Finding Dory (2016) Full Movie

Finding Dory (2016) Full Movie

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In regards to Merida's hair the animation team at Pixar had to write an entirely new algorithm so she didn't loose the spring in her curls when she moved. There's a traveling exhibition, The Science Behind Pixar that explains how it worked with models and fun buttons to push. It left Boston in January but I don't know where it went from here.

I didn’t know there was an exhibition. That’s really cool. We’ll have to see if it comes around our way (my luck, it was probably here and I never knew). 

The algorithm wasn’t just so her hair dynamics stayed, well, dynamic, it was also so that her hair didn’t go through itself or anything else. That is really, really tough. 

Here’s a shot from Frozen where Anna’s braid is going through her hand, and the braid is just a single piece, not actual individual strands (i’m not knocking Frozen here, because all the braid interactions through the whole thing, this is bound to happen):

IIRC, what they did for Merida was apply a simulation to each strand of her hair – thousands and thousands of strands. Applying dynamics so that not only did they move with her and each of those strands move independently and naturally, they also then avoid going through anything. Each and every one of those thousands of strands of digital hair. It took them two years to develop the hair system.

Add to that what must have been an insane render time for each strand. Really, it makes me weep. It’s such beautiful work. Just amazing. I love Pixar so hard. 

Can I get an Incredibles prequel about Bob and Helen’s origin stories, discovering their powers, becoming super heroes, meeting each other, saving the world together, and just in general being badass before they got married?

Cuz I wanna see more of the glory days in general but also more of my favorite power couple and why they do what they do, please and thank you good bye

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((I was gonna wait until I uploaded the one-shot story to go along with this, but I’m too eager to post it now. :3

Karen’s gonna meet a nice dolphin friend in her story. I guess you could call him another one of my OCs.

Yes, I know the proportions aren’t accurate on Karen, but I really didn’t want to risk changing how she looked, cuz right now, she’s posed really cute. Also, I think that dolphin’s too high above the surface….I’ll get better, I promise.))