Day 11 - Favourite Animal Sidekick

Meeko. ‘Pocahontas’.

I love this little raccoon! I think it's because we’re so alike. We’re always thinking about when we’re next gonna get food.
But it’s not just that either. Meeko is just so good hearted, he loves Pocahontas and both Johns. He’s open to change, even when Flit is a little hesitant.


Day 26 - Most Magicial Moment

Prince Adam’s transformation. ’Beauty and the Beast’.

Literally the most magical moment in any of the Princess films. It could have been the Fairy Godmother scene. But seeing as I cried (like a baby) during this scene, I thought Belle finally deserved a day. Adam’s not bad looking either.


Day 4 - Favourite Song

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You. ‘Mulan’. Donny Osmond, (Shang) (Parts by Yao, Ling, Chien-Po and Mulan/Ping)

I’ve always loved this song. I remember from when I was no age I would go around singing the one line, “Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!” over and over. I loved the song, the music, the voice, and where and how it was placed in the actual film.
It has nothing to do with the fact that Shang is topless during the full song.


Day 20 - Funniest moment

Prince Charming jumping out of the window in ’Cinderella III 

When I was watching ’Cinderella III’ during the Marathon, I actually had to rewind back and watch it again like 10 times! His quick eye shift and “Okay” get me everytime.

(excuse the “Later” on the second gif. I can’t make gif and spent almost half an hour trying to find ones of this scene that tumblr would show, best I could do)


Day 2 - Favourite Princess

Fa Mulan

Basically if you know me at all/look at any of my posts, you can see how much I love Mulan and ’Mulan’. She’s just such a badass! She does whatever she wants. Save her Father. Go to war. Kill Shan Yu. Save China. Get engaged. Save the Emperor’s daughters. Marry Shang.
There’s hardly a day that goes by that I’m sad I’m not Asian. Because if I were, I’d move to Florida and dress up as Mulan even if they didn’t hire me.


Day 24 - Favourite Parent

Tiana’s Mum and Dad. “The Princess and the Frog”.

Truth be told. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the other parents.
Leah and Stefan let Aurora go, for her own safety but still.
Triton needs anger management.
Maurice almost cares more for inventing than Belle.
The Sultan is hilarious, but absentminded towards Jasmine.
Powhatan isn’t understanding.
Fa Zhou is stubborn and honour obsessed.
And the fact that Rapunzel’s mother is almost identical freaks me out.
But Tiana’s Mum and Dadwere so supportive, they gave her her dream and they stood by her. Her dad was exhausted, but always had time for Tiana. And her mother just loved her so much!

Day 21 - Favourite Quote

“I swear I’m sweatin’ like a sinner in Church!” Lottie La Bouff. ’The Princess and the Frog’.

You can check out all my favourite quotes from all the Princess films here. But I love this quote, I don’t know what it is. I just find it hilarious. I love Lottie’s actions as she says it. You can be sure as hell I’ll be using it sometime soon!

Notable mentions, 
“In case of emergency, the exits are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, anywhere!” Genie from ’Aladdin’

30 Day Disney Princess Challenge


DAY 1: Favorite movie
DAY 2: Favorite princess
DAY 3: Favorite prince
DAY 4: Favorite song
DAY 5: Favorite kiss
DAY 6: Prettiest princess
DAY 7: Favorite castle
DAY 8: Saddest moment
DAY 9: Favorite couple
DAY 10: Best hair
DAY 11: Favorite animal sidekick
DAY 12: Favorite non-animal sidekick
DAY 13: Favorite outfit
DAY 14: Favorite villain
DAY 15: Favorite romantic moment
DAY 16: Favorite singing voice
DAY 17: Best eyes
DAY 18: Favorite name
DAY 19: Favorite soundtrack
DAY 20: Funniest moment
DAY 21: Favorite quote
DAY 22: Bravest princess
DAY 23: Favorite dance scene
DAY 24: Favorite parent
DAY 25: Favorite lyrics
DAY 26: Most magical moment
DAY 27: Best wardrobe
DAY 28: Favorite sequel
DAY 29: Favorite overall moment
DAY 30: Favorite happy ending

“I saw a Disney challenge floating around and wanted to do it, but then I thought it would make more sense for me just to make a princess version! And of course all my fellow princess lovers are free to do it too! :) (http://thedisneyprincess.tumblr.com/)

(Just posting this so you all know where to find the challenge I’ll be doing).


Day 3 - Favourite Prince

Aladdin - Li Shang

Okay, so I really tried! I was fully going to have just Aladdin in this one, but then I started looking in the Shang tag, and I couldn’t help myself, I love Shang so much. He’s such a badass! That last gif …

(In hindsight, I just realised that both these princes are, although only partly in Aladdin’s case, topless. So what!)


Day 7 - Favourite Castle

Cinderella’s Castle.

I mean, come on. It was the castle that (some of) the DisneyWorld Castle was based on!
Okay, truth be told, this day was hard. The majority of the Princesses don’t actually have a castle. Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana etc. So I went for the safe option with Cinderella… Even thought the castle is Charming’s


Day 12 - Favourite Non-Animal Sidekick.

Genie. ‘Aladdin’.

Okay, so I don’t know what Genie is. But he’s not an animal. So I guess he can fit in here.
Right, so if you’ve looked at my Marathon posts about Aladdin, then you’ll know that I not only love Genie but love his voice actor(s)! Freaking Robin Williams! (and Dan Castellaneta)

Genie’s humour is hilarious. His transformations, his references, all brilliant. So it had to be Genie here.