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Darryl F. Zanuck, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Walter Winchell, Jane Russell, Lucille Ball, Jimmy McHugh, and Louella Parsons at Walter Winchell’s Birthday Party at Ciro’s Nightclub in West Hollywood on May 13, 1953.  

Walter Winchell (1897 - 1972) was a gossip columnist and broadcaster. He was an old friend of Joe Dimaggio’s. It was also rumored that at one time Marilyn slept with him, though perhaps this rumor was spred by the columnist himself. Winchell was also apparently contracted by the FBI to provide additional information on the weekend Marilyn passed away.

The Beatles - Interview w/ Sandy Lesberg, 1965 (Part 1)

On May 9th 1965, the Beatles spoke at length with Sandy Lesberg at the Dolphin Restaurant in London, following a full day of shooting for their second feature film, ‘Help!’ The group appears to have an unusually comfortable and fun rapport with Lesberg, as they chat humorously about film producer Walter Shenson, and candidly about American news journalist Walter Winchell. 

In later years, Lesberg would describe his interview with the group as “…more like a rap session. All four Beatles were completely at ease. I tell a joke and Paul McCartney says, ‘I don’t think that’s very funny.’ There’s a lot of banter… They were running roughshod all over me, quite frankly.” (

Q: Would you like to do a little bit of that song that you wrote for the picture, Paul?

PAUL: Uhh… I’ll tell you what, though. What we’ll do is we’ll promise to send you a copy just before it’s released. Right? So you’ve got the– That’s an exclusive. Isn’t it? I mean, that’s a favour.

Q: I’m not Hedda Hopper [columnist], I don’t need…

PAUL: (jokingly) Right. You won’t get it then. If you’re gonna be like that.

JOHN: If we thought you were Hedda Hopper we wouldn’t have let you in here… Hedda Hopper was coming in on her bike.

Q: (laughing) Did she ever interview you?

PAUL: She was at a party with a big hat. She’s great. Good. Good girl, yeah. In Hollywood.

GEORGE: She hopped past us.

PAUL: Hopped past, yeah. Who’s that other fella, though, that we don’t like?

JOHN:That other fella!” What do you mean, “that other fella”?

PAUL: (laughing) I mean… I mean, who’s that fella?

Q: Bye, Hedda.

PAUL: Who’s that fella? Walter Winchell!

Q: What about it? Did he interview you?

PAUL: Don’t speak to me about him!

JOHN: He’s stupid.

Q: Why is he stupid, John?

JOHN: He’s stupid ‘cause he just lies and writes a lot of trash.

Q: Have you ever met him, John?

JOHN: No, but he keeps writing things about Paul which are lies, y’know, so he must be off his head.

PAUL: I’ve said many a time that he’s just a bit off his head. I think he’s, um– I don’t know what’s happened to him, y’know. Everyone said he used to be good. But he’s– I tell ya, it’s just lies. He says I’m married, you see. And I’d like to say, Mister Winchell– Walter sir, if you’re listening– I’m not! (jokingly) I told him, didn’t I?

Q: Is that the lie he’s been telling about you?

PAUL: Yeah! I mean you know, that’s pushing it, isn’t it.

JOHN: But he goes on and on writing it, you know, as if he knows. He doesn’t know anything, that old Winch.

Q: Goodbye, Walter. (jokingly) I’m taking inventory of the people I’ve lost as friends on this show. 

PAUL: No, look–

JOHN: I like Hedda Hopper. She’s nice.

PAUL: Hedda’s great, yeah. Everybody else is great! 

Q: (laughs) 

PAUL: It’s not that we’ve got anything against Walter– is it, Walter! No, of course it isn’t.

Q: What, George? What, George says something I want to get– What do you say, George?

GEORGE: Walter Wimpy.

Q: Alright, bye, George.

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Do you know any fics where j2 are swimmers/surfers (or one of them is)? I read that one high school au with writer!jensen and swimmer!jared you recced a while ago already though, so do you know of any more? Thank you!

Hey! I know I havent read many of those but I looked around for you. I’m also linking the fic you’re referring to below so others can join in on the fun. I know this “reclist” is short, but I haven’t really felt like reading up on fics lately, so I’m linking j2 Recs’ pages below instead. I haven’t read them all so I can’t vouch for them, but I might read them sometime later and edit this post when I have. Sorry for taking so long, and doing a shitty job lol

  • Not stated (as far as I remember)

Gossip Guy (Explicit, 13 761 words)

American Journalist Walter Winchell said “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s headline”, and nothing could be truer for Jensen Ackles. As he seeks the job as Editor-in-Chief of his high school paper, Jensen has to spend time covering the swim team, where star Jared Padalecki (and Jensen’s current enemy) serves as captain. Over time, they get to know one another and see past the hatred, but a new item in The Austonian drudges up Jensen’s past for spreading good gossip.

Surfing Lessons Jared-style (PG-13, 1 600 words)

Jensen has been in California for months now, settling in, working, making new friends. It would all be so very perfect if said new friends didn’t start teasing him about his lack of surfing experience.

  • Top Jared

More than meets the eye (NC-17, 4 200 words)

When Jared gets problem with his back, the last thing he wants is to go to the swim team’s physical therapist but his coach insists and Jared finds himself with quite a handful.

drop into the wave (NC-17, 3 100 words)

Jared & Jensen are both competive surfers. They have a bit of a love/hate relationship with one another because of it. Which leads to lots of hot, messy sex on the beach.

  • Switching

What You’ve Got is Gold (NC-17, 13 400 words)

Working as a lifeguard at the Dallas Aquatic Center, Jared deals with obnoxious kids, tends to scrapes and bruises, gets plenty of exercise hauling equipment in and out every day, and rescues world champion swimmers from drowning. Yeah, not even Jared saw that last one coming. (dominant!jared-ish)

J2 Recs tag for surfers

J2 Recs tag for swimmers

When I stumble upon fics with j2 as swimmers or surfers I’ll tag them as: j2:swimmers | j2:surfers