Title: Walter Lantz WOODY WOODPECKER - Mystery Mountain

Series: Boys’ And Girls’ MARCH OF COMICS #249

Characters: Woody Woodpecker, Splinter, Knothead, Wally Walrus, 

Creators: unknown

Year: 1963 by Walter Lantz Productions, Inc.

Publisher(s): K.K. Publications, Western Printing and Lithography Company (Western Publishing)

  • 1)   Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker - Mystery Mountain – 14 pages 
  • 2)   Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker - Puzzles - 2 pages

Synopsis: Knothead and Splinter goad Woody into discovering something so Woody and the kids go to a volcano. 

Good/Bad: This is a great little comic. Tiny and short.