Hageman Bros. Rewriting ‘Croods 2’

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“Kevin and Dan Hageman, the fraternal screenwriting duo who created the original story for Warner Bros.’ The LEGO Movie, have been tapped to rewrite upcoming DreamWorks Animation sequel The Croods 2, according to Deadline.

The Croods 2 was recently pushed back by DWA’s current distribution partner, 20th Century Fox, to an undetermined 2018 date. This moves the sequel to the 2013 flick (which earned $587.2 million at the worldwide box office) out of the scope of Fox’s deal with DWA, putting it in new owner NBCUniversal’s hands.

Croods directors Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders are returning to the helm for this outing, which will see Leslie Mann and Kat Dennings join the voice cast.”

Just some art I did after I got a surge of inspiration re-watching the DreamWorks logo variant and the opening sequence for the first Kung Fu Panda!

I think it’s kind of ironic how the first character that makes an appearance is one of the Wu sisters! I just can’t express how much I love the gorgeous 2D animation though?

So I went to the Journal 3 book signing at the Grove in West Hollywood today and was able to meet Alex Hirsch and Stephanie Ramirez! I remembered this tweet he made about Boss Baby’s poster, so I made a quip about it.

“Alex, I remembered that tweet you made about that poor Trump Baby with a nasty case of DreamWorks Face. It’s so contagious even your baby caught it!”

And then I showed him this, he seemed pretty surprised that it was a final still from the show.

I then asked him to draw a quick “DreamWorks Dipper” along with his autograph.

He said it was the worst Dipper he’s ever drawn.

It's Not Ogre Yet: Dreamworks Announces 'Shrek 5'

“The studio announced today that beginning in 2019, it will continue releasing at least two films per year, with the first couple being Shrek 5 and Shadows, the latter which was announced last year.

Dreamworks already has the following films on their release slate: Trolls (November 2016), Boss Baby (2017), Captain Underpants (2017), The Croods 2 (2017), Larrikins (2018), and How to Train Your Dragon 3 (2018). The 2019 additions seem to continue the trend of mixing established franchises with adaptations of children’s books and original concepts.

While Comcast agreed to buy Dreamworks in April for $3.8 billion, final decisions on the studio’s slate are still being made by Jeffrey Katzenberg, who remains the CEO and chairman of the company until the deal closes, which is expected to be sometime in the next month or two.”

You can’t stop me, I love them too much.

I’ve got way too many headcanons going on in my head for this family. They’re too beautiful and pure. Ughh I need more and sleep… It’s almost 5 am and I need to get up at 8. Crap…


favorite animated movies (in no particular order) → the road to el dorado (2000)

tulio, did you ever imagine it would end like this?
the horse is a surprise.