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Star Trek casts from ToS merged with AoS: (Kirk, Bones, Spock, Chekov, Sulu, Scotty, Uhura, Pike and Khan.

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Whisper (Drabble. Alice Mercy.)



      She was so gentle and optimistic; there was no way Mercy could display moments of caustic nature and viciousness. Yet as Simons watched, the vampire hurled her fist – wreathed in white fire – to hit the woman that had shown up without impunity. It was one of those terrible demon things, of course, but it had taken a form (quite literally taken ; the creature had absorbed his subordinates very memories and mannerisms into itself) that wormed its way towards Simons in his own work place, his own fortress. Even with his keenness of senses and observation, the creature was so careful to slip past him. Entering a conversation with Mercy outside, though, was what revealed the truth. 

      The vampire’s usual faeish, pretty features transformed into a scowl as she spotted the woman following Simons coming closer and closer. Walton did not know what the problem was with the strange being until the black was spilling over his and closing around his head, eyes turning on him from the twisted limbs around him and staring at him so condescendingly. Simons readied to fight the thing off, but the vampire was faster as she knew immediately how to deal with this threat. Walton would not have thought her able to move so violently, tearing into the monster that tried to rise out of his former favourite Adept’s body rapidly. Black splattered her face and faded away, leaving no trace except the barest remains of the adept the Demon could not consume like bones and machines. Before it dissolved, though, Walton saw the thing unfold into a visceral,black shape of abstract tentacles and venous,pulsing wings covered in eyes and mouths that screeched terrible, blasphemous things at the vampire, even as she reduced it to literal nothingness.

       Simons stepped away trying to wrap his mind around what just happened. He was strong; he was not afraid. Yet the whirlwind of action sent a shock into his system into inaction when he was always someone of great locomotion. This was his first close encounter with the monsters from Mercy’s world that did not have at least a vaguely human appearance. This, then, was the enemy they faced; terrible creatures who stole faces that people trust and attack them from a place of trust. Anyone could be one of these things; anything could be lurking around every trustworthy smile or pretty face more subtly than even Page or Thorndale. Mercy was going to teach him now how to combat this; he would not be caught off guard by….these things again. 

       “Let’s get out of here.” 

     Mercy’s voice in his ear drew him away from his attempts to reason out what this was and how to deal with it. Her face was serious and grim, an unusual and maybe even alarming expression to see on her face. She did not pull on his arm after she had spoken to him, only walked away with purpose. Simons turned around, mouth opening to demand answers.


      “Later,” the vampire chided. “Let’s go.”

     “This is my place,” Simons’ reply was less of an answer to her and more a defiance of what he had just witnessed. “There is no way I can allow this kind of invasion of it.”

     “Good, we’re on the same page.” Alice was uncharacteristically sarcastic. “We still cannot stay here and expect for you to be able to deal with the Demons. Obviously, they’ve find purchase within your organization. Thus, we need to regroup, okay?”

       Simons scowled, looking back at his fortress that might now be a din of….what exactly? Demons were not a thing he believed in even if the vampire called them thus. They could be explained as monsters, simply monsters, that he would destroy for daring to make themselves at home in his territory. Very well, he would play along and banish the monsters from his home, even if he had to crush them all one by one.

      “Very well, show me your plan.” Simons growled. Reckoning time would soon be at hand for this new enemy of his. Death had been awakened.

I’m pretty excited about Robert W. Merry’s President McKinley: Architect of the American Century (BOOK | KINDLE). I’ve been looking forward to it all year. I’m also posting this pic to make @ploddingthroughthepresidents jealous because President McKinley won’t be released until November 7th but I’m reading it tonight because I’m special and people like me. And even if people don’t like me, Simon & Schuster does, and that’s what’s important.

(Also, I’m excited to read Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo da Vinci [BOOK | KINDLE] but that’ll be available for everybody tomorrow.)