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Alice In Wonderland

Star Wars


Studio Ghibli

honestly if you post stuff about Animation/Anime in general, i’d like to follow you.

Horror stuff

Video Games



Wonder Woman

The Flash

Spiderman [Peter Parker or Miles Morales, makes no matter]


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Fantasy/sci-fi shows or films [i’m always looking for new interests]

Discworld/Narnia/Middle-Earth and other fantasy worlds

All kinds of fantasy novels to be honest

Books, in general

Book smells [Joke, Joke]

The Four Great British Shows: Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Fawlty Towers. Honorable Mention: The IT Crowd.

Girl positive/Boy positive blogs

Heartwarming stories of humanity [they’re rare ok? i like to hear them]

No character bashing or hate blogs please.

Apparently, the Mad Hatter character from Alice in Wonderland is based on Erethism, also known as “Mad Hatter Disease”.

Hat making factories used to use mercury in order to stabilize the wool in the felt hats. Factory workers exposed to mercury fumes all day suffered from neurological diseases that caused psychosis and erratic behaviors, hence the nickname. It also led to the expression “as mad as a hatter”