10 Reasons why How to Train Your Dragon is the best movie franchise ever.

Okay so if you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know what a huge fangirl I am of HTTYD but tragically it is a super underrated when it literally has everything you could possibly want in a movie.

1. The main character is disabled yet they don’t throw it in your face or make it a defining feature about him.

2. Strong female characters that aren’t treated differently from the male characters in any way.

3. Beautiful, stunning animation that could bring tears to your eyes.

4. An amazing soundtrack

5. A TV show adaptation that doesn’t suck and actually explains what happens between the two movies. PLUS most of the original cast members voice the main characters! which is… usually unheard of

6. Elements that appeal to both kids and adults.

7. Juuuuust the right amount of romance. Not a huge part of the plot but enough to satisfy viewers who enjoy that kinda thing.

8. The sequel actually continues the story instead of simply existing for profit.

9. As the story progresses and years pass, not only do the characters evolve on a personal level, but their appearance changes as they age as well.

10. FUCKIN DRAGONS. Need I say more?


This is quite possibly the stupidest article I have ever seen. Because kids are just “too young” to understand complex themes. Why are we treating them like human beings with a complex brain structure? Let’s just feed them mindless movies that have no plot because they’re “”“fun”“”.

Give me a break. Besides, the success of both of those movies proves kids LIKE them. Stop treating kids like they’re dumber than they are. (Also they’re actually family entertainment, not “kids films”.)


Concepts for the show. Some of these are almost 2 years old. We do a lot of inspirational pieces, but we also work on the final model packs as well! We will probably show the more technical stuff soon (character orthographic turns, design notes, and props), but that will be another post! 

Since TV moves pretty quick, these are not as refined as we would have liked, but that’s the nature of TV!

The colors had to be really bright for this show, because… preschool.All of these episodes with these concepts have been released! Yes, we wish we can do better.  Haha! Most of these were done in 2014 and early 2015!

All copyright DreamWorks Animation

Dreamworks Animation Purchased by Comcast-NBCUniversal
Dreamworks is no longer an independent animation company. One of the most prominent animation studios of the 21st century, it was announced today that the Jeffrey Katzenberg-headed production compa…

I hang my head low today. I wish all good things for the upcoming output from Dreamworks Animation - but I especially hope that this has as little effect as possible on How To Train Your Dragon 3 and the strides they’ve been making in television. Also: please keep Guillermo del Toro on board? In fact, why don’t we put him in charge! And please let Bonnie Arnold keep her job.

UGH. I’ll rant more in this week’s upcoming video, I guess. I’m so bummed right now guys.