walter gomez

the most common thing i saw being said about the GMA video is that it looked like rena and her band

so i went and looked at a few solo artists who worked with bands and found Selena Gomez & The Scene’s ‘Round and Round’

in this video, it centers around selena (since she is a solo artist) and shows snippets of The Scene

compare it to GMA

you see snippets of n,m,c & i but the entire thing centers on rena

the videos follow the same theme :

-centers around nia & selena

-sees few snippets of the band

-looks like a solo artist video

for people saying “shes the lead singer, its bound to happen, shes the lead singer”

please check out HV’s ‘This Is Why’  and As It Is’ ‘Dial Tones’

As It Is are a small band who usually play venues to around 50-100 people, and even though Patty - the lead singer - doesn’t play an instrument live, no video centers around him 

^ that is how to make a music video with a lead singer who doesnt play an instrument