walter bones

Paleontology dig (days 1&2)

The first day nothing much happened, we were introduced to Walter the Hadrosaur and learned about the tools. Then we spent the morning clearing away what was left of the over burden and started quarrying. I went to bed sore and tired.

The next day I got up and I was surprisingly not sore except for spots on my back and my right ring finger. I ate and talked, the only other girl there is a fan of both dinosaurs and kaiju and works at her local museum. We learned how to set up the sun tarp and how to use the generators to power the fans. About half way through I got moved to bone level and instructed to carefully take out a chunk of rock about two and a half feet away from Walter’s bones.

I have more bug bites and I’m still sore but I’m pumped for tomorrow.


Spock’s Thoughts Upon Returning to the Enterprise in The Motion Picture

Each caption is from the novelization, describing Spock’s reflections as he sees his old friends again.

“There was much to be put out of his mind. Why was it difficult to forget Chekov’s astonished delight which greeted him at the command airlock when he boarded? And on the bridge—Kirk! The mere name made Spock groan inwardly as he remembered what it had cost him to turn away from that welcome. T’hy’la! And there had been McCoy, so humanly human—and, yes, of course, Chapel with her bizarre and impossible fantasies of one day pleasuring him. Sulu the romanticist, Uhura of the lovely star songs …”

so many AUs, i'm not sure what to do with them all

+air conditioner repairman [v sweaty job]
+street racers
+Christmas light neighbor competition
+guitar teacher
+little kids with a lemonade stand or kissing booth
+motherFUCK there’s smoothie on the ceiling
+someone’s cat is in a tree
+“how do I say fuck in [language]”
 -[I love you]
 - “cool thanks”
+I broke into your apartment cause it smelled like something was on fire but I don’t think we can salvage your cookies
+try my chili!
 -here use my mouth to calm the heat
+I saw the dude/chick who manscapes/waxes me
+minor car accident
+frat houses across the street
+competing mattress salesmen
+teddy bear doctors
+we both picked the same weird place to watch fireworks
+someone needs a car jumpstart
+gym class soccer
+college tour
+school trip to europe
+I wrote an ode to your butt in 10th grade and you somehow found it at the end of senior year
+i accidentally spilled beer on you at a bar and you thought I wanted to fight
+21 jump street au
+i licked a pole when it was 2 degrees outside please help me kind stranger
+high school intern for senior pictures [I’m literally just here to hold this reflecty thing and make you look hotter than usual]
+you heard me singing in the shower, recorded it, and put it on YouTube and now I’m Internet famous and I’m not sure whether I want to kill you or marry you
+someone found our office game of fuck marry kill and you’re my fuck
+there’s a dorm wii + mariokart in the lounge and we’re now on best out of 39
+I drew a picture of you and put it on tumblr and you found it
+I wrote a fanfic and the au was how we met and you got suspicious
+you’re a really shitty tutor
+you needed to borrow sugar to bake a cherry pie
+all you wrote in my yearbook last year was your number and now I have no clue who did it
+I got locked out of my dressing room wearing only my underwear and now we’re both waiting for an attendant
+I accidentally dropped a water balloon on you instead of my friend
+you write nice comments on all the angsty poems I post online
+we’ve been arguing over the proper use of the subjunctive mood in spanish for 2 hours and neither of us has taken it since high school
+you’re the monster under my bed
+I 100000% did not mean to send you that nude on snapchat oh my god
+I had to explain what dtf is to you
+you tried to perform cpr and iM TOTALLY FINE
+you’re asking me for self defense lessons because you saw that one time I tripped and accidentally took out a guy making off with someone’s belongings
+the secret life of walter mitty au
+bones au
+someone’s cursed to live like they’re in a musical
+book illustrator & writer
+you work at a shoe store and you just laced that shoe up and put it on my foot and I’m having an actual cinderella moment
+you caught me trying to sneak a hamburger off your grill as I was running by
+naked and afraid au
+you’re an expert survivalist and one time I cried because I stepped on a worm
+look I know my window’s really big but that doesn’t mean you had to watch my entire re-enactment of “it’s raining men” from magic mike okay
+our kite strings got tangled up
+you accidentally hit me in the face when you scored that homerun
+there is a very good chance I took your shoes instead of mine when I left that party wasted last night
+i put a gopro on my dog to figure out where she was going and it’s to your house

June Book Photo Challenge: Day Twenty-eight
Freebie  -June Book Haul 
I really need to learn how to say “no”.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series: George R.R. Martin
The 5th Wave:Rick Yancey
Shadow and Bone: Leigh Bardugo
Wolves of Mercy Falls Series: Maggie Stiefvater
The Night Circus: Erin Morgenstern
My Life with the Walter Boys: Ali Novak
This is What Happy Looks Like: Jennifer E. Smith
Lola and the Boy Next Door: 
Stephanie Perkins