Remember when Walter & I exchanged pie and chocolates on “forever alone” day last year??
Oh my goodness was I already heels over head for him. He was so happy when he saw the apple pie. I was happy with my chocolates. We were each other’s foreveralonetines. I was convinced we would be together soon. But NOOOO Mena kept pieing him. The pie guy had so much work last spring. There was so much confusion that I thought nothing would ever happen. And then after Gambino… I had to speak the hell up and it’s been nothing but bliss since then.

I love you, boo.

ps. sorry about all the pie but in my defense we both adore pie

Since I found you. . .

Loneliness became a thing of past.

Happiness and bliss my permanent states.

I would bleed, sweat and cry to make this last.

Because I was in love before the dates.

I’d fallen hard for a flawless being.

Your eyes, smile, mind. Everything, perfect.

At first sight, my mind suggested fleeing

But my arrow pierced heart had to object

Because you are the one I had searched for.

As I waited for my stars to align.

Everything that I need and much more.

The definition of fine… and all mine.

My heart, once sheltered deep in my core.

Resides somewhere else because it is your’s

I normally take all my late night feels and spam the crap outta Walter’s phone, long after he’s fallen asleep. I go on rants in which I profess the fervent and overwhelming love I feel for him. I type without going back to edit anything. I want to accurately describe exactly what I am feeling at that moment.
Dating a poet puts you on a compromising position. Walter plays with words and orders them in ways I could never. He brings people into his mind and lets them see what he pleases to; no more, no less.
Coming from a past of bottled up emotions, grudges, and lots of resentment puts me at an even bigger disadvantage in the express-your-feelings department.
But goddess knows how fortunate I am to have someone like Walter in my life. Growing up together is becoming one of my favorite passtimes.
Letting the world know how or why it is that Walter’s got me heels over head, gives me a new kind of high. It’s simply fulfilling to be able to put words to feelings.
I’m nowhere near what Walter can do..
My rants have no rythm.. I can’t rhyme.. I have no fancy way to end my stories.. Most of them are punch-line-less.. My rants come without a title.. There are no verses.. Just 160-character texts.. That accumulate in his inbox..
All vulnerable and ready to be deciphered by him the next morning.

I know that I wanna marry Ximena. She stuck with me when I was super broke and was giving nothing but love to the relationship. Like she has had it rough but she loves me enough to deal with it. Now that I’ve got a better paying job and things are looking up in my life, I can’t wait to share this with her. All of it.

I had an amazing 6 month anniversary today. I went ice skating for the first time. I fell a few times but I got the hang of it when I got skates that fit me better. I was even able to go around the rink twice without touching the wall. But all of that doesn’t matter as long as I was with that lovely girlfriend of mine. Another flawless day in the ever extending list of flawless days that we call our relationship. 

My girlfriend is asleep but she'll wake up and see this eventually and go "Awwwwwwww"

When is it right to say I love you?

Is it when the thoughts of her make you smile?

Because that is all my thoughts of her do

So I guess I’ve been in love for awhile.

But when was this love of our’s brought to life?

When did I realize your lips should touch mine?

You became what I wanted in a wife

Right before my eyes but I saw no signs

I still wonder how this love came to be

But I’ll never question why it is here.

I’m just amazed that you would fall for me

Why do you love me? I don’t really care.

Time spent with you? Nothing can come above

With that said, I’ll spend time loving our love

The man that you know is not the man that you met.

The love that you got is no longer the love that you get.

See your presence has changed so much about me.

That the man whom you first met, has ceased to be.

Because I began to change, as our loves combined.

A new man was born when I first called you mine.

And over time, memories of the old me seem to diminish

Because I don’t want to remember a life without you in it