• Walter: If you bite it and you die; it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die; it's venomous.
  • Cabe: What if it bites me and it dies?
  • Walter: That means you're poisonous.
  • Paige: What if it bites itself and I die?
  • Ralph: It's voodoo.
  • Ray: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Happy: That's correlation, not causation.
  • Sylvester: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Toby: That's kinky.

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Tuesday, May 2 @ 8:00 PM
A newspaperman tracks a runaway heiress on a madcap cross-country tour.

Thursday, May 4
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    Scientists track a prehistoric monster in the South American jungle while it tracks them.
  • 9:30 PM - REVENGE OF THE CREATURE (1955)
    Men capture the creature from the Black Lagoon and make him an aquarium attraction, from which he escapes. 
  • 11:15 PM - KING KONG (1933)
    A film crew discovers the “eighth wonder of the world,” a giant prehistoric ape, and brings him back to New York, where he wreaks havoc.

“ Mark my words, Mr. Rezendes. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.”

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klassyfassy  asked:

Tell me your David and Walter headcannons pleeeeaaaasse??? I love your posts about them. 👽🤖❤️

Hello! :) 

Aw thank you very much! It’s good to know that my posts about David and Walter don’t bore people. I don’t know if my thoughts can be qualified as headcanons, but I’ll share them anyway.

David thinks he’s magnificent, so he’s annoyed when people dismiss him as being somewhat inferior. He was programmed to understand emotions, but he started feeling them too as he was left on his own for two years on the Prometheus. Also, I believe he was made with far less inhibitions than other robots since he was Peter Weyland’s personal android. Therefore, he’s more dangerous and unpredictable.

Still, his programmed servitude didn’t let him be completely free, so he hid what he felt, not minding that it “hurt”.

I find this scene interesting. It’s clear that he disliked her a lot, but he was cornered and couldn’t go against his programming. I mean just look at his face, his eyes… and then he reverted back to simply being a servant by asking her if she wanted a cup of tea. The struggle…

Okay, a few happy thoughts now. He loves his blonde hair, his trimmed eyebrows and his long eyelashes. A lot. He uses lip balm of course and kisses the mirror when he looks at himself. He sings and plays the main theme of Lawrence of Arabia on piano. He’s not very fond of his dull grey uniform because he thinks he deserves something better to compliment his physique. He likes his flip flops though and the sound they make when he walks. It makes him smile. He watched thousands of movies and was intrigued by a certain Michael Fassbender who strangely looks a lot like him. Oh yeah, and he’s a great ballet dancer. I mean please yes he is.

We don’t know a lot about Walter unfortunately. Apparently he’s a Spock-like character and a “blank canvas one can project things upon”. He can acknowledge Daniels’ friendship, which means nothing to him. So what does it mean? That he can’t care about himself and feel something? That’s sad.


That night, after things quiet down, Brook joins Walter outside by the Grisbys’ pool. 

The crickets are chirping, the air is fresh, and the temperature is just right. Brook is going to miss this. She has never liked Bridgeport much, secretly enjoying all those times that Sandra would dump her off on some caretaker in Riverview. 

Walter: Don’t worry, dear. I know you’re sad you have to leave with her, but it could be much worse. Look on the bright side: you are sixteen, which means, in two more years you are a legal adult and no longer have to live by her rules.

Brook: I know. It’s just, I wanted to spend the school year with Laurel and you guys. You’re more like a family to me than she ever tried to be.

Walter: I know. And if it matters, we think of you as a daughter as well.

He jumps up.

- And who knows? This is Sandra we’re talking about. She has seven Fridays in a week - maybe by next semester she’ll send you here again?

She’ll miss Walter and his endless sense of humor. And she’ll miss Yvette and her warmth and wonderful cooking… 

Brook: Maybe… I hope so.

Walter: Well, try to get a good night’s sleep. It wouldn’t do to be falling asleep on the road.


76 Chrysler Cordoba by Greg Gjerdingen
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