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Anon request: can you do an imagine where y/n is super flirty and she walks into Pan’s tent one day while he was working at a desk or something and she just starts to kiss his neck and then he turns super dominant. Smut?

I was bored. Pan had been in his tent all day. Apparently he told one of the lost boys that no one should disturb him.

Spending so much time with the lost boys without Pan was killing me.

I rose from my seat at the campfire and slipped away to Pan’s tent.

I pulled open the flap and peered inside to see Pan working at his desk with his back to me, one hand in his hair with his elbow leaning on the table while the other was writing frantically on several pieces of parchment strewn across the desk.

I stepped inside and quietly closed the flap behind me. I walked silently closer to him and placed my hands on his tense shoulders.

“Maybe you should take a break

He put his pen down and put his head in both his hands, breathing out a long sigh.

I pressed a kiss to his neck and he leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed.

“Stop trying to distract me Y/N,” he moaned. “I’m busy.”

“Come on,” I pleaded, sucking on the skin on his neck, leaving marks.

I reached around the front of him and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off of him.

“If I didn’t know better, Y/N, I’d say you’re trying to seduce me.”

“You’re absolutely right,” I said, swinging a leg over both of his so that I was straddling him.“

“But you’re absolutely wrong if you think that you can control me,” he said, picking me up with his hands under my thighs and bringing me over to the bed where he pushed me down.

I leaned up to connect our lips and he pressed my shoulders back into the bed. His tongue explored my mouth and he started to pull of my clothes until I was naked on the top half.

He had to get off of me to remove my pants and I took this as an opportunity to flip us over, pushing him onto the bed and sliding on top of him.

“Oh, Y/N, what made you think you’d be allowed to do that?”

I barely blinked and I was on my back again while he smirked down at me.

I felt him tear off my panties and sneak a finger inside me, pumping it slowly, torturously.

“Peter,” I wimpered.

“What’s that you greedy slut? You want more?” he teased, adding more fingers, stretching me out and getting increasingly faster.

“I bet no one’s ever fisted you before, have they baby? You’re so fucking tight.”

I couldn’t stop the moans leaving my lips as he fisted me, filling me entirely.

“Peter I’m going to-”

“Not yet you’re not,” he cut me off, pulling out and lining up his length with my entrance and slamming himself into me like there was no tomorrow.“

Just as I was about to orgasm he pulled out and came all over my stomach.

“P-Peter,” I whined. I was so close.

“Don’t think I forgot about you,” he said, before working at my clit with his tongue, sucking on it, driving me crazy, filling me with this euphoric feeling as I came, squirting on him from the pressure he’d built up.

“Suck me off, Y/N, baby,” he commanded, sitting on the edge of he bed and pulling me onto the ground in front of him.

I got on my knees and stroked his length, looking up at him. I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking as much as I could, pumping with my hand what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair, pulling me, trying to make me go faster.

He smiled down at me. Then he realised:

“Y/N you naughty girl, are you touching yourself without asking my permission?”

I took my hand away from my clit, guilty.


"And lying?… You know I’ll have to punish you for that, don’t you?”

He pulled his cock from my mouth a came all over my face getting it in my hair as well.

“Now you have fun washing that off, I have work to do,” he stated, pulling his clothes back on.

My Worst Mistake P.1

Requested: Yes

Anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine where you caught pan cheat on you and then he regrets it and tries everything to forgive him

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Fandom: OUAT

Warnings: cheating

Rating: fluffy and kind of sad?

A/N: I kind of changed the background, so except for being in Neverland is in a normal world. Hope the requester doesn’t mind. And I divided it in two parts.

Another normal day in L.A . You woke up to the sound of my door, of someone knocking my door.

“Y/N, sweetie, Peter is here” said your mom, her head showing right next to your door.

“Tell him to come in, please.” You said sitting up straight and rubbing the sleep off your eyes.

Suddenly, Peter entered running and jumping into your bed, and kissing all over your face.

“Babe, what are you doing?” you asked between loud laughs.

“Love, I haven’t seen you in so long because of the rugby team trip.” he answered while getting under the covers of your bed.

“True. I’ve missed you a lot, but what time is it?” you asked realising that it was still dark on the outside.

“It’s like four in the morning, Y/N. I just arraived from the airport, I decided that I wanted to see you.” he said smiling and cuddling up with you.

