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poorsimon  asked:

Hey, i agree that Claremont xmen is not good, and i hate john byrne, but i will fight you if you say Walt Simonsons thor is a bad comic. i mean beta ray bill alone is worth that run and he may not be the best thing about it.

Oh jeez, did I? If I implied that in the slightest in anything I wrote it was absolutely a miscommunication on my end, Simonson’s Thor is as good as it gets.


Some highlights from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Gallery, published by DC Comics, 1996. Pin-ups by:

Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding

Eduardo Barreto

Walter Simonson

John Byrne and Walter Simonson

Tom Mandrake

Steve Crespo and Rudy Nebres

Jim Calafiore and John Dell

J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray

Sal Velluto and Mark McKenna

Mitch O’Connell and Rick Taylor