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Day 2 (2/2) - my #Walter Kovacs cosplay!

Females… Did you know that…

This is inspired by the amazing watchmenphotomanips; more specifically by tHIS POST.

[[First AX2015 video here - Rorschach cosplay]]

starscream-squarepants  asked:

hello! So I know you're like, one of the biggest blogs there is when it comes to spg, so I thought it would be best to come ask you about a question I had. Ive been hearing a lot lately about blue matter poisening, and it being the reason walter workers are bleach white, and their hair is black and blue. I was wondering if there was a post about this, or if there was any information on why/how this happens? Im super curious.

Okay so I have only been in the fandom since Dec. of 2012. That said, I’ve noticed that blue matter had been in the fandom and the lore, but wasn’t nearly as discussed as it was in 2013 when Walter Girls started going to concerts and things. 

At first people were trying to figure out why they were pale. Maybe they were mimes. It was roughly explained that the Walter Girls hair and lips turned blue, and their skin turned white because they had been exposed to Blue Matter. There was a lot of whispers in the fandom of what blue matter poisoning was like. The only authority on the subject came from Bunny during her live streams where she introduced her persona as a Walter worker. Explaining that the Peter’s have several employees off all different races, meaning we could all be Walter workers. Matter Mistress Bunny, she explained,  wasn’t affected by the blue matter because she was a mime.

This caused an explosion of people creating Walter Workers. Any race, all white faced with the blue hair and such. Varying degrees of ‘Blue matter poisoning’ because of how much white or blue they could do with their makeup.

At The Walter Robotics Expo on July 18th 2013, in San Diego, California, we got a bit more lore on the subject. Walter Guy Sam was introduced with some videos that played before the concert. From these, what I’ve heard- I can not find in writing- was that he was in the process of being exposed to Blue matter so that he could work with it more. This caused his hair to fall out and vomiting. And from this post by cutepoweredjellyfish 

“In one of the videos at WRX that Walter Guy Sam did. He mentioned his tears now burned through clothing among other things.”

Hopefully these videos will be on the WRX DVD that’s still in production. But here is for the Fandom Lore of what I remember Blue Matter Poisoning being like:

The 2nd or 3rd Peter and Wanda Walter, figured out that Blue Matter was having an effect on their health. This is speculated to be why Wanda and Norman Becile still look so young when they are 80+ years old. It has an effect on lifespans. It changes the make up of your genes and things. 

To work with Blue Matter you need to be exposed to it in increments. So skin tone changes depending on what level you are exposed. Some are only slightly white, while some also only have blue tips to their hair. For those fully exposed its all white with Black and Blue hair- like the walter girls that work with the bots. Whether these walter workers are also immortal has not been addressed as far as I’ve seen.

Peter Walter the 6th was caught in a blue matter rift explosion taking off most of his face. Speculation is that there is now a blue matter rift for his face and he is also now, immortal.

~~+It is my personal headcanon+~~~

That this also works with other matters such as Green Matter. I feel that if these things affect your physical being they would also affect mentally. Blue matter has helped fuel scientific discovery so I could see that it enhances mental capacity while diminishing peoples social capacity, maybe even language and the like. Perhaps making them more Mime like.

For Green Matter, I see it as a slow grade form of frontotemporal Dementia. Not only would it make people immortal, like blue matter, but increasingly make them psychotic. With symptoms such as:

Increasingly inappropriate actions, lost of empathy and other interpersonal skills, lack of judgement and inhibition, apathy, repetitive compulsive behavior, changes in eating habits- predominately overeating, lack of awareness of thinking or behavior changes

All of which I think explains why the Beciles who discovered Green Matter and worked with it, kinda went off their rocker. 

I use this theory in my own fanfic of Kazooland High. Its not explained, its sort of a never spoken fact, of why Boss is so hard on my fanbots.

Still all of this might change with the new pages of the comic coming out. Once we learn more about the Beciles, and Peter the 6th, and the current residents of walter manor! I hope this was what you wanted to know.

Teen Wolf Conventions! (A MasterPost)

With so many Teen Wolf conventions popping up this year (and next!), we thought it would be a good idea to start a big post with all of the current information we have on these events. We’ll be keeping this post updated and will reblog when new information is received. 

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As always, you guys can always visit our Teen Wolf Events page for more links to the websites and the conventions’ social media pages!

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A new video of us performing our popular song “Honeybee”, straight from our upcoming DVD and digital release of our concert at Walter Robotics Expo, which took place last summer during Comic Con.



Bringing the plant of talking was the best choice ever, im pretty sure David got a kick out of it “oh is it your turn to talk?” “Best obscure reference ever”

And of course thank you Geekshot for the great photography and quick printing, you’s the best ^u^


Grommet has new glasses! These ones have deeper blinders on the sides, and I can see through the blue lenses a little bit better than I could through the mirror shades. They can be found here on eBay (blue lenses + gold frames are currently out of stock, sry!). Btw don’t be mislead by the “flip-up” in the title, the lenses do not actually flip up.

I made fifty of the Walter Robotics Chocolate Coins. They look really cool when they’re all stacked together like this, but on their own they look pretty bad lol. I’ll be bringing some more QWERTY candies as well, I let my little cousin tape the papers to the outsides of the wrappers and he worked very hard. Please forgive us if some of them are loose or uneven! :)

After seven hours of doing make up for the three of us, I was finally able to experience eating makeup when I consumed my sandwich. 

Seriously though it was mega awesome and a hit with the con. I got stopped over 60 times for pictures I’m sure.  I was surprised to see so many SPG cosplayers too oAo 

And now…to wash this shit off.  (Remember kids, when doing major makeup at cons ALWAYS bring your own towel/washcloth and clean up after yourselves!)

Next stop: Midwest Media Expo. 

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