Paperman and the Future of 2D Animation

This is a pretty fascinating behind-the-scenes video. It looks into a new animating style pioneered with “Paperman” that uses tweening, illustration, and 3d modeling together to simulate the feeling of traditional animation.

I really love the short “Paperman”, but I always go back and forth between whether I fully support this budding method of animated-filmmaking.

On one hand, a lot of it is grounded in traditional methods, which I love. But on the other, it’s a complicated roundabout with the goal of imitating traditional animation, when the simpler thing to do is to just use the techniques you’re imitating.

Regardless, animation is animation and I really look forward to when the technology is advanced enough to be used further. The next Disney Film coming this fall, Big Hero Six, is going to appear with a short film titled “Feast” that will use this Meander technology, which I look forward to seeing.

slytherin-swaggg  asked:

What are your thoughts on hand-drawn animation vs. CGI? Personally i hugely prefer hand-drawn in almost every way (it feels more realistic, more artistic, more creative, more traditional, just MORE). Especially for the more fairy-tale style films. It just pains me to see the beautiful concept art for films like Tangled and then look at the final product (which I think turns out more cutesy than beautiful). But I was wondering do you have a preference, and why?

Personally, I prefer a good story first more than anything else. I think some studios don’t realize it’s not the medium that’s bringing in the audience, its having a good story to tell. 

I do miss having more hand-drawn animated movies out in the world. There are some stories that I do think might feel richer with drawn lines vs CGI. Tangled, Brave, and How to Train Your Dragon would have been just as wonderful hand-drawn. 

However, I’ve also been loving where CGI is taking certain animated stories. For example, Inside Out works SO SO well with CGI. Same with Wreck It Ralph. 

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But what I’m MOST excited for is the MIX of the two. Stories like Paperman that combine the traditional with the 3D are such a visual treat. Glen’s “Duet” with Google is ALL about this. 

The future of animation is gonna be AMAZING.

- starline