IT’S 1950′S NEW YORK, AND Steve’s a struggling artist, and Peggy’s a spy for the US government.  They take the same train to work every morning, but they usually miss each other on the way home (Peggy cards in a LOT of late nights).  The nights they don’t see each other, Steve doodles little cartoon adventures about a cool, mysterious lady superhero while he’s waiting for his train to come take him home.  

(She finds a couple abandoned on the train and frames them.)


In celebration of working one full year as a Disney Sketch Artist at The Art of Disney, I present a collection of some of my favorite sketches I’ve done during the past 12 months, including: Paperman, a cute blue and green Mater for a nursery, the most popular characters (Elsa, Mickey, and Stitch), a special sketch for pop star Billy Joel, a special Olaf sketch for a Cast Member appreciation event, and sweethearts Carl and Ellie from ‘Up.’