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by Noventia

AU fic inspired by/based on the short film Paperman by Disney/Pixar.

Louis meets Harry at the train but doesn’t get his name, he see’s him in the building across from his and spends hours trying to get a paper plane over there to get his attention.

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Words: 2009, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Disney’s Paperman was released three years ago today (November 2, 2012). Meander, a vector-based drawing program developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios, was first tested in this short to give it the hybrid 2D/3D look (the program was later used for Disney′s Feast). It was the first animated short film produced by WDAS to win an Academy Award since It’s Tough to Be a Bird in 1970.


In celebration of working one full year as a Disney Sketch Artist at The Art of Disney, I present a collection of some of my favorite sketches I’ve done during the past 12 months, including: Paperman, a cute blue and green Mater for a nursery, the most popular characters (Elsa, Mickey, and Stitch), a special sketch for pop star Billy Joel, a special Olaf sketch for a Cast Member appreciation event, and sweethearts Carl and Ellie from ‘Up.’