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ET Canada: Degrassi: Next Class Season Two


Just a reminder: What police have said about unarmed black people’s killings before they realized there was video footage that, you know, actually told the truth about what happened. 


Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Barbara Walters, Judge Judy, Carolina Herrera, Andy Cohen, and Bernadette Peters were among those who attended Joan Rivers’ funeral. Howard Stern delivered her eulogy while Audra McDonald sang “Smile” and Hugh Jackman ended the service with “Quiet Please, There’s a Lady on Stage.” That is a well-deserved, star-studded send off. Cheers and RIP Joanie.

would you know a gangster tattoo if it came up to your breakfast table, smacked your whorish mouth and said here it is and fuck your toast with no butter…LIfeTime Tattoo-Walter McDonald..only the sketch cause my ass and hip were kind of swollen and puffy…I’m really running out of room and fast…check him out, he’s the probably one of if not the best tattoo'er in Denver.  I love it