Protocol of the interrogation of Walter Seifert (translated from German)

On 6/11/64 Walter Seifert was declared fit to be examined by the Doctors of the Lindenburg hospital. At 6:45pm, the interrogation was started by detective chief inspector Dr. Gundlach.

Question: Do you understand me?
Answer: Yes
Q: Why did you do this?
A: …
Q: Can you see me?
A: Yes
Q: Why did you do this?
A: …
Q: Did you know any of the teachers?
A: No (remark by me: Walter Seifert did indeed know some of the teachers he killed, one of them had once teached him)
Q: Did you know any of the children?
A: No
Q: Did you know the school?
A: No
Q: Do you know why you did this?
A: Yes. It is an evil thing, all this.
Q: Why it is an evil thing?
A: Yes, it is an evil thing.
Q: When did you conceive this plan? When did you having thoughts about this, since a long time or just recently?
A: Since a long time.
Q: Why did you do this?
A: …
Q: Why did you do this? Tell me the reason.
A: Differences with doctors.
Q. With which doctors, who did anger you? Will you tell the name?
A: Dr. Müller
Q: Which other doctors?
A: Dr. Creicher
Q: Why, because of the pension?
A: That too, but not as much.
Q: What kind of differences you had with them?
A: …
Q: Why the children?
A: That would be to lengthy.
Q: Will you tell me tomorrow?
A: Yes, tomorrow.
Q: Do you feel regret, do you feel shame?
A: I will have to comment that later. I have to take responsibility for all of this.
Q: Why the children? Don’t you like children?
A: I do.
Q: Why then?
A: Maybe it is a vicious idea.
Q: Why the three teachers?
A: They came towards me
Q: Do you know what you did?
A: I do.
Q: What did you do?
A: I made a flamethrower
Q: What did you do with it?
A: Attacked people
Q: Why?
A: …
Q: Did you only attack people with a flamethrower or with other things as well?
A: A spear
Q: What did you do with it, do you still know that?
A: I stabbed a teacher with it
Q: How many people did you stab with it?
A: Three
Q: Two or three?
A: Three
Q: Why exactly these people, these children, that school?
A: Happenstance
Q: Do you feel sorry, what should I tell your mother?
A: How it is
Q: And the brother; he was at our place.
A: How it was
Q: How long did you have that plan? Since yesterday, the day before yesterday?
A: (shakes head)
Q: Did you assault a female paperboy a year ago?
A: No
Q: How long did you have that plan? Since a day, a week, a month?
A: …
Q: When did you make the spear?
A: About eight weeks ago
Q: When did you make the flamethrower?
A: Shortly before

After this, the interrogation was cancelled, by advise of the doctors.

Present doctors were:
Dr. Böcker
Dr. Gross
Dr. Arns
Dr. Clemens
And the nurse Jacobs

Present detectives were:
Dr. Gundlach, chief inspector
Wucherpfennig, first class police sergeant
Wienen, detective sergeant
Rolshoven, superintendent