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if you look up Claudio Langes’ stats from his short F1 career these 4 letters will be all you find
the Portuguese wasn’t able to pre-qualify once in the 14 Grand Prix that he participated in
having an EuroBrun nor a Judd V8 helped him in achieving a qualification
his career ended together with the team he raced for after Walter Brun found he had suffered enough & withdrew his team with 2 races to go in 1991

Claudio Langes, EuroBrun-Judd ER189B, 1991 Portuguese Grand Prix, Estoril 

Even Eurobrun Gets the Blues - Part I - And Then, Were Three…

Eurobrun came to Formula 1 as an idea of a trio of people, which two of them were connected to the other one, this being named Oscar Larrauri, and hailing from Argentina.

Under the wing of nobody but Juan Manuel Fangio himself, Larrauri made himself a name at European Formula 3, winning it in 1982 driving for Paolo Pavanello’s Euroracing (the car of the picture, looking some kind of “junior 80s Alfa Romeo), and then switching to sportscars, racing for Walter Brun operation.

Euroracing had a reputation among open-wheeler world, becoming a strong contender at F3 level and also they created a few cars for Alfa Romeo in the end of their F1’s comeback. Meanwhile, Brun, a Swiss slot machine impresario, had a sportscar team which ran Porsches, one of them with Larrauri at helm.

However, Larrauri thought his career couldn’t get better than that and the dream to go to the highest peak of racing was going as far as it could (at the time Eurobrun debuted, the Argentinean was 34 years old). And without any team that got interested by his services, he decided to tie a connection with his past to create a future, bringing together Euroracing and Brun to the Formula 1!