walther wa 2000

Today's subject: Walther WA 2000 [Armament]

Source:Fate/Zero material (2008-08-08), p.105

Fate/Zero Dictionary

The  sniper rifle  used  by Emiya  Kiritsugu  in the  Holy Grail  War. Despite being  relatively compact  due  to  its bullpup design, it is an extremely heavy and hard to use weapon. On top of that, Kiritsugu’s is decked out with a preposterous night vision system. The night vision scopes that  existed  during the  time  period of the Fourth Holy Grail War were a long way off from where they are today, and were often bulkier and heavier than the guns they were attached to. Also, one of the gun’s major flaws was its prohibitive cost, which is one of the reasons it never saw  widespread  use, but  thanks  to the Einzberns’ considerable  funds that  was  no problem  at  all. And besides,  it was probably  less  expensive than  running telephone lines all the way out to a castle in the middle of nowhere.

The Einzberns sure have a lot of money!

They are pretty good at alchemy, chances are they can transmute some gold whenever they feel like it…