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Modern Hiccstrid where they celebrate their baby's first birthday, and when they open present's the baby only wants to play in the box

"FIFTY DOLLARS, ASTRID." Hiccup’s wide green eyes are enough to make her want to burst into laughter. "I spent FIFTY DOLLARS ON THAT PRESENT."

"Shhh, it’s cute." Astrid shushes him and watches their baby daughter crawl in and out of the giant cardboard box.

"It is not cute! It is bankruptcy! No, wait, scratch that. It’s highway robbery."

"What can I say?" Astrid shrugs. "Infants are easily amuse, and you went overboard."

"I did not go overboard!”

The baby’s bottom lip trembles at the sound of her father yelling. 

"Now see what you’ve done?" Astrid says, gesturing to the crestfallen child.

With a sigh, Hiccup forces a smile and says through clenched teeth, “It’s okay, cutie. Keep playing.”

She utters one of those bubbly delighted-baby noises and crawls back into the box.

Hiccup clears his throat. “Highway robbery. Just sayin’.”

Astrid kisses his cheek. “And I’m sure she’ll appreciate it when she’s younger. Just like she’ll appreciate you.”

"All right, I give up." Hiccup goes over to the box and sits down in it. "All aboard the Haddock express."

The baby grins and hands him a conductor’s hat. He pulls it onto his head and flashes her a smile. She returns it, revealing a toothless row of pink gums, and crawls onto his lap.

Astrid smiles at them, her little family. “Nice going, Conductor Haddock.”

"Hey, you’re a passenger." Hiccup grabs her hand and pulls her into the box with them. 

And it’s a birthday they recollect for their daughter years later, one that she appreciates just as much as Astrid had said.


Congratulations to the 2015 Academy Awards Nominees for Best Animated Feature! Big Hero 6 Walt Disney Animation Studios // The Boxtrolls Laika/house // How to Train Your Dragon 2 DreamWorks // Song of the Sea Cartoon Saloon // The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Studio Ghibli


Today’s black history month profile is on Peter Ramsey, who works for Dreamworks Animation currently.

Peter is relatively new in the industry, and is currently in his early fifties. He grew up in Los Angeles, and graduated from Pali High School. For two years, he was a painting student at UCLA before studying film at Los Angeles City College. He got his first job in Hollywood painting a mural.

Peter is a director, storyboard artist, illustrator, and painter. However, he’s only just beginning in the major animation world. After his mural job, he became a storyboard artist for multiple projects. He’s worked on at least 26 films, including Tank Girl, Fight Club, Men in Black, and Panic Room. 

He also worked as an illustrator on films like Batman Forever, Backdraft, and Far and Away. He began work as a second unit director in the early 90s, helping out on several films (some mentioned above). 

The producer of Tank Girl, Aron Warner, recommended that he join Dreamworks Animation. At first, Ramsey didn’t take to the idea. However, he later joined and began work doing things like storyboarding for Shrek the Third and Shark Tale. He directed the Monsters vs Aliens halloween special in 2009.

Peter’s most known achievement in animation so far is his directorial debut in a major feature film with Rise of the Guardians. The film was an adaptation of the William Joyce series of children’s books, detailing the lives and stories of mythical childrens’ figures such as the tooth fairy, sandman, and jack frost.  He became the first black director on a Dreamworks Animation film. 

'Rise' debuted to lackluster sales, but garnered overall good reviews from critics. People praised its elaborate designs, lack of typical Dreamworks tropes (pop culture references for example), and creative approach. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe for best animated film, and currently has a solid score of 74% on Rotten Tomatoes.  

Ramsey has loads of potential and skill, and has shown it time and time again. We hope to see lots more from him soon.