“I am the king of nightmares
the sire of sleepless nights
I am the one who holds
The chains of all your frights

I am the king of nightmares
The master of your fears
I am the one who whispers
The doubt right in your ears

I am the king of nightmares
The world is full of lies
Now I shall bid some words
that will open your eyes

It may not look so pleasant
as nice things seem to be
but even if it’s dark
It’s truth that counts to me

The paranoia is strong but
Will keep your eyes awake
decide to rest right now
you’ll not live to your mistake

Because the fearlings smell
your scent when you’re asleep
and they will have no mercy
no matter how much you weep

I am the king of nightmares
The pain you’ll always face
But let me tell you child:
I feel pain in first place”
Yup, I can’t really be mad at Pitch, he has a tragic backstory.
Oh, If there is any mistake in my lil’ poetry attempt, forgive me.


Rise of the Guardians - Jack frost Photoset

Last week I had a photoshoot of my jack frost Cos. I am really happy with the outcome of the pictures. My best friend will Cos Toothiana soon if she finished her exams. I am really excited for it all. More reasons to wear Jack more           \ (^___________^)/