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Master Control Program: You’re getting brutal, Sark. Brutal and needlessly sadistic.

Sark: Thank you, Master Control.

Master Control Program: We’ve captured some military programs. I could arrange more lethal matches. Interested?

Sark: Sure. I’d love to go up against one of those guys. Make a nice break from those accounting cream puffs you keep sending me. What branch of the service?

Master Control Program: The Strategic Air Command.

Sark: Nice.

Crom: Look. This… is all a mistake. I’m just a compound interest program. I work at a savings and loan! I can’t play in these video games!

Guard: Sure you can, pal. You look like a natural athlete if I ever saw one.

Crom: Who, me? Are you kidding? No, I run to check on T-bill rates, I get out of breath. Hey, look, you guys are gonna make my User, Mr. Henderson, very angry. He’s a full-branch manager.

Guard: Great. Another religious nut. [pushes Crom into the holding cell]

Ram: I’d say “Welcome Friend”. But not here. Not like this.

Crom: I don’t even know what I’m doing here.

Ram: Do you believe in the Users?

Crom: Sure I do. If I don’t have a User, then who wrote me?

Ram: That’s what you’re doing down here. Master Control Program’s been snapping up all us programs who believe. If he thinks you’re useful, he takes over all your functions so he gets bigger, and if he can’t use you, he sends you down here to the game grid to get the bits blasted out of you. What’s your name?

Crom: Crom.

Ram: I’m Ram. They’ll train you for the games, but… (WHISTLES) I hope you make it. Hey, what’s been going on in the other sectors? You know, I’ve been stuck here for 200 microcycles.

Crom: It’s murder out there. You can’t even travel around your own microcircuits without permission from Master Control Program. I mean, sending me down here to play games! Who does he calculate that he is?


Final farewell of “Harry Potter” (1)

…farewell after 10 magical years…thanks!


I missed the original LOUK cast! Always the best cast out of all. 

Now You See Me 2 [Spoilers]

Soooo, I saw Now You See Me 2 this weekend and oh dear i’ve been dragged back into this fandom. 

Reasons are: 1. Adorable Jack is adorable (with more screen time this time around, yay!) 2. Big brother Merritt is so proud and loves his family, 3. New but surprisingly awesome Lula, 4. Rebellious but wants approval son Danny and of course 5. Protective and worried and proud dad Dylan actually make my life for the moment.

I mean that plane scene at the end, that will forever be my favourite scene in these movies (the best few moments of the movie were defeintatly when Walter (evil muggle Harry Potter) showed them photos he took of/with them when they were unconscious, kind of as creepy as it sound?). I mean when they were all being dragged and tossed out of the plane to their ‘deaths’ they were all so full of fear and love for each other I like to think it was genuine.

Merritt’s line of ‘I may have been brought into this world with the wrong family, but I’m leaving it with the right one.’ just about killed me, like just punch me in the feelings why don’t you? Same with when Dylan and Bradley were in the plane on their way to Macau and Dylan said all he cared about was the ‘health and safety of the Horseman’ and don’t get me started on the moment when Danny said those horrible things to Dylan but he still stuck around to save Danny from Walter AND when Dylan woke up after being saved by Danny to be surrounded by his kids err Horseman (really they are his kids, lets be honest). 

Ps. I like the way they handled Henley not being in this film (I miss their mom aka Alma Dray though), they explained it well enough that you don’t really have questions and you can see that the three boys really bonded (I mean Jack and Merritt live together!) since her departure, I still like to think she was there in London after she saw how wrong the Otca show went for them. 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - The Plot Thickens

My son was a big fan of these books (and the movies of course), as was my wife, but I had kind of lost interest after the 2nd book, and aside from a few of the movies, I mostly missed the whole craze. My wife, of late, has been putting the whole series on Netflix, I assume in preparation for the upcoming ‘big finale’ to be released (Part 1, anyways) in a few months.

The previous few evenings, I’ve taken another look at the first two films in the series (which I had seen before), and last night we watched #3 in the series. The director’s reins have been handed over to some new blood, (Alfonso Cuaron, director of 'Y Tu Mama Tambien’ and 'Children of Men’), and it’s a big improvement in many ways.

This one is considerably darker than the previous two, and is filled with a lot of nice background dark humor (I love the 'bluebird of happiness’ getting pulverized by the willow tree), and a nice visual style and returning thematic ideas running throughout the picture. The movie also dispenses with a lot of the expository 'gee whiz’ that plagued the first two films (and really bogs down the action, when you have to constantly remind everyone of every little character and magical doo-dad and gizmo). This one assumes you know the drill, and drops you immediately into the action. I also enjoyed some of the side characters better in this one than in the previous films, especially David Thewlis as Professor Lupin, Emma Thompson as Professor Trelawney, Gary Oldman (even though he’s the title character, he gets very little to do - hopefully he comes back in later episodes) Dawn French as the fat lady in the painting, and Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew (hopefully he comes back as well). Unfortunately the kids are still the weak link in the acting chain, and the regular adult characters mostly seem to be going through the motions (although I did like the replacement for Richard Harris, Michael Gambon, he seems more mischievous and less 'sweet old man’).

I also was curious about the 'bus conductor’, who looked very familiar to me. Thanks to imdb, he was in that wonderful BBC production of 'Wind in the Willows’ that we watched a few years back, and he was also the 'Jonah’ character in the movie 'Master and Commander’.

Also, I wasn’t sure because her face was largely distorted by the 'invisibility cloak’ and her part was so small, but that really was Julie Christie as the owner of the Pub.

3.5 stars out of 5

Released 2004, First Viewing November 2011

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Who, me? Are you kidding? No, I run out to check on T-bill rates, I get outta breath. Hey, look, you guys are gonna make my user, Mr. Henderson, very angry. He’s a full-branch manager.



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