canielele said:

Can you please put the Goofy sings Sailor Moon Theme audio to Youtube?

Here you go.  Original audio post here


May reached the P.O. box just a little while ago! The contents included:

-A jigsaw puzzle in a bag

-A note from Bill (when decoded, it said “i hope you like puzzles”)

-A Bed Bath and Beyond Magazine that may be junk mail, may be something else

-An envelope full of Stan Bucks that all read “Filbrick” on the back in invisible ink.

The group is deciding who will be working on the puzzle and where they’ll go to complete it!  That’s all we have so far.

Hahaha, you ask it like getting near me is the most inconceivable idea!

Like throngs of people aren’t scouring the globe right this second, searching for me and me alone, that exact question running through those squishy pink brains of theirs!

Like we aren’t just clues away from that one fateful individual who will stumble across me, frame trembling, heart pounding, hand outstretched…

Haha, trust me, kid!!!

…You’ll get your answer real soon.