walter dalton


I’m finally up to date with submissions! I’ve read work from almost 50 writers and I’ve accepted pieces from 10 of them.

So far LEFT is set include work from Kimmy Walters, Paul Cunningham, Samuel Carey, Penny Goring, Zarah Butcher-McGunnigle, Bob Schofield, Sarah Jean Alexander, Janey Smith, Michael O'Hara, & Dalton Day, as well as a few other people I’m working out the details with.

But I want more.

I’m going to send out  more solicitations and some reminders to people who already said they were going to submit. I also want work from everyone else. If you haven’t sent me anything yet, do it now. Please send me your beautiful things.

I’ve accepted a lot of poetry so far. I want more stories and visual art.

Also, I’m finally setting a deadline for submissions: the 1st of July.

Fill my inbox.
Drown me.
Show me what is possible.