alive…But since the zombie army has yet to descend…” directly correlates when the students become ‘zombies’ in The Play (“you have to really sell that you’re turning into a zombie!”) because of the squip and Jeremy does know what to do, because of his video game
  • Speaking of the video game, it’s called Apocalypse of the Damned, the apocalypse referring both to the first quote above and to the students becoming zombies in The Play. The Damned part refers to those turned over by the squip, as the Squip calls them the “pitiful”, or damned children
  • When characters are directly controlled by the Squip, their voice has a mechanical overtone, like when Rich is explaining about the pill the second time in The Squip Song, when the Squip talks about what Jeremy has to do for him in Be More Chill (part 1)
  • Whenever the Squip is convincing Jeremy of something, like how everything about him is terrible or that the Squip will save the “pitiful children” and so on, he uses the voices of the other students in the school, which I always think is a nice parallel by the end during Voices in My Head
  • When Jeremy has to repeat after the Squip in Be More Chill (part 1) the music in the background resembles waltz music, a dance often used in media to portray tension between characters (you know, those classic scenes of the couple with sexual tensions, or when a detective and partner must dance to get close to the bad guy, or when a hero and supervillain dance together because they’re both in disguise at a party, etc etc) but in this case it shows how in tune with one another the Squip and Jeremy are
  • The Squip refers to Jeremy as Hamlet when he’s being overdramatic which is a reference to how Hamlet pretended to ‘be crazy’ to get what he wanted, but now Jeremy is pretending to ‘be more chill’ to get what he wants.
  • “Do you wanna ride” and “do you wanna hang” both refer to sex (obviously) and they are paralleled with the girls referring to it happening somewhere with parents (ie, “my mother’s car” or “Jake’s parents’ room”). The Squip also interferes both times to push Jeremy to participate, by manipulating him into saying yes to the ride or disabling his legs at the party
  • Brooke/Chloe refer to Jeremy as “Jerry” a few more times even after he corrects them
  • Even though the Squip says for Jeremy to repeat him and he says “Everything about YOU is so terrible” Jeremy repeats it as “Everything about ME is so terrible” because the Squip is an abusive computer