“Oh my, Peter! You are such a dork. What about your parents…” you said shutting up, but too late to prevent your mistake. “Babe, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to mention your family.”

“Don’t worry, love. It’s okay. Can we just sleep?”

“Sure.” You said kissing his lips softly

Peter’s dad was agressive, very agressive, and abussive with him and his mother. One day, when they were all of his family at home, his father started an argument with his mom and ended up with him shooting her and minutes later with him commiting suicide. He never really told any one, except for you.

                                                   time skips

It was already half past five. Peter was training rugby again for the local match they had in two days. You decided to go and surprise him as you told him that you couldn’t go because you were tired.

You arrived to the stadium and looked for your boyfriend, but couldn’t find him anywhere. You then spotted his best friend Felix and asked him about Peter.

“Oh, he was going to the changing rooms.” he answered

You then walked down to where Felix told you he had seen Peter. You soon heard two voices in the room, one was Peter’s, the other was a girl giggles. You rushed to where the voices were coming from. 

You could feel your heart break into million pieces. Peter, the person that had been part of your life for two years, was infront of you, kissing some kind of blonde cheerleader. You started feeling tears form in your eyes, but then his eyes opened and saw you. He quickly pulled away from the girl and tried approaching you.

“Don’t you dare coming near me!” you yelled, catching the girls attention.

“Babe, I can explain”

“Oh yeah! Explain then! Tell me how you and this b*tch probably made out during the whole rugby trip and today, that I come to surpreise MY boyfriend I catch him making out with this thing.” I said gesturing to the cheerleader.

“Excuse me Peter, I think I should go.” and with that youwe were left alone in the changing room, just you and him.

“Babe, I’m sorry. I promise it’ll never happen again.” he said

“You think that with being sorry you are going to solve the problem? For how long has this been going on, huh?”

“A couple of weeks now… But it was never meant to happen, love. I just didn’t know how to react.”

“Oh yeah, a really convincing excuse in the world. I though you could love me. Do you know how people call you behind your back? ‘Peter Pan the Cheater, but I was just stupid thinking that I could change you. Thinking that I could proove to everyone that you were different, but I guess I was wrong.” And with this said, you started walking towards the exit, not caring about the multiple times he called you.

                                                     To be continued...    

Ya girl made some prompts

1. “Is that so?”
2. “Make me”
3. “You wish”
4. “In your dreams”
5. “You seem to be forgetting who’s in charge”
6. “That’s now funny, Peter”
7. “C'mon Y/N, please”
8. “It’ll be fun”
9. “You’ve got fire. I like fire.”
10. “Little boys who play with fire get their fingers burnt.”
11. “I thought you hated me”
12. “You aren’t going anywhere”
13. “Who did this?”
14. “Get away from her”
15. “I hate to interrupt…”
16. “What is he talking about?, Y/N?”
17. “I’d like to see that”
18. “You can run but you can’t hide”
19. “Take her to the cage”
20. “You will obey me sooner or later”
21. “Stop being a brat”
22. “I don’t know how they do things where you come from but on Neverland…”
23. “You’re going to get yourself killed”
24. “Leave then.”
25. “Because I love you, Y/N, that’s why”
26. “I hate you!”
27. “Leave me alone.”
28. “I think it’s time you learnt some respect”
29. “How dare you”
30. “Never”
31. “You’ll pay for that”
32. “How about no?”
33. “You’re going to regret that”
34. “You’re a coward”
35. “Don’t make me do something I’ll regret”
36. “Trust me”
37. “Get your filthy hands off me”
38. “I’d rather die”
39. “You can’t keep me here”
40. “You’re a monster.”
41. “Oh but I can/will/am”
42. “Watch me”
43. “Did you really think it would be that easy?”
44. “Nice try”
45. “Better luck next time”
46. “Ow! You’re hurting me”
47. “Hurry up, we don’t have all day”
48. “How could you?”
49. “Shh, you don’t want the lost boys to hear us, do you?”
50. “Let’s take this somewhere a bit more private”


“I remember hearing Milt Kahl lecture about animation one time, and he said that one of the real challenges for him was animating weightlessness. Animating a character who is sort of floating in mid-air. Not flying, but just sort of floating. It’s details like that that we in the audience are not supposed to think about, of course we shouldn’t. We’re involved in the story.” - Leonard Maltin, film critic and historian



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 "So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings, forever.“♡ 

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