These are some old Paperman Project color keys! or lack thereof for the most part

(Also watermarks are ugly, I know, but we do what we gotta do.)

A few of you may know who have come to my livestreams that we’ve been working on this for almost 3 years now. A bunch of these ones here are done at least over 2 years ago now haha… (although I’ve updated that last one there a bit more recently)
Figured I’d start off with just getting out what we’d started with artwise and update from there.

These are just a glimpse of the full length movie we’ve had in the works and we’re so excited to finally be sharing with you guys!

Paperman © Disney
Paperman Project © Bianca Paz & Nicole Moad

Oh, yeah, and George actually has a bike in the movie btw. haha.. hot nerd

This was actually a later decision but it worked out. His dad doesn’t really approve of him showing up to work with the bike so public transportation was the other option. Saves on the gas at least.

There’s a pretty good reason George usually avoids cars and driving himself in a closed space though… I’m sorry for my bike drawing skills though *sob*


In celebration of working one full year as a Disney Sketch Artist at The Art of Disney, I present a collection of some of my favorite sketches I’ve done during the past 12 months, including: Paperman, a cute blue and green Mater for a nursery, the most popular characters (Elsa, Mickey, and Stitch), a special sketch for pop star Billy Joel, a special Olaf sketch for a Cast Member appreciation event, and sweethearts Carl and Ellie from ‘Up.’