walter emmanuel jones

What happened to them after they left the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? 

Well, Austin St Jhon, the red ranger, didn’t success in the film industry. There were some rumours about him being in gay porn movies, which are false cuz the guy in the movies is young and muscular, and Austin is now old and fat. What he really is is a paramedic and a firefighter. He took saving lives way too seriously.

David Yost, the blue ranger, confessed that he was gay. He also said that he quit the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cuz the rest of the cast mocked him about it. Now he has focus his career in producing.

Walter Emmanuel Jones, the black ranger, stayed in the industry making small roles and appareances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Csi, The Shield and more. He is also a salsa instructor.

Amy Jo Jhonson, the pink ranger, had also a pink career. She was a current role in Felicity and now she is a current role in Flashpoint. She is also the lead singer and guitarrist of the band Valhalla.

And finally, Thuy Trang, the yellow ranger, died in 2001 in a car accident, and her 4 co-stars, the before mentioned, attended to her funeral and memorial service. A Power Rangers Time Force episode, Circuit Unsure, was made in her memory.


I went to the Power Rangers Q&A panel at Comicpalooza. As you can see, both Black Rangers are there… so both of them can’t say, “mastodon”



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