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Risk Taker~2

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Part 1

“ Yeh going to be okay getting back?” Tyler asks holding you with both hands as he looks down at you. You nod brushing the back of your palms against your eyes. It was a good thing you were wearing waterproof mascara. Otherwise you’d look like a mess. You had cried onto Tyler’s chest, feeling hurt that Jimmy would walk out on you like that. Without a word or anything. You had tried giving him a call but he would just pick up and hang up. This was Jimmy were talking about. 

“ I’m fine” you pushed yourself up and tying your hair up in a messy bun. “ Thanks, sorry about your shirt Tyler.” He shrugged, shaking his head. He didn’t mind it. Pete was so angry at himself that he couldn’t do anything to stop Jimmy. This was the first time he saw you cry. You were always tough and sarcastic, he liked the soft side to you. It was different. 

“ Why don’t yeh walk her t’ the hotel Pete?” Pete’s head snapped towards Trent, glaring giving him the look like no way, why me. Trent rolled his eyes motioning with his head towards the door. You just looked between Trent and Pete not really knowing what’s going on. Why him all of sudden? Looking over to Tyler to see his seat is empty. Where did he go? Pete groans standing up from his chair stuffing his hands in his front pockets. 

Looking one more time towards Trent, he winked towards you. You were about to open your mouth to ask him what’s this all about. 

“ Go, before yeh goin’ t’ lose him” grabbing your jacket off the stool and heading towards Pete’s direction, out the door. He was standing outside waiting for you. 

“ I thought you would leave by now” 

“ ‘m not always an asshole” He mumbles. “ That’s new?” raising an eyebrow. He groans and begins to walk down the steps and down the street. The walk to the hotel was really quite. The only sound was coming from the cars passing by, people passing by you two and people on their phones. The hotel was just upheld, it wasn’t too far from the bar. 

“ I can walk on my own, I know the way” Pete didn’t bother to listen as opens the door for you. “ Thank you” He nods, you walk inside with him following behind you to the elevator. 

 “ You can go back to your room” He doesn’t even bother to answer as he presses the button to go up. As you wait for the elevator couldn’t help but staring at him. Why was he suddenly so nice to you? This was so weird. 

Ding. The elevator doors open and as soon as you turn your head, you feel your heart speed up seeing Jimmy standing there. He takes a look at Pete then at you, glaring. He exists the elevator slipping in between the two of you but he doesn’t walk away. 

“ And to think I was going to come find you” He turns his head, his eyes are darker and his jaw was tight. You frown, hanging your head feeling a stab in your heart. Pete growls getting attention of Jimmy.

“ What? Now he’s your lap dog? “ Jimmy points to Pete. 

“ Stop” you raise your head, shaking it. 

“ Why? He’s your boyfriend now? You kiss me and get seconds from him? “ Suddenly Jimmy went flying to the wall, a furious Pete standing above him. 

“ Shit..” you mumbled rushing to find someone. Hopefully it wouldn’t be Smallman. “ Fuck..” you saw Haskins and Travis walking together towards you. 

“ Kiwi! Haskins! I need your help!” you rush to them, almost falling into Haskin’s arms. “ What’s wrong?” Travis asks. 

“ Pete. Jimmy. Fighting. Help” was all you managed to tell them before rushing off running down the hall to where the two were fighting each other. Jimmy was sitting on top of Pete and hitting him. 

“ Jimmy! Get off of him!” Mark and Travis ran over to break the two apart from each other. More people rushed in to help, TK, Walter, Chris Brookes, Lykos, Manandrews,Eddie Dennis, Trent and Tyler.  But your eyes were set on an angry Jim Smallman storming this way and a sleepy Glenn. 

“ What the fuck is going on?!” Jim yelled, looking between Jimmy and Pete. 

“ I’m going to kill you!” Jimmy shouted trying to get out of the group of guys holding him. Pete growled getting his arm out, pointing towards Jimmy. 

“ Yeh don’t deserve her!” Eyes then suddenly turn to you. You had no idea what to do but you were comforted by Toni and Nixon. Jim turned to Jimmy pointing to him,” You calm the fuck down.” Jimmy was still trashing in the guys grasps. 

“ You fuck off” Jim said to Pete, then he turned to you. “ You go to your room” he said scolding you like a child. “ why is this my fault?” Jim had his hands on his hips giving you the look to not test him right now. 

You were about to open your mouth when Toni and Nixon lead you to the elevator telling you it’s better not to piss Jim anymore. Turning your back, as the elevator closed your eyes met Jimmy’s. His eyes held sadness and hurt behind them but they vanished when he blinked. 

“ What just happened?” Nixon laid her head on your shoulder while Toni rubbed your shoulder. Not an answer was giving to you but you needed to get some sleep. It was a long day. 

Jimmy hadn’t said a word yet to you. After last night,everything was quite. Not a word from even Travis whom you were trying to get answers from. 

“ Please Kiwi..” He looked down at you sadly, shaking his head. “ What happen? Please tell me. No one wants to tell me what happen..” 

“ I’m sorry Y/N. Its better if you didn’t know” sighing, your bottom lip out and giving him the puppy dog eyes. He closes his eyes and looks away. 

“ Please… Travis.. please..” 

“ Jim!” you spotted him walking in. As soon as he saw you, he began to fast walk trying to avoid you. “ Smallman! what the hell!” He just continued to run seeing Haskins up ahead. Using Mark to push towards you making him stumble into you.

“ Uff…. move Mark” He holds onto your shoulders stopping you in your tracks. 

“ Don’t you have somewhere to be?” He asks. You frown tilting your head, when your eyes get wide. You had a match to get ready for, he turns you around pushing you the way you came from. Smallman just went through the curtain. 

You were going to catch him one way or another. 

You hide in the space between the wall just in time to grab onto Jimmy who was walking by. Pulling him in and trapping him with your body against the wall.

“ Oh what the fuck Y/N!?” He yells once he noticed it was you. “ we need to talk” 

“ There is nothing to talk about” He says trying to push you away. “ Stop being an asshole” 

He rolled his eyes trying to pry your hands off of you. 

“ We are friends Havoc. Stop being so cold” 

“Friends? Friends don’t kiss friends then fucking hop to the next guy around!” 

“ You left Jimmy,  what the fuck was that! You left, I can’t believe I cried over you” 

“ You cried? Why?” you looked away from him avoiding eye contact with him. You couldn’t tell him that you had feelings for him. He couldn’t know. 

He cups your face in his hands bringing so you looked at him. “ Tell me” he says softly, stroking your chin with his thumb. 

“ You don’t need to know” 

“ Fuck! You always do this! You push people away and fuck with their feelings!” He pushed you, gently away storming off flipping you off as you called his name. 

“ Fuck..” you mumbled sliding down the wall putting your head in your hands. 

“ Jim fucking Smallman!” He entered backstage, once he spotted you, he made a run for it. 

“ Fucking hell!” you ran right after him chasing him around. Some wrestlers stopped to watch, Pete included who was laughing. “ You shut up Dunne! Help me !” 

You caught up to Smallman grabbing him by the back of shirt. He tried to get out but it was no use. If you pulled any harder, you would be ripping his shirt. 

“ Are you going to tell me what happened after I left or am I going need to cause chaos around her. Because you know I will” 

He sighs mumbling something underneath his breath. 

“Say it again” 

“ Jimmy challenged Pete for a death match. Pete accepted” your face lost color as you let go of Jim.


In the wake of her recent basketball-inspired group exhibition “Transition Game” curator Fabienne Stephan interviews legendary sports photographer Walter Iooss Jr. to reflect on the moment of icon and action through the lens

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Now if you are told that some piece of information will come as a shock to you, the chances are that you will really feel shocked, even if the information itself isn’t of the slightest importance.
—  ― Walter R. Brooks