walter bauer restaurant

Walter Bauer - Restaurant in Vienna

This time I offer you a review a little further a field than the usual London arena.

Having just returned from Vienna and forever on the look out for new eateries, I was fortunate enough to try out Walter Bauer.  Located just behind Stephansplatz, it is a rather understated restaurant in the heart of Vienna. 

I’m afraid there is no website to further direct your attention - the Chef-Koch believes it doesn’t add any worth and prefers that people make a reservation over the phone. I guess this is keeping in tune with Austrian tradition. But do not let that deter you!

As for the restaurant itself:

  • the food is exquisite, the presentation is like a piece of wall art (think more 3D though) and the service spot on
  • It is a nice blend of traditional and modern decor
  • Mustn’t forget it is Michelin star restaurant (one star)
  • Although not massively extensive, the menu changes often and provides a new twist on Austrian cuisine.

If ever in Vienna, head over - just make sure you’ve recently cleared your credit card bill - it might get pricey!

Definitely a venue to go if you’re planning to spoil someone, and don’t forget that includes yourself!