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how did u get such a good sense of identifying what is and isn't camp

i mean ok im not An Expert. and camp is just a feeling.. its a TENDER feeling you might say (susan sontag would say this:

but i always link to susan sontag bc…. very little has been written on Camp in terms of what it actually is! its hard to define. Its just a feeling. But i really recommend reading this vulture article:

It delves into why so many female led projects that aren’t camp, get labled camp. 

“Campiness, as a style and sensibility, comprises a set of widely appreciated characteristics: frivolity, a celebration of the ‘so bad it’s good,’ the overwrought, the histrionic, what Sontag calls ‘failed seriousness.’” Camp often walks the line between embracing its subjects and ridiculing them, or at the very least treating them with emotional distance. It’s something you can love and even admire, but never take seriously — it’s just a bit too much. In essence, camp is an aesthetic that privileges stylization over content, artifice over naturalism, and the visceral over emotional truth.

I think The People Vs. OJ Simpson is Camp but Feud is not camp. Sex and The City 2 is camp. John Waters is Camp. American Horror Story is Camp. Hannibal is Camp. Jackie is not Camp. The musical Cats! is camp. The character Prior Walter from Angels is Camp but the play itself is not. Little Shop of Horrors is Camp. Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard is probably The most iconic Camp character of all time, thats not from a John Waters movie. Mother! is an extremely twisted Camp. Can I entirely explain this? not really. 

Seph if you read this i really wish your blog with the tag on Camp was still around it was genius. 

I think it just comes down to individuals but also arguing with your gay friends over whether a piece of art is camp or not is part of the fun! Just like read all these pieces, watch a lot of gay art and come to your own conclusions